tagGroup SexShowing Off in New Orleans Ch. 02

Showing Off in New Orleans Ch. 02


We were slowly fucking as we talked about how the waiter had showered his hot load of cum all over my beautiful wife's tits just a short time ago. Joy had been riding "Cowgirl" as we talked for over an hour, her hips churning slowly on my still stiff cock as she talked about how horny it made her to show off that night, how she loved to watch the waiter stroke his cock for her and how it made cum so hard when his cock erupted onto her breasts and face. Because of the passion with which she spoke and the juicy softness of her pussy grinding on my cock, she kept me hard.... very hard.

As she talked, she swirled her hips on me, grinding my cock deep inside of her pausing three times as her pussy convulsed and she came. With each orgasm her eyes would roll back in her head and she would squeal with delight. Each orgasm was bigger than the one before. At her third and final crescendo she pulled up off of me, screamed with delight and pushed hard with her cunt muscles and I watched as a flood of our combined juices flowed from her well-fucked pussy. She moved quickly down and swallowed my stiff, cum-covered cock down as deep as she could. The sight of her so eagerly devouring my cock and the juices that covered it sent me over the edge one more time and I felt her suck me deep as I exploded into the back of her mouth and throat. She sucked and swallowed and milked every bit of cum from my cock. As it started to shrink she looked up at me and let it slide from her lips, a trail of cum oozing out of her mouth and onto the tip.

She looked into my eyes and sensually moved up my body until she lay flat on top of me and kissed me, sharing our juices. I thought it odd in that her kisses were sweet from her juices and salty from mine.

She had the look of a perfectly satisfied woman and she smiled and said, "So, can I fuck the waiter tomorrow night?"

"As long as I get some fun too," I replied knowing that I'd get anything that I wanted.

"That's good." She followed as she nuzzled into my neck and closed her eyes. We were both covered with our juices and she still had the waiter's dried cum on her breasts. She had no intention on cleaning anything up and quickly dozed off into a very restful sleep.


I woke the next morning to find my lovely wife slowly and seductively sucking my cock. Being in my state of slumber, I wasn't full hard and she seemed to enjoy playing with the semi-erect cock, swirling her tongue around it and sucking it in her mouth until her lips caressed my well-spent balls.

"Good morning," she smiled and mumbled with my cock still in her mouth.

"Good morning. That feels nice." I replied as my cock now started to harden.

"I can taste you and me all over your cock. And I love it. It's the flavor of love and lust."

I could smell that flavor of love. The musky scent of our juices filled the air. She worked my cock with a quicker pace and I knew that it wouldn't be long, in spite of the amount of cum she drained from me last night, she was on the edge of getting another load. My legs stiffened and she pulled my cock from her warm mouth and stroked it a couple of times before I shot up onto her lips, mouth and face. It wasn't a big load, but she gobbled it up grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"I'm going to tease you all day and make this cock hard and these balls nice and big and full again," she said as got up and walked into the bathroom. "I want your balls full and ready for tonight."

"I'll see what I can do from my end to help," I joked back at her. She disappeared into the bathroom and I was left limp and wasted. I fell off asleep again.


It was a kiss on the cheek that woke me this time and I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful woman in the world looking down at me with a smile that could melt the polar caps. She had playful look on her face, like she had plans

"Get up and get ready. We've got places to go today."

As she stood up, I could see that she was dressed in a light sun dress and as she crossed the room, it was very apparent that the material was very thin and sheer, almost gauze-like. I crawled out of bed and headed to the shower catching just a glimpse of her as she headed out the door. "I'm going to get some breakfast for us," she said over her shoulder. I could see through the sheer fabric that she didn't have any panties or bra on, a fact that I'm sure that everyone she would be meeting will be aware of soon.

The thought of her wandering like that and having others able to see her, caused my cock to stiffen again. I hit the shower and imagined how the person behind the counter of the Dumont Cafe would react as she stood and ordered a couple of beignets and some orange juice. I imagined that her hard nipples would be clearly visible and that he or she would eventually lower his or her eyes to see if they could see her pussy through the thin material. And they would be able to.

