tagMatureShowstopper Ch. 03

Showstopper Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

When Cathy Northfield arrived at the Shop Anytime Network over a decade earlier, she'd started out as the low woman on the totem pole. There was a definite preferred status for the more tenured hosts, especially since they were the ones who'd generally built up more trust and rapport with the viewers, and thus more sales when they were on the air. Cathy would steadily work herself up to that level, but she had to put in years worth of overnight and holiday shifts to earn the prime-time spots she worked now.

One of the women that had been at the top of the food-chain when Cathy first arrived, and was still there today was a lady named JoAnn Leavitt. Elegant and supremely polished with a quick wit and near photographic ability to do presentations without any notes, she'd become an institution at Shop Anytime. And even though she never had to outwardly speak of her place, it was clear in the way JoAnn carried herself.

During her early days at the network, Cathy pretty much tip-toed in awe around JoAnn. That's not to say she wasn't helpful to Cathy, many of the traits she now possessed on-air was a direct result of advice she'd gotten from her mentor, but even to this day she'd never quite felt comfortable socially around JoAnn.

She knew JoAnn had three kids, an older Daughter and two younger Sons. The middle child had been in his teens when Cathy started at the station but had gone off and joined the Army right before 9-11 of all times. Cathy even remembered taking part in prayer groups with her co-workers when he had been shipped on his missions to Afghanistan and later Iraq. Thankfully he'd come home unscathed and between all the other drama in the world and her life, Cathy had kind of lost touch with the goings on in JoAnn's life over time.

All that changed at a little after 10 in the upstairs bedroom of a mansion hosting an discrete adult get-together Cathy had stumbled into. JoAnn Leavitt's now 25 year old Son, Justin was standing completely naked in front of her, his eyes locked on her as the woman he'd just fucked into oblivion tried catching her breath on the bed below.

Her throat clogged and her knees quickly turning to oatmeal, Cathy tried reaching over to Jeri for help, but her arms just wouldn't move.

"Hey Justin..impressive work," Jeri smiled and winked at the naked man in front of her, giving him props for the sexual carnage he'd just wrought on the married couple on the bed.

"I might be back around later..an old friend of mine wants me to join her over in the all-ladies room..this is another old friend of mine..Cathy...maybe you two could talk for awhile..get to know each other...," Jeri added, having no clue in a strange way, they already did.

Before she could say anything else, the other woman that had crept up behind Jeri had whisked her away to the lesbian room down the hall.

Frozen in the doorway, Cathy struggled to lean sideways, allowing the married couple that Justin had just serviced to leave the room and head back downstairs.

"This is certainly awkward," Justin offered with a calmness Cathy wasn't quite expecting once the two were alone.

"....Ahh...no kidding," Cathy muttered in return, a nuclear heat raging in her body as she struggled not to look at the boy she hadn't really seen in 7 or 8 years.

Wringing her hands as she leaned against the door, the only spot on Justin that Cathy felt any sort of comfort staring at was his chin. If she looked in his eyes, Cathy was reminded who Justin was. If she looked anywhere lower than his chin, Cathy was abruptly reminded what she, herself, had become.

"You want to close the door?" Justin prodded after a few lingering moments of painful silence.

"Close it with me inside..or out?" Cathy's eyes seemed to question even though deep down, she knew the answer.

And there she was, at yet another fork in her moral road, this one easily bigger than all the other ones put together. Before she could raise her feet to slide one way or the other, Justin swept across the floor like a sleek jungle cat, nudged her aside slightly and closed the door, leaving Cathy alone in the room with him.

"Is your Husband here with you?" Justin slipped a few feet away from Cathy to give her some space, then asked.

"..Uh....No," Cathy stuttered as if in a complete and utter fog. "I came with Jeri...ah..my ah...Husband..he doesn't even know."

"What would you Mother say about this?" the rational part of Cathy's brain wanted to scream to Justin at the top of her lungs, but her tongue was lodged in concrete.

Instead she just stood there as if waiting for the naked young man in front of her to suddenly say, "Surprise..you're on Candid Camera" or something.

Justin was content to just stand there, allowing the weight of silence hanging in the room to push Cathy in whatever direction she needed to go.

"Jeri doesn't know who your Mother is, does she?" Cathy croaked, desperately trying to fill the missing voids in her sudden and stunning quandary.

