tagBDSMSibling Revelry

Sibling Revelry


Lombard Londergan's wife had been christened "Peppermint Schnapps" Smythe by her drunkard parents. "Peps" for short, after she herself got sober, many assumed it was short for "Pepsi-Cola."

Lombard loved Peps to distraction. She was one hell of a tease.

It was so hard for Lom when Peps grabbed his cock in the changing room at the club pool. Peps was wearing an intense black bikini that so contrasted with her ice blonde mane.

Peps's scarlet nails were having a ball pulling down Lom's bathing trunks, stroking his stiff cock.

"Lommy, you like that, you pathetic little faggot, you like it when Mommy rubs that little nub you call a penis?"

Lom didn't get to screw Peps very often, but whenever she caught him masturbating, she'd take a switch to his penis and he'd be terribly aroused, and deeply regret it at the same time.

Here in the changing room, with the door locked, Lom was blown away by his beautiful spouse's slender body, so feminine...

All tits and ass, and quite natural. Often Peps was in furs and exotic dresses. Pleasing her could be a chore, if Lom didn't stay on his toes.

Peps was aggressive, impatient, and when she was truly in a foul mood she would use her cane with stunning accuracy on Lom's bare buttocks and sometimes his cock.

Now and then, Peps actually caned Lom's nipples, and this could make the poor douche fall on the floor and scream.

But now, Peps was in a giggly mood and Lom was enjoying the hand job, but oh, he was so frustrated. She was kissing his neck and his ear and her long red nails were doing incredible work on his swelling and lengthening cock.

"How are you doing, cutie?" the husky voice came into Lombard's ear.

"When I was with Derek last night, I Thought of you at home, watching "The Daily Show" and trying to get your fingers in that little cage."

Lom had begged Peps to put him in a chastity belt, but the fantasy far outstripped the reality, which was kind of a grim experience.

Lom now squirmed and breathed hard as his wife's fingers were playing around the tip of his glans. Pep was rubbing her bikini-ed tits against Lom's chest, as she'd moved around, and her hugs were so narcotic.

Lom did wish that Peps would be faithful to him, but as his wife often remarked, what fun would that be?

Of course had had to comprehend why she took pleasure in such big, handsome guys like Derek.

Lom was a relatively good provider, but really, what else? The last to be picked on the playground for kickball, Lom had been a sickly child and he'd failed out of library school in college and had to go to work with his father at the Post Office.

Being a nerd was bad enough, but it was worse to be the useless kind, Lom once commented. "If I was a science and math nerd, I'd at least make good money, but literary nerds get their asses kicked in school with no rewards in the future!"

Lom had always had serious fantasies about dominant women, but he believed most of the hot girls who wanted to punish men, married rich ones, or at least the attractive girls did.

The girls that Lom and his pals dated were fatties and scags they met at Dungeons and Dragons groups, science fiction conventions, and at the comic book store.

Lom met Peps at the Dungeonopolis Gift Shop, where he'd gone to rent some provocative videos.

At that time, Peps had been dating Barthomelew Wicks. "Batty" was a relatively wealthy submissive but a bit too much of a "top from the bottom" kind of a guy.

Lom and Peps had had some fun conversations about BDSM in the Gift Shop, which sold bondage equipment and that sort of thing.

Peps found that Lom made her laugh. When Lom ran into Batty and Peps having an argument in the parking lot, he'd tried to intervene, and Batty, though a submissive to women, had little trouble in kicking the crap out of Peps's dorky rescuer.

Peps had dumped Batty (since she'd emptied his trust fund anyway) and then driven Lom to her house and ministered to his black eye and broken nose, as she was a registered nurse...

And their relationship grew from there. Lom was a better submissive, and was so awed by Peps that he rarely gave any sort of "constructive criticism".

And certainly she was a blessed change from the weirdo girl he'd been seeing at the Renaissance Faire...who looked, in chain mail, like a garbage truck.

Peppermint Schnapps Smythe was, naked, a glorious sight!

Peps had convinced Lom to quit the Post Office and keep house for her, but then she'd taken a glass of champagne at a party, wanting to be "Delightful for an evening" and this had led to drunk driving and prescription fraud.

