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Frank, my husband, and this guy who just sold him a camper were over the house watching a football game. My husband was excited about his new toy. Frank came upstairs and asked me if I would serve them a few beers, then with that devilish look he has, and to please do him a favor and wear something sexy. I know frank would really like to show me off. He promised me dinner or what ever I wanted. I decided to wear a short skirt to please him. I opened a bag of chips and sat down across from them on the couch, trying to make sense out of the game. Bob spilled his beer so I went to get a cloth to clean it up, Bob moved as I knelt down and bent over to clean up the spill.

My short skirt creep up on the back of my legs. I looked over at my husband in time to see him give some kind of signal to bob, and then realized bob wasn't missing anything. I am sure he couldn't see my panties, but my ass was shaking as I was wiping the spill. I left for the kitchen with my husband close behind. Babe, he said, you should have seen bob's face. I said, I didn't realize my skirt slid up, I was just cleaning the couch. You looked so sexy, come back and lets go a little further. I don't think so. Come on honey, it's only a stranger I bought a camper from, we'll never see him again.

Later, I came down and sat next to frank, and across from bob. Frank, my husband, had been showing bob his new camera. Bob asked if he could try it. Karen, my husband said, can we take a couple pictures of you? I was too embarrassed and said I didn't think it would be a good idea. But, Frank was coaxing me, so I finally said OK.

My husband was having fun trying to get me into a pose so that my dress would ride up high, to reveal more of my legs. I was getting uncomfortable with my husbands requests and said I had to fix my makeup and be down in a few minutes. I needed time to think.

Frank followed me to the bedroom and asked me if I was OK. Frank then reminded of the time he persuaded me to flash my panties to a truck driver, we were both excited. My husband was coaxing me again, whispering that I was so beautiful, and no one else will know. I was real nervous because this wasn't like flashing a truck driver in the next lane.

Frank ignored my protest and suggested I wear my black string bikini bathing suit. Please, I don't have the nerve to wear that anywhere, especially in front of Bob, it's too revealing! My husband said Karen, wear it under your dress, as underwear, with heels, garters, and nylons. That way when I coax you into showing a little more leg, you won't be showing your real panties by mistake! Oh I don't know, but I was getting devilish thoughts...

Bob eyes went wide when I came back for my photo shoot with lip stick, heels and a different dress. Bob probably thought I angry and wasn't coming back down. I was nervous and felt like a naughty little school girl. The first couple of shots I was asked to pose like before, then my husband wanted me to show more of my legs. Honey, lift your dress over the tops of your nylons. Bob turned red, but encouraged me on saying how beautiful my legs were. I thought for a few moments and began to raise my dress up to the tops of my stockings. They both went nuts! Bob moved around to get different angles, clicking off sexy pictures of me.

Frank said that we should take a few more pictures upstairs in the bedroom. We went upstairs, I sat on the chair in our bedroom and posed for the guys again, giving in to their requests of showing my legs, showing the straps on the garter belt and even my naked thighs above my nylons.

My husband whispered to me to take off the dress. I whispered back complaining that Bob would be able see the cheeks of my buttocks in the bikini bottoms. I had hoped he would convince me to go a little further, but I wasn't sure how. Frank whispered back that it was just a sexy swim suit and began unzipping my dress. I went along, with him, but don't pose me with my buttocks to the camera. I was nervous and excited as my husband was removing my dress for them to take more pictures of me. I was standing there in a small black bikini, that looked like bra & panties, high heels, nylons and garters. How did I let this go this far?

Bob couldn't believe this was happening, nor could I. After only a few shots, my husband was trying to persuade me to turn around, when, bob silently moved in back of us and took a shot of me with almost all of my fanny exposed! I squealed, you guys tricked me! Frank smiled and said they we're sorry. They apologized and asked for just a few more shots, no more tricks and wanted me to lay down on the bed. Frank told me to arrange my legs a certain way, I didn't understand what he meant. Frank told bob to show me, Bob came over to the bed and reached under my knee and gently lifted my leg, knee up, positioning it there. Then he took my other leg by the calf and the ankle and moved my leg straight, then he parted my legs slightly. Frank was taking pictures as bob moved my legs, then they both took pictures from all angles.

My husband asked Bob to arrange my legs farther apart, I blushed with embarrassment, but It was exciting to have Bob posing me, especially with my husband directing him. After a few shots, Frank said to turn over on my stomach. I turned red and looked at Frank, he wanted to show my ass to Bob again! Bob left before I started to complain. Saying he was going down stairs to get drinks for us. Frank asked if I'd rather change into something else. Yes I would, the strong drink I had was having an effect on me. What do you want me to wear in front of bob this time? He swallowed hard and said, you'd look sexy in your short black slip and your veiled hat. Just take off your swim suit and put that on. I said no way, the slip is too shear to wear without anything else on, I complained. My husband said then put on your lacy red bra and panties too. They were very sheer also, but I said OK, as long as you don't ask me to take off the slip later. Frank smiled and said that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do.

