tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 03

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 03


Having been selected to be part of a virtual reality show Mollie's dream experience turns into a nightmare.

Chapter 3 -- The Island Day 2

It had been impossible for the guys to get back to sleep after they had stolen Mollie's things, so excited were they. They had already planned for Pete to hide himself in a place that enabled him to film Mollie's awakening in the hope of catching some more titillating footage. Neil meanwhile was just going lay and wait for her to wake up.

It was hard to keep track of time given that they had no watches, clocks or mobile phones. So it was only by virtue of the fact that the sun was rising and clearing away the night clouds that Neil had any idea that it was morning again, the morning of day 2 on the island of Potoma.

Mollie stirred as her mind sensed the sun light. She had set her sleeping area up quite sensibly in the shade, but even then the night had been hot and muggy. Mollie remembered that she had removed her bikini and slept with nothing covering her breasts and once her mind had reminded her of where she was and who she was with Mollie reached out for her bikini.


Where the fuck was it?

Mollie knew that she had just left it littered at the side of her sleeping bag, but now it was gone.

And where was her case? No, that was gone too! Bastard Neil, was he playing games already? She would go and give him a piece of her mind and make it clear that this was not how they would live together. Mollie made to get up and go see him but suddenly remembered that she only wore a pair of white lacy panties and nothing on her top. Shit!

"Neil," she shouted. He was only a few yards away and so would hear her for sure. No reply was forthcoming.

"Neil," she yelled again only this time even louder.

"What?" Came his sleepy eyed response, "what are you shouting about?"

"Where are my case and my clothes?"

"What? I have no idea Mollie."

"Well unless someone else lives here and has been spying on us, who else could have taken my case?"

"Hmmm, good point. No one except maybe Pete?"

"Pete! Fuck of course. Y'know what now I think about it he was looking at me in a weird sort of way back at the hotel." Mollie paused then spoke again.

"Neil ...?"


"Do me a really big favour and go find his hut and get my case back again would you. I can't get out of my bag yet."

"Why not?"

A little embarrassed Mollie said, "Because I'm almost naked under here."

Neil smiled to himself.

"So you want me to get your clothes back?"

"Yes please."

"How grateful would you be?"

"What ...?" Mollie wasn't sure where this conversation was heading now.

"How worth my while would it be? Look, currently I've got a half naked, hot Asian girl in a sleeping bag just a few yards away from me and she needs a favour. So what happens next?"

"I ... I don't know," Mollie was sounding a little more forlorn, although had picked up on his description of her as a hot Asian girl.

"So maybe a brief kiss would do it."

Mollie knew the direction that Neil could take and so a kiss would be a small price to pay she reckoned.

"Okay you got it, come over here."

"No Mollie, that's not how it works. You come over here sans sleeping bag."

"What, oh come on Neil, please ... don't be so awkward!"

"Those are my terms; take 'em or leave 'em."

With a resigned look on her face the lovely Mollie unzipped her sleeping bag, stood up and, whilst out of Neil's sight, she stretched the aches of the night away from her body. She pulled her lovely body tight and thrust out her arms and her breasts creating a beautiful silhouette against the rising sun and the horizon. It was a hot, horny, superb sight ... a sight which Mollie may well have chosen not to display if she knew that she was being captured on film. Just to make matters worse Mollie spent a few second rubbing each of her breasts and adjusting her panties. Then she had a great idea.

"Hey Neil, did you sleep well?"

Neil looked up as Mollie appeared into his sleeping area. She looked gorgeous, then he laughed.

"You can take those away if you want your stuff back."

"No Neil, please." Mollie had taken two large, sturdy leaves and was holding them over her breasts.

"Okay, do without." Neil placed his hands behind his head and smiled up at Mollie who was feeling more and more cornered by the second.

"Drop the leaves and kiss me. That's the way it will be my little co-islander."

"Neil," Mollie sounded earnest, "if we start out like this you and I living together will never work."

"Hmmm right now though seeing your tits and getting a kiss seems like a good idea."

"Okay fuckwit, have it your way." Neil stored the insult away in his mind for revenge later when she was fully enslaved and watched as Mollie stood up and dropped the leaves. He stared at her breasts. Delicious firm mounds tipped by small brown nipples, hard, erect nipples. After a few seconds Mollie moved to cover them up.

"No Moll, let me ogle you some more."