I thought of how the guy in line behind her would be staring at her ass and wondering if he would be able to see her pussy as well when she turned around. And I wondered where his eyes would be when she did turn around -- focused on her hard nipples or focused on her shaved pussy. I thought about all the tourists sitting close, how they would be thinking that this could only happen in New Orleans.

These thoughts kept me hard all through my shower...... Yup, she was going to tease me all day long and it started when she walked out of the hotel room.


We spent the day wandering the French Quarter, looking through shops, window shopping and taking in the sights. Everywhere we went, Joy gathered a crowd, and garnered a lot of attention. Both men and women were giving her more than just a once-over. And I could tell that Joy loved the attention. Frankly, even though no one even knew that I existed, I loved the attention she was getting. And she did keep me hard with the exhibition.

You see, I love showing off my beautiful wife.

I love it mostly because it makes her so excited and feel so sexy. It gives her a tremendous confidence and fills her head and heart with lust and love.

We live in a small Midwestern town where everyone knows everybody and everybody's business. So, sexual playing is something that happens only behind closed doors. We have to leave town to have some real fun. And each time we do, it turns her sexual switch onto overdrive. She becomes truly insatiable. And I just love what that means.........

All through the day, Joy flirted with both men and women, teased me and generally ran the sexual tension up to a constant high everywhere we went. And in that process, she did just exactly what she said and kept me hard all day long. By the time we were ready to head back to the hotel at 5 o'clock, my balls ached. And I knew that they would not get a chance to empty yet. In fact, I had a feeling that they were going to be aching even more before the night was over.

The NOLA restaurant was just down the block from our hotel and as we headed back to our room we decided that we needed to make a reservation. At least that was the excuse that Joy used when she talked me into stopping by. I knew that she really wanted to see if the waiter was working and to tease him as well.

As we stepped into the restaurant and I gave the Maitre d' our name and scheduled a late dinner, Joy caught the eye of the waiter and motioned him to come over. He and everyone near her were getting an eyeful of her sexy body in that sheer dress. I could tell that he spent more time looking at her hard nipples than he did looking her in the eye. And I could tell by his reaction that she had informed him that we would be back for dinner later. I could also tell that he was trying to figure out how to make sure that we sat at one of his tables.

We finished our business and left and wandered down the block to our hotel. As we wandered hand in hand, I asked her, "So........ did you ask the waiter if he'd like to fuck you?"

"Well, no, not in so many words."

"What did you say to him?" I was very curious if she was going to work on his mind tonight like she had been working on mine all day.

"I told him that we'd be back in for dinner tonight and let him know that I'd like to be seated at one of his tables." That Cheshire Cat smile came across her lips again. "I told him that I liked the service that I got last night and I'd like to see if I could get more service tonight."

"Oh, you're mean..... you're really mean. He'll think about that all night and probably spill something into someone's lap by being so distracted." She was such a cock-tease, but the one difference would be that when time came, he wouldn't complain about the outcome.


After a nap, we got ready for the evening's fun and Joy came out of the bathroom dressed in just her stockings, garter and heels. But when she came out, I could tell that she had something on her mind. She walked over to the bed and lay down and stretched out, spreading her legs wide open.

Her clit was swollen and very hard. It stuck up like a little tiny hard cock and her labia were likewise swollen and full. There was a big trickle of clear juice flowing from between her lips. She looked up at me and said, "Lick my pussy, please. I need to cum and I want your mouth."

I stood up from my seat on the couch and walked over to the bed and looked down on my sexy wife.

"Please.............. lick me............" She was pleading. "Please.................?"

I smiled. This is exactly where I wanted her. This is exactly how I wanted her to be, so full of sexual tension that she was ready to explode. Now was my turn to tease her.

"If I make you cum now, you may not have as good of a time as you would later?" I smiled again.

"Please.........LICK MY PUSSY!!! Please make me cum!!!!"

I had her right where I wanted her............

