tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShopping Maul Santa

Shopping Maul Santa

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This fictional work depicts fantasies of non-consensual sex. In real life, non-consensual sex is immoral and illegal, and not condoned by the author. All characters are fictional, and all characters are over 18.


Linda Franks was finishing the laundry and packing. It was noon on Christmas Eve. Her husband was out doing some last-minute shopping, her oldest child was working a seasonal job, and her other two kids were already at their grandparents' house, which is where Linda and her husband would be going tomorrow, to attend mass and open Christmas presents.

Then came the call that would change Linda's afternoon plans. It was her husband on his cell phone. "Honey, I just got a call from my boss. He asked me to ask you for a big favor. You know that Santa thing that he has at the mall?"

Linda's husband had told her about it once, briefly. The owner of her husband's company was involved in some charity organization that sponsored the Santa Claus display at the local mall. This wasn't a big-town mega-mall, but it was Linda's little town's biggest shopping center. As Linda recalled, the charity group paid someone to play Santa, and children got to meet him and have their picture taken with Santa. The parents paid for the pictures, which is how the group made money for charity. This was a common thing in business, her husband explained, where a rich company owner is on a charity board, orders his employees to actually do the work on their own time, and the owner takes the credit. "Yeah, I guess," Linda replied to her husband.

"The woman that worked there taking the photos just up and quit. My boss asked me if you would go over there for a few hours to help out."

What a strange request, Linda thought. "Oh, honey, I'm pretty busy, and in no mood to deal with crying kids. I don't know anything about photography. Why me? Can't they find someone else?"

"My boss said that he thought of you because you would fit into the costume."

"Costume?" Linda pictured some sort of Mrs. Claus outfit. "Does he think I'm fat?"

"Of course not. Just tall, I guess."

Linda was tall, exactly 5' 10" tall, and for a forty-three-year-old brunette mom, not in bad shape, although she'd love to drop a couple of pounds.

In the world of corporate management, with looming layoffs in the New Year, Linda's husband reminded her of how important it could be not to turn down such a request, no matter how silly or demeaning. Reluctantly, Linda agreed to go to the mall for the afternoon. She took just a few minutes to freshen up, and drove, as slow as she could, to the mall.

The "North Pole", or a low-budget mall version of it, was in an empty storefront near the center of the mall. Santa's "throne", a red velvet armless chair on a white gazebo, was empty, but Linda found "Santa" in a back room, in costume, but with his beard and hat off. Sitting in folding chairs next to him were two "Elves" in similar elf outfits, except one was predominantly red, and the other green. Both were smoking cigarettes. Linda introduced herself. The man in the Santa suit only referred to himself as "Santa." The elves referred to themselves as "The Red Elf" and "The Green Elf". Santa was predictably an old man beyond retirement age, tall with thinning gray hair and a pretty realistic gut. Both of the elves appeared to be actual midgets or dwarves, and middle-aged at least, with day-old growths of beards. None of them appeared to be jolly.

The Red Elf dropped his cigarette, stamped it out on the floor with his curly-toed slipper, stood up and said, "Your costume's hanging over here." He fetched it off a rack, and threw it to Linda. Linda caught it, and looked at the bunched-up red garment. This was NOT a Mrs. Claus costume. There was barely anything to it at all.

"This can't be all if it," commented Linda.

"That's it, honey," replied The Green Elf. "Go put it on in the bathroom over there. Our lunch break is about over."

Linda removed her coat and stepped into the bathroom that The Green Elf had pointed to. The costume consisted of two articles. The main article was a red "dress", for lack of a better term. It was a low-cut strapless velvet dress with a built-in shelf bra. There was a band of white fur along the neckline, and also white fir running down the front to her waist. The hem, also with a band of white fur along the edge, barely covered the crotch, and flared out away from Linda's body. The only other article of clothing were matching red "spanky pants" as cheerleaders called them, essentially red velvet panties, cut high so it didn't even cover all of her mature ass cheeks.

Linda made sure the bathroom door was locked good, and got completely naked. She pulled up the panties and dress, zipped the dress up in back, and looked at herself in the mirror. This was not an outfit that a mature mom should wear in public. Linda's long legs were in pretty good shape for her age, but she thought her thighs just a bit thick in this kind of skirt, especially without any hose or leotards. When she lifted her arms, the red crotch of her panties came into view. But it was the bust that popped out the most. The outfit was styled for a fairly busty woman, but Linda's matronly 40D breasts were pushed up and spilling over the top. "My husband's boss envisioned me in this?" she thought.

