Shoot Me


I closed my eyes and stepped under the shower allowing the hot water to fall over my face and head. The water quickly washed away the thick coat of soapy lather that had covered my body. I had been feeling a little dirty after what I had done earlier that day.

A friend of mine and amateur photographer had asked me if I would pose for some sexy shots for his portfolio. Previously having shot mostly landscapes, he was interested and eager to apply his talent to the human form, more specifically in the art of erotic photography. I cautioned him that I would not do anything pornographic or even fully nude. We compromised on lingerie and possibly some implied nudity.

He had turned a bedroom in house into a studio. Even though he was only beginning to turn his hobby into something more professional, he already owned an impressive array of equipment, backdrops and props. I set my bag of sexy stuff on the floor of the studio and we went to the kitchen for drinks before we began our shoot.

We polished off a bottle of wine between the two of us as we sat discussing ideas for the shoot. He popped open a second bottle and took it with us as we returned to the studio. I grabbed my bag and headed to the restroom to change and touch up my make-up. When I finished, I stood examining myself in the full length mirror on the back of the door. I was quite pleased with my appearance but I was still a little nervous.

We shot in two different outfits before he suggested losing my top and moving on to some implied shots. I suggested that we take a break for another glass of wine first. That would be my third glass and I was definitely starting to feel the effects. I stepped back onto the set with my back turned to him. I looked around and smiled deviously as I slowly removed the bra of my two piece set. He snapped the first photo.

After several shots he induced me, "Do we really need to cover up those beautiful tits". A sly smile had grown across his face. I dropped my arms which covered my chest. They were quite lovely, I thought to myself. And so commenced the topless portion of our shoot.

Two or so dozen shots later he asked if we could move on to some fully implied photos. He was already pouring me another glass of wine. I smiled sheepishly as I accepted the glass from him. I took a sip and set in on the floor so that I could fully undress. I leaned back in a pile of pillows with a blanket strategically placed to just barely cover me. I smiled between sips of wine as he shot more images. I changed positions several times once my beverage was gone. Finally he paused and announced that we could be finished if I liked. I agreed and stood up, feeling a little woozy.

He stared at me for a moment, his eyes unable to keep from traveling down my body as I stood before him fully nude. He and I had played in the past but we had never had sex. The tension was a little thick. "There's enough for one more glass of wine if you want it," he said to me while motioning towards the bottle. I poured what was left into my glass and stood drinking it without much regard for my undressed state. He was watching me out of the corner of his eye and I sort of enjoyed it. I could tell he was thinking.

When I finished that fifth glass I started toward the door, announcing that I would go get dressed. "Wait," he said quietly as he grabbed my arm. I looked at him. He was hesitant. "What?" I asked. "Well," he paused, "I was thinking maybe I could get just a few shots of that pussy," he asked. "Just a close up," he added, "I won't include your face.

I didn't say a thing but stepped back and stood with a look of consent. He brought the camera back up to his face and dropped to his knees. The sound of the shutter releasing turned me on. He snapped a few before standing. My heart was racing. "A few fully nude?" he asked, "Just for my own personal collection?" I smiled. He was reading my mind.

We did more than a few shots in that series. He showed them to me in the camera and we deleted a few that I did not care for. "Now you promise you will keep these for your eyes only?" I asked. He swore to me that he would. He removed the camera from around his neck and turned, setting it on a nearby table. I dropped to my knees and tore open his pants. He turned back startled and looked down at me. His dick was already in my hand, quickly growing hard as I stroked it. "We're not done," I said in a soft, sultry tone.

I licked that dick from base to head before slowly slipped it between my tight pressed lips. He moaned and I took him in deep to the back of my throat. After teasing him with my tongue for a minute or two I looked up towards him with a look which asked, "What are you waiting for?" He understood my message and picked up the camera to the left of him.

I can't really explain how horny I got as he photographed me sucking his dick. It was incredibly hot and we got a lot of really great shots. It wasn't going to stop there of course. We moved onto the set and into that pile of pillows and blankets. He fucked me in numerous positions, pausing only to snap several shots of his dick entering my wet pussy from various angels.

When we finished, he burned the images to a CD for me to take home suggesting that I could use them as masturbation material. Oh and I knew I would! As I stood there in the shower reviewing the day's activities in my head, I grew exceptionally horny. I slid my hands over my face to wipe away the water, and then down my body. Past hardened nipples I slid my hands over my tits and across my stomach traveling down in between my legs. Mmm yes, that had been good!

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