The rain outside fell against the windshield of the car, wind blowing it in sheets. The man and woman solemnly shook hands. Their smiles giving way to the businesslike way in which the absurd agreement was reached.

Their pact was driven by her desire to go shopping that day and his counter-desire to relax, watch some football and perhaps interest her in some bedroom gymnastics.

She suggested a compromise, and reminding him that she was his muse, told him he would have to come along to find out the compromise. Or he could stay at his apartment with his football, take-out food and his hand for company.

And so he found himself driving to the mall three hours from the town he lived in with her beside him as she laid out the agreement.

Basing her position on the "all is fair in love and war" theory, she proposed a day of shopping mixed around a day of tease. His questioning look and query about "Just what type of shop are we going to?" brought her laughter, which he always enjoyed.

"We are going to a normal, run-of-the mill shopping center, you dolt." She said, still smiling. "And we are going to shop, but also, we will tease one another. Now before your imagination gets the best of you, I'm not talking about me pulling my pants down in front of you in the middle of the food court and bringing BOB out of hiding."

"I simply mean that we will spend the day attempting to keep each other at a ....... well, a heightened state of arousal. I figure this will keep you interested and perhaps take your mind off the prices. And for myself, well, I'll admit there is something very sexy about walking thru a crowd when my only thought is to throw you on the floor and ride you to relief. That is, if you do your job correctly."

He drove awhile, letting it sink in as the rain came down harder and requiring his concentration. At a light, he turned to look over at her a moment, his eyes caught by something. A moment later he realized that she now had a larger amount of leg and thigh showing than had previously when she got into his car.

Her laughter again filled the car as she watched him come up short, eyes stuck downward at the legs she knew he loved to explore. Reaching over, almost caressing his chin, she lifted his head. "My eyes, intellect and most of my charms are up here."

" appears someone has already started the game." He stated thru his smile.

Smiling triumphantly, as the car pulled into the parking lot and finally a parking space. She removed her seat belt and turned in her seat, hitching up one leg for what she hoped was an almost clear view of her skimpy panties.

"So we are in agreement?" She stated, holding out her hand.

Turning to her, seeing the view offered, his head lifted upwards as he smiled shaking his head. "Ohhhhh, you are not going to fight fair, are you?"

"OK, it's an agreement" he said, popping off his seatbelt. Taking her hand in a firm handshake that he always appreciated, then quickly leaning over to her, pulling her slightly to him he said.

He leaned in close to the side of her head, and slowly ran his tongue up her sexy neck, while his other hand slid down her thigh stopping just short of the skimpy panties.

"But understand" he whispered, "I might have a trick or two up my sleeve also."

Pulling back, his hand gently squeezed her upper thigh, and then withdrew with light pressure from his nails scaping her skin.

One point for my side, he tallied up as he heard her catch her breath as he withdrew, and quickly popped the car door open before she could retaliate.

Quickly jumping out of the car, she walked briskly towards the front entrance, not waiting for him, with her umbrella.

A light curse escaped his lips as he jogged to catch up, but also enjoying the view of her sexy body from the backside. For a lady of 38, her body was still an enjoyment for the eyes. Her long legs and tight, petite ass looked outstanding in her skirt with low heels. Her blouse displaying toned and tanned arms. Her natural olive coloring from her family's Mediterranean background enhancing the glow.

Seizing an opportunity he jogged past her letting his hand smack her backside and giving it a tight squeeze before releasing. The smack echoing among the rain as he released and ran forward to the door.

Her smile dripped with a look telling him without words that payback is hell as she approached the door he held. A little extra swing of the hips accentuated her form as she closed on him.

Just before getting to the door, she flicked her umbrella downwards, sending a shower of droplets across his face and clothing. Stopping in front of him, a look of innocence crossing her face, she slid her hand up the shaft of the umbrella while looking into his eyes. Then slowly retracted the umbrella in a way that held his attention as no umbrella had before.

"It's all in the form, you know." She said as she reached up to give his cheek a small kiss as her hand drew down his shirt front to the waist of his slacks. Hooking a single finger in the waist, she tugged lightly before entering the store.

Following behind her, slow to catch up as he again enjoyed the view of her body, he asked, "So, what is it we are here shopping for?"

"I'm not sure" she said, "I just feel like getting out of my apartment and seeing what is available. Though I do need an outfit for my next business trip."

"So this is an aimless excursion thru an entire mall?" he asked. The dread of shopping returning as he momentarily forgets their agreement.

Stopping, and turning quickly in front of him, poking her finger in his chest, she said, "Shopping is never aimless. And don't forget, we have an agreement."

Lifting on her toes, she kissed him lightly before whispering to him, "I want your cock."

And as quick as it came out, she whipped around and headed off to a nearby perfume counter, engaging the sample lady in chat.

And he stood struck. His mind trying to figure out if he had heard correctly what she said. 'God, she is amazing' he thought as he rushed off to catch up.