Linda was considering discarding the outfit and changing back into her own clothes, when an elf pounded on the door. "Hurry up, the customers are waiting!" Linda stepped out and was greeted by a long stare from the little Red Elf. "Whoa, you fill that out nicely!" He also presented her with three other items - black pointed slippers with little jingle bells on the ends, a thick black vinyl belt, and a red Santa-styled stocking cap that Linda placed on the top of her thick brunette shoulder-length hair.

The Red Elf quickly instructed Linda on her job, as The Green Elf opened the doors and let a line of "customers" in. Basically, all Linda had to do was click a Polaroid camera mounted on a tripod. The awkward part was that Linda had to lean over to look in the viewfinder. Immediately Linda noticed both moms and dads standing around her and watching her, not Santa. Dads were standing behind her and looking up her short skirt as she bent over. Other dads would stand next to the camera, looking down at her exposed cleavage as she bent over.

And that little low-cut strapless dress sure exposed a lot of Linda's large breasts. It only took a slight lean forward, or a shrug of her shoulders, for the dress to gap open enough to expose her cleavage way south the part that still had a little tan from the summer, to the nearly-transparent white flesh of her breasts.

Linda also became aware that while Santa's throne area was out of view from people outside the store, Linda herself was very visible to anybody out in the corridor. There seemed to be a number of male window shoppers eyeing her.

The normally festive Linda might have enjoyed spending an afternoon surrounded by Christmas trees, large candy canes, tinsel, and thousands of Christmas lights. But instead it seemed surreal and gaudy, like a strip club, all because of the embarrassment of posing half-dressed before the customers as well as Santa and the Elves, who couldn't seem to take their eyes off her body on display.

One of the dads asked to have his picture taken with Santa, and Linda. Linda declined, until The Red Elf whispered, "He's a paying customer. The boss'll be pissed if you refuse." Linda stepped to Santa's left side. The Red Elf took the photo, imploring Linda to lean over further so her head didn't get cut off the top of the photo. But Linda really suspected that The Elf wanted her to show more cleavage. Certainly Santa and the dad were looking down her top.

"Come in closer," said the aged Santa. Santa put his left arm around the outside of Linda's left thigh and pulled her close to him. Just before the photo was snapped, Santa slid his hand under her skirt and over her ass, and squeezed her bare cheek left naked by her bunching panties. Linda endured the grope for a moment, and said nothing in front of the dad. Santa wasn't wearing his gloves, she noticed.

A number of moms and dads that Linda knew around town came in and saw her in her sexy outfit, to Linda's mortification. Few of them looked her in the eyes when they spoke to her. One dad she knew from her son's baseball team looked her up and down and quipped, "I didn't know we had a Rockette in our neighborhood."

As he walked away, she heard The Red Elf murmur to the others, "Those legs are giving me a rockette."

When the crowds thinned, there would be moments where they waited for someone else to come into the Christmas room. The elves took these opportunities to get fresh with Linda, making crude comments about her outfit and her body. While standing next to her, the two little men's eyes were about at Linda's hip-level. When working with a crowded room, both elves took the opportunity to slide past Linda and get in a quick feel of her ass. Linda noticed, and got irritated and a little flustered each time, but didn't say anything in front of the customers. Several times she felt a cool breeze on her butt and believed that one elf or the other was lifting her skirt from behind to expose her butt, at least once when a dad that lived on her block was behind her.

During a break in the crowds about mid-afternoon, Linda noticed Santa taking a whisky bottle out of his pocket and taking a swig. Then she saw him sharing the bottle with the Elves. "Two more hours with the little bastards," Santa said. "Then I'm on a bus out of town."

Other male customers demanded photos with Linda, and sometimes with the elves, too. The elves were more than happy to pose with Linda, even suggesting it to customers. As Linda bunched in to pose, there was always at least one hand sneaking feels of her thighs and ass. Sometimes it was Santa's, sometimes one of the elves, often more than one of them. As the afternoon were on, the three men were beginning to get noticeably intoxicated, and their behavior grew increasingly obnoxious. The touches of her ass went beyond a little pat, to bawdy squeezing and shaking of her meaty ass flesh. Santa preferred to slide his palm right down the middle of her butt crack, pressing his finger into her velvet-covered crack. Linda found that these little gooses gave her the shivers. She wondered if that's where the term "goose bumps" came from.