I knelt down and moved in between her sexy long legs very slowly. Her anticipation was piqued. She arched her hips up toward me. I moved in so that my face was few mere inches from her pussy and I took in the sweet musky aroma. She was hot and ready. Her juices were already freely flowing from her slit. I flicked my tongue lightly across the lips of her pussy. She yelped.

I flicked my tongue like butterfly wings flitting across the lips of her pussy and her clit. Immediately her hands moved to her breasts and she grasped her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. As I flicked my tongue lightly, she pulled and twisted her nipples. I was barely touching her but it was sending shock waves deeply through her body. Her back arched, her pelvis pushed upward and as her orgasm started to strike, her labia split and opened her pussy up.


Joy's pussy opened wide and I could see her vagina contract within. Her muscles were pushing her sweet juices out and a huge drop oozed out and ran down the crack of her ass. She was so close to the edge that even my breath across her skin would push her into the total abyss of a mind-blowing orgasm.

I dropped my head down and stuck my tongue out to meet her at that very sensitive area between her ass and pussy and flicked it there. She was oozing juices now down that crack and onto my waiting tongue. With a slow and steady motion I moved my tongue up into her love canal and up between her swollen lips ending at her clit.

Then I stopped.

I backed away from her.

"OHHHHHHH GOD!!!!" She was in a dazed state, nothing more than the heals of her feet holding her on the cliff of absolute pleasure. She pleaded. "Please make me cum. PLEASE..... I'm so close."

"No, my dear, you're going to have to wait for that. I want you to relax and settle down now." I reached out my hand and took hers to help her up.

"Oh my God, you can't leave me like this," she said with disgust. I could see that I had just pulled her back from the edge enough to break the spell. She could dish it out, but she had a hard time taking it. I looked down and smiled at her.

"I need to cum. PLEASE!"

"You will, Baby, you will."

She was literally whimpering as I helped her to her feet and sent her on to the bathroom to clean up and finish getting ready. Obviously her knees were weak as she staggered into the bathroom. I cleaned her juices from my face and straightened the bed.

Yup, I had her right where I wanted her.


The door to the bathroom swung open with authority about 20 minutes later and Joy stepped in to the doorway.

"You are really mean. I need to cum so badly." She was pretty terse in her tone. I smiled.

She stood there and let me admire her, dressed in a very loose bright red halter dress, the top part being very thin strips running up from the waist across her breasts and converging in spaghetti straps tied behind her neck creating a very deep cleavage for the dress. Little movement would cause the top to open right up and expose her breasts. The skirt part was light, loose and flowing ending a good 6" above her knees. Her legs were clad in black stockings and on her feet were 5" black Mary Jane pumps.

I smiled at her and said, "I like having you in a state where you NEED to cum. And I also know that you are going to do so later on..... many times."

As she walked seductively over to me it was apparent that the red material of the dress was very thin and clingy. With the strips of the top just barely covering her breasts, the material did little to hide the fact that her nipples were very hard and very big.

Joy leaned down to kiss me and when she did, the loose-fitting top opened so very nicely to give full view of her breasts and those nipples that were hard and big as gumdrops. She planted a sweet peck on my lips and whispered seductively, "I need to cum so badly. I am so wet and so sensitive right now that each step I take makes my clit twitch."

"Then I have you just like I want you." I smiled.

"And how do you want me?" she asked as if she knew the answer.

"So ready to fuck you can barely think of anything else."

"That's all I can think about."

"Good." I smiled and stood up. "Would you like to see if you can drive a waiter crazy?"

"mmmmmmm Yes." The Cheshire Cat grin arrived playfully across her lips again.

We walked out into the hall and down to the elevator. Before the elevator door opened, I reached down and pulled up her skirt. Her black stockings and black garter framed a perfectly shaved pussy and a very swollen clit.

"Sweet," was all that I could say.

Just as we stepped out into the street we realized that there was a little bit of a breeze and all the way to the restaurant, the light fabric of Joy's dress would fluff up like Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch giving anyone within eyesight a great view of either her shapely ass or her pretty pussy. Unlike Marilyn, Joy did nothing to hold the skirt down and unlike Marilyn, Joy didn't have any panties on. She got some great reactions from people we met on the street, especially if it fluffed up more than once so that they were prepared. She got lots of smiles from both women and men.

