Shore Dreams


Madison was finally at her favorite place, the beach, but not just any beach, Myrtle Beach, S.C. Her children were nearly grown now and she had promised them a trip to the beach and as everyone went through the hustle and bustle of settling in, she decided to do her favorite thing and walk on the beach. It was late, they hadn't arrived until after 7 and after unpacking and eating dinner, it was now almost 11. She changed into her one-piece bathing suit and grabbed her flip-flops and headed out, she needed some time to herself after several hours in a car with teenagers and all of the unpacking.

They would be here a week, but she needed this time for herself so much as she told them to stay on the grounds of the hotel and she headed for the sounds of the ocean and the cool sand. She left her flip-flops at the edge of the hotel property and tried to decide which way to walk and then she remembered the rock jetty that had given her so much peace her last visit and headed south towards it. It was a brisk walk and she lost herself in the sounds of the crashing waves, 'So peaceful,' she thought as she breathed in the salt air and noticed that the stiff breeze was making her nipples poke at the top of her suit and she caught a glimpse of them from the distant lights of the hotels that lined the beach. She looked around and saw no one nearby, so she tweaked them, loving the sensation as she continued to walk, feeling a very familiar, but unsatisfied urge between her legs as all of her surroundings became one big aphrodisiac and she continued to walk, fighting the urge to put a hand to the wet spot forming between her legs and soaking through her suit.

She dropped her hands to her sides as she saw others approaching, feeling somewhat shamed at her actions, but the burning continued as she walked and her nipples remained quite erect. The passing couple said hello and she returned it as she continued on and her thoughts turned to them and how happy they had seemed. It had been some time since she had enjoyed the company of a man, her life had consisted of raising her children and struggling to solve their problems, with little time left for her and now her body seemed to be demanding that time, as her nipples now ached, missing the touch she had recently given them.

She tried to pass it off in her mind, the way she had always done in the past, when her 'needs' had surfaced, but she began to think back to the last time she had made love. Had it really been that long ago? Life is not kind to a mother raising teenagers, men are not looking for teenage kids in a relationship, so she had been forced to do without men, giving up on her quest for love until she was in a better position emotionally, her kids had to come first. That had been Madison's sacrifice, her life and love for theirs, not that she would have ever regretted it, but the body is unforgiving, as her wet thighs began to rub each other as she walked. She could see the dark shadow of the rocks looming ahead as she now had very little light to see by, the hotels having dropped off several hundred feet back and she turned her attentions towards the sounds of the sea and an occasional whistle of the wind.

Madison could hear the waves breaking over the rocks and she could see the white foam as it cascaded over them and she sought out a large rock near the beach and slid her ass over it as she backed up and pulled her feet tight against her crotch. That had been a mistake; as she felt her loins vibrate at being touched, even by her own feet and she felt her temperature rise to meet that of her wanton crotch.

The wind magically caressed her face as she threw her head back and let it envelop her and she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of the ocean before her as the waves rhythmically crashed in the foreground and her hair was trailing behind her from the breeze. Her nipples cried out for attention and she crossed her arms over her chest as her wrists covered the hard nubs that poked through her suit and she felt herself moan, barely audible to herself over the crashing surf. Her body was crying for release, but she was not one to masturbate in public, even if it was late at night and she was all alone, it would have to wait until she returned to the room and the kids had gone to sleep.

The wind chilled her as she dreamed of an imaginary lover, a handsome man who would take her body and show it the release she needed and wanted so much. Her body teemed with desire, her every movement and every movement of the wind begging her body to succumb as her eyes fluttered at the thoughts of her lover taking her right there on the beach, not even caring about her modesty at this point. She felt a sudden warmth overcome her as her arms seemed to be magically held tight against her breasts and her back seemed to have support as well and she lived her dream lover in her mind when she suddenly felt fingers holding her arms and her eyes flew up in surprise and her head banged against a chest behind her as she was dragged off the rock and into the soft sand, her arms firmly held by the tugging hands as she was drawn back just above the water's edge and he spoke, "Keep you fucking mouth shut and don't scream, no one will hear you anyway. If you don't resist, I may let you live, otherwise you'll wind up fish bait bitch!" and she froze in terror. Her hands were jerked behind her back and she felt what appeared to be a belt tie them there as she tried to do as he had said, but fear caused her to resist.

A hand crashed on her left ass cheek and she yelped at the pain as he spoke again, "Don't make me hurt you bitch! Just do whatever I say and you'll be okay," and she felt his hands as they grasped her suit covered tits and her yelps tried to become screams as his hand suddenly clamped over her mouth, "What the fuck did I just tell you bitch?" and he punched her in the stomach and she doubled over both at the pain and the loss of air. Madison realized that he meant business and she decided that she would try to cooperate, rather than risk injury or perhaps worse.

