tagBDSMSilence Gathering Pt. 04

Silence Gathering Pt. 04

bybarbarian queen 2©


It took Jonah several days before he could bring himself to return to Eileen's house for the rest of his things. He kept fingering the key. He also found himself touching his bare neck. He no longer had a Mistress or a collar. The empty place in his heart surprised him. His rage at how Michelle had tricked him had spilled over onto Eileen. His parents said nothing of the incident. Michelle had been effectively ostracized and left soon after. She had finally gone too far, even for the most tolerant of the group. His nightmare had also returned.

Kathleen finally told Jonah that there were some things of Eileen's that had been left behind and that he should return them. With mixed feelings, Jonah allowed his mother to drive him back to Eileen's house. He let himself in with the key Eileen had left him.

The house felt empty and closed. Jonah took a quick look in the garage. Eileen's car was there, her suitcase still in the back seat. Uneasy now, Jonah went through the house. He became more uneasy with each empty room he checked. He finally went into the room that had been his. Eileen's crumpled form lay just inside the door. Jonah knelt beside her and touched her face. Hot. Dry. She seemed to be barely breathing. Jonah's nose twitched. The air was heavy with the copper scent of blood and the sour tang of infection.

Hands trembling, Jonah moved her body. The slick wetness on her back surprised him. In sudden fear, he ripped open her shirt. The bloody stripes on her back shocked him.

A sudden keening sound wavered in the air. The sound brought Kathleen hurrying into the house. She found her son holding Eileen's limp body in his arms, blood on his hands. She knelt beside her grieving son and touched Eileen.

"Jonah!" she said. "We have to clean these wounds and get her cooled down!"

Controlling himself, Jonah pointed to her room. Kathleen found the large tub and filled it with cool water. She turned to find Jonah, nude, carrying Eileen's nude body in his arms. He stepped into the tub and lowered them both into the cool water. Kathleen found a cloth and was about to start cleaning the wounds when Jonah took it from her.

Carefully positioning Eileen, he began to clean her wounds and her body. Even unconscious, she whimpered softly when he cleaned the bloody wounds.

"We must take her back with us, Jonah," said Kathleen softly, "we can care for her better at home." Jonah nodded and rose from the water, cradling Eileen in his arms. Kathleen began to dry her gently. The stripes on her back still oozed slightly and were an angry red color. Jonah laid Eileen gently on her bed. He dried himself quickly and pulled on a pair of slacks, slipping his feet into loafers. He did not bother with a shirt or socks. He gently wrapped Eileen in the sheet and lifted her in his arms. He settled into the car, Eileen across his lap.

Kathleen drove home as quickly as she dared. Entering the house, she called for Joseph. Jonah carried Eileen to the rooms they had shared. He laid her on the bed on her stomach so they could treat her lacerated back. Joseph applied antiseptic to the open wounds.

Jonah hovered, anxious, uncertain. His mind was finally replaying the incident with Michelle, how she had tricked him into coming into the west wing. It had take four others to bind him and suspend him for her. The blindfold was to keep him from anticipating the blows. He could tell when she became enraged. Her beating had not aroused him like she expected it to. He remembered hearing two more blows. He remembered hearing the grunts when they landed. But he did not remember feeling them. Then he remembered the angry voices and being released. He remembered Eileen's arms around him. He had heard her apology, but the shock of seeing her when the blindfold was removed confused him. The rage at Michelle focused on Eileen. With a start, Jonah realized that his father had finished and covered Eileen.

"I know she is no longer your Mistress, Jonah," said Joseph, "but she took those wounds for you. You will stay with her until she is better."

Jonah nodded. There was a basin of cool water and a cloth. He took it and began to soothe Eileen, trying to reduce her fever. Kathleen place an envelope on the table near the basin. The left him to care for her. Jonah sat on the edge of the bed, trying to keep her as cool as possible. His father checked on the wounds several times.

At one point, Joseph had Jonah ease Eileen into a sitting position in his arms and was able to get her to drink a little. Jonah was suddenly reluctant to lay her down. He managed to shed his slacks and get into bed with her, holding her in his arms. He held her, cooled her.

For the first time, her nude body did not arouse him. He kept playing the incident with Michelle over and over in his mind until the memory of those last two blows became thunderous in his mind.

The envelope caught his eye. He saw his name on it in Eileen's hand. Careful not to disturb her, he reached for it. ‘Jonah,' he read, ‘please read this when you can. E.' He looked down at her, her head against his shoulder, her breath warm on his skin. Sorrow filled him. She had been so good to him. And, he had to admit, so good for him. Now, by his own request, he was released. No longer hers. His hands trembled slightly as he opened the envelope.