'Perhaps this shopping could be interesting after all.' He thought..

Shaking his head once again, he began to navigate thru the people streaming by towards the perfumes.

As he approached her and the sample lady, she turned, squirting a small sample on her wrist, holding it for his thoughts on the fragrance.

Smiling at the two of them, he lightly grabbed the wrist and took a small sample of the scent enjoying it's mixture with her natural fragrance.

"Mmmmmm, not bad but not quite a realistic way to sample is it?" He said, stepping behind her as he pulled her arm across her front. Taking her wrist, he slid it tenderly across the draw of her neck.

Looking over her shoulder at the sample lady, he said, "Shouldn't I test it in natural circumstances?"

Confused, the sample lady simply said, "The customer is always right."

His hands on her hips, he brought one up and lifted her thick mass of curly blond hair to expose the graceful lines of her neck and looking into her quizzical eyes, he nuzzeled her neck, sniffing the fragrance while allowing his mouth to open and kiss her skin.

Holding there for a moment, losing himself in her scent mixed with the perfume, his tongue darted over the skin. His eyes closed, he felt her head stiffen, and then begin to arch offering him more.

Mouth opening further, he moved slightly and then bit down in a slow, exquisite motion. Feeling her skin slide under his teeth.

"Ohhhhhhhh, you are not fair" whispered out of her mouth, even as her brain raced at what the scene must look like. Her eyes opening, she saw the looks from the sample lady and the passing shoppers. But she felt detached as his hands grasped her hips and pulled their bodies together.

Feeling his mouth shift, teeth releasing her skin even as the sample lady coughed and found something of interest to her left to look at. Though her eyes continued to dart back to the scene only 3 feet away from her.

Feeling her body against his, and her low moans he opened his eyes to a view of her neck flowing down into the front of her blouse. And her erect nipples just visible thru her lace bra and silk blouse.

Releasing her neck, sliding his mouth across her neck, he mumbled, "I like it."

And then in a voice barely audible, right next to her ear, "Drinking your juices from your warm wet pussy, I mean."

Her body stiffened and reacted immediately. A tingle started to vibrate within her as his hands slid off her hips, and his body moved off. Turning to look at him she saw him lift another perfume and sniff, making a face.

'Amazing how he can say that to me and then go off like nothing happened.' She thought.

Turning back to the sample lady, she returned the perfume bottle. Amazed she hadn't dropped it during the sample.

"I'm going to have to think about it. That wasn't quite the reaction I was hoping for from him."

"It wasn't?" the sample lady asked, incredulous. "What were you looking for?" she asked, forgetting the 'customer is always right' axiom.

"Well, normally if he really likes it, I'll end up with something unbuttoned. I mean look, not a button undone. Sorry."

Turning, she felt the tingle inside her spreading a warmth thru her body. A small wetness she knew was forming on the small lace g-string front. But judging from the tightness in his slacks, and the fact that his hands were jammed in the pockets, she suspected she wasn't the only one with a wet spot.

Smiling at that useful tidbit she walked past him and they continued their journey.

She had already determined her next stop. Walking out of the department store into the mall proper, she swept the three directions they could travel and saw what she wanted to her right. Turning, and heading off she saw his eyes roll as he realized her direction.

"Please, not this" He said.

"No rolling your eyes, it's rude. And besides, you know my love for a comfortable pair of shoes."

Walking into the shop, she was encouraged to see only one saleslady and about 4 customers. The shop had the aisles set perpendicular to the door so she walked around one side and made for an aisle that displayed leather boots. Walking down the aisle slowly, fingering the thigh high leather boots she noticed him standing at the entrance to the aisle watching her.

Seeing a pair that interest her and were in her size, she ignored them and bent down to look at an ugly pair of thigh-high leather boots in a bright blue color. Bending completely at the waist, she saw him stiffen as he watched her sexy ass protrude.

Holding the boot while still bent at the waist, she turned her head to him.

"I think I found a pair I want to try on. Are you OK? You look like the cat's got your tongue."

Slowly unbending, enjoying the feel of her body as it stretched as well as his eyes practically ravishing her ass. She turned and walked to a seat near him.

At that moment, behind him the saleslady appeared. Smiling, her smile almost disappeared as she saw the pair of boots she referred to as "the butt ugly boots" to her coworkers on the floor in front of the lady.

"Uhhhhh, can I help you find a anything today?"

Turning, smiling, she said, "No thanks. I'm just looking but I would like to try these on, if that is alright."

"Well.....certainly. Of course. Is the size correct or do I need to get another pair?" The saleslady asked even as she cringed inwardly at the site of the boots sitting on the floor.

"No, these are perfect. I'm just happy you still have a pair in my size. I imagine you have a hard time keeping these on the shelf. And don't worry about helping me try them on. My assistant will help if need be. But thank you."

