tagBDSMShrink Ch. 03

Shrink Ch. 03


Nurse Patton stares at me for a while, her arms crossed, just a grim look on her face. Me, I'm relaxed. I grin back at her. She unbuckles me, "harrumphing" all the time, tsking, then stalks over to the dreary looking dresser, pulls out a nightie, throws it on me, tells me to "wear it!" and stomps out. I grin at the closed door and wad up the nightie and throw it onto the floor. I sleep well.

Aldman hears about the nurse finding me strapped down naked, though. He thinks I got a patient to do that and asks me who. I smile. He tries wheedling and then being stern, but I smile. Finally, he sighs and presses a buzzer. Nurse Patton stomps in, glaring at me, fists on her hips. I smile at her, too. Aldman mumbles something to her, she nods grimly, points at me, says "Follow me." I shrug and follow her.

We walk down hallways and turn corners and finally enter a room that is big enough to have a slight echo. It has a slight smell of an enclosed pool to it. There are tubs on one side of the wall.

Ole Norris comes in, looking solemn. Whatya know. This is interesting. Water therapy. What'll they think of next? Under Nurse Patton's watchful eye, and sometimes with her help, he hooks me up. They actually have real cuffs out of some kind of sturdy rubber, hanging from a metal rod overhead. I have to strip down before Norris locks my wrists into the rubber cuffs. He's licking his lips the whole time, so I lick mine back at him and wink. He gives a start but keeps cuffing my wrists, pulls up til I'm on my toes.

How water therapy is supposed to give me an aversion to sex, I don't know. I think these people do nothing but think of sex all day long, and ways to avoid it.

Nurse Patton tells poor Norris to leave the room. He goes, looking back over his shoulder. Patton gets a hose. A hose! Turns it on to a steady stream, not too hard. Washes me down. It's cool, not bad. She's telling me that she's washing away my filthy nasty habits, and she sprays my body and jets water onto my pussy, and I close my eyes. Too soon, she's moving around, squirting me and chattering on about me and sex and sin. She's giving me a headache.

She finishes after a few minutes and says I'm to stay there for a little while. Fine. Water drips onto the floor. There's a drain in the floor nearby.

She leaves, but I wait, and sure enough, Norris enters, then locks the door.

"Better put a chair up under the doorknob," I tell him, and he nods and does that, turns, grins at me. I grin back.

"Pretty," he says. He walks up to me and watches the water dripping from me, reaches out slowly, slowly, his hand straight. His palm just barely touches my nipple.

"I like that, Norris." He nods.

"Norris -- hey! Norris! I know you can do a better job with that hose than that old Nurse did. C'mon, Norris. Whatya say?" I bat my eyelashes at him. He finally stops touching his palm to my breast and looks up, nods.

"Pretty, yes." He picks up the hose and starts the stream, then turns it on me.

I sigh. "No, Norris. Not like that." I have a little chat with Norris. He needs my help. He nods.

First, he turns up the volume a little more on the water. Aims the hose at my navel, which I thought was a good idea. He moves the stream on down my legs, then focuses it on my clit. It's good but not quiiiite what I'm needing. I tell him to stop. I think about it.

There's two changing tables in there, so I get Norris to unhook me and to bring two sets of rubber cuffs with him. I put a towel under my hips, to raise them up. Norris cuffs my wrists and ankles to the table, spreadeagle, and getting the idea and getting excited, works the towel under my hips so my pussy opens up wider and is at the bend in my body, thrusting out a little. I grin and nod at him. He grins back. His thumb flicks the cap on the hose, and the water streams out again.

He starts off slow. He has real talent and promise, Norris. He works his way up the insides of my legs. The first time I feel the water between my legs, I squeal a little and he stops, but I tell him to keep going. Don't stop.

Yeah. Don't stop.

The stream of water shoots between my legs now, and his aim is good, right at my open pussy, and I moan. It's delicious. He's good at increasing the water, backing off, using his thumb to squirt it in streams at me. I moan again, thrusting up a little.

"That's good, Norris."

But I need -- something more. After a time, Norris stops, lets me up, and eventually I go back to my room.

Biederman comes to my room that evening. I tell him my idea. He's nervous, not sure. But he agrees finally. He'll always agree with me.

The next night, it's late. Nurse Patton is gone. Biederman arrives with Norris, and the three of us walk to the pool room. I strip and get in the water and swim, watching them work, feeling the water on my skin. I finger myself while I watch them.

There's a rehab table in the water. They move it a little closer to the deep end of the pool. Usually, it's on the shallow side. Norris and Biederman are both in the water in their shorts, moving it around. They turn the table so that one end is towards the deep end. I sit on the end closer to the shallow side, and they cuff my ankles to the table, on one each side. The back end is a little lower, because it's on the slope where the pool starts going downhill to the deeper end. I can feel water lapping against my pussy now and then. It feels nice. I like it.

Biederman puts the oxygen tank on the back end of the table and straps it in place himself. He fits the mask on my face, the mouthpiece in. He watches while I lean back and lie there for a few minutes, breathing, while he checks the tank. When he's satisfied that I can breathe, and he's checked the tank again, I lie back, and Norris ties my wrists down with the cuffs. My head and breasts are completely underwater. I can feel cool air on my lower legs, though, and only now and then water lapping against my pussy, my legs opened wide. I wriggle a little. I feel a hand at my crotch for a minute, and I push up against it, then I feel a little pat. Biederman. Everything's fine. I relax.

