tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Myself Ch. 02

Showing Myself Ch. 02


Thank you for the comments. First, I want you to understand a little more about me. I am just writing about a couple of summers long ago in my past. I am a very average housewife, still quite attractive I think, but very modest in my real life. Some people have offered to give me story ideas, but these are not stories. I am just writing down what happened those two summers for my own benefit, and somehow the knowledge that strangers are reading them now is exciting as well. It fulfills my exhibitionist tendencies somehow, since I can't do this in my hometown. I play the exhibitionist as much as I can for my husband, but he has no idea about that time in my life. Anyone who has spent time in Europe knows that women like me (as I soon learned that first summer) are not rare, and women like to have as much fun as men do. Thank you again.

As the summer went on, I became good friends with the woman at the store (her name is Renate). One day, she asked me if I would like to try another place, because someone wanted to meet me. I told her I was comfortable at her store, and didn't really need anything else and didn't want to take it any further, but she said she would take me there herself. So, we walked a few blocks, and came to a door that that had a sign next to it advertising adult movies. We walked in, and took a set of stairs downwards, coming to a small lobby with a counter and a rack of refreshments just like the other place, except there was no store.

Renate called out something in German, and I was surprised to see a woman step out from the back. She was about 35, tall, slender, had short blonde hair, and was wearing jeans and a white cotton sweater and a short brown jacket. She and Renate talked for a moment, and then she turned to me and introduced herself as Andrea and said in broken English that she was happy to meet me and that I was welcome anytime. I was kind of confused, because I had no idea how much she knew about me or if she wanted anything from me. I think she felt my discomfort, because she said not to worry, Renate told her everything and she only wanted to meet me. Again, I was surprised that a woman seemed to be in charge, and I asked them about it. They laughed, and explained that women have a lot of power in the adult industry, and many of the theaters and sex shops are owned by women.

Andrea was very frank with me. She said she was very intrigued to meet a young woman who was so eager to show her body for free (I never saw it that way), although she also said I was far from being the only one. That surprised me, because I assumed I was a very strange person who just had a harmless hobby. Keep in mind that I had grown up in a military family, there was no internet or even cable tv at that time, and I hadn't even hardly dated because of so much travel. So, I was quite naive, to be honest. She asked me if I was interested in being a stripper, and I said no, that money would take the fun out of it. And anyway, since I just sat there and let people look, I would make for a very boring stripper. She smiled and said we would have to talk about that again. At that time, Renate said she had to go, but I should stay and chat with Andrea and that I could come back to her store later. Andrea seemed very nice, so I stayed.

After Renate left, Andrea showed me around and took me into one of the two theaters. It was quite small, maybe a dozen seats, and she said that usually it was used at lunchtime, since the movies were also shorter and the admission was much less. Since it was only eleven in the morning, there was no one in either theater, and we just chatted. She asked me what I usually did in the theater when I visited Renate and what I found exciting about it.

"I just like to undress in the theater and feel the eyes on me. I don't really pay attention to the movie unless no one is there, and even then I don't understand what people are saying anyway." She found this very funny for some reason, and continued asking questions.

"Do you masturbate?"

I thought to myself, "Goodness, she isn't shy at all", and figured I didn't need to be shy either, and replied "Yes, always. I can't help it. But now I can control myself a little more and also enjoy just sitting there and letting my hands touch my body slowly. But when I finally masturbate, I orgasm very hard and then quickly dress and leave. I wish I would stay longer though, but I always feel guilty. Does that make sense?"

She ignored that question, and asked "Why does it excite you?"

I thought for a moment and said, "I don't know. It just does. I don't want to touch anyone and I don't want anyone to touch me, but I love it when people look at me. Even just walking in the city, I never wear jeans because I love the feeling of the breeze blowing across my legs, and knowing that maybe people are looking at how my dress clings to me. I imagine them undressing me with their eyes."

She looked at me, contemplating, and said "You said that you liked it when people looked at you. Do you mean anyone? Were there many women in Renate's theater?"

I hadn't noticed that I had said "people" and not simply "men", but I guess she was right. I replied, "No, there was never a woman there. Renate has seen me with nothing on in her store, but I wasn't thinking of her. I was just enjoying the thought that someone could walk in and see me. It would be no different if I was in a normal department store, except they don't allow you to walk around naked."

"Do you feel excited now?"

I paused and thought about it, and said "Yes, I think I always am. I am very modest normally and my friends would never believe what I do when I come downtown. But, just coming in here and knowing that I can do whatever I want makes me shiver."

"Show me what you do at Renate's. There are no customers yet, but I'm here. And someone could come here at any moment, although you would hear a little bell when they come down the stairs."

I thought about it, and I knew I was already wet. I said, "Ok, I'll show you, but you have to stand back. I like to act as though I am all alone, and someone just notices me."