I quickly changed then Bob returned and saw I had on a black slip and a hat. Frank asked me to walk around and lower one strap of the slip, to show a little of my red bra, bob saw that my shear, lacy bra was much different from the solid black top I wore before. Frank encouraged me to show off stocking tops and garter straps that were covered by the slip, by raising the hem up and down while twilling around. This was going about as far as I dared without showing my panties to the guys, I was showing the tops of my nylons, but I did accidently showed part of my panties too. Frank wanted me to go back on the bed, on my stomach. Bob was seated over on the chair loading the camera, Frank was on the bed next to me, and started to stroke my back, and whisper how proud of me he was. Then he began touching my nylons, saying how good they felt, my eyes closed, enjoying his attention.

I felt Frank brushing up my slip, enough to see the bottom edge of my panties. I knew I was still mostly covered. I felt strange knowing that bob was watching my husband touching my legs, but I was very excited. Frank kept stoking my nylons and praising me, when he began rubbing my panties. I was blushing but, getting so hot, I kept my eyes closed too embarrassed to look at bob. Then in one bold move, my husband raised my slip to fully expose my panties. I felt naughty allowing my husband to do this and us teasing Bob. Finally Frank was getting his way, showing off my derriere, only covered by shear panties. I had to peek out of the corner of my eye to see bob's expression, but he wasn't there. Out of the corner of my eye, I looked around and saw his reflection in the mirror. Bob was next to Frank and they were both taking turns feeling me up! Frank was letting his new buddy run his hands over my legs and ass. I was shocked, but I just closed my eyes tight, pretending not to know, I didn't know how to confront them, I was so embarrassed. Frank was letting Bob go further than I thought. I kept my eyes shut tight and felt my heat building. Frank covered my head with my hat and told me to relax, that Bob was gone downstairs and would be back in a little while.

Frank said he was excited and wanted to touch me before Bob returned, (they) stroked my legs and fanny for several minutes, and someone slipped his hand in my panties. I didn't know who, as he slipped his finger into me too, it felt so wickedly exciting. I wondered, if my husband suspected that I aware of them tricking me. I would never be able to let my husband know that I knew and allowed his friend to touch me. They were careful, and continued to touch me. Minutes later, Frank pulled my slip down covering my panties and whispered that Bob was coming back.

I posed for more photos, my face was flush, and I couldn't make eye contact, I was so embarrassed. After only a few minutes Frank asked me to take off the slip for the last couple of pictures. I looked at Frank and asked him if he really wanted me to remove my slip and allow Bob to take pictures of me? He smiled, I stood and slowly pulled my slip up revealing my red panties and garter belt to the guys, I hesitated a moment and looked at my husband , he nodded again, I took a deep breath and pulled my slip over my head showing them my shear red bra too. Standing there only in my heels, and underwear showing my body to my husband's friend.

They both couldn't believe that I just did it. Frank always wanted me to really show off my body but never thought that I would. Bob never imagined he would ever see Franks wife in her sexy underwear. I had awaken an exhibitionist side of me like never before. I was so excited, especially being coaxed by my husband to show my self to his friend. Nervously, I thought I was even ready to go further, but how could I. I would be nude!

Frank knew I was more willing then before, I was going along with everything. I made an attempt to cover myself with my hands as the guys began to take pictures. My husband wanted some pictures of me blindfolded and placed a scarf around my head and whispered to me how excited he was that I was modeling sexy underwear for him. The blindfold hide some of my embarrassment. The scarf wasn't tied very well because I could see out of the corners. He led me to the back of the chair, I pretended I couldn't see anything, then he moved my hands from covering myself to the top of the chair and told me to bend slightly for the first shot, Bob quietly picked up the video camera and set it on the tripod and turned it on. They were going to have a movie of this to look at later!

My husband said my seams were crooked, that he would come over to straighten them for me. He then motioned to Bob to go and pretend that he was my husband. They didn't know I could see what their plan was, giving his friend another opportunity to touch me without me knowing. I closed my eyes tight and held my breath as Bob took hold of my left ankle and with both hands, he smoothed and straightened the seam as he made his way up my left leg, feeling every inch, to the very top of my hosiery and to the bare skin below my red panties. He was kneeing behind me.

I was trying to control my breathing as Bob began touching my right leg, I peaked to see my husband working the video and grinning at Bob, he was motioning something to Bob, when I felt him touching my panties, like he was straightening them too and returned to my husband. I never thought my husband would enjoy watching someone touching his wife, and I was wondering what else Frank would enjoy. They took more pictures, even though they had the video recording this too.

Frank said he wanted me to let Bob take a few pictures of us making out. I said I would be too embarrassed and Frank persisted and began touching me and saying it was OK, he sensed I was weakening as he moved me to the bed. I laid down, although I was saying no. My husband held my hands together as he fastened a pair of handcuffs around my wrists. We had made love like this before and he knew I loved the helpless feeling of being his captive. He tied my handcuffed hands to the headboard and began kissing me. I resisted like my slave character should have, which created even more excitement for me.

