Shivers of Mm...


As she settled back under the covers of the quilt, that had been draped over the Queen mattress and fitted sheets, she tried to hear the sounds of the women across the hall from her. In her mind she saw Angela's tongue lovingly gliding over Monica's pussy. Monica's hips rose and fell as she thrust herself upward, hoping to force Angela to move faster. The erotic fantasy shifted and she saw the two women sitting on their knees. They faced each other and used their hands to tease and torment one another, an unspoken rule of no kissing had been enforced. Another dream pushed away the former and she saw Angela on her hands and knees, with Monica thrusting from behind. A large strap-on cock plunged in and out of Angela's tight hole.

Danielle's breath caught in her throat as she pictured lying on the bed and having Angela tongue fuck her pussy, while Monica force fed the nectar of Monica's sex. "Oh fuck," she hissed as tears of frustration welled up in her eyes. The desire to draw out another orgasm was great, but along with it came the empty hollow feeling that she would be going it alone.

Monica and her conversation, as well as the teasing comment that she'd given to Angela before her friend had gone to bed, slipped back into her subconscious. She swallowed the lump in her throat, licked her lips and felt her pussy swelling with renewed need. She bit down on the inside of her cheek as she pushed away her covers. Her hand slid down to cup the moistened mound. A whimper escaped her mouth as she toyed with her labia before pulling her hand away.

Danielle sat up and kicked off her blanket before moving to sit on the edge of the bed. She opened her legs, and pushed her fingers deeper into herself. The new position allowed her to drive her digits further into her slick channel. "Fuck yeah," she whispered, feeling somewhat foolish for speaking to an empty room. She teased her clit before pulling her long digits free. "Stop it," she said in a low shallow voice.

Cum, from earlier, coated her thighs. She shifted nervously on the balls of her feet, before rising and walking over to the bathroom that was a part of the guest room's quarters. She flicked on the light and proceeded to wash away the proof of her climaxes. Her gaze shifted to her razor and though she'd shaven earlier that morning, she opted to give herself a late night treatment. When Danielle walked out of the bathroom, she stared at her bedroom door.

The sheer curtains that hung over the window did little to shut out the moonlight. She saw her naked reflection in the mirror and told herself that she was beautiful, desirable, and sexy -- words that her friends had spoken. Their voices had held no hint of deception, neither had their eyes.

After taking a long drawn in breath and allowing it to slowly escape her lungs, Danielle squared her shoulders and headed across her room, closing the distance between her and the bedroom door.

The sound of her turning the knob seemed to echo in her head. The thumping in her heart she knew was due to the pounding of her heart. She opened the door and stepped out of her room, all the while she told herself that they wanted her, that she would not be turned away.

When she stepped into the hall and walked the few steps necessary to reach Monica and Angela's room she hesitated. Did she knock? Or just walk in? How did one approach their friends when embarking on a different path of friendship? She gave herself a mental pep talk before taking a leap of fate and opening the door.

The lights were off, but the scent of sex hung heavy in the air. A sliver of light escaped the master bathroom, allowing Danielle's eyes an opportunity to adjust to her surroundings. She opened the door wider, and stepped inside. Her hands trembled and her legs felt weak as she stared at the dark shadow of the bed. The sound of the two women softly snoring reached her and for a moment Danielle considered turning around. Almost instantly she shunned the notion, choosing instead to walk over to the bathroom and open the door a few more inches.

More light allowed Danielle to make out the two women. Monica lay on her back with one leg stuck out, free of the blanket. Angela lay on her belly, completely cocooned in a hive of warmth. Danielle stared at her friends, feeling both shy and creepy. She told herself that no matter what she did, both women would welcome her appearance. She walked over and nudged Angela.

Angela rolled over, but did nothing more. Another snore filled the air, bringing a frown to Danielle's lips. She reached over and gently shoved Monica's shoulder. Her friend continued to sleep. "Well that's no surprise," Danielle whispered. Neither woman had been the easiest morning jogging companions during college because neither enjoyed being woken from a sound sleep.

Danielle's shoulders slumped in defeat and again she contemplated leaving. It was obvious both women were happily lost in their own dreamy state of goodness. Danielle sat down on the edge of the bed, next to Angela. She reached over and toyed with a strand of hair that lay on Angela's pillow. Her gaze shifted downward and rested on Angela's lips. Danielle instinctively licked her own, before lowering her mouth and pressing a soft kiss to Angela's mouth.