She stepped back, and I settled in a seat in the back row. She stood in the aisle, four or five seats away. I slowly unbuttoned by dress, and as the last button fell open, I was still barely exposed. The dress fell between my thighs down below, and was barely open at the top between my breasts, showing a bit of my bra and hints of my skin between my breasts and waistline. I moved my fingers to my neck, and slowing dragged them down through the opening, letting them rest on the front of my panties. I glanced at Andrea from the corner of my eye, and she was leaning against the wall, her arms folded across her chest, with one foot pulled up against the wall (I remember this so vividly, I don't know why), watching me without emotion. I looked ahead at the screen, and then down to my body, teasing myself with my hands. Then, I let the dress fall open, and I stood up for a moment so it would fall off my shoulders and slip to the floor. I sat back down, and reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, my nipples revealing how excited I was. I moved my hands downward and slid my panties off, and I was finally laying back completely exposed, wearing only my summer shoes. It sounds like this happened quickly, but I made it last ten minutes or more.

I continued to run my hands slowly over my body, pretending to be oblivious to Andrea, knowing she was watching me intently. I twirled a little tuft of the hair between my legs, and pulled up on it slightly so my wet folds became slightly visible. I stretched my legs out under the seat behind me and slid forward, trying to expose myself as much as possible.

Finally Andrea spoke: "You are uncomfortable. Come sit on the carpeted stair where I am standing, and you can stretch out. I'll put down my jacket and you can sit on that."

I was unsure, but she was right that I was cramped due to the next row of seats being so close. So I stood up, not making eye contact at all and sat down on the carpeted step, leaning back on my elbows with my knees up and parted, exposing myself completely. Andrea stepped closer, but I said, "Don't come too close. You can watch me though."

She stepped back, looking at me intently, as my hands slid down to my wetness. She said, "Please, can I just touch your legs? Your stomach? Can I just sit beside you and lean on you?"

I said, "No, really, I just want to be looked at. You can do anything else."

With that, she slid her jeans and panties down to her knees, exposing her long legs and silky light brown hair. She ran her hands over her thighs, and she asked me to touch her. "Please, I promise I won't touch you, but I would like you touch me."

I smiled and stayed where I was, and I spread my knees out further and increased the speed of my fingers. I had learned how to control my body over the weeks, and knew exactly when to stop, so I knew how far I could go for her. She groaned when she saw I wasn't going to change my mind, and pulled her sweater up to her neck, exposing a white lacey bra, holding up breasts much sexier than mine.

"Please", she said, obviously exasperated. She then moved her fingers to her own wetness, and started to vigorously rub herself. In moments, she was convulsing, her breasts jumping out slightly out of her bra, exposing her nipples. Leaning against the wall, she breathed heavily and said, "You amaze me."

"Why?" I said, continuing to let my fingers slide across my clitoris. I knew why, but I wanted to hear it.

"Renate said you never touched the men, and I was convinced you loved women instead, but you really do only like to be looked at."

I stopped masturbating and rested on my elbows, opening and closing my legs as though we were in the park having a picnic, talking about the school prom. "Yes", I said, "That really is all I like. I really love it. I have never even had sex before. I touch myself all the time at home, but it isn't as much fun alone. But you? You like women?"

She laughed and said, "You and I are very alike. Neither of us has been touched by a man." I think she wanted to say more, but didn't and changed the subject as she put her clothing back in order. "Do you want to stay here? Or do you want to go back to Renate's? You are welcome to stay here if you like."

It didn't take a lot of thought on my part. I told her I would stay for a while, and stood up and continued chatting. I gathered my clothing and walked to the lobby with her, placing it on a chair nearby. She gave me a bottle of water, and it was kind of exciting leaning across the counter with my breasts hanging out in front of me (as much as my smaller breasts could hang, compared to hers). She asked if she should put my clothes away until I left, but I told her that I would dress again, because getting undressed is the most exciting part. As I dressed, she told me that I really should consider stripping, and that there is a place right across the street that is safe and very nice, and that she could introduce me to the owner. I told her again that I really wasn't interested in that, and I couldn't say why other than it would take away the taboo aspect. She understood, but said I should at least go over because I could stand around naked with the other girls as much as I wanted. I told her I might.

Anyway, after I dressed I went into the other theater. It was much larger, and I sat at the end of the middle row like I usually did, as it had the wide aisle so I could slide down in my seat. And even though I had done this over a dozen times by now, I was still nervous. It was an odd feeling, because there was no one in the theater at all. Most of the excitement comes from undressing while the men watched, but since I was in a new place and didn't know what to expect, I found it exciting to at least remove my panties and bra and stick them in my bag. Andrea had told me that people usually came in around one in the afternoon, and I just sat there watching the movie and waited. Then, I heard a little bell sound, which I soon learned meant someone was entering the stairway from above. I heard some small talk that I couldn't understand, and soon saw the door open, only to see a couple walk in! This was a first for me. They were probably in their early 30's, well dressed, and she wore a knee length dress. They seemed to ignore me, but also sat down in the middle row, about six seats away. They sat there, quietly whispering, while she rubbed her hands over his lap, obviously causing him to become excited. Then, he spoke to me, jumping me a little bit, and told me that Andrea had said I was inside and that I was welcome to join them. I said thank you, but that I only played from a distance. He told his wife, and she smiled at me and said something to him. He explained that she knew English but was shy about speaking it (but not shy coming in there and doing that? I realized we were very alike) and said she would at least want me to come closer. I told them that I might in a few minutes.