Cocking her head, the saleslady looked back and forth between these two people, finally muttering as she retreated, "Of course. Well, if you need anything, just give a yell"

As the saleslady retreated, he turned to her with eyebrow arched. "Assistant?"

"Yes, assistant. You heard correctly. Now close your mouth, stop gawking and put these boots on me so I can try them out."

Her statement rang with the authority he imagined her subordinates at work heard when things were not going quite as she planned. But he found it amusing, and slightly sexy.

"Yes, ma'am. Of course. Sorry, ma'am" he said, falling into character.

Stepping up and kneeling in front of her, she sank back into the cushions of the chair and raised a foot slightly for him to remove her shoe.

Realizing she wasn't going to help, he grasped high on her calf and slid his fingers down to the shoe.

Removing the shoe and dropping it, he grasped her hand and began a light massage as his fingers felt the warmth of her foot. Her head fell back for a moment and then quickly regained control.

"Did I tell you to massage my foot, assistant?" she asked in a low menacing tone belying the slight smile on her face.

"No ma'am. Just trying to show initiative is all, ma'am." He said, lowering his head to hide the smile spreading.

"First try for competence, then perhaps initiative can follow." She berated him in a slightly louder voice. "Now, pick up the boot and slide it on my foot."

Picking up her foot in one hand, he grabbed a boot and began to slide the long upper over her foot until she quickly leaned forward grasping his hand.

"By the way, I can see your eyes. Don't even think about looking up my skirt at my panties, or my shaven pussy underneath. And don't even think of the damp spot forming on the front of my panties. Do you hear me, Assistant?" Her eyes lit with a sparkle as she rattled off his instructions in a low voice.

"Sorry ma'am, I won't."

"Good, by the way, it is customary to remove the packing from the toe of the boot before fitting it on your madam's foot. Unless of course you want to jam my toes into the boot and hurt me. Is that it? Are you trying to hurt me?"

He stared into her eyes and was lost for a moment. She was completely enjoying this show of power and her eyes were dancing and he sank into them. Finding his voice, he lowered his head, but kept looking into those eyes.

"No ma'am. I swear. I don't want to hurt you." He said, quickly adding in a lower voice, "Unless you tell me too."

Removing the upper from her foot, he fished into the boot and removed the packing and again slid the upper over her foot. Sliding the boot up her calf he made sure his fingers scraped and slid over the smooth skin of her sexy legs.

Finally settling the foot in the boot, he leaned forward while slowly raising the zipper up the backside of the boot. His cheek near her knee. Inhaling he swore he could smell her musky scent. Slowly his head began to turn towards the knee as his hands finished zipping and continued till fondling her knee. His mouth began to move towards her sexy leg and thigh until her hands grasped his face tightly.

"What do you think your doing?" she hissed with her face close to his as she bent down. "Were you going to kiss my knee, assistant? Answer me........ now!"

Looking at her out of the corner of his eye, her hands tight on his face he mumbled an apology about not being able to control himself around her. Her erotic nature was too much for him.

Still close to his face, she laughed. "I'm too much for you, ehhh? Can't be close to me without thoughts of sex? Are you truly that depraved?"

Leaning back slightly, pulling his face up and back with her, she felt his hands balance himself on her knees.

"So, tell me, what were you going to do after kissing my knee? Hmmmm, what was your plan after that?"

Staring up at her, his erection had gotten uncomfortable and he shifted slightly to try to relieve the congestion in his pants, squeezing her knees slightly as he did.

Not giving him time to answer, she whispered again in her fierce voice.

"Oh my God. You didn't have a plan after kissing my knee? You sit in front of me, caressing my skin, your erection obvious and all you were going to do was kiss my knee. But I think I know better. I think you did have a plan. I think you had thoughts of jamming your tongue up inside my pussy." As she whispered this, she slid her legs open further, hoping he got a good view as she did.

"Yes, I think that is it. You were going to try to jam your tongue up inside me and lick out my juices. Perhaps you even had a fantasy of you eating my pussy till I cum. Did you? Did you fantasize about that?"

Her eyes were positively on fire as she spoke. He knew that talking like this was a forbidden favorite of hers. She prided herself on refinement, but once in awhile she allowed her rough side to show in her language.

"Yes, ma'am. I had hoped that perhaps you might allow me a taste of your juices. And a fools hope that I could please you."

"Yes, well, you have enough intelligence to recognize a fools hope and that is worth something. So how shall I pay you for that small spark of intellect? Hmmmmm......." Slowly one hand released his face and traced an arc down her inner thigh. His eyes craned to catch a glimpse as a finger snaked inside the lace and slid up inside before coming back up.

"Perhaps this will tide you over." She said, as her finger made a small trace around his lips even as his tongue arced out. Giving his lips a small tap for his insolence, she popped her finger into her mouth to suck her own juices and smiled at him.

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