tagLoving WivesShy Wife's First Date

Shy Wife's First Date


This story contains details of wife sharing so please don't read it if that bothers you.

* * * * * * * * *

I was a virgin when I met my husband Paul and throughout our twenty nine year marriage I have always been faithful to him and I'm pretty certain that he has been faithful to me.

The questions began several years ago. We were in bed making love and he asked me whether it was really true that he was the only man I had ever had sex with. I told him yes it was true. He then asked if there were ever idle moments when I wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone else. I said no I didn't think about it, and the conversation ended there. I didn't think too much about it - I assumed he was proud that he was the only person to have had me.

A while later he again asked me if I was ever curious about what sex with someone else would be like. Again I told him no, but he pushed it further, asking me if I ever wondered what it would feel like to have another man's prick inside me. I was a bit taken aback by that and asked him straight-out whether he wanted me to have sex with someone else. He backtracked very quickly and said he was just curious that was all, and then he rather obviously changed the subject.

After a while the questions returned and finally he admitted that the idea of another man making love to me was a big turn-on for him. I was very surprised, indeed shocked, by that. I'm a rather shy, conservative person and I found it difficult to get my head round the fact that my husband was turned on by the thought of someone else having sex with me. He insisted that he loved me, but said that wife watching (as it's apparently called) is a common male fantasy. He asked me whether I would ever consider a threesome or swapping with another couple, but I told him I wasn't interested and he didn't pursue it any further.

From time to time the subject did crop up again and we ended up using it as an agreeable fantasy. We would sometimes chat about scenarios which led to me having sex with another man while Paul watched and I must admit that it always got me very wet and invariably led to very exciting sex sessions.

Over the years I became not exactly receptive to the reality of the idea, but quite content with it as a fantasy. I think the closest I came to expressing a real interest was when I said to Paul that knowing I had his permission, then if I was in my thirties (as opposed to my late forties) and a very attractive man propositioned me, then I might just go for it. I did stress that he would have to be very attractive and Paul teased me saying that a man who was just "ordinary" attractive wasn't good enough for me. It became a bit of a joke between us and whenever we made up a story where I was fucked by another man then he was always described as "seriously" attractive.

Things continued in that vein for a few years until one day last summer when I went to a nearby shopping center. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just spending a pleasant couple of hours browsing for clothes. As I was leaving one shop a man who was just entering held the door open for me. For just a fraction of a second we checked each other out. It was long enough for me to register that he was good looking, but I quickly moved on.

Soon afterwards I went into a greeting card shop and I noticed that the same man was already in there. I found myself behind him in the queue for the till and when he spotted that we had chosen identical cards he smiled and said "Snap".

I did wonder if he was going to try and initiate a conversation, but he simply made his purchase, gave me a quick smile as he turned away from the till and then left the shop. By then it was nearly lunchtime so I made my way to my favorite coffee shop and somewhat to my embarrassment I found the same man in the queue in front of me. This was the third time and when he realised I was stood behind him again I tried to laugh it off, assuring him that I wasn't stalking him.

"Don't worry," he said. " I'm not so vain that I think attractive women follow me round."

Anyway I got a coffee and sandwich, but when I looked round for a table I found they were all taken.

"I'm afraid I got the last one," said a voice and I turned to find the same man looking at me. "It's up to you, but you're very welcome to share if you want."

I hesitated for a moment and decided it was rude to refuse, so I put my food down and took a seat. He introduced himself as Mike and we made some polite small talk during which I learnt that he lived in the south and was up here on business for a couple of days. I made a casual reference to my husband quite early on in the conversation just to emphasise that I was married. He mentioned his wife and that reassured me a bit and I relaxed and enjoyed his company.

And he was enjoyable company. We didn't chat about anything in particular, but the conversation flowed without either of us having to make any effort. I guessed he was probably about thirty-five, which is a good age for a man - they've lost the impatience of youth, but are still the right side of middle-age.

I was almost sorry to drain the last of my coffee and tell him that I had to be making a move. To be honest if I was single I would have been hoping that he was going to ask for a date, but instead he asked me something else.