Both unemployed, Lom and Peps had begun filming their BDSM sessions and also, Peps took chastity belted clients as a key holder.

And some of Peps's clients were rather wealthy. One, Theo, had an expensive fantasy that he had Peps participate in regularly. Theo would give a big party, very formal, and Peps would come up to him in a ball gown, and demand that Theo undress.

Theo would beg her not to humiliate him, but as she was implacable, he would gradually strip naked in front of his tittering guests. Then, Peps would cane him, first his cock and then his penis in front of the applauding spectators...

After a time, Theo would be ordered to go to the corner and fellate a number of the men, while everyone else continued to drink champagne and have a good time.

Theo's friends only tolerated this once, and so Theo would have to hire actors and actresses to play the parts of his "surprised" friends humiliating him.

Lombard would film this experience, and Theo would watch and masturbate until he had to have the entire experience in classy humiliation repeated once more.

Peps also gave seminars for interested dominant wives on how to rape your husband with a strap-on correctly, and how long it a wife could hang her hubby by his pierced nipples.

The money flowed, but they didn't have to spend a lot of it, since Peps was holding the chastity keys for the owner of the supermarket and the manager of the city's utilities...

Now, in the changing room of the country club they belonged to, Peps rubbed Lom's cock some more, whispering further abuses in his fevered ear.

"I know you think I'm going to let you cum soon, Lombard, but tonight I'm taking you home and whipping your little pea-bird wee-wee until you shriek with agony."

Lom moaned in a combination of fear and desire. He was ready to spurt, but he knew if he came against her pretty hands there would be hell to pay right there in the changing room.

Possibly, she might even take a page from Theo's book and take Lom out and punish him in front of the other country club members!

Oh, smell her perfume, the fragrance was starting to hypnotize him.

Peps's voice came again. "I might have that lifeguard outside come in here and rape your mouth and your ass. Tyrone can grab your ears and skull fuck you...

What other use are you, you're just a whiny little bitch, and you know that, you pathetic husband?"

Lom thought of Tyrone, who was called "T-Bone" a big, black, muscular lifeguard and how the man often stared at Peps's tits in the tiny bikini.

Although Peps had finally gone back to rehab and quit drinking and drugs once more, she often hung out with the lifeguards while they drank, did lines, and pawed her.

"Please, oh Peps. Don't cheat on me anymore. And please don't let T-Bone..."

"Let T-Bone Tee-bone your skinny ass?" She laughed cruelly. "Why not?"

Lom was now trying to push his cock into her hand, which had slowed down in rubbing. his dick Let me create some friction.

He didn't want to cum by mistake, but a little more stimulation wouldn't be bad, would it?

Peps giggled. She rubbed her full cleavage in Lombard's face...the soft breasts were narcotic.

"Maybe I'll put my frilly white underwear on, the French stuff you bought me, with the suspenders on the garter and the stockings and high heels, and taunt you while you're being sodomized...

Yes, by two or three lifeguards. We could film it and sell it at the Dungeonopolis gift shop."

Lom thought about this and he began weeping softly, but his cock was like an MX missile now.

"I could make you wear the underwear and have you do some serious fellatio. Your cousin Loeb told me that in college you were used by your fraternity brothers as a wandering sex-hole and that's the real reason you dropped out, not smoking weed."

Lom hung his head in shame. His cock was now streaming pre-cum. He knew Peps would do it, too.

Lombard and Peppermint Schnapps often went to BDSM themed parties, and while she sipped champagne with other dominants, often-poor Lom would be naked and chained to the wall, which had hanging handcuffs.

It was like the Theo parties, except Theo always had his "fake" parties end after a little bit of traumatic cocksucking, but the real parties went all night, with poor Lom and the other sub hubbies sucking until their jaws ached.

Servicing cock after cock as Peps laughed at him and continued to swill champagne and neck with handsome other guests.

"What's wrong, baby?" Peps asked softly.

"Are you thinking of all the dicks you've had to suck, or the dicks that my full lips have sucked, while you watched all jealous and pissed off...

Yup, I'll suck any dick but yours. and your dick tonight will be locked in that little prison, while I go on a cocksucking party...I'll suck and you can suck and then I'll cum as the guys fuck me!"

Lom, sobbing, could just imagine it.