His phraseology made her feel cheap and demeaned, but she did as he asked.

"Now the kiss and Moll I mean a proper kiss."

Mollie sighed heavily and knelt down beside Neil. She looked at his expectant face and was glad that she actually found him to be cute otherwise this little episode would have been utterly unbearable. She kissed him.

Lightly at first but then with increasing pressure and Neil responded in a like manner. Their mouths met and their lips pressed together and his tongue sought her out. She pulled away leaving a saliva line between them.

"Okay Neil you got your kiss and your naked show so now go get my stuff please."

Neil looked at her and smiled.

"Not sure I can do that Moll!"

"Oh come on Neil stop fucking me about!"

"Now, now Mollie, such bad language from a pretty young girl," Neil mocked his co-islander. Mollie was trying to put on a brave show but was becoming more concerned a not a little scared by the minute.

"Please Neil, just help me find my case or tell me where it is?"

"No can do Moll."

"But maybe I can help?" Pete emerged from a thicket of bushes and trees.

The island's number one girl once again covered her naked breasts with her hands.

"No need to be shy Mollie," Pete laughed.

Mollie knew now that there was a scam being conducted, a scam to humiliate her. She looked away with tears now in her lovely, brown eyes. Mollie looked out to the ocean and thought how quickly such a beautiful setting was turning sour.

She turned back to face the boys.

"Look guys' fun is fun but really I need my stuff. So please get it for me." Her voice was beginning to falter as the emotion in her eyes spilled over into her throat. She was determined not to cry. Pete held a small camera.

"Please don't film this Pete."

Pete just smiled as if to say that he would do as he pleased.

"Okay Mollie, so we have a situation here don't we?" said Neil matter-of-factly.

"No Neil, we don't have to have a situation, as you call it, just let me have my things and we'll forget about it until we can laugh together later."

"Hmmmm, what do you say Pete?"

"I say that Mollie would love to have this right now." Pete held out her black bikini.

Mollie shook her head in despair.

"Do you, Mollie? Do you want the bikini?"

"Yes ... please." Mollie whispered.

"Sorry Moll, can't hear you." Neil was still mocking his co-islander.

"Yes please," she shouted "I do want it, give me my fucking bikini now!"

"Whoa! Calm down Moll. How grateful would you be if we did?"

"No guys, please, no more stupidity. Just let me have my clothes."

"You know what Pete, I've got a huge boner after Mollie insisted on waking me with a kiss in her half naked state, and I need to do something about it."

"Oh fuck!" Whispered Mollie to herself. She was starting to panic. She was trapped with these two guys on a real life desert island with no mobile phone and no means of escape.

"Ok Mollie, so for starters you can show me those lovely little tits of yours."

"Just fuck off, both of you!"

With that Mollie marched back to her sleeping bag and got back inside, leaving the boys laughing at her strop.

As the hours passed by Mollie stayed zipped up inside her bag. Neil had taken the advice of Pete, who had told him that he needed some film of them building a basic shelter on the island and so he suggested that Neil starts this and then he would film it as if they were both contributing. He had plenty of head shots of Mollie that he could edit in.

So after a couple more hours of lie in Neil got up and went for a swim in the lagoon to wake himself properly. Mollie looked at her co-islander basking in the water and was desperate to join him but knew that she could not. In fact she had no idea what would happen next.

Neil came out of the sea dripping wet and came to sit by Mollie with an open tin of peaches that was to serve as his breakfast. He ate them slowly and purposefully in full site of Mollie.

"Hey Moll, you might not have realised yet but we have the food also and so unless you catch your own you will have to rely on Pete and I if you want anything to eat."

Mollie did not react verbally to Neil's smug revelation but new tears squeezed out from under her eyelids. This chance of a lifetime was turning into a nightmare and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Neil finished his breakfast and then started to build a basic shelter, as required, using bamboo and ropes and nails from the provisions that had been left for them on the island.

'Ropes, nails and bamboo ...' Neil was mulling over in his mind how such resources might indeed help them have fun with little Mollie in due course!


Neil sat on a rock in the middle of the surf cooling his feet in the very pleasant waters of the lagoon. Mollie had not moved all morning. Neil guessed it must be around midday as he was hungry. Pete had simply been around filming for some of the time and then away doing his job, Neil guessed, for the remainder of the morning. The basic shelter was completed and Neil was pleased with the results. He also knew that Pete was unlikely to require any more official film today which gave them full remit to accelerate the situation with the lovely Mollie.