I gasped as Frank removed my bra revealing my nipples to his friend and the cameras, and began sucking on my nipple. I had to peek to see Bob's expression, seeing my breasts for the first time, he was touching himself through his trousers. I couldn't believe this had gone so far. I was showing resistance, but really allowing, my husband and his friend see my naked breasts. Frank told Bob to get the scarfs and tie each of my ankles to the corners at the foot of the bed. I panicked, I would be completely in their control. I was frighten and but highly excited. Bob and my husband quickly tied my legs apart, all I could hear my self saying was "Frank no!" Over and over. My husband laid down on me again and kissed me all over, I was so excited about all that we had done today, I submitted to his kisses.

Bob was catching it all on tape. My husband started to work his way down my body, kissing my stomach and then to my panties, he was nibbling and licking my pussy through my panties. My husband asked me if the ties were hurting my ankles, I nodded yes. I could see out of the corner of the blindfold that Bob came over to help my husband loosen the scarfs, after a few moments I felt my husband return to my pussy. I felt my panties being pulled aside and my pussy being licked as his two hands slipped underneath to cradle my ass. I was so horny, even though I was being filmed, I raised my pussy to meet his tongue. I felt my panties being cut away, then he licked me back and forth between my pussy and my raised ass. It felt so wonderful, especially exotic with my husband's friend witnessing my climax.

It was a powerful climax, because of that and because I was bound, and exposing my body for Bob to see. I just had to peek to see Bob expression and was shocked to see my husband standing there instead! Bob was doing those things to me, with my husband watching him licking and touching my naked pussy and sticking his tongue into my ass. My husband was recording it all with the video camera! I realized that this was a dark fantasy, being taken against my will by two men who would make love to me and use me as they desired. I was so turned on, Shamefully, or lustfully, I decided to let them have their way with me and see if there was something else my husband had in store for me. My husband moved around with the video recorder, shooting his friend licking his wife's pussy as she squirmed, enjoying the attention, tricked into performing for him. I climaxed again, Bob had moved from between my legs, then I felt his hand on my blushing face, he held his cock against my lips, I knew he wanted me to suck it! I panicked,

If I didn't suck on his cock, my husband would realize that I knew it was Bob all along and not him! Oh my god, I have no choice! I now had to welcome him into my mouth. He slowly pushed his cock into my mouth, with my hands tied, he held my head and take long strokes in and out of my mouth. It grew larger as he firmly held my head and moved his cock around my face and back into my mouth . Frank had given me to his friend to use me as he wanted . I knew I was acting like a total slut for this stranger, because, I was suppose to believe it was my husband doing it to me.

I wondered if my husband suspect that I knew it was Bob's cock probing my mouth or if I was really tricked. I had an eager to suck him even harder, and give my captor the best blow job that I was capable of giving. I was growing more excited, knowing that my husband was watching his hot wife sucking someone cock, even being tricked into sucking another guy's cock.

I continued this humiliation for several more minutes, and now I was thoroughly loving it. He would pull his cock out of me, being careful not to climax, like he was teasing me, making me want his cock again. He stood up and moved to the foot of the bed to check the ties on my ankles.

Then he returned and placed his cock to my lips again, I noticed it felt and tasted different, then I realized it was my husband ready took his turn at me! Frank whispered to me, "Are you excited that Bob is here"? I yes, I was excited Bob was here. Frank put his cock into my mouth and I sucked him as I did his friend. My husband had fulfilled his fantasy today. He spoke to me again as I deliriously sucked on his cock, he said: You're a good cock sucker, because you love to suck on big cocks" Yes, oh yes I do love to suck big cocks! You are my slave girl, say it! I am your slave girl. "And you'll do anything I say". I am your slave girl and I will do anything you tell me to do, anything! I was so hot I would have said anything he wanted me to. He then whispered to me that he wanted his slave girl to show Bob how well I can suck cock, He told me to show him I was a good slave girl. Bob came over and held my face as he did before and placed his cock on my lips, my husband was saying do it, suck on his cock, you know you love it, show Bob how you love me and would suck his cock because I asked.

My husband untied my hands and feet. I parted my lips, breathing heavy, when my hands were freed I reached up and held his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other, I guided his cock into my mouth, kissing and licking it all over for my husband to see that I was his slave girl and was sucking this cock as he had ordered me to. I pulled Bob down on the bed, and I got on all fours to get better access to Bob's cock. My head was bouncing up and down on him, I was licking his shaft up and down and even put his balls in my mouth.

My husband said he was proud of me because I suck like a good slave girl. He and Bob were saying things like you're the best cock sucker and have the hottest body and the sweetest pussy. My husband knelt behind me saying to keep my ass high in the air, that he wanted to my sweet pussy from behind. He easily slide his cock into my wet pussy and fucked me in rhythm of my blowing Bob's cock.

My husband told Bob to try his wife's sweet pussy. My husband and Bob rolled me onto my back without the slightest resistance from me, Bob moved between my legs and licked and sucked me and probed my other hole with his finger . It felt so good. Bob grabbed a hold of my legs and placed them over his shoulders and pushed his cock as deep inside me as he could. My husband was letting his friend have his slave girl's pussy too. He held my legs as he ground his cock in my pussy. He did this for several minutes, then pulled out of me. They both took turns kissing and fucking me several times before my husband said it was over.

My husband wants me to do it again with another stranger.

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