"How about having a drink with me later, Linda?" asked The Red Elf. "Ever done it with a little man? See how big my head and body are? I have a man-sized cock!" The Red Elf pointed to the Green Elf. "'Tiny Tim' over there is proportional. It means he has a little weenie."

"No!" Linda replied, with a feeling of revulsion at the thought of having an affair with a man half her size. But she had noticed that The Red Elf had a large head and body, that only his arms and legs were short, where The Green Elf had a smaller head and body, and looked more proportional. She caught herself trying to picture them naked, and then stopped when the Red Dwarf snuggled his stubbly cheek into her cleavage.

Linda was suffering from "wardrobe malfunctions." She couldn't keep the little red panties from riding up into her crack and exposing most of her white butt cheeks, which must have been quite a sight for the men that seemed to always be behind her when she leaned over to take photos. And her dress seemed to stretch out a little, as the strapless top slid down more and more. Linda found herself continually pulling up on the front, but more often than not major white breast meat was hanging out exposed.

Three teenaged boys spotted Linda through the store glass and wandered in. They were all eighteen-year-old classmates of Linda's son. She knew them all by name, and was embarrassed when they insisted on taking a picture with their classmate's mom. She leaned forward for the picture, as two of the teens put their arms around her waist. Immediately after the photo was snapped, Linda looked down and could see her own dark wide areolas peeking out the top of her outfit. "God, I hope they didn't see them. Oh no, I hope they can't be seen in the picture!" The way they ogled the Polaroid before leaving, she feared she'd accidentally flashed her areolas. She envisioned the randy boys showing the picture of her half-exposed body to many of their classmates and her son's friends.

At someone's suggestion, Linda was forced to pose for a photo sitting on Santa's lap. The tall leggy woman sat sideways on Santa, forced to put her right arm around Santa. As she leaned forward, Santa's face was practically in Linda's cleavage. In fact, once she felt his beard tickling her cleavage. She looked down and could see her own left areola as her top gapped open. With certainty, Santa was getting a long, close-up view of her left breast down to her nipple. Santa's left hand started on her lower back and soon found her butt under her skirt. He placed his right hand on the inside of her bare right thigh. Linda tried to clamp her thighs together, but as the picture was still being posed by the other, Santa slid his hand up under her miniskirt, and grazed her velvet panty crotch.

With thirty minutes to go until closing, there was no crowd at all. This left Santa and the elves with plenty of time to drink, and take turns hitting on and pawing Linda. Linda wasn't allowed to leave early because she would be responsible for taking the cash and giving it to her husband later.

A tipsy Green Elf slid his right hand up the inside of her bare right thigh, under her skirt. Linda slapped it away just as he grazed her velvet panty crotch.

Santa snuck up behind her and brazenly reached around into her top and felt her left breast, nearly down to the nipple, before Linda pushed the drunken old man away.

The Red Elf blurted, "It's Christmas Eve and everybody's feeling merry. But I'd rather feel Linda." He stood in front of her, slid his head under the short skirt, and burrowed his face into her crotch, as he grabbed both of her bare ass cheeks with his pudgy hands, squeezing and jiggling them up and down, until finally Linda was able to break free.

With ten minutes left on the clock, Linda was contemplating getting changed into her own clothes. She noticed The Red Dwarf turning off the bright camera lights, leaving only multicolored Christmas lights to illuminate the room. She saw The Green Dwarf lock the main door.

Santa approached Linda, holding something above his head. "I've got some mistletoe. How about a kiss for Santa?" Without waiting for an answer, he put his arms around Linda, and pressed a kiss onto her lips. Linda struggled, but Santa was pretty strong for an old guy. Linda felt his fake beard rubbing into her face, and felt his dry lips press into hers. She opened her mouth to protest, but before she could emit a sound, Santa thrust his tongue into her mouth.

The two elves laughed at Linda. "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus," they sang.