"And I'll get to cum, but when the fellows cum in your ass, your cock will be all crushed in that little chastity cage. Turns you on, doesn't it?"

Lom had to agree. He'd never been locked up for more than a few weeks, but he knew Peps was planning to give him more time, in the hope that it would help him grow as a submissive.

"I'm going to lock you up for longer and longer" Peps's voice echoed Lom's thoughts.

"Your penis will always be locked in that little prison or it will come out for me to toy with it, or to STOMP-" here she shouted the word "Stomp" before returning to the soft, contemptuous tones.

"And think, you used to get blowjobs from me, even though I knew what a slave, what a potential submissive you could be."

She laughed throatily.

"And now I am starting to figure out what a homo you are. You love women, but you're far more useful as an ambulatory mouth."

Lom knew he had to tread lightly. Peps had turned her first husband into a tranny whore, and then had his balls frozen with ice and removed...

What would he do if she wanted to do this to him?

Now, Peps's first husband was married to an ex-convict who had a dick the size of a baseball bat, it seemed from the Skype stuff that Peps looked at.

But the ex-husband, who was now a wife, did seem quite happy.

Suddenly Peps stopped rubbing. "I'm bored. Make your dick go soft and get your face out of my cleavage. Stop staring at it."

Lom desperately tried to think of anything that might make his cock go down. Superbowl scores, or taking out the trash, but his schlong was quite consumed with appreciation of his glorious wife.

Gritting her teeth in rage, Peps took a stray wire hanger out of an open locker and whacked Lom's dick three or four times until it became limp and soft, and he began weeping softly.

Now it got hard again, at the thought of all this pain and humiliation.

But fortunately, Peps was a bit distracted.

There was a rap on the changing room door. Really, a s a relatively blue-collar couple, Peps and Lombard shouldn't have been members of such an exclusive place.

But Peps was key holder to the chastity belts of several old men on the board, and they'd admitted her and even put her on scholarship...it was free!

Peps had even convinced her chaste board members to finally allow Jews, blacks and transgender people into the club at reduced rates, and it was starting to be a lively organization now.

Peps had gotten Lom's wastrel younger brother, Launceford Londergan, a job as towel boy in the changing room (he was drunkenly watching them from his booth)

All Lancey had to do was hand out the towels, which he didn't even fold right, and swig Night Train Peach Chablis.

A few hours later, Peps was visiting with the youngest Londergan, Levi.

As she approached Levi, who was polishing his Harley-Davidson, he looked up at her somewhat contemptuously.

"So how are the geek and the slacker?" Meaning of course nerdy Lombard and wino Lancey.

Levi was not the best looking of the Londergan brothers (who were a homely lot) but he had the most attitude.

Unemployed, Levi felt entitled to life, and took what he could from it.

His wife Dascha, was a former Israeli model, but he whipped her cruelly quite often and she often begged to lick his boots and suck his toes...and as she had her own cosmetics emporium, Levi didn't do a whole hell of a lot.

Peps smiled hesitantly. "Well, Lancey still has the towel job at the country club, and Lon is producing my movies. How are you doing?"

"I'm not putting on weight." Levi said evenly, as he surveyed his sister-in-law.

Peps looked at her shoes. She tried not to let her lower lip tremble.

"I've been trying not to gain weight sir, but I've had a very stressful-"

"You cows always have excuses. Fatty, fatty, two-by-four, can't get through the kitchen door."

"B-but sir, I-"

"Always the excuses, right, Chubbo? Whine, whine, bitch, moan."

At five foot three, Peps weighed about one hundred thirty pounds, which wasn't unreasonable, but she had been fat as a child, and Levi knew this.

"You're not wearing a bra, are you, Pudgie?"

"N-no Levi. You told me not to."

"Pull your shirt up, let me see those cow nipples."

This hurt to the quick, as most men drooled over Peps's rack. But she reluctantly pulled up her tight red top, that she had purchased just for Levi.

As she displayed her full breasts with the long roseate nipples, she prayed he would be appreciative.

Levi looked and shook his head. He reached into his pocket and brought out a rubber band and shot it at Peps's right tit.

She yelped, and Levi smiled. He took out a matchbook and lit a match and flicked that at her left tit, and Peps did her best to stand still.