"No..she doesn't know anything about me personally..I'm just a play-thing for her..just a dick basically," Justin replied without a hint of shame.

A broadcast professional by trade who prided herself on her poise, Cathy was eerily struck by Justin's composure as he stood there naked, content to make small talk as another woman's vaginal cream glistened like heavy dew on his swinging cock. And to Cathy's horror, he made no attempt to try covering himself.

"...How long have you...been doing ..this?" Cathy dazedly asked, still doing her best not to look directly at the 6 foot 4 inch, 215 pound wedge of muscle and intent standing in front of her.

"About 4 years," Justin replied. "Got mixed up in all this by accident up in Georgia when I was home between deployments. Came across an ad online, met a couple, evidently they liked the experience and told a few people in their social circle. Someone turned me on to a few of these types of clubs here in the southeast including the one here tonight."

"How did YOU get mixed up in all this?" Justin desperately wanted to ask Cathy but knew she was too fragile to go into that much detail.

"Are you going to join Jeri down the hall?" he asked instead with a sly grin.

"No," Cathy quickly shot back. "I'm ...not like that."

"What are you like then?" Justin nodded his head like a lawyer on cross and asked.

"How long did you watch me with Mrs. Schmidt?" he prodded as scent of sex from his previous conquest continued to hang in the room

"Long enough," Cathy choked before rotating her eyes first to the closed door, then down to the floor before finally coming to rest on the messed up bed where Justin and the married woman had done the deed.

The way Cathy pensively peeked initially towards the door then down to the bed told Justin everything he needed to know. Having been at this 'hobby' for a few years, he'd come to understand the gradual melting down of a woman's will-power in Cathy's situation, especially if she was doing something like this for the very first time. The simple fact she'd brought herself to a place such as the party that night clearly spoke to a curiosity and desire for something more in her life. It didn't matter if Cathy had been someone he'd known since he was 15, or a long time co-worker of his Mother's, just like all his previous conquests, at her core Cathy was simply a woman in need, waiting for just the right push over the edge.

Inhaling as he took a few steps closer, the self trained dog that he was, it didn't take long for Justin to pick up the scent of arousal building between Cathy's legs.

Turning her head away from the bed and back towards Justin when she sensed his approach, Cathy clumsily tried lifting her hands to shield him away. Any attempt at deflecting his advances quickly dissolved however the instant his huge hands came to rest on each of her bare upper arms.

"GAAHH," Cathy winced, her body nearly eclipsed now by Justin's towering frame

Feeling Cathy's scattered breath wash across his pectoral muscles as he gazed patiently down at her, Justin gracefully eased his fingers down the smooth and clammy skin of Cathy's arms before locking them around each side of her waist.

His nostrils flaring as Cathy's enticing perfume filled his senses, Justin allowed the anxiety seeping from the older woman's pores to fuel his arousal, just as he'd done with countless other women in this position. If the instant of sexual release was 7th Heaven for Justin, the moment he literally felt a woman's surrender in his very own hands was a close second.

Even though he'd spent many a day on a battlefield with bullets and RPG's whizzing by his skull, it was nothing compared to the incredulous feeling of power that came when a woman who had everything to lose gave herself to him. The fact it was a woman he'd known since high school only added to the serendipitous surrealism of the moment. Like any trained soldier however, Justin girded himself and did what he'd been taught by nature to do. In a flash he nudged Cathy backwards until she was flat against the closed bedroom door.

A whooshing, "UHHH", gushed from Cathy's throat the instant her back made contact with the door.

Keeping her eyes shut for the time being, Cathy found it much easier to digest it all in her self-imposed darkness. She knew if this had been in the light of day, in any other environment, there would be no way she'd ever allow it to happen. Between the alcohol, the depravity of her surroundings not to mention the centuries worth of primal hardwiring in the deepest fissures of her brain, something uncontrollable inside Cathy had taken over and she was powerless to stop it.

Within a few seconds she could feel the front button of her tailored black slacks snap undone. Her shoulder blades flush against the unforgiving door behind her, Cathy was left with no choice but to put her hands down on each of Justin's large shoulders to balance herself as he crouched down in front of her.