When we opened the door of NOLA and stepped in, just as the breeze fluffed Joy's skirt up around her waist giving everyone in the room a sweet view of her pretty pussy. It was quite an entrance.

The Maitre d' acted like he knew who we were and he made it seem like he was expecting us. I would assume that the waiter slipped the Maitre d' something to make sure that the waiter got us at one of his tables.

As we followed the Maitre d' through the restaurant, all eyes were on my beautiful and very exhibitionistic wife. He seated us at a table next to the window and in plain view of everyone outside as well as inside. It seemed that we would not be quietly exposing in the corner - all the better.

Our waiter stepped up to the table quickly and said, "Good evening. Glad you could join us here at NOLA. My name is Bill. I'll be servicing you tonight."

Joy snickered. I don't think Bill actually meant to say that, it just came out that way. After Bill had a good blush going she replied, "I certainly hope so. I've been preparing myself all day long to be properly serviced."

The couple at the next table must have heard Bill and Joy's exchange, because with her reply, the guy whipped his head around to see what he might be missing and in doing so, must have been kicked by his wife under the table.

Joy followed with a somewhat crude, "I hope you're serving your meat well-done tonight." The guy at the next table started to turn, but remembered how much his shin hurt and stopped himself.

It was obvious that the waiter was both somewhat nervous about how Joy was teasing and how that might affect his employment. But judging from where his eyes were focused, it might also have been from the fact that it was obvious that he had a clear view inside the loose-fitting top of her dress.

As we ordered dinner and drinks, Joy continued to flirt with and tease the waiter and in doing so, mess with the mind of the man and woman at the next table. Joy was using a full array of double entendre with nearly everything she said. And given the way the conversation started with Bill, everything she said had a sexual suggestiveness about it. I could see by the way our neighbor's head kept starting to turn, that he was listening to every word.

Once we ordered and Bill brought our wine, I thought I'd see if I could send the couple at the next table over the edge and I asked Joy, "So, Baby, what do you think, are you going to fuck him?" I said it loud enough that I'm sure both the man and woman heard it.

When I did, the man dropped his fork and it first hit the table and then the floor. Just as he was leaning down to pick it up, Joy responded with, "Oh God Honey, I'm dripping wet right now. I can't wait to get his cock in pussy."

As the man was leaning over I could now see the reaction of the woman and when Joy responded, the look on her face was incredible. I could see her swallow hard as she thought about what Joy said. She looked pretty prim and proper albeit quite beautiful. But, my impression was that she probably fucked once a month and only with the lights off. So, the thought of Joy fucking the waiter hit her hard.

All through dinner, Joy continued her teasing of the waiter and her relentless embarrassment of the couple next to us.

At one point, Joy got up and walked to the rest room. As she passed the couple and having not been able to see them, she smiled and winked at the prim and proper woman.

As she returned the man's eyes were following her every move. She noticed the man's napkin had fallen onto the floor and she stopped and leaned down and picked it up, pausing just inches from the man and with her breasts in full view down her loose-fitting top.

Once she finally stood, she handed the man the napkin, smiled at his wife and then said to the husband, "Sir, you dropped this. You might need it to cover that erection." She again looked at the woman and said to her, "I hope you have some fun with that tonight. It looks ymmy."

Without any further comment, Joy sat down. Shortly after that, the couple paid and left. I could see that the man's erection had not subsided by the time he left the table.

"What do you think, Baby? Do you think that she's going to make use of his hard-on or send him to bed without?" I asked.

"I'll bet he pulls over on a dark street and bends her over the hood of the car and fucks her within 10 blocks of here." As she answered I could see that she was visualizing them pulling off onto a quiet and dark side street and the woman jumping out of the car, hiking up her dress and pulling her granny panties down.

"I'll be surprised if he lasts 3 minutes." She followed. "And I'll bet she pants like a dog when she fucks."

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