Biederman's idea was to take the rubber a little further. He had a narrow tube of it, and he swung it now against my pussy, and I jerked. Norris was fumbling with my nipple rings, and I liked this idea, too. A string tied to a ring, and at the end of the string, a tiny float. The tug on each nipple was luscious and slightly painful and good, and Norris let go and the weights were up, bobbing around, tugging. I felt the rubber tube again. Biederman was hitting hard, and I want him to. I love it. I moan and little bubbles come up. Norris puts his head underwater and checks me. I nod.

They pull the table forward a little until my pussy is out of the water. The water laps around my waist now, but my head and breasts are still underwater. I feel movement on the table. Biederman. He works with his cock for a while, but he's a shrink, and he had taken something before he got here tonight. He was ready.

I'm tied down and I can't move. The little floats are bobbing above me, I can see them, and they tug and move along on the small current in the pool, pulling my nipple rings this way and that, one moving forward, the other back, then together, then apart. I want to try that on my clit sometime.

But my head is underwater, I can't hear as well or see. I'm open and vulnerable. Biederman had tied my legs to the outside of the table and then pulled my ankles down, so my back was arched and lifted of the table some due to the water. It was ideal and it was great and it was wonderful, and now and then I could feel some water dribbling down my belly as Biederman or Norris moved around, and the water would spill down into the cleft, down, trickling between my legs, and that feels good.

Biederman is ready, and I know this when I feel his cock go inside me. He's so eager because the poor dear man had taken his meds, and he's so tight and ready in spite of having been in the water a while ago up to his waist. Even underwater, I can hear him grunting and I can feel him grinding, and my hips move up and down on their own with the water's movement, and water trickles in and out of my navel and feels so good, so good, sensation all over me and around me, touching me everywhere, and Biederman inside me, his cock in me, and Norris reaches over and squeezes my breast, and I turn my head and see he's got his cock out of his shorts, playing with it the way men do sometimes, just flicking it around and moving it a little.

I moan, mmmmm and it seems like I can push up and meet Biederman better than ever before because of the water lifting me up, then dipping me down like a wave. Biederman yells out and I can hear some of that, and feel how he just holds for a moment, just a moment, shudders, cums into me. He later washes me while I'm still in the pool, then releases me, removes the floats.

He's very quiet, for a shrink. Thoughtful. Norris takes me back to my room after he pulls the table back to its place in the pool. Biederman leaves, giving a distant smile, and Norris and I walk to my room. Norris dries me off with a thick towel, pats down my hair slowly with the towel, then brushes it until it is nearly dry.

"So pretty," he sighs softly.

"Come here, Norris." He moves around in front of me. I'm sitting in a chair, naked. I eye his crotch. There's a bulge.

"Norris?" I point at his crotch, and he looks down, then back at me, a little bashful. Oh please.

"Norris, it's me. Can I touch it?" He nods. I put my hand on his shorts and feel his cock through the thin material. He jumps a little, but stands there. I move my hand up and down, a little harder at times, a little pressure, then light. He closes his eyes and sways a little.

"Norris, you're hard as a rock now." He opens his eyes. He has a gleam in them.

"You want to tie me down?" I ask. He nods, frowns.

"Ok. Show me where you want me," I say. He frowns, standing there, but finally ties me to the bed on my back, pulls off his shorts, and kneels between my legs. He stares at me for a moment.

"Pretty," he says again, and leans forward and slides into me, slow. I gasp. He IS hard. He's very hard. And he's slow. I grit my teeth.

"Come on, Norris," I say. "Go faster, please."

He grunts, shakes his head. He goes slow, slow, inching into me, moving about, feeling his way, then easing back out. It makes me want him worse.


He clamps a hand over my mouth, closes his eyes, and keeps moving, slow, slow. I moan into his hand. His hand becomes moist soon with my moans.

He moves inside me, then out, out, then very slowly back into me until I am nearly crazy with lust and need, and I squirm and wriggle a little, and he still has his eyes closed, his hand still on my mouth.

Slow, slow, back and forth, in and out, and finally I come and cry out into his cupped hand, and he smiles, his eyes still closed. "Pretty," he grunts, then moves faster, faster, then plunges, and my head jerks back and I cry out again, and again, and shudder and cum. He moves out of me, says "Pretty," and he trails his hand from my mouth, down between my breasts, down to my belly, then puts his mouth on my navel, and I feel his tongue licking it, and then he straightens and moves his cock back inside me again. He's still hard. I realize, he hasn't cum yet. He hasn't cum yet! How could he do this? But he's moving again, and his hands are on each side of my body now, and he is shoving into me like a desperate man now, and he has two tears rolling down his cheeks, and he's saying "Pretty, pretty, fuck the pretty, pretty," over and over, and then I feel it, his tension, his release, the warm goo shooting inside of me, and I have a high-pitched cry and whine and I cum again.

Not even Biederman is this good.

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