Feeling the tension in the waist of her pants loosen when he began to unzip them, Cathy turned her head to the side and clenched her eyes even harder shut in an effort not to see what Justin was about to do. It didn't take long for Cathy's heart to lodge in her throat when she felt the young man's fingertips brush back and forth against the bare skin of her belly and side. Chattering a prayer over and over inside her head, Cathy whimpered out loud when, in one calm and calculated effort, Justin pulled her pants and underwear straight down, leaving her naked from her knees to her waist.

Pushing the bottom of the blouse aside, Justin knelt there and admired the view of Cathy Northfield's exposed vagina.

Cathy didn't fathom just how wet she gotten down there until the coolness from the air-conditioned room hit her swollen vulva. Feeling as if millions on tiny icicles were pricking her skin, Cathy tilted her head back and sighed when Justin's warm breath washed across her exposed genitals.

"..Jus...Justin....what are you doing...?" Cathy trembled in a last ditch effort to make some sense of the situation.

"Just what you want," he looked up and smiled from his knees without missing a beat.

Steadily working Cathy's pants and panties over her knees and down her calves as she rolled her head side to side against the door, Justin was content for the moment simply inhaling the billowing scent coming from the blooming feminine flower in front of him.

"I love watching a woman's knees shake when I do this," Justin whispered up to Cathy in a measured but cock-sure tone just before kissing the insides of Cathy trim and well toned thighs.

A quivering yelp immediately slipped from Cathy's lips and reverberated through the room when the young man's lips traced warmly back and forth several times between her right and left leg.

Digging her fingernails roughly into Justin's shoulders, Cathy fought to keep her feet stable on the floor once she realized her pants were all the way down to her ankles.

Involuntarily shaking when Justin pulled back, Cathy attempted to catch her breath as she waited for him to move in again. Instead, Justin just knelt there as if teasing her as he watched the way Cathy grinded her ass back and forth against the door. Her eyes still shut, Cathy could feel both of Justin's hands resting now on the front of her upper thighs and before she could stop herself, she dropped her soft hands down on top of his.

"UUAAAAAHHHH," Cathy shrieked out a few seconds later when Justin leaned in once again and closed his lips around her pink and puffed labia.

Since she hadn't planned on taking part in any direct sexual activity at the party, Cathy didn't waste her time shaving herself down there. Even though it didn't seem to bother Justin one iota, Cathy cringed and chided herself for not looking pristine for him.

The sensation of Justin's fingers sweeping through her angelic, dark blonde pubic fleece as he rubbed and chewed his lips around the outer rim of her cunt quickly brought Cathy up on the toes of her shoes, and she was forced to put both her hands squarely on top of his head to hold on for dear life.

Perched like that for nearly a minute, Cathy gradually found herself succumbing to some sort of strange sexual hypnosis as Justin carefully painted every square inch of her privates with his long and angular tongue. After all that teasing, she was jolted back to reality when Justin swiped his thumb across the all too noticeable nub of her inflamed clit.

"UUHHHAAHHGGAAWWDD," Cathy shuddered, realizing the young man at her feet now had control over every aspect of her body.

Before she could stop herself, Cathy finally opened her eyes and looked down. What she saw fascinated, frightened and aroused her all al the same time. She could see the top of Justin's closely cropped, crew-cut styled hair as she rested her own 10 fingers back on top of his head. She could also see his handsome, chiseled face wedged all the way up against her damp crotch and could feel a jolting shiver work its way up and down her spine each time the tip of his nose grazed across her clitoris.

Craning her head forward, Cathy could see the way the glowing pink petals of her labia were caressing the sides of Justin's cheeks as he worked his tongue steadily deeper into her frothing womb. Seeing her pants and panties down around her feet along with the way her tanned legs were bracketing his immense frame, Cathy knew she was stuck right where she was for as long as Justin wanted. Closing her eyes once her curiosity was satisfied, Cathy was content to gently knead her fingers into the young man's scalp as the sound of his eager vaginal feeding filled her ears.

It took a few minutes, but Cathy was suddenly overtaken by the sensation of flight.

"Is this what true sexual bliss feels like?" she found herself asking before she opened her eyes once again and saw that Justin had in fact lifted her into the air and was carrying her towards the bed, the entire time never once removing his mouth from the velvet and dripping sheath of her vagina.