Still her friend did not move, another sign that Angela's sleeping pattern was just as Danielle had remembered. Danielle ran the tip of her tongue around Angela's lips, while sliding one hand into her hair. She softly kneaded Angela's scalp, while teasing her mouth. With her other hand she reached over and began to slip down the cover that shielded Monica from the chilly temperature of the room.

She watched, out of the corner of her eyes, Monica's brows furrow in displeasure at the loss of heat. Her tongue continued to explore Angela. A shiver of excitement slipped through Danielle as she tasted her friend's mouth. With her eyes closed she focused on tracing her tongue across Angela's tongue and teeth, while letting her fingers slowly glide down to cup Monica's left breast.

As she worked to bring the two women out of their dreamlike state, her insides began to twist and her mind screamed at her. It told her that she'd gone too far, that she had overstepped her place. Who was she? Who was this woman taking control of her wants and desires?

It was a soft sigh into her mouth and a groan of pleasure coming from Monica's throat that made her pause her seductive petting.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Monica's eyelids rose in a slow, lazy way. The dim invasion of light allowed her a glimpse of her surroundings. Her pupils adjusted and her senses came alive when she realized who had joined her and Angela's bed. She sat up just enough so that she could reach out and pull Danielle toward her. Danielle went willingly. Their mouths touched and their tongues greedily darted out to hungrily sample the other one.

The moans of pleasure that were swallowed up by each woman were telling. Danielle angled her head, deepening the kiss and then groaned when she felt the wet latching of Angela's mouth on her right tit. While two tongues danced and twisted, battling for some sort of control another drew in Danielle's hardened nipple.

Danielle as well as the other women continued their assaults on one another, while at the same time pushing and pulling away the blanket that had become a tangled hindrance. When the comforter was no longer an obstacle the three friends pulled away.

Monica and Angela moved, maneuvering themselves so they could become better acquainted with their friend. Angela pulled Danielle to her and kissed her while Monica settled in behind Danielle and kissed her shoulders, before sliding her hands around her torso and cupping her breasts.

Danielle sighed, leaned back into her friend's chest and angled her head, leaving her neck better exposed for whomever wished to dine upon it. Monica took the offering and began to suck, nip, and lick the pulsing vein of Danielle's pale skin. Angela sat back and gazed hungrily at Danielle's body before whispering, "I want to see you."

A soft "yes" came from Monica's lips. The sound muffled by the flesh that lie beneath them. Light flooded them once Angela turned on the bedside lamp. Danielle's eyes were still closed, but the expression on her face was easy for Angela to read. Angela smiled, leaned in and began to suckle on first Danielle's right breast and then seconds later she sampled the left.

As Angela alternating between sucking and biting on Danielle's nipples, Danielle opened her eyes and gazed back and forth between both women. She tilted her head back and captured Monica's lips. Their tongues gently explored one another, while Danielle reached down and grasped Angela's hair.

"Harder," Danielle groaned, before sliding her other hand behind her. She searched and easily found Monica's pussy. Monica's legs were spread open as she sat on her knees. The slickness that greeted Danielle made her own sex tighten in anticipation. She slid her fingers between Monica's folds and began to rub the sensitive flesh that lay under the pads of her digits.

"Fuck yes," Monica gasped. She rocked her hips back and forth. "Rub my clit."

Danielle altered her position just enough so that she could stroke Monica's clit with her thumb while teasing the entrance to Monica's pussy with her pointer and middle finger. The scent that wafted up between them was captivating. Danielle turned her gaze toward Angela. "Stand up," she told her. "I want to eat you out."

Angela smirked, lifted a brow and then chuckled. "You've got a dirty mouth," she said.

Danielle blushed, but pushed away the nervousness that had appeared seconds after she'd ordered Angela to stand on the bed's mattress. "Stand up and let me taste that cunt of yours."

