tagLoving WivesShopping for Knickers

Shopping for Knickers


We were out shopping when we saw that they had a sale of underwear on in the ladies lingerie section of the store. My wife, Debbie said to me.

'Jack, why don't you come with me and help me choose some nice new knickers?'

She had that naughty sparkle in her eyes so I was hardly going to go and look through the sock sale was I? I have to admit to a thing about knickers, luckily Debs does too! She has always enjoyed wearing sexy knickers, and she knows that they really turn me on seeing them on her trim body when she gives me a flash of them. Sometimes driving in the car she'll pull up her skirt and start rubbing herself through the material while I struggle to keep my eyes and mind on the road! When we get home this inevitably leads to a nasty fuck session. Other times Debs will give me a flash, especially at a party once she's had a few glasses of wine and is feeling randy. She's a nice looking slim brunette and guys have always got their eyes on her, so I'm sure that a few of them have caught an eyeful of a flash aimed at me, but I doubt Deb's cares. She knows the power her sexuality wields over the weaker sex, and frankly knowing that other guys want to fuck her brains out just makes me happier that she is mine.

We went over to the rails and began searching through the ranges on display, there were all sorts mixed up on the racks in the sale. We both sorted through them and showed each other ones that we liked. Debs would get the ones she wanted and she'd also have anyone's that took my fancy to please me. There were several other women around the racks sorting through, a couple of them were quite attractive I noticed. We were having some cheeky and rather rude banter between us as we made our selections. I showed Debs some plain white cotton ones.

'What do you think to these?' I asked.

'A bit plain.' She replied.

'Yes, but how about for 'naughty schoolgirl'?' I said grinning.

Debs snatched them away and put them in her basket.

'You're the bad boy, not me!' She said as a woman the other side went red and moved away.

I picked up a pair of small pastel pink panties made of a mesh-like material, they were obviously damn near transparent.

'How about these then?'

'Mmm...Jack, they're nice, very sexy, I'll have those!'

As I give them over to her I pulled her close and gave her arse a quick pinch.

'Let's hurry up, my mind is drifting to what goes inside these and I'm losing concentration.' I whispered in her ear.

'Hey, I haven't finished looking yet! You'll just have to wait won't you? She teased.

The tension was building when we got back home, I was really lusting for Debs and knew that she was excited too. We had a bottle of wine from the shopping and Debs asked me to open it while she went and tried on some of the things she had bought, other than but including the dozen pair of panties.

'Don't forget which ones were my favourites?' I asked as I handed her a glass and she disappeared into the bedroom. I sorted out the shopping and put on some sexy smooth music and after a while Debs came out of the bedroom to get me. She was wrapped in her silk dressing gown so I couldn't see what she had chosen to wear.

'Not changed you mind yet have you?' Debs asked, as she took my hand and led me towards the bedroom.

'Definitely not, you'd have a hard time stopping me now.' I told her, semi serious, because I was feeling horny as hell and I wanted her so much.

'Feeling masterful are we, well, maybe I'm up for a bit of that.' She said coyly as we sat on the bed and began to kiss.

I ran my hands over the smooth silk material feeling her sexy curves underneath, our tongues entwined, I tasted the wine she had drunk. Debs arms held me and then I felt her move to untie the sash of her gown. I pulled back as she let it fall open. She had on the lacy net type panties I had chosen and was wearing a small sleeveless white vest-like top and these little white ankle socks. She slipped a couple of elastic hair bands off of her wrist and put her hair into bunches on either side to complete the look. She looked kind of like a young teen girl in the clothes, her breasts are quite small and her figure still slim at 35.

'Do you like it?' She asked a little shy.

'Yes, you look fantastic! Like some innocent little girl who wants to learn how to be dirty.' I told her.

'Are you the man who's going to teach me?' She replied falling into the role.

'Oh, yes. I'm definitely going to teach you a thing or too.' I told her in a low growl moving forwards to take her in my arms and kiss her passionately again.

I pushed her back down on the bed and moved her up towards the head end of the bed. Still kissing her and laying between her legs pressed up against her crotch I reached down and undid the buckle of my belt on my jeans and slid it out of the hooks. I held Debs arms tightly and she struggled a bit as I put them through the bars of the metal bedstead and looped my belt around her wrists pulling it secure. Debbie wriggled under me pretending to struggle as I moved down her.

'Oh, please mister, don't hurt me, I'll let you do whatever dirty things you want!' She said.

'I'm going to do whatever I want to you whether you are going to let me or not, that's why I've tied you, to make sure.' I told her in a low voice next to her ear. She moved sharply pretending to try and bite me.

'Oh, I can see you are going to be bad, let's see now?'

I reached around the bed from my position of sitting on her stomach to grab hold of her gown sash.

'If you're going to tie my legs together it's going to make life hard for you!' Debbie giggled.

'Oh shut up clever cloggs.' I told her as I tied the sash around her eyes blinding her.

I moved down her body, sliding down the bed and she quickly closed her legs pushing her thighs tight together. I put my hands on her knees and struggled to force them apart again while she resisted. Eventually she let me pin her thighs wide open revealing her pantied crotch stretched tight across her pussy mound. I gazed at those lovely knickers covering her crotch, she knew I was looking without being able to see, she knew what I liked to look at. The material of those knickers was so fine that stretched over her sex it was almost see-through, except for the gusset which was of a denser material. I could clearly see the shading of Debbie's close cropped minge and part of the line of her narrow slit before it disappeared blow the border of the materials.