Spinning around the intimately lit room in Justin's arms, Cathy wrapped her hands tight around his neck until he deposited her down on the bed. Cathy could instantly feel the sweaty warmth on the messed up sheets from what had happened there 10 minutes earlier, but Justin didn't give her time to contemplate anything but her immediate future.

Looking up at Justin through the blurred haze of her light deprived eyes, Cathy could see the shiny traces of her own arousal clinging to the young man's lips and chin as he leaned down to slip her high heels off. Watching him work her pants down as well, Cathy felt a guilty wave of embarrassment sweep through her when she saw how easily she lifted her feet into the air to allow him access to do it.

Naked now from the waist down, Cathy's gaze quickly filled with the image of Justin jutting erection, pointing like a fleshy club towards the ceiling as he stared hungrily down at her. Grabbing at the pillow behind her head, Cathy trembled and twitched on the mattress as Justin eased around the bed and took his place beside her.

Her body instinctively nuzzling closer to Justin to absorb his virile warmth, Cathy felt her head swoon when he leaned in and began kissing her softly, but insistently, on the neck. Intertwining her naked legs around his once he was all the way beside her, Cathy fully expected Justin to begin stripping her of her blouse, but he had something much different in mind.

With the deft touch of a magician, Justin scooped his right arm around Cathy and before she could blink, pulled her body on top of his. Kissing her several times on the lips, in essence paralysing her as she tettered towards the abyss, Justin cinched his hands around the 41 year old woman's thighs and towed her up the length of his body. Manipulating Cathy's raggish weight until he had her positioned just right, Justin placed the married woman's steaming crotch directly above his face before gently lowering it down.

Her head swaying back and forth on her rubbery neck as she trembled in Justin's powerful grip, Cathy let out a long and gut-wrenching moan when she felt the young man's mouth press once again into her throbbing womb. Cathy's spine instantly turned to jelly feeling Justin's clear determination to finish what he started on the floor by the bedroom door.

Resting her knees to each side of Justin's head as he chewed and churned his lips deeper into her splayed vagina, Cathy reached out and clamped her hands around the bed's antique headboard. Feeling her heart pound violently in her chest, Cathy nuzzled her thighs against the warmth of Justin's cheeks, and felt the slippery trail of her own arousal leaking free with each stroke of the young man's lapping tongue.

Justin's dark, penetrating eyes locked on her's as he looked up, Cathy was faced with the undeniable fact of her own infidelity. To make matters infinitely worse, she knew the fallout that would come considering who she was being unfaithful with. Despite the obvious taboo of it all, somehow Cathy was able to fight back the complicated mess of feelings colliding inside her and place them into some sort of internal locked box as she steadied her breathing and rythemicly began riding Justin's face. Whatever the pitfalls that would certain lie ahead, the only thing Cathy could do at that moment was savor the gift Justin was bringing her with every ounce of appreciation she had.

"Stan doesn't even put his mouth down there anymore..the Sonofabitch has cheated on me over and over..he hasn't even said 'I love you' in over a year!" the most selfish part of Cathy's psyche tried justifying her marital betrayal any way it could.

Keeping her left hand, the one with her wedding band still on it, clenched tightly over the edge of the headboard, Cathy gradually lowered her right hand down and massaged it through the prickly layer of Justin's crew-cut as he ruthlessly ate her out.

"You put yourself in this position by coming here," Cathy's conscience chided, her entire body feeling now like a stick of butter melting on top of a skillet. "You had to know it would come to this!"

And come it did.

Whether it was the sheer and simple flesh on flesh physics of Justin's mouth devouring her quim, or the innate need to extract as much joy from the encounter as she could considering all she'd risked, but Cathy Northfield had the biggest, longest and most intense orgasm of her life as she humped up and down on Justin Leavitt's soaking wet face.

Dropping both her hands off the headboard and placing them on top of Justin head as she writhed uncontrollably, it felt as if his tongue had turned into the rapidly spinning blades of a blender inside her screaming cunt. Bucking up and down on the 25 year old's unflinching jaw, Cathy quivered in his arms, feeling as if she'd become a rocket ready to explode off the launch pad of the young man's face. Her lust streaming steadily from her pussy as she trembled in the boy's bearhug, Cathy pressed her thighs together against Justin's cheeks, begging him without words to drain every bit of unshackled want from her loins.

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