A visible shiver of excitement rolled over Angela as she did as she had been told. She stood up, curling her toes into the sheet and stiffening her legs so that she could maintain some sense of balance. Her chest rose and fell as she looked down on Danielle and Monica. She watched Monica's body responding to Danielle's constant attention on the pussy in her palm, as well as how Monica's hand had snaked down to begin its own assault on Danielle's dripping sex. "Taste away," Angela hissed, as she grabbed the back of Danielle's head and pushed her face into her pussy.

Danielle's pulse beat rapidly and liquid lava seemed to pour through her veins as she began to eat out her friend. She rolled her tongue across Angela's clit, pulling it between her teeth and lathering it with firm strokes. She tasted of musk and honey and her fragrance was unique and intoxicating. Danielle swallowed the juices that flowed rapidly from her new lover and old friend. She pushed her nose into her trimmed mound, breathed in the perfumed lotion or oil that had been used earlier in the evening and promised to always remember that special smell.

While Danielle supped on Angela, Monica continued to ride Danielle's hand while taking the opportunity to drive her fingers into the new partner's sex and tease the satin walls of her pussy. Monica's nails dragged along the tender flesh, coaxing Danielle's body to respond naturally. Nectar spilled out, pooling against Monica's palm before sliding down her wrist. She trembled as Danielle treated her to the same caresses and when she felt the tightening of her pussy, she knew her climax was pending. She pulled away, hoping to stall her release.

Danielle glanced over, licked her lips, savoring the taste of Angela.

"Open your legs," Monica whispered while shoving at Danielle.

Danielle spread her legs, and watched Monica shimmy herself between them. The scene before Danielle was mind-numbing. Monica lay on her back, with her face right under Danielle's pussy. While Angela continued to stand on the bed. Her sex lay open, eager for Danielle to continue drinking from it.

"What about you?" Danielle whispered, hungrily glancing back at Monica's empty and lonely cunt.

Monica chuckled. "Let the delicious morsel in front of you move and have her lie down here with me," Monica told her.

Danielle's passion continued to burn as she tried to comprehend their new position. Her pussy screamed for some sort of attention. Her throat burned for the exquisite taste of Angela's sex, and her taste buds ached to know what Monica tasted like.

Angela grinned. "Danielle, I'll lie down beside Monica, and you spread those long runner legs open, straddle our heads and feed us that beautiful pussy of yours."

"Of fuck yes," Danielle hissed and moved away, allowing the two women to get into position. "Delicious," she whispered as she stared at the two women.

"Grab some toys from the nightstand. There are several in the drawer," Monica said.

Danielle turned around, opened the drawer and grinned. "You girls are too much," she whispered before reaching in and pushing toys around, looking for just the right ones that would enhance their pleasure.

"We don't hold anything back," Angela whispered, before leaning over and kissing Monica. Danielle watched the two women, touch and tease one another. Monica lovingly caressed Angela's pussy, while Angela teased Monica's tits. Their tongues danced erotically in the other one's mouth, while their bodies pressed tighter together.

The art of their love making made Danielle's heart sing. This is what she'd been missing in her relationship with Karen and had worked to find it when Holly came along. But it was obvious that what Karen, Holly and her had tried to create had been forced. What Angela and Monica had and what they wanted her to be a part of was on a whole different level.

"Are you going to join us?" Monica asked, pulling free of Angela's touch. Angela smiled, laid on her back and opened her legs.

Danielle watched as Angela openly rubbed and finger fucked herself. A shot of heat exploded in her pussy as she witnessed Angela masturbating. Danielle took a deep breath. "Stop that," she hissed, "you ladies are all mine."

The grins the women on the bed wore only grew more wide.

Danielle picked up a bottle of lube and squirted it on a butt plug. She handed it to Monica. A vibrator was given to Angela, it too was given a dollop of lube. Danielle chose a vibrator with a rabbit vibe attached to it, as well as a bullet vibe. "Let's keep all the vibrations on low," she told the women. "Let's make this last."

The mattress gave little sway as Danielle climbed back onto the bed. She positioned herself, spreading her legs wide and resting her knees on either side of each woman's head. She felt Monica's hands on her ass cheeks. Firm, yet gentle fingers opened up her cheeks. The cool lube that covered the plug rolled around her puckered entrance. Monica slid the toy in place, before giving each round globe a tender kiss, followed by a teasing bite.