Linda pushed on Santa's chest and finally broke his grip. But the two midgets and one full-grown man grabbed her arms, pulled her backwards, and threw her down into Santa's red velvet throne. Linda was momentarily shocked into stillness, her mouth open. The two elves grabbed her forearms and pulled them back behind her. The little old men were stronger than she would have guessed. They were binding her wrists behind her with Christmas ribbon. Linda squirmed and squealed, but her hands were tied tightly. She started kicking, but too late, as Santa and the elves wrapped each of her feet to chair legs with strings of Christmas lights.

The mature wife was gagged with one of The Red Elf's red-and-white striped socks. More strings of bright outdoor Christmas lights, still plugged in, were wrapped tightly around her torso, one band right under her tits, and one just above her tits on her bare flesh. The lights were warm but they didn't burn. Muffled moans were all that could be heard as the three males plotted amongst themselves.

"Lets take some pictures!" said The Green Elf. A Polaroid was snapped of Linda bound and gagged with Christmas decorations. The Red Elf reached around from behind Linda, and yanked her top down, exposing both of her large pale breasts, capped with large brown areolas and long nipples. Another photo was taken of Santa and his elves posing with Linda and her naked tits, her naked thighs, and her legs spread to expose her red panty crotch. More strings of lights were wrapped around her, crisscrossing her tits, and wrapped around each of the big globes.

The two elves stood on either side of Linda and roughly squeezed and jiggled her big tits, while Santa reached under her skirt. Santa rubbed her pussy mound over her red panties. "Oh, I love the feel of velvet!"

"I love the feel of pussy!" exclaimed The Red Elf, who took a quick rub of her pussy, too.

Santa then pulled Linda's panty crotch aside, exposing Linda's patch of thick brown pubic hair. He rubbed her bare pussy. "I love the feel of beaver fur, too."

Another photo was snapped of Linda exposing her pubic hair, and yet another of Santa finger-fucking her. Santa buried his face between her legs, still wearing his fake beard, tickling Linda's thighs. She squirmed and moaned through her gag.

The elves' rough scratchy faces were inches away from Linda's, gnawing at her tits. She could smell their alcoholic breath and hear their heavy breathing. Linda's saliva-covered tits were illuminated in hues of red, yellow, blue, and orange, by the twinkling Christmas lights that bound her. She felt Santa's tongue worming it's way past her labia and inside of her vagina.

The elves stopped suckling her tits long enough to find a couple of green Christmas bows to stick onto her areolas. Another photo was snapped before they fell off. They were replaced by two round Christmas tree ornaments on hooks, which managed to stay hanging from the big woman's long thick nipples long enough for another photo.

The Green Elf climbed onto the chair, placing a foot on each side of Linda, facing her. He yanked down his elf tights, and exposed a stiff three-inch cock, surrounded by dark pubic hair. Linda moaned at the sight of the midget cock just inches from her face. The Green Elf reached down and yanked the sock out of her mouth, and quickly stuffed his cock between her lips. Linda moaned again, as The Red Elf held her head in place. The Green Elf fucked her face rapidly, thrusting his hips in and out.

Linda felt something other than a tongue at her pussy. It was stiff and thin, like a pencil, but sticky. She managed to look around The Green Elf's torso to see Santa inserting a long candy cane into her. The sticky feeling went away shortly, and the cane slid easily in and out of her pussy. Linda realized that her pussy was dripping wet with her own juices, discoloring her pussy and the chair with the mixture of female juices and the multi-colored candy cane. Santa then alternately licked the sugary candy from her pussy. "Hey, Santa, how does her eggnog taste?" Asked The Red Elf.

She no longer required anybody to hold her head still. The captive wife was instinctively sucking on the midget dick in her mouth, to the rhythm of the candy cane fucking her pussy. Without warning, she felt warm liquid spurting from the small cock. As The Green Elf came in her mouth, Linda accepted the load. The surprise package in her mouth put her pussy over the edge and, against her own will, she squealed loudly, thrust her hips forward toward the candy cane, and achieved her own orgasm.

Linda's limp legs were untied from the chair, and the light strings removed. She was yanked up to her feet, then down onto her knees, her chest resting on the chair. Her face was turned sideways, lying in her own multi-colored puddle of cum. Her skirt was lifted, and her panties were pulled off, exposing her big white ass, with her brown pussy hair peeking out between her legs.

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