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Just writing this to get what happened off my chest. To begin with I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 5'2 petite body and small breasts. I have red hair and amber eyes. My tongue and bellybutton are pierced. I live in an apartment with my female roommate.

One day I was coming home from a late dinner and just wanted to get a shower. I went to my bedroom and stripped down to bare naked. I walked over to the door and started to hear a faint moaning from the bathroom. I peeked in and, since the shower door is glass, saw my roommate gently messaging her tits. Her eyes were closed as she pulled and kneaded her nipples. I've never done a woman before but I noticed a wetness developing between my legs. My roommate is an attractive woman. Much taller than me, a full 5'10 inches and of average build. I watched as long as I could, I noticed how erect and hard my nipples have become. A heat welling up in my pussy. I could take it no longer.

She really must have been into it because she didn't notice me sneak in behind her. I lightly touched her wet, bare shoulder. I was amazed by how soft her skin was. She was slightly startled but I noticed an inviting smile on her face. To my surprise, she just turned around and started to french kiss me!! I was so shocked that I just opened my mouth and accepted her tongue. The kiss was hot and passionate. Our hands began to roam over each other's bodies. My roommate took one of her tits to my lips and asked me to suck it. I couldn't believe it, I attacked it. I could feel her nipple getting harder under my darting tongue. She was really starting to moan and was grinding her pussy against my hip. Her shaved pussy was hot and slippery. I started to wonder what her pussy would taste like. So, I started to kiss down her body.

The sensation of the water washing over us and the scent of her pussy was driving me wild. My own fingers were going crazy over my pussy as I sucked on her swelling lips. Her clit was so hard that it was sticking out through them. She writhed against me and squeezed her thighs on my head as I nibbled on her love button. I could feel her body start to tremble, her back arching, biting her lower lip. I was so excited, she was going to cum. I cupped my mouth over her entire pussy as she sprayed her cum into my mouth. Wow, she came so much and was so wet, her cum was sliding past my lips. I licked my mouth to get the last of these sweet juices. She looked down at me and told me it was my turn. If she only knew how close I was already to cumming.

First she started by sucking my toes. No one not even my boyfriends have ever done that. She swirled her tongue up my ankle to my calf. I was so horny now I just squatted down, grabbed her head and begged her to eat me. With a smile she began to kiss my swollen lips very gently, my clit was already sticking out from them. I almost burst when she flicked her tongue across it.

Suddenly we realized we were being watched. We looked out the glass door and saw my friend there. She didn't notice we knew she was watching us. My friend was wearing a skirt that she already hiked up to her waist. Her panties were slightly away from her crotch. I could see her fingers manipulating her own pussy. Damn, I was so hot. I yelled at my roommate to eat me hard and fast and to fuck me with her tongue. The sounds of me and my friend's moans and the sound of my roommates mouth on my slurping wet pussy was intoxicating.

I could feel my orgasm coming up inside me. I wanted this experience to last so I tried, really tried, not to cum. Her mouth however, kept sucking at my lips faster and faster sucking them well and deep into her mouth. I could feel my throbbing clit passing between her lips as her tongue flickered in and out of my hole.

Unfortunately, to no avail, between the sound of all the female moaning and my roommates awesome tongue, I could hold it no longer. My pussy pleaded with me to cum and I obeyed. The feeling of my cum leaving my body was intense.. I could feel my own juice flowing down my legs mingling with water from the shower. After my orgasm my nipples and pussy hummed from the pleasure. My roommate and I smiled when we heard a load moan from my friend outside the bathroom. Maybe we should let her join us we agreed, but that's another story...

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