tagNovels and NovellasSibling Seduction Ch. 21

Sibling Seduction Ch. 21


Her boyfriend left for work early in the morning, and when she woke up at around 10, she found her mind going straight to her pussy. She was hornier than ever! How did her brother do this to her? She completely understood why Amy let Jeff do whatever he wanted to her – his cock was addictive! She was going to go fuck him. Right now.

Bonnie rolled out of bed, pulling off her shirt and pushing down both her shorts and her panties. She walked into the guestroom, naked, where she found her brother sleeping. She eased the covers off of him. He was wearing only boxer shorts. She pulled the front of his underwear down, gently, revealing his soft penis. Her pussy tingled at the mere sight of it. She bent towards it, and sucked the soft member into her mouth easily. It responded instantly, and Jeff awakened from his slumber to feel warmth surrounding his dick. He grew to full hardness in two seconds; soon Bonnie's mouth was bursting with cock. She began to bob her head up and down on his lap, slurping loudly. 'Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' the noise could be heard outside the room. Her lips glided up and down his rod smoothly. He looked up and down his sister's naked body, and was thrilled to see her maneuver her ass towards his head, lifting up her leg and landing it on the other side of his face.

Her gorgeous pussy was just inches from his nose. He could smell the strong scent of Bonnie's arousal. The brown curls of her pubic hair surrounded her pink, swollen pussy lips.

Her mouth felt so incredible sliding up and down his pole like that, and her cunt smelled so great. He grabbed her ass with both hands and forced her pussy down on his face. "Mmmmm..." she moaned around his manhood, still sucking on him eagerly as she felt her brother's tongue slide between the petals of her vagina. Jeff loved how she tasted, and he twirled his tongue around her entire tunnel as she gave him fantastic head. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, tasting her further, holding them in his mouth as his tongue teased over them. His nose was now right near her asshole. There it was, right in front of him. Feeling kinky, he released her pussy lips and slowly ran his tongue up the skin between her pussy and her ass.

Her heart pounded as she guessed what he was doing – nobody had done this to her before, and she found that she liked it! She could feel his tongue tease around the rim of her anus, and tingles spread from her cunt to her ass. He slid his tongue into her tight hole, licking her ass.

She moaned again, her hand stroking the base of his organ as her mouth continued to massage the rest of it. He sucked her cunt lips back into his mouth, hands squeezing her ass cheeks hard.

She began to push his underwear down further, past his knees. Still sucking on her tasty pussy, he kicked his boxers off, and the two siblings became completely naked in the 69 position.

Jeff went nuts on her, tongue frantically licking from her pussy to her asshole and back, not giving her a moments rest. Bonnie's lips felt incredible, expertly sliding up and down his penis. He again settled on just her pussy, sucking her lips, along with her clit, into his mouth. His tongue lapped at her clit, and he could feel his sister moan around his rod, sucking him harder. Her asshole was a mere inch away from his eyes, he could see her tight little hole clearly as he teased her clit. He placed a finger right at the entrance to her anus. He watched, pushing the finger into her asshole to the first knuckle. This was his sister's asshole! "Mmmmm!" she moaned, sucking harder.

She was on the brink, and now that he was playing with her ass, she didn't think that she would last much longer.

Jeff sucked hard on Bonnie's clitoris, and pushed his finger into her ass, right before his very eyes, to the second knuckle. "MMMMHH!" she moaned, a wave of orgasm overtaking her. Her ass and pussy felt incredible, and her entire body was buzzing as she came. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth, and Jeff lost it. He moaned into her pussy, causing further sensation to her, and his dick jerked.

Cum flew out of his penis and into his sister's eager mouth. She expertly swallowed it as her own orgasm died down. She felt her brother's dick jerk in her mouth again, and more of his salty semen pooled inside. She drank it hungrily, eagerly – she could drink his delicious cum all day! Never had she so thoroughly enjoyed cum before! Her orgasm had died down, as he slid his finger back out of her ass, and his mouth released her pussy. She continued to milk his penis of his seed with her mouth, getting and drinking down every last drop. He kissed each of her ass cheeks lovingly, moving back and forth as he recovered. She let her brother's softening penis slip out of her mouth, gasping for breath.

He kissed his sister's pussy lips, watching them shake a little when he made contact. They were swollen, pressed together, quivering. He kissed them again, sending thrills up her spine.

Bonnie got off of him, spun around, and lay beside him, sliding a leg and an arm over him. She was smiling.

"Good morning" she said. He kissed her mouth softly. "That was so good!" she added. He remained silent, holding her. Unable to help herself, she slid her hand down his stomach and grabbed on to his semi hard penis. She squeezed it lovingly. She kissed him again, this time sneaking her tongue into his mouth. He returned the favor, and for the next couple of minutes, the two siblings kissed passionately. She could feel his dick grow in her hand, and she began to stroke it. Still kissing her, he rolled onto his side. She let go of his cock and reached underneath her leg from behind, grabbing it again. He could feel her run it down along her wet, hot lips until it reached her entrance.

He pushed forward, and the petals of her pussy opened for him, welcoming him inside. Her warmth engulfed most of his penis instantly, and they moaned into each other's mouth. He pulled back a little, and then pushed his entire penis into Bonnie's vagina. "Ohhh" she breathed into his mouth as she felt him enter so deep inside her.