As she was doubled over, his hands rubbed her ass cheeks packed into her suit. Her suit was several seasons old and admittedly had shrunk some, her ass filled it very tightly now and his hands worked over the smoothness of her ass, causing her to gasp at the feelings she was experiencing. He traced the crack of her ass and as his hand touched her wet pussy, she jumped as she felt what she could only describe as electricity that enveloped her pussy, causing her to moisten a great deal. He stood her back up and she could see his face, although the poor lighting would never give her enough detail to identify him, 'His plan,' she thought. She saw a flash of chrome and her heart sank, she could tell it was a knife! He told her to stand still and he cut the straps of her suit and rolled it off of her proud tits. She had always been complimented on her tits, how they were above average in size, but stayed so taut, barely any sag at all, and her nipples stood out like miniature flagpoles as he gazed at them and ran a finger over them one at a time. Even in the current situation, she could feel her body respond to his touch as her pussy began to feel very clammy now. One of his hands cupped her pubic mound as he traced the outline of her vaginal lips through the thin swimsuit and she felt herself arch her back slightly at the feelings he was stirring inside of her.

She felt like it was indeed all a dream as she watched him slowly peel the rest of her suit down and felt the cool ocean breeze on her wet pussy and then his hot breath as he kneeled before her to push her suit off of her ankles. Her whole body tingled as his fingers found her hot pussy and spread her lips wide as he flicked his tongue over her hard clit. She screamed out, her body having been denied for so long as her orgasm swept her and her knees weakened. She fought at her bindings, not to be free, but to hold his mouth to her as she came, her whole body now on fire.

"I knew you wanted this cunt, or you wouldn't be out here this late and all by yourself. You're a fucking little horny slut, aren't you?" and she gasped, thinking that maybe he was right, after all, she had just played with herself while she walked out here.

"No, I didn't want any of this, you're wrong. I'm a good person, I would never be a slut, you have me all wrong," and just then he planted a finger inside of her as he drove it in to his knuckle and she gasped as her body responded, making a liar out of her and he laughed, "Sure you do," and his finger started pumping in and out of her as she struggled to maintain her balance from his thrusts and the weakness that remained in her knees as she heard herself begin to moan from his assault. She could hear the sounds of her own juices as his finger invaded her, such a sloppy wet sound she was hearing and even more amazing was that she could even hear it over the crashing surf nearby, she was indeed very wet!

She yelped once more as his mouth locked over a nipple and combined with a thumb that found her hard clit, she was rocking against him now as her body gave in totally to the feelings and her moans increased. Nothing else existed now, as this stranger brought her body to a peak and her screams told of her second orgasm as she arched her back and her tit was ripped from his mouth, his teeth grating her nipple as she did. She felt no pain, only the pleasure of release, a release that had been so long coming and she gave into it totally as her body was consumed by a series of mini orgasms that ensued.

"Yeah, you're a slut alright. Anyone who cums that easily and that quickly has to be a slut," and the words burnt into her mind as he slowly withdrew his slimy finger and pushed it into her mouth, "Clean my finger off slut!" he demanded and she lightly sucked on it, tasting her own orgasm as she did. "Bet you're a good cocksucker too, huh?" and she felt herself pushed to her knees as his cock replaced his finger and she opened her lips as it slid in. It was a good sized one and she felt her lips slightly stretch as he shoved more in her mouth and she fought to breathe as it filled her mouth.

"Show me how good you can suck cock slut!" and she found herself wanting to please this man as she began to suck on his hard cock, swirling her tongue over it as she moved her head on and off of it. It had been a very long time since Madison had sucked a cock, and the feelings quickly returned to her as she sucked on his, delighting in the feeling of it gliding over the roof of her mouth as he tried to force more in, but she pulled back. His hands twined in her hair as he forced her to take all of him and she thought she would gag as his cock hit the entrance to her throat.

"Oh yeah, you suck cock good slut. Suck my cock you bitch, make it fill your mouth with cum, you know you want it," and he slammed into her mouth, his balls slapping her chin as she was forced to take all of him and she could feel fear mixed with pleasure as his cock pistoned in and out and she felt it begin to swell, knowing that his hot cum would soon spurt into her mouth. His grip tightened on her hair as she felt the first spurts of cum hit the back of her throat and his thrusts slowed as the remaining cum was deposited in her mouth and she forced herself to swallow it. She had never really liked the taste of cum, but she knew she had no choice in the matter and so she gulped hard to get it all down.

He slowly drew his cock out of her mouth and held it there, as she was forced to lick it clean, "Yeah, you are a good cocksucker slut," he said as he jerked her to her feet and she tried to steady herself. He shoved her back towards the rock she had been sitting on and then spun her around as he went back to work on her nipples and his hand went back to her dripping pussy and the edges of the rock rubbed her back until it began to hurt, his mouth unrelenting on her taut nipples.