She was getting very wet, though. Levi was so sexy.

"Learning to take it, are you, Piggie?"

"Ye-yes, Master Levi."

Levi snickered, he stepped over to a nearby bramble bush and cut off a long, thorny branch.

"I was whipping Dascha's tits this morning. You should have heard her scream. The neighbors are watching us."

"Levi, I am filming later and I can't have my tits all scarred up-"

"You wanted me to encourage you to work on your weight loss. The smaller your tits are, the less I'll have to hit, don't you think?"


"You need to lose about fifteen, maybe twenty pounds. Dascha only weighs ninety pounds, and she's taller than you, about five seven.

How Peps hated Dascha. She reveled in the time that Levi had allowed her to whip Dascha's bare ass and shit in Dascha's mouth.

But she knew Levi loved Dascha more. Dascha was a better sub, she took pain in silence, she was much better looking ,and of course rich.

"Why do you eat like a rutting hog, Peppermint Schnapps?"

"I don't really-"

"Shut up and stick those tits out." Levi paused and swung the bramble branch through the air. "Put your hands behind your back. Keep your shirt rolled up over those watermelon tits. How do you manage to stand up, don't you ever topple over?"

Levi laughed. "You couldn't do trapeze school because you were too much of a heifer, and your ballet teacher thought you were a two-ton Tubbette, too, right?"

How Peps wished she'd never told Levi what Madame Sagesse had said to her.


Peps felt searing pain in her nipples. Oh that branch hurt. She gritted her teeth and bent over. She couldn't scream.

"Straighten up, Paula Plumpie. I don't need your grunting and bowing like a drunken coolie."

THWACK! Right across her nipples again.

Peps began sobbing. The pain was intense, but it was more because she felt she was not impressing and satisfying her Master.

It was a very unusual situation, being the Dominant of one brother and the Slave for another, and it was exacerbated by the fact that Peps was so in love with Levi, although she was quite fond of Lombard, and had given Lancey a blowjob or three.

Levi looked away in disgust now.

"Crying, so gross. You pack on the makeup and now your mascara and the foundation is running down your cheeks like volcano lava. Like a melting blob of I don't know what."

Peps really, really wanted to go and kneel and masturbate...and she wanted to suck Levi's dick.

Now, Levi swung the bramble branch again and again as poor Peps bent over, grabbing her breasts.

The panties were soaking wet, would he fuck her today? It had been a while.

Levi was the only man who didn't put her on a pedestal, he treated her like the scumbag she believed she was.

It reminded Peps of going down on Madame Sagesse, her ballet teacher after class.


Sagesse was quite a haughty woman with cropped dark hair and after Sagesse would mercilessly criticize Peps's clumsiness on the barre...

Sagesse often took a cane and ordered Pep to lower her leotard and be thrashed before the rest of the class.

Young women in their early twenties could be quite cruel, and Peps often felt terribly embarrassed, but so aroused at the same time.

She really understood what Lom and Theo and other subs went through when she humiliated THEM in front of a crowd. So intense!

After the class dispersed, Peps would often spirit Sagesse away to a nearby motel for extensive oral worship.

And it all had been good...Peps had been a ballerina for a bit, and her grace and the good shape she'd been in had given her several gigs as a fetish model.

But she'd not seen Sagesse in a decade, and it was a damn good thing she had Levi looking after her now, no swelled egomania for her!

Now, Levi let Peps pull her shirt down painfully over her savaged nipples.

"You're lucky I quit smoking. I'd love to put a butt out on one of those fun bags." Levi said, laughing.

"Now what, Sir?"

"I believe my loser brother is trying to buzz you on your cell, Cow-breath"

And it was true.

Levi turned and went inside his spacious house, paid for by the cosmetics mogul Dascha. Peps saw Dascha standing naked in a corner through the big picture window, and was sure she'd be in for a long night.

"By the way, Peps, diddle your dinkie and think of me!"

Levi's permission was a joy for Peps to receive. She wasn't actually going to be partying with any lifeguards that night, it had just been a tease for Lombard. But now she could go home and rub her clit against a table leg and think of what a scumbag she was..

Before she'd put her leather corset on, and go torture Lombard some more!

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