Angela flicked the vibe she'd been given on, the setting remained low as Danielle had instructed. She ran it up and down the leaking pussy that hovered over her and Monica. The tip of the toy was pressed against Danielle's clit sending waves of erotic pulses across Danielle's skin, before Angela pushed the toy into and then out of Danielle's pussy. "You know I'm pitching this thing when you're about to come," Angela said before lifting her head up so she could take a swipe of honey from the base of Danielle's cunt.

"I'd hope so," Danielle whispered, shoving her pussy down further onto Angela's tongue. "I just want to feel full and I want to feel everything. I want every button to be pushed," she admitted.

She felt the firm pressure of someone's fingers on her clit. She assumed it was Monica since the vibrator still plunged in and out of her pussy. "You don't have to use it all the time," Danielle said in a shaky voice as the two women assaulted her with licks, bites, kisses and toys. The butt plug added to the sensations, allowing her inner walls to tighten. She was completely aroused by the tingles that accompanied every caress, whether natural or foreign.

"Too much talking and not enough fucking," Monica hissed. "You've got a couple of pussies that need attention."

Danielle laughed, but understood the woman's growing frustration. She pushed the bullet into Monica's sex, turned the tow on low, using the attached controller and watched Monica's hips rise in instinctive pleasure. The other toy, the rabbit and vibe combo were pushed into Angela's sodden pussy. It too was kept low. Danielle leaned in and began to suck and tease Monica's clit, while fucking Angela slowly with the vibrator. She turned her head, angling herself so that she could dine on Monica while hungrily drinking in the sight of Angela's cunt swallowing the rubber toy.

The three women soon became lost in what they were doing. Whatever awkwardness that may have existed with the use of the toys was soon gone. In their place were the workings of a well-oiled machine.

Danielle, driven by lust fucked Angela with the toy while taking the bullet vibe and pushing it against Monica's clit. At the same time she licked and prodded Monica's pussy hole with her tongue. In time she'd switch toys, or leave a toy lying so she could concentrate on delivering soothing caresses to both sexes. Occasionally she would stop her attack and allow herself to experience the invasion on her sex and ass.

The bullet was pulled partially out, then shoved back in, while her pussy was fucked with fingers, tongues and a toy. She felt her back arch, and her hips ground down. There was no telling whose tongue was invading her cunt, or who was devouring her clit. She didn't care, nor did she look. Varying shades of red and orange danced on the edge of her subconscious. She pushed them away, forcing herself to hold out and stall her orgasm.

Angela and Monica, two lovers who had been together for years, worked hard to force their new partner to give up the hold she had on herself. Occasionally they would glance at one another, smile wickedly and increase the tempo of their fucking, then stop when Danielle would cry "fuck" and "oh god" over and over again.

"Ready baby?" Monica asked before pulling the butt plug free of Danielle's ass.

Neither Angela or Danielle knew who the question was intended for, but both knew the answer. They were far from ready. All three of them needed to explode. The world around them seemed to shatter into a million pieces as each woman erupted. Danielle's cum shot out of her, lathering her lovers with juices that covered their faces. She opened her legs wider so that they could drink from her pussy. Monica and Angela took turns, while Danielle shoved her head into one cunt after another, feeding her starving belly.

The sound of slurping and muttering words of pleasure mingled with the gasps and moans of lungs starving for air. The fragrance of cum filled the room, tingling the senses of each woman. Danielle felt the two women beneath her abandon her worn pussy and watched as their legs relaxed and their hips fell. She lowered her head and slowly bathed each tender sex with long strokes of the flattened muscle of her tongue. They sighed and cooed in pleasure. She smiled, before rolling over and sliding herself along side Monica.

The three women kissed. The taste of their release still hung on their tongues and lips, so each woman took an opportunity to enjoy the new flavors that were rolling over their taste buds. When they opened their eyes, Angela reached over and pulled Danielle close. She kissed her again. "Sleep between us," she whispered, scooting over before reaching for the quilt that lay in a rumpled mess on the floor.

Danielle scooted over Monica and settled herself between the two women. She felt their arms wrap around her waist. She turned toward Angela, pressing her butt into the curve of Monica's body, while allowing her fingers to rest on Angela's hips. She tucked her other hand under her head, looked back and kissed Monica goodnight while Angela reached back and turned off the light.

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