Mollie meanwhile was miserable, hungry and dying for a pee!

"Neil," she spoke weakly, trying to play for his sympathy, "I need to go to the toilet."


"So, please will you let me have my clothes back?"

Neil stood up and walked over to where Mollie lay. "Look Moll, maybe it's time we called a halt to this."

Mollie smiled filled with renewed hope. "Oh yes please," she said enthusiastically.

"Ok look, wait here for 2 minutes. I will get your bikini and then have Pete bring down your case. After which we can all have lunch, sound okay?"

Mollie nodded, and although she was still so very angry she found herself saying, "Thank you Neil."

A few minutes later Neil reappeared with Mollie's black bikini. "Here put this on and Pete will be down with your case in a minute."

Leaving her alone to restore her modesty Neil moved back to his sleeping area. He could hear Mollie moving around and knew just when she was leaving to head for their latrine area, which had been pre-dug and prepared for them by C4TV. Quickly he dashed into her space and picked up her sleeping bag by the time Mollie returned there was no sign of her case or her cast off white panties or her sleeping bag! Instead she was faced with Neil and Pete staring at her from their position on flat bedrock to the immediate side of Mollie's small pitch.


"Hey Moll," Pete gave her a small wave.

"Where's my sleeping bag? And you said Pete would bring my case?"

"Changed our minds Moll, you're gonna have to work for them."


"See that Bamboo pole over there?"

Mollie turned to look at a thick bamboo pole that had been driven into the thick wet sand. She nodded.

"Well that's your pole Moll, and we want you to dance around it and take off your bikini for us."

"What!" Mollie could not believe what she had heard.

"We want a fully naked pole dance."

"No fucking way, do you guys think I'm stupid?"

"No Moll," replied Neil, "far from it. In fact we know you're not and we also know therefore that you won't want your reputation damaging."

"What do you fuckers mean," Mollie was both livid and scared now, and her expletives became reflective of her desperation.

"Look at this Moll." Pete got out his camera and showed Mollie a piece of film that he had created from footage of Mollie taken over the past 2 days. He had clips from the waterfall, plus her stretching session this morning and also from when she kissed Neil in her half naked state. He had edited them together such that it looked almost like she was starring in a soft porn movie.

"Shit, no!" exclaimed Mollie. He was very clever that was for sure, but she remained less than impressed. She could not believe her situation had worsened to such an extent.

"Please guys don't make me do this." Mollie started to cry.

"Awww, look Moll, of course we won't make you dance for us. Instead you can just watch while we upload this movie onto the web eh?"

"No," Mollie replied quickly and in a panic.

"And I have access to your mobile phone and I have your mum's mobile number, and your friend and they would all love to see stills from my 'Mollie Collection' I am sure. Ha ha ha!"

"You wouldn't dare?" It was far more a question than a statement from Mollie. Pete just smiled.

"So dance for us then."

Mollie allowed Neil to wipe the tears from her eyes and cheeks before resignedly walking over to the bamboo pole which was to mark the spot of her humiliation.

She took hold of the pole with her left hand and looked at the boys.

"I'm hungry!" she said.

"So dance for us and if we're pleased we will feed you."

Mollie was quietly sobbing again as she shuffled around the pole. Neil eyed her scantily covered body, drinking in the bare flesh on view given the skimpy nature of her bikini. C4TV really did make sure that their girls looked the part. Mollie had thought that any exploitation she suffered would be to the masturbating viewing masses not her co-islanders. She now wondered what the immediate future held in store for her, as it was only Tuesday and therefore a whole 4 days before someone else joined them.

"Come on Moll, dance for us," Pete sounded a little impatient. As Mollie moved uncomfortably from one foot to another, and much to her internal shame, she could not deny that being controlled in this way was making her feel a little horny too.

"She's fucking gorgeous," Pete commented, as they discussed Mollie as if she was a piece of meat.

"Please stop," Mollie whispered, "leave me alone."

"Moll, sweet Moll, there is nothing that will keep me from enjoying your hot, young body," Neil's erection was growing all of the time. Mollie could see this and she paled at the thought of what it would probably mean for her, but despite this her nipples began to harden.

"What do you want me to do?" Mollie asked accepting defeat.