"Kim can I ask you something. I'll apologise in advance if it seems rude, I've no experience in these matters, but I feel I have to ask you."

"What?" I asked, my heart beating a bit faster than normal.

"Well we've got on well, there seems to be some connection between us and for me at least it's been a very pleasant break from everyday life. Hopefully it has been for you as well. I can't think of any way of asking this without being rather blunt - would you be willing to come back to my room with me?"

I was surprised by that. I wasn't offended and in truth I was flattered and a bit thrilled to be asked, but I knew I had to say no. I paused and then told Mike as gently as possible that in different circumstances I might have said yes, but the answer was no.

He accepted graciously, though he did say it was a pity and if I changed my mind he was headed back to room 2207 at the Marriott nearby. I stood up, we said our goodbyes, he gave me a peck on the cheek and I headed out of the coffee shop.

Walking down the precinct I found myself immediately attacked by a flood of thoughts. The overwhelming one was that I knew I had my husband's permission, so why hadn't I said yes. I was forty-nine and I wasn't going to get many more (if any!) offers like this one.

I paused and looked at my reflection in a shop window. I'm medium height with brown eyes, long, wavy dark hair, a 36D bust and quite a trim figure thanks to regular sessions at the gym. A lot of people tell me I could easily pass for being in my thirties so I hope it doesn't sound vain if I say that I don't normally worry about my looks.

I decided on a sort of compromise; I'd walk back round towards the coffee shop and if I bumped into Mike again then I'd let him chat me up. Of course I didn't see him and the table he had occupied was now empty. Disappointed I headed back to the car park.

I sat in my car and stared at the Marriott hotel across the way and thought of Mike in his room. From the signals my body was sending me there was no denying I was tempted. This is going to sound stupid, but what probably swayed my decision was that I had a nice set of lacy purple undies on, rather than the more everyday ones I often wear; the thought of a man undressing me to reveal a pair of baggy white knickers was a big turn-off. I hesitated a moment and then picked up my phone. Paul answered almost immediately.

"Hi. You remember you said that if ever I wanted to gain some experience it was fine with you. Does that still apply?"

"Why?" asked Paul, his voice instantly alert.

I went on to describe how I'd met and chatted to Mike and how he had invited me back to his room. I told him I was tempted - Mike was attractive, he'd asked me in a respectful way, hadn't been crude or too forward and the hotel was a nice one, not some seedy dive.

"It all seems to fit the bill," said Paul. "So there's really just one question left, is he ordinary attractive or seriously attractive?"

"Seriously attractive."

"Well I'd say go for it, but obviously it's up to you."

"Perhaps I'll go have a chat and see if I'm still tempted."

"Well if you go to his room he's going to expect more than a kiss and cuddle, he's going to want to have sex."

That was true. I couldn't go to his room half-heartedly, I had to commit myself.

"Do you mind if I go all the way?"

"No, but you have to do it because you want to, not for my sake."

I paused and thought.

"OK I'm going to drive round to the hotel, but don't be surprised if I chicken out and I'm back home in ten minutes."

"And if you're not back soon I'll know what you're doing," said Paul with a chuckle.

"And what will that be?" I asked wryly.

"Oh I expect you'll be laid in a nice crisp hotel bed with another man's cock in your married cunt."

Those explicit words only added to my already aroused state.

"I love you."

"I love you too," said Paul. "Have fun."

"Alright, bye."

I put my phone away, fastened my seat belt and started the car engine. It took less than a minute to reach the hotel car park and though it was busy I found a space without too much trouble. A group was checking in at reception, but I went across the lobby and after a short wait I was in the lift and then walking along the second floor corridor.

Stood outside room 2207 I took a deep breath because in reality this was my last chance to back out. I raised my hand and it was trembling slightly, but nevertheless I gave a confident knock on the door. A muffled voice asked me to wait a minute and then Mike opened the door. He looked surprised, and then pleased, to see me. As soon as I was in the room he put his arms round my waist.

"I hoped you would come, but I honestly didn't think that you would. But I am glad that you're here."

