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The flight from Pennsylvania to Chicago seemed to take forever. It was probably just me anxious to reach my destination. I was on my way to visit my sister again. Before I left home, while I was in the shower, my wife pulled out a pair of my sister's panties and laid them out for me to wear. At the end of my sister's last visit to our home I was already gone off to work when my sister left, but before she did she gave the panties to my wife to give to me. My wife knew my sister had left the panties for me that last she visited us in Pennsylvania. The three of us had a great time during my sister's visit, although, it was kind of scary at one point.

My wife had left my sister and I alone, when she returned she stood at the door from the garage watching the whole episode. My sister and I were so into the each others bodies that we never heard the garage door go up or down. My wife didn't knock or ring the bell, she used her key to open the door. When she came inside she immediately saw what was going on and quietly closed the door so not to stop the action.

My wife allowed my sister and I to each reach our separate orgasm before she walked over to where we were on the sofa and sat down. Imagine the surprise by me and my siter. We were further surprised when my wife leaned over and started licking my sister's pussy juice off of my dick. When my dick was completely cleaned my wife kissed my sister before walking away.

That is another story though.

The pilot announced our arrival in Chicago and immediately my dick grow to it's full, hard length. The decent into the airport was made somewhat uncomfortable as my dick tried to rip it's way out of my sister's panties. Knowing that the bulge of my hard, thick, dick would be noticeable I tried to wait until it went down before I stood. The people in the seat next to me were in a big hurry so I had to stand sooner than I wanted to. As I stood the lady in the aisle seat across from me immediately noticed my bulge and locked her eyes on my dick. The aisle was crowed but she stood anyway. When she did she turned her back to me and then stepped back until my bugle was pressed firmly against her ass. She never turned to even look at me as she kept her ass pressed against my dick while getting her bag from the overhead compartment.

As she lowered her bag she took up more space in front her which made her push further back against my dick which seemed be getting harder.

With her ass pressed so tightly against my dick I did not realize that she was wearing a very short skirt until she started to walk away from me and I had a clear shot of her ass cheeks and the crotch of her pretty panties. The short skirt and panties were almost the same color, as were the sexy high-heeled sandals she was wearing. Her skirt must have risen some as she was getting her bag from the overhead compartment.

My sister was waiting in her car outside arriving flights when I walked out of the baggage claim area.

I opened the door and immediately my dick got hard again when my eyes fixed on my sister's beauty. Her hair was perfectly done, she is a natural beauty and does not wear makeup. Her clothing consisted of a very small, tight top that hugged her 34DD boobs like it was a second skin. My sister also has very nice legs that she does not mind showing and typically wears short shorts, or very short skirts. Today, my sister was wearing a short skirt that allowed almost all of her thick, juicy, luscious, and very creamy, thighs to be almost fully exposed.

As I stood outside the car drooling, my sister asked me if I would mind driving. I agreed to drive.

My sister, in her short skirt, almost caused me to shoot a load in her panties that I was wearing while standing beside her car.

My sister, instead of getting out of the car and walking around decided to climb over from the passenger side to the driver's side.

As I stood at the door she first placed one leg over. In doing so, her legs were spread wide apart allowing a full unobstructed view of her pantie covered pussy. The panties, a beautiful sheer crotch, pantie was pressed snug against her pussy giving me a full view of her lips. I could also see a wet spot and some pussy juice.

As we drove to my sister's house she called my wife to let her know that she had picked me up. My wife most have told my sister about the panties I was wearing because my sister reached over, unfastened my pants, and rubbed my dick through the panties ad they continued to talk. They must have been talking about the time she left them at my house.

With the panties till covering my dick my sucked leaned over and started kissing and sucking. She then took my dick out of her panties and started licking and sucking around the head while still talking with my wife. THANKFULLY the call ended and my sister stopped talking, because she filled her mouth up my hard dick.

My sister licked and sucked my dick until we arrived at her house and the garage door was closed behind us.

We got out of the car and walked in the house with my dick still hanging out of my pants.

My sister announced that she had to pee really bad!

When she realized I was not following her my sister wrapped her hand around my dick and lead me to the guest bathroom that was near by. Once inside she pulled my pants down, then pull her panties that I was wearing under my balls then had me sit down on the toilet bowl.

Sis stripped her skirt off, pulled her panties to the side, straddled me, then lowered her body down until my dick was deep inside her pussy.

As we sat and looked at each other my sister told me she was so happy to see me she could pee. Then that is exactly what she did. My sister really did have to pee and her sensuously warm fluid flowed heavy and free between us. As my sister peed she started started fucking her pussy up and down my dick. She was so horny that it did not take very long before my sister smiled and told me she is cumming.

My sister kept fucking me and pissing on me through her orgasm. Her orgasm and her pee both seemed to stop flowing at the same time.

Hi unc, was the next sound that we both heard. We turned towards the door together to find my niece standing there wearing nothing but a smile, dancing around as if she had to pee. My sister looked at me, then back to her daughter.

No other words were spoken; my sister stood up and backed away as her 20 year old daughter, my niece walked over, grabbed my dick, straddled me, lowered her pussy down on my dick then leaned forward to kiss me. My niece broke the kiss long enough to tell me she missed me and has something for me. My nieces piss started flowing about the same time she resumed kissing me and letting moving her pussy up and down my dick.

After my niece finished peeing she lead us to the shower...

But that's another story.

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