"Come closer, I want to get a better look at you." Mollie, without any choice slowly walked towards Neil.

"Was that bikini new for the show?" Neil asked. Mollie was a bit surprised by the question but still she nodded. "Take it off," he instructed in a quiet but firm voice. Mollie did not move. Neil registered his impatience.

"Pete, fuck this, she's useless. Just send the movies to the internet and the pictures to her family and friends and let's be done with her."

"Don't ... please," Mollie pleaded as her hands moved down to her hips and she began to reach under the thin straps of her bikini bottoms. As she began to slide the bikini pants down her body, and just before the neat trim of her pubic patch came into view, Neil ordered her to stop. Mollie was confused now as well as scared.

"Kiss me."

Mollie shook her head as new tears spilled down her cheeks.

"Do it bitch, or the movies go and you won't eat nor drink for days!"

Mollie reflected briefly on how she had let herself become dominated in this manner and she was at a loss to explain it. But she moved towards Neil.

"That's better. Now arms around my neck." She complied as he snaked his hands around her waist.

"Hmmmm, Mollie you really are lovely ..." His lips met hers and they meshed in a fusion of lust. Well, lust at least on the part of Neil. Mollie felt a little more duty bound. However, it was a real kiss and Neil took Mollie's right hand and placed it on his cock. She immediately recoiled. He peeled his mouth away from hers.

"Oh Mollie, Mollie, Mollie ..." he repeated in a patronizing manner, "You will be doing far more than feeling my cock soon. Mollie swallowed hard, now convinced that she was about to be raped.

"Pete, give us some music from the laptop," Neil said.

"What are you going to do?" Mollie asked, her voice betraying her fear.

"It isn't what I'm going to do, it is what you are going to do that matters." Neil taunted her.

"And what is that?" she asked, a bit more boldly.

"You are going to do a strip tease for me." Neil smiled, and Pete added, "Oh yeah!"

"And of course, your efforts will keep us fully entertained - or Pete might just press the send button."

"Then what?" Mollie asked trying to find out what they had in store for her.

"Oh I don't know yet, maybe we'll fuck you so much that you won't be able to walk straight." Neil laughed. Despite her predicament Mollie was a taken aback by Neil's base, lewd description. Mollie wasn't a virgin but she had only been laid once or twice and only by one boy, so Neil's threat filled her with an enormous amount of terror.

"Put your hands behind your head." Pete, spoke first for a change and instructed Mollie. The Asian student lifted her arms and interlocking her slender fingers, placed her hands on top of her head. Her small but firm breasts, still covered, but only just, by the skimpy black bikini, were lifted gently and stood out pert and prominent.

"Now turn around." Neil said and the Mollie slowly turned her body for the boys. As Neil gazed at her lovely figure, he thought about all the ways I wanted to enjoy her beautiful body. Shipwrecked, survivor was turning out to be far better than he had dared to imagine. As the music changed and the beat became more danceable, Neil instructed Mollie.

"Dance!" He said and Mollie began to move to the music. She danced slowly at first only moving her hands.

"Keep your hands behind your head." Neil barked and Mollie quickly pulled her hands back into their previous position as she continued to move to the music. Now her hips began to gyrate with the beat and the guys watched as her breasts swayed with the gyrations. She started to get into the beat and her movement became quite seductive as she made constant eye contact with first one member of her audience and then the other. Mollie's hips moved in wide circles as her smallish breasts bounced gently.

"Now strip for us." Neil said and, with a final pleading look of her sad, brown eyes Mollie began to sway her arms to the beat of the music. Her hands came down and traced over her chest and then down to her flaring hips. As Mollie watched Neil, she smiled and then turned her body. She was stalling. Neil raised his eyebrows, warning her and Mollie got the message.

Quickly she moved her hands to her hips and stroked the skin just the waistband of her bikini bottoms, letting the tips of her fingers dip briefly under the black material. This was good and Neil clapped.

"Good girl," he laughed. Despite her much better judgement, Mollie felt strangely pleased that he was enjoying the show. The guys ogled her Asian tanned bare legs as she writhed for them and the tops of her thighs disappeared into the soft material of her bikini. As she danced, her golden thighs flashed open before the boys, giving a hint of the pleasure they could and would provide. As Mollie turned before them, Neil began to imagine how gorgeous her naked ass would be.

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