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We got home late and I am feeling tired. I get into my bed clothes as you take off your shirt and shoes. I know you did this on purpose. You know I can't resist you in just jeans.

You decide to help out by finishing up the laundry. But as you walk past the bed with the laundry basket, I stop you. I take away the basket and start kissing that smiling mouth. You know what I have planned. You know I have been ready all night.

I toss the basket to the side and fumble to undo your jeans. You are so mean, walking around in just jeans. I finally am able to pull them off and I look down. Your hard cock presses so firmly to your boxer briefs. I softly stroke that hard cock through the material. The only material keeping it from me.

Finally, I pull them down and you step out of the jeans as well. I push you back onto the bed drop only my bottoms. You can see that I'm wearing the black thong you love best.

I climb up on the bed and crawl up to you, stopping to plant kisses as I go up. Up your legs... The most sensitive parts of your hips... Up to your chest... And now I'm straddling your naked body.

Your hard cock is brushing against my soaked thong. You can feel how wet I am. How badly I want you.

You lift up your hips to push hard against me and I welcome the contact. It sends shivers through me. I press back down, rubbing my soaked pussy on that hard cock. Getting it as wet as I am.

You reach around to lift up my top and find that I had no bra on under. So as you lift up, my perky tits bounce slightly at the release. They are the perfect size for your hands. The perfect size for your mouth.

I lean closer to you so you can suck on my nipple that is already hard even before being touched. I continue to rub my wet crotch on your hard cock as you suck on my flesh.

What do you want? Do you want me to ride you until you're dry? Or do you want to abuse this pussy until I become too sore to do anything tomorrow?

You decide to take charge. You rip off my thong and use it to tie my wrists to the bed. You know how bad I want to touch you. I love touching you when you slam into me. Not being able to is going to drive me crazy. You love it.

You want to see how flexible I am. You push my legs up to gain as much access to my tight pussy as possible.

I can hardly breathe with pure want of your cock. I need it. I can't stand it. My pussy is tightens in need. And your cock needs my tight cunt. It needs to be swallowed by this virgin pussy. I wants to have my cum all over it.

So you inch your big thick cock in my tight pussy. Gently, being mindful of the pain I'll experience. But once that threshold is reached, you hold nothing back.

Over and over, you slam your cock into me. Tearing me apart with that huge cock. It hurts, but it feels so good.

I squirm in irritation of not being able to touch you. I pull at my restraints. I want to touch you. And you have my legs pinned up so I can not even wrap my legs around you. You have total control over my body. I can't stand it. You love it.

You can feel it building up in me. That ecstasy created by you. My back arches. I pull harder on my restraints. I want to hold on to you. This does so much for you. You can tell I'm ready to cum.

You tell me no. I can't cum until you say so. You slow down. You want me to cum on your terms. I start to beg. Please. Don't stop. I'll listen. Please.

I'm on the edge. You pick up faster and faster. Harder and harder, you slam that cock deep into me. Your balls slap against me. Driving me wild. I can hardly lay still.

Finally, you're ready for me to cum. Just one word from you and I fall apart. "Cum." And I'm screaming in ecstasy. Pulling on my restraints even more desperately now. Wanting to hold onto you as I ride out my first real orgasm.

You are ready to. Feeling my warm juices, my screams, my moaning of your name, it all pushes you over the edge. You explode in me. I feel the warmth flow through me.

Just one load is all you are willing to spread in me. You pull out and climb on top of me. You aim and spread all over that hot cum all over my tits. I open my mouth, wanting to taste some as you pump your cock dry. Load after load, your seed is all over me. I love it.

Finally, you are spent. You collapse on me. After a minute, you untie me and I finally get to touch you. I embrace you. Trying to thank you for everything. I'm still holding you as we drift off to sleep.

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