Holding her legs open, although really she was no longer struggling I bent down and put my face to the material of her knickers, rubbing it against my cheek, feeling her through it. I inhaled and could almost taste her musk, God I love the smell of her cunt, it makes my cock throb. Sometimes when she is out I will get a pair of her knickers out of the laundry basket and smell them while I wank my cock thinking about something naughty we might have done recently of something we may yet try! I wrap those knickers around my hard cock and wank it with them and when I'm ready to cum I spread them out and let my spunk spurt right over the stained crotch where her wonderful, worshipful pussy has been rubbing and leaving its mark.

I begin to lick at her slit through the material, tracing the line of it with my tongue. Wetting the material makes it even more translucent, except the gusset which goes a darker shade. I wet my tongue and push those panties up into her groove, Debbie is now beginning to moan softly and wriggle around under me. I clamp my lips over her clitty and suck at it hard through the material. I move up her body to kiss her as my fingers rub and knead at her crotch, pushing the knickers into her pussy, massaging it through them. We kiss with tongues darting.

My cock is bulging hard in my jeans, I want to get it free so I break away and quickly slip my jeans and pants down throwing them off of the bed. I move back to her. The end is wet and dripping with my clear juice. I move up her body and Debs thinks that she is going to get to suck it now, but not yet. I let her tease the end with a flick of her outstretched tongue and then put the end on her face, squeezing and wiping the juice all over her cheek as she is turning her face to try and take my cock in, but I won't let her.

I lean back and start fingering her pussy through the knickers, they look wet now and I bend down and lick at the dampened material, I can taste her strongly on them, her juices soaking through. I use my fingers to poke the material as far up her hole as I can, pushing it in and rubbing it around, and then go back for another suck at the delicious crotch. Debbie is moaning loudly now as I hook my fingers in the waist elastic and pull them down off of her shapely leg. I gaze at her lovely pussy, no matter how many times I see it I just can't get enough of looking at it! Debbie shaves her outer lips either side but leaves a little close cropped patch on her mons. Her pussy has long slim lips that just peek through. I use my fingers to delve there and open her up to look inside at her pinky folds. I take her knickers and rub them over her bare lips, around her clitty hood, the material stimulating her. Then I open her up wide and begin to push the knickers up into her hole, gently poking them up her until only a little ribbon of the thin side string hangs out. I move up her and we kiss while I diddle her clit.

'Does that feel nice? Your knickers shoved up inside your pussy?' I ask her.

'Mmmmmmm...' She moans back.

After a while I put my head near her crotch and slowly pull the knickers out from inside her, watching them emerge from between her pussy lips. I'm pleased to see that she has made them nice and wet for me, I can see globs of her cream stuck to the material. I have them out now and put them to my face and inhale the strong womanly scent of her cunt juices.

'Oh, Debs, your pussy smells so nice!' I tell her.

I find a damp sticky spot and put it close to her face.

'Doesn't it smell good?' I ask her as she breathes in her own scent.

I spread the material out and cover her mouth with it, I put my mouth to hers through it and out tongues meet through the material, sharing her taste between us. I love it when she tastes herself, it really turn me on. My cock was aching for attention now, so while still kissing I reach down and rub the head against her wet pouty lips down below. I push and it slides in so easily to that tight pink purse between her legs. Still kissing her through her own pussy juice soaked panties I begin to fuck her with slow long strokes of my hard cock. Debs moans into my mouth in pleasure.

I pull my cock out and it is covered in her juices, thick and creamy. I wipe it off onto the knickers and repeat the process, fucking her as we share her pussy taste through her knickers. It's so naughty and exciting that I want to cum so I thrust harder and sharper, letting go, letting my balls tighten and then the I feel the pumping and my spunk erupts into her depths as I shove my cock in as deep as I can!

Debs moans quietly as I collapse on her momentarily. I reach up and undo her blindfold and kiss her on the lips.

'That was so nice, thank you darling.' I tell her as she smiles lovingly at me. 'Now it's you turn.'

I have taken the blindfold off so that she can see what is going to happen next. She has shared her taste with me and now I'm going to share mine with her. I get a pillow and put it under her bum and push her thighs out wide. I put my fingers either side of her cunt and stretch it as wide open as I can, opening up her hole to my view. The depths are pink and ruffled and coated with a creamy mix of our juices. I put my face down and poke my tongue deep into her stirring the juice and cum together, tasting the mix, so nice! I look up and Debs is gazing down with a look of lust on her face.

'Oh, I love you Jack.' She whispers.

I spread the mix of juices over her clitty making it so slippery and lick and lap at it, pushing the hood back to expose the little pink nub, carefully lapping around it and up either side, dipping back into the pot for more honey every now and then. Debbie writhes and moans and I know her climax is building, I push her a little further with a quick insertion of a finger up her bum as I suck at her clit and that does it almost immediately as Debbie gasps and her thighs clamp my head.

After she subsides I move up and kiss her, my face all slick with juices.

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