His pole felt so hot inside her, she never wanted him to pull out! He sucked her upper lip, pulling it outward as he kissed her softly.

She stuck out her tongue and he sucked it into his mouth as he slowly eased his penis in and out of her vagina. He was kissing her softly and fucking her gently, his hand sliding down to her ass. He grabbed her soft cheek, squeezing it as they made sweet love. Jeff loved how his sister's pussy gripped his cock so snugly, she was such a good fit for him! He rolled her over onto her back. She was looking at him lustfully, her feet in the air as he continued to slide his manhood in and out of her hot tunnel. Without missing a beat, he bent to suck on her nipple.

He licked and sucked the tiny nub as he slid his rod in and out, in and out. He held himself up on his arms, beginning to fuck her a little harder. Bonnie's face was flushed, and she could feel the beginning of an orgasm. He looked down her slender body to where the fur of her bush made his penis appear and disappear. He began to fuck her harder, watching her small tits bounce.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unmh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned as her brother got her off. Her orgasm was rising quickly and she was getting louder as it approached. Her feet were flailing helplessly as Jeff drilled her into the bed hard. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried, cumming. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing around his driving penis, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. Her pussy was so hot! She was blowing his mind! He jackhammered in and out of her tight cunt as she tried desperately to recover. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" she cried out so loudly, she was gasping for breath. He watched his cock slide in and out of her needy pussy lightening quick, he was losing it. He gave her a few more rapid thrusts before jamming his manhood all the way into her hole and holding it there.

His penis spasmed, and a thick load of hot jism fired out of him and into her womb. He moaned again, more cum jetting out of his cock and into his little sister's vagina. Her legs wrapped around him, squeezing him tightly, trying to milk all of his cum. More semen poured out of him, dumping into her womanhood. He collapsed on her, kissing her softly, lips smacking, the last of his sperm trickling into Bonnie's vagina.

After a few minutes, he began to slide his soft penis out of her. She squeezed her legs tightly, holding him inside her.

"Nooo!" she said, face turning into a pout. His dick responded, growing a little harder. He pushed back into her. She smiled, pulling him down to kiss her. Her tongue darted into his mouth eagerly. She was insatiable! Her tongue went far into his mouth and swirled around. He soon found himself fully hard inside his sister again. Her legs loosened around him and he began to slide his 6 inches in and out of her horny twat. He broke the kiss.

"Ohhhh God yes!" she purred, her sibling's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He felt incredible! Her hands were playing with his hair and her face was all flushed as her brother fucked her.

"Ohhh God, Jeff, do you wanna fuck me doggie style?" she asked. He pulled his rock hard member out of her with an audible 'slurp'. She smiled, and quickly scrambled onto her hands and knees.

Her skinny ass was sticking up at him, and he bent to kiss each cheek. He kissed them again, hands spreading them and revealing her tight little anus. He was dying to lick it, to fuck it. He didn't want to seem obsessed about it though, so he left it. He knelt behind his sister, hard cock in his hand. He ran it down the crack of her ass, and Bonnie found herself wanting him in her ass, like he did with her sister. She didn't know how to say it, though, and quickly forgot about it when she felt him run his fat head along her swollen slit. Jeff eased into her comforting warmth, sliding into her cunt in one smooth stroke.

"Ohhhhh that feels good..." she groaned as she felt herself fill up. He was pressed against her skinny ass, and he ran his hands up either side of her skinny body until they cupped her tiny breasts. He squeezed them, holding himself inside her. Bonnie began to rock back against him, needing him to start fucking her. He slowly slid his penis out of her snug vagina until just the tip was stretching her entrance. He rammed his cock back into her hard. "UNH!" she cried out, thrills shooting up her spine. Her ass cheeks shook with the impact.

He began to fuck her doggie style, sliding in and out of her hard and fast, using long strokes. He slapped hard against her ass as he drove his manhood deep into his sister. 'Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap' went his groin on her ass. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned each time he drilled into her. She was losing it, her brother was making her cum again already. Her ass was really rippling he was ramming against it so hard. "Unh! Unh! Ohh God! OHH GOD! UNNNNNNH! Ohhhh!" she moaned, cumming. She had buried her face in the pillow, raising her ass high in the air as her vagina convulsed around her brother's driving penis. He released her breasts, sliding his hands up her body, running his one hand over to her pussy where it felt over her fur to her clit. He diddled her clitoris as she came, extending her orgasm, all the while fucking away at her helpless body. He fucked her doggie style for another 10 minutes, getting her off once more before entering the homestretch.

He was losing it, and he was jackhammering into her lightening quick. He jammed his cock all the way inside her pussy and held it there. She pressed her ass back hard against his groin, holding it there, with him deep inside her. He moaned, and Jeff's penis jerked, unleashing a thick hot wad of his cum into Bonnie's welcoming vagina. His cock spasmed again, and another river of semen splashed off the back of his sister's womb. It jerked again, another hard spray of his seed bulleted deep inside her cunt.

He was really getting some big loads with his two sisters! Finally, it subsided, and the last of his sperm trickled inside Bonnie. She collapsed on the bed, he with her, softening penis still buried inside her. They caught their breath for a few minutes.

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