He stooped and kissed me. At first it was just our lips, but then our tongues met and it became more passionate. Almost from the start one of his hands roamed across my backside and the other one soon began to explore my breasts. He unfastened a couple of buttons on my blouse and slipped his hand inside. I shuddered with pleasure as he squeezed and kneaded my breasts. We broke for air and Mike looked me in the eye.

"Can I get one thing out of the way at the start, I've had the snip, so I'm safe, but if you prefer I'll use a condom; it's your choice."

"It's alright," I said. " I don't like condoms, they spoil things, bareback will be fine." I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear, "I want to feel you come inside me."

Mike undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and slid it off my shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I could watch our reflections in a mirror as Mike unfastened the clasp on my bra. It was surprisingly arousing watching myself being undressed by a man who was virtually a stranger. I was soon topless and Mike began to lick and nuzzle at my breasts. One of his hands squeezed my bum while the other one touched my knee then slid up the inside of my thigh.

It was one thing to allow Mike to feel and kiss my breasts, but much more serious to allow him to touch my pussy. However I did want to allow him intimate access and with only the slightest of hesitation I parted my legs. Before my husband there had only been two boys (you couldn't really call them men) who I had allowed to touch me there, so it was very exciting to have another man at my most private place.

Now my stomach churned with excitement as Mike gently rubbed my pussy through my knickers. I knew that my love juices were in full flow and Mike must have been aware of just how damp my knickers were.

He surprised me by removing his hand, undoing the button on my skirt, unzipping it and allowing it to fall to the floor. Now his hand slid inside my knickers and I parted my legs, anxious for Mike to touch my sex. He ran a finger along my cunt and then probed into me. He slid easily into my silky wetness, before sending another finger in to join the first. Writhing with pleasure I started to unbutton his shirt. As soon as his shirt was off Mike backed me towards the bed. He laid me down on it, tugged at my knickers and then quickly removed them.

His head went between my legs and I shivered as his tongue ran along my slit and then probed into me. He shifted his aim slightly and began to excite my clitoris at the same time as he struggled to remove his trousers and pants.

My husband was the only man who had ever gone down on me and although I enjoyed it I invariably saw it as relatively brief foreplay; I never wanted to delay too long before moving on to the main course and getting his prick inside me.

It was the same with Mike. After a couple of minutes I shuffled up the bed, forcing him to disengage. I spread my legs wide and offered my cunt to him. He moved eagerly between my thighs. I reached down and took hold of his prick; you must remember that the only prick I had ever touched or seen was my husband's, so I was keen to see how Mike's compared.

I was very impressed with the firmness of his erection, but I'm not going to pretend he was supremely endowed with a massive cock which stretched my inexperienced pussy. The truth is he felt "normal" to me - in other words plenty big enough to give me pleasure.

Having touched and fondled his cock I was now intent on guiding it to its target. I placed it against my pussy lips and gently rubbed the head against me to get some of my copious juices on him. I wanted to make sure that he went into me without any trouble, though I felt so wet that I was pretty certain it wasn't going to be a problem.

I released him and Mike understood that was the signal for him to penetrate me. Firmly, but gently he pushed into me and I gasped as after nearly thirty years of marriage my cunt lips parted and another man's cock slid into my previously faithful pussy.

At first he was quite gentle which was nice, but I prefer a good vigorous fucking, so I urged Mike to do it harder and faster. Of course he responded and I was soon pinned against the bed as he rammed into me. Not surprisingly the excitement was too much and, having warned me that he couldn't hold back, Mike gave a couple of brutal thrusts then a deep groan and I felt his prick jerk inside me and the lovely warm, wet feeling when a man floods you with sperm.

We lay there gasping for a while and then Mike rolled off me. A trickle of sperm oozed from my slit and onto the bed. We cuddled together in the spoons position and Mike cradled one of my breasts. It was warm and companionable. I had thought I might feel guilty, but I didn't and in fact I was hoping there was going to be more because I hadn't come yet.

Mike kissed gently at the back of my neck and I responded by rubbing my backside against his groin.

"You are so nice," he said. "I loved being inside you, it felt wonderful."