With a leg, he kicked her legs open wider as his hand sought to make her cum once more and it was having some success as she began to moan again and he reveled in the feelings of making her submit to him, a total stranger. Soon, she couldn't help herself as she screamed out again, her juices flooding down her thighs as she arched her back against the rock. "You're a hot little whore you know that," he laughed as he stood her back up and turned her around, pushing her face first over the rock, the rock now rubbing her hard nipples as he shoved her up until her feet no longer touched the sand and she felt like a sack of potatoes draped over the rock.

"Please, it's hurting my nipples," she cried, "You think that hurts? Just wait until I plow my cock into that tight ass of yours slut!" and the horror overtook her, she had only been taken that way two times in her life and neither had been enjoyable for her, and that had been when she had some control and say in it, here she would have neither. She could feel his fingers working her own juices from her pussy to her ass and when he had it coated, he shoved a finger inside, she screamed at the pain and clenched her ass shut, only making it hurt worse. Soon, he introduced yet another finger and the two of them felt as though they would rip her apart, "Just relax bitch, and it won't hurt so much. Of course, if you want to play hard to get, doesn't make a shit to me," and he laughed as she told herself to relax.

Robert had been the first man to take her anally and he had stressed that relaxation was the key, so she fought to relax her whole body as his two fingers worked in and out of her, "That's it slut, you know what it's all about." She winded at the impending pain when she felt the soft head of his cock on her tight ass and she tried to think of something else, anything that would take her mind off of what was about to happen. She screamed out as the head of his cock pushed through and then she fought hard to relax as his cock pushed its way in and she finally felt his hips against hers and then he stopped and just held it there as she adjusted to its size. Slowly, he pulled back and she felt like he had created a vacuum as it felt like her insides were being drawn out with his cock and then he slammed back in, forcing her into the rock as he repeated this over and over again and she began to take it all in stride as the pain disappeared and she was left with his throbbing cock. She found herself wanting him to fill her ass now as she could hear his labored breathing as he plowed into her and she thought she could feel the telltale signs of his impending orgasm as her ass seemed to get tighter.

He screamed out as she felt his cum empty into her and she had forgotten what that had felt like, but her memory was renewed and she felt herself tightening her ass around him to squeeze every drop from him. His cock exited with a plopping sound and she could feel his cum ooze out of her as it coated her pussy and ran down her legs and he released his weight form her as she slid down until her feet once again touched the sand and the water ran over them. She struggled to the surf, wanting to wash him from her as the first wave hit her and she lost her balance. She was unable to help herself up with her hands bound and each successive wave seemed to roar over her, now she feared she would drown! The broken seashells cut at her legs as she was rolled around and she tried to get to her knees, then she felt hands as he pulled her to her feet and walked her out of the surf.

The salt water stung at the scrapes from the seashells and she felt him guiding her back to the rock once again, "Only one hole left slut, then you can go," and she realized that he was going to make sure that every orifice was going to be filled as he laid her down on the sand on her back and kicked her legs open wide. She was amazed that he had been able to obtain an erection so quickly as she felt it pressed between the lips of her pussy and he fed it to her as she gapped her legs wider on her own, welcoming what she had desired since first setting out on her walk, a big cock in her pussy.

She fought to grasp his thickness as he plunged into her and even though it made her feel like a slut, she needed this so bad as he continued his assault and her wrists ached from their weights applied to them, thankfully, the soft sand added a minimal of cushion at least. His hands found her ripe tits as he squeezed and kneaded them while he fucked her, his thrusts becoming harder as he progressed and her own pains disappearing as they were replaced with long awaited lust and she began to thrust her hips back up at him, meeting his own thrusts. His cock filled her pussy wonderfully as she began to moan at the pleasures unfolding before her and she felt his own anticipation of yet another orgasm for him.

She had wished she could have found a man with this kind of stamina when she was looking, he would have surely been able to quench any sexual desires she had. Even her ass no longer hurt as his cock penetrated her over and over again and all of the sudden, her orgasm ripped through her, like none she had ever felt as she screamed and her screams only made him fuck her harder and now it felt as though he would wrench her tits from her chest as he squeezed. Just as she felt her orgasm ebb, his started as he sank deep and she felt the jets of cum erupt into her and she was greeted by another, smaller orgasm as he did. He collapsed on top of her as he fought to slow his breathing and then he withdrew his cum soaked cock and straddled her chest as he made her clean their mutual juices from it.

When she had finished, he rolled her half on her side and she felt her wrists freed as he picked up his shorts and shirt and ambled off into the darkness, Madison had definitely gotten more than she bargained for tonight.

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