Anyway, they became more animated, and my eyes were glued to them, which is the opposite of how I usually acted. I was on the other side of the coin for once, and now I knew how the men in the other theater felt. It was so exciting and I know I was very wet. Then, she said something again, stood up, and pulled her dress over her head. I was stunned- she had on garters, no panties, and a half bra that exposed her nipples. My bra and panties were so tame compared to what she was wearing (I was so glad I had already removed mine), and I could see why she didn't need to undress completely to be sexy. It's funny, I have no attraction to women, and I had seen dozens of lesbian scenes in the movies during the past few weeks and had just seen Andrea an hour before, but seeing her in person with a man only ten feet away was so exciting. By then, he had slid his pants down and opened his shirt, and his cock was standing out straight for all to see. She knelt down in front of him, running her hands on his thighs. Then, she put her hands on his knees, opened her mouth, and slowing lowered her head down over his cock. Once she had engulfed him, she closed her lips and slowly came back up. She repeated this, not using her hands at all, keeping them on his knees (I used this information to great effect later when I was married). Also, I was mesmerized by her body. Her breasts weren't large, but the way her bra pushed them forward as they hung down was so amazing, and the lace of her garter accentuated the curves of her back as she rose up and down. After a few minutes, she stood up, turned her back to him, and lowered her body as he entered her. She turned towards me and said something, and he explained that she wanted me to come closer. I stood, and once again the roles were reversed. I leaned against the back of the seats in front of them, just out of their reach. She evidently became less reserved, and said, "Please, put your hands on me." I just slowly shook my head. She was a little exasperated and said something to her husband, and he said "She said you are making her crazy. Can she touch you? She just wants to run her hands across your stomach and hold your waist. OK?"

I said I was really sorry, but I am just excited watching them, but I would undress too. I pulled my dress over my head in one swoop just like she did and tossed it a few rows away, and slowly ran my hands over my body, stopping to cup my breasts in a way that simulated her half bra pushing up on her nipples. By then she was moving up and down much faster, and she said, "Touch yourself, please." I couldn't resist, and parted my legs and dropped one hand down below while the other remained at my breast, and I started rubbing myself. This went on for a few minutes, and then I looked up at the back of the theater where the projector was, and I could see Andrea looking out of a small window where I guess the projector operator worked. I was beside myself, knowing that I had never seen another woman all summer, but now I had two women watching me stand in full view of them while my hand raced over myself, and just the thought brought me to a shuddering orgasm. It seemed to go on and on, and the woman right in front of me followed right behind me.

They then both stood up, and she turned around and got on her knees and started stroking him madly. Soon he was having his own orgasm, and he came all over her breasts, and it was so exciting seeing his cum run down and puddle around one of her nipples. All of us were out of breath, and he smiled, saying, "I wish you would change your mind." I knew it would be fun, but it would also change things, so I politely declined. But I did ask them where they bought clothes like she wore, and if they were expensive. She smiled and said, "Any clothes store will sell them. Ask Andrea for my number as I will shop with you." She said it in a very nice way, and I knew she was sincere.

After they left, I stayed in the theater, still undressed and sitting in my original seat. It was probably because of the distraction of the conversation I had with the couple, but this was the first time I stayed long enough for the guilt to go away and not rush off. I was excited again, but in a different way. I leaned back, kneading my breasts, just passing the time, watching a movie dialog that made no sense to me. Andrea came in, saying that the theater would soon get more crowded, in case I wanted to dress. Instead, I asked her to take my clothes and put them somewhere for me, and I would just stay like this for a while. Also, I told her not to tell people I was in there, because I wanted them to be surprised. Soon I was alone again, and within minutes I heard the bell sound. The door opened, and another businessman stepped in, sliding into a seat in the back row. He hadn't noticed me at first due to the darkness and the fact that I was slumped down, but he quickly took notice. And, it didn't take long before his pants opened and he started stroking himself. He then stood and started walking over, and I did my usual thing where I just held up my hand and said he could only watch. By then, the bell dinged a couple more times, and within ten minutes I had three men standing near me, stroking and asking me questions in their broken English. I also realized that next time I would bring a towel or something so I could lay down like I did for Andrea, because it allowed me to expose myself to the fullest, plus when I laid back like that, my average breasts didn't appear so small. Anyway, soon the first man asked if he could cum on me, but again I could see that I had to train a new batch of men (just kidding), and said no, I would just watch him. It was very funny later on in a year or so when I had sex for the first time- I told my boyfriend that I had never touched a cock before, but I didn't tell him I had seen probably a hundred cocks cum within a few feet of me. Some secrets are best kept inside.

By the middle of the afternoon, after my next orgasm, I dressed in the lobby in front of Andrea and another customer, and told her I would be back tomorrow. I also stopped at Renate's store and thanked her, and told her I would like her to take me there again. I could of course go alone, but I had another reason that I wanted her to take me there.

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