"Mmm yes I enjoyed it," I replied. "Your cock felt lovely inside me." We cuddled closer and I could feel his penis stirring. "Can I make a confession?" I asked. Rather warily Mike said yes. "You're only the second man I've slept with. Before today the only person who'd fucked me was my husband."

"Really!" said Mike. "Then why now, why me?"

"I guess I'm not getting any younger and I thought I ought to try it before it was too late. And anyway you're seriously attractive."

I turned to face Mike and cupped his balls. They'd already released one load inside me and if I had anything to do with it they were going to release another before too long. My hand slid upwards and began to stroke his shaft.

"Would you like to make love again?" Mike asked.

"Yes," I said, pushing his shoulder so that he was flat on his back. "But this time I get to go on top." I swung my right leg across, gripped his rapidly hardening cock and guided it towards my entrance. I bore down on him and rotated my hips so that his full length was embedded in me. I leaned forward and dangled my breasts in front of Mike and not surprisingly he lunged upwards and latched hungrily onto one of them. Now I could control the speed and rhythm of our fucking, but I could feel the pressure mounting and I wanted to cum in my favorite position.

"Will you take me from behind?"

"I'd love to," Mike replied.

We separated and I went down on all fours offering him my cunt in that most submissive of positions. Mike moved behind me, then I cried out as with one thrust the full length of his hot, hard cock disappeared inside me. Now it was just lustful fucking. Mike leaned round and began to play with my clit, I began to shake and shudder with a massive orgasm. Recognising this Mike speeded up, then suddenly we were both cumming, his cock pumping another load of sperm deep inside me.

We collapsed on the bed and lay speechless for a while. Finally I knew I had to make a move. I got dressed in a slightly dazed manner and kissed Mike goodbye. Neither of us looked to exchange phone numbers or anything like that, we both knew it was a one-off.

Five minutes later I was easing my car into top gear and speeding home along the dual carriageway. It was a slightly uncomfortable journey because Mike's sperm was leaking out of me and my knickers were very wet. Still I had to suppress a grin - I was an experienced woman and I was returning to my husband fresh from battle.

I pulled onto our drive, locked the car and went in through the kitchen door. I put my handbag down on the side and went into the lounge. Paul was sat there; he reached for the remote control and flicked the TV off.

"Hi, how did it go?" he asked.

"Fine." There was a pregnant silence.

"Well...?" he asked.

"Well what?" I teased.

"You know what I mean," he said with an amused smile.

"I had a good time if that's what you mean."

"And what did having a good time involve?"

I moved a few steps closer, took Paul's hand and placed it up my skirt. He felt my panties - they were wet. Not the damp panties of an aroused woman, but the wet panties of a recently fucked woman whose lover's sperm is still dripping from her cunt.

"Yes, I've been fucked."

"You'd better tell me what happened; begin at the beginning."

I kicked off my shoes, sat on the settee and swung my legs up so that my feet were resting on Paul's lap. I then told him how'd I'd met Mike, been attracted to him and ended up going to his hotel. When I described going into Mike's room, Paul stopped me and asked me to take my skirt off. I unfastened it and slid it off without standing up. I parted my legs to give Paul a clear view of the accusingly dark patch on the gusset of my knickers and then continued with my tale.

Describing all this was getting me aroused and I could see it was having the same effect on Paul. I ran my toes across the ridge in his trousers where his penis laid and told him how Mike had laid me down on the bed and removed my knickers. Paul reached across and mirroring the action he tugged at my knickers. I raised my bottom to make it easier for him and a pair of lacy purple knickers were tossed to one side.

Again I sat with my legs apart so Paul had a perfect view - my cunt lips were still gaping from the passage of Mike's cock and my pussy hairs were matted with a mixture of Mike's cum and my fuck honey. It was a sight he obviously liked because he unzipped his trousers and took his cock out. He asked me to place his cock against my cunt lips in the same way that I'd done for Mike, then I gasped as he slid smoothly into me.

So my husband fucked me as I described the pleasure of being fucked by another man. If this was a work of fiction I would embellish it by having Paul cum just as I described Mike cumming, but it wasn't like that. Paul got too excited and didn't last very long before he fired his sperm into my well fucked cunt.

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