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Samantha read the glitter covered label attached to the box. It simply read "I hope you're pleasantly surprised." She'd saved the present from her new friend Eric for last. They'd only met a few weeks ago and it wasn't yet clear which direction their relationship was heading in. Probably just friendship, but there was something about the way he looked at her... she could have sworn that once or twice his eyes had betrayed a desire for her, but it was unlikely to lead anywhere.

Whenever she hinted at her sexuality - the restraints and gags that really turned her on, or how being ordered around in bed aroused her so much - he seemed to be adverse to the idea of trying any of these things. He said he didn't want to hurt her. While the sentiment was very sweet, his misconceptions about what she enjoyed were also frustrating. She had tried to explain that it wasn't a form of abuse, but she got the impression that he didn't see the distinction. Still, they liked each other and they had a lot of other things in common, so they would at least remain friends.

Samantha tore off the wrapping paper and pulled out the box's contents. When she saw what her present was, her jaw dropped. In her hands was an exquisite head harness. The gag was a very short tube, or a very thick ring, depending on how you looked at it. Either way, it was clearly designed to prise the wearer's mouth open. A web of thick rubber straps ensured that the gag would be held in place, and it even came with mini padlocks and keys.

Clearly, Eric must be giving her a sign. She thought about what she'd say to him when they next got together; how this would change their relationship. She felt the uncontrollable urge to hug someone in celebration, to share her joy, but there was no one there to hug. She was alone in her apartment, and on her birthday, no less. Not that it was the end of the world. After all, it gave her the opportunity to try her present out. Just to see how well it fit.

After fumbling around with the harness for a short while, Samantha had finally managed to get it on properly, fastening the straps as tightly as she could manage. She looked at herself in her full length mirror. One of the padlocks was dangling down from the strap wrapped around the bottom of her chin, but the rest were at the back of her head, out of sight. Her hair looked a mess, sticking out in all directions from under the straps, so she tied it into pigtails. Much better.

Looking at her reflection, Samantha realised that the head harness didn't go too well with the sweater and jeans she'd worn to work, so she tried on a few other outfits. In the end she settled for a pleated skirt worn over a garter belt and stockings, with heeled shoes. She completed the outfit with a collar and leash she'd bought many years beforehand.

She looked at herself in the mirror: at the bead of drool running down her skin, between her firm breasts; at a helpless young woman, owned and ready to service her master. If only. The next thing she knew, she was shivering with arousal as she made her way to her bed.

Eric strolled up the stairs to Samantha's apartment, a box of chocolates in his arm. It evidently hadn't taken her long to try out her present, or to find out that he'd packaged it with the wrong keys. When he had answered his phone half an hour earlier, he'd instantly recognised her voice, if not her words. He had assured her that he'd be right over, and he was keeping his promise.

He checked his breath on his hand before knocking on her door. She answered it almost immediately, and he slid inside before anyone else could see her.

Locking the door behind him, Eric turned around to face the figure standing before him in the hallway. Samantha looked more stunning then than he'd ever seen her before. Her hair was in pigtails, and her slim, curvaceous figure was accentuated by the little black dress she was wearing. Most alluring of all, she was wearing a collar with a chain dangling down from it. The chain ended in a handle which was gently brushing against her thigh.

Eric briefly wondered if she'd changed into the outfit for the gag or for him. Either way, he'd given her plenty of time to change before he'd arrived. He took her clothes, and especially her collar and leash, as a sign that she approved of her present.

Trying his best to act calm and confident, Eric wordlessly walked up to her and took hold of her leash. He led her into her living room, where he sat down, placing the box of chocolates on the table beside him. The aroma of ylang ylang filled the room, helping calm his nerves.

Samantha knelt down in front of him. As she looked up at him, the various candles lighting the room reflected in her hopeful and eager eyes, he began to suspect that he might enjoy her deeply submissive sexuality after all.

"Do you like your present?" he asked, trying not to let his intimidation show.

Samantha nodded, and Eric swore that he saw a glimpse of a smile wrapped around her gag.

"I'll give you the keys to it just as soon as you've earned them," he said, trying to sound like he meant it. He mentally braced himself for a slap in the face, but none came. He took it as another sign. A very good one.

Slowly but firmly, Eric pulled on the top of Samantha's leash, inching her beautiful face closer and closer to his lap. She was practically purring as she brought her hands forward and began to unfasten his jeans.

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