‘My Silence,' he read, ‘this will be the last time I can call you that. There are things I wish I had told you, but I am not good with words. You were my first submissive in this lifestyle. You spoiled me. And I fell in love with you. I did not expect that. I should have expected that Michelle would try to get you back. You do not know that she made several offers to buy your contract through others. I could not give you up. And never back to her. It is my shame and sorrow that I did not keep you out of her hands at the Gathering. It was my duty to protect you. I understand why you asked to be released. Please, my Silence, forgive me. Be well.'

Jonah could hardly see the final words of the note through the tears in his eyes. The awful stripes on Eileen's back were supposed to have fallen on his genitals. He remembered Michelle's angry voice screaming, "If you won't get hard for me, I'll fix you so you won't get hard for her either." He cradled Eileen closer, hoping to give her some of his strength. He pulled the covers up to protect her and eventually fell asleep.

His nightmare returned but did not progress as it usually did. Instead of the harsh beatings, he was dreaming about the first punishment she had given him. When she took the pain away. He woke suddenly. Eileen was trembling in his arms. He touched his lips to her forehead. Burning with fever. He threw off the covers and carried her to the shower. Cold water ran over them. It was the only thing he could think of to cool her raging fever and her heat kept him from becoming too cold. She groaned and moved in his arms. He stepped out of the cold spray. He kissed her again, tasting the salty sweat as her fever finally broke. He warmed the water and washed her carefully, one handed, as he held her against his body.

"Silence…" she murmured. He carefully dried her and carried her back to the bed. For a brief moment, he considered lying down with her. But she was waking up. With a sharp pang of sorrow, he laid her down and covered her. He sat beside the bed and waited for her to come around. He had dozed off when she spoke again.

"Jonah?" Her voice was thin and weak. He roused instantly. He leaned over so she could see him. Her eyes were sad, yet she smiled. With a sigh, her eyes closed and she slept. Jonah went to get his mother.

When Eileen woke again, Kathleen was sitting beside the bed, Jonah standing behind her. Kathleen smiled. "Welcome back."

"How did I get back here?" Eileen's voice was still weak.

"We had gone to your house to return a few things you had forgotten and for Jonah to get his things. We found you unconscious on the floor and I felt it would be easier to care for you here," explained Kathleen.

"I see," said Eileen. "Thank you." Her eyes were on Jonah.

Kathleen gestured. "Jonah."

He bowed and left the room only to return in a few moments with a tray. Kathleen stood.

"We will see you again later," she said.

"Thank you again," said Eileen. Kathleen smiled at her and left.

Jonah helped Eileen sit up. He carefully placed the tray across her knees. Eat, said his gestures. He hovered while she ate what he had brought her. When she finished what she could, he removed the tray.

Eileen was quiet for a few more moments. "Are you angry with me?" she asked softly.

No, he gestured. Eileen's head bowed briefly and he heard her soft sigh. With a pang, Eileen saw him reach for a pad and a pencil. He wrote briefly. ‘Will you take another submissive?' She looked up at him, then away.

"I…don't know," she said, "probably not for a long time. If ever."

Jonah sighed and took the tray out.

Eileen lay back against the pillows, tired and confused. The pain in her back was now a dull ache. The pain in her heart was far worse. She slipped into sleep.

Jonah returned to find her sleeping. He sat on the floor near the bed, resting his arms on the mattress. Even though the position was awkward, he, too dozed off. The touch of her hand on his head woke him. He kept still, listening to her sleepy murmurs as her hand lay on his head. Then she moved and her touch left him. His mind kept going back to their time together. He remembered the night she had given him the gift of her submission. It had begun badly, but before dawn he truly understood her gift and her power. She took his fears and eased them. She had taken him with joy and passion. She accepted him, giving him pleasure. He sighed softly and left her to sleep.

For the next several days, Eileen rested and healed. Kathleen and Joseph had finally learned the story of the scars on Jonah's body. Gradually, they learned how he had been abused and why he did not speak.

Then one morning, Jonah entered the room with a breakfast tray to find the bed empty. He heard the sound of running water from the bath. Then a splash and a soft curse. Stripping quickly, he went into the bath. Eileen was leaning against the shower wall, trying to maintain her balance. He slipped into the shower with her, supporting her against his body. She sighed and let him wash her. Touching her began to arouse him. How many times had they begun this way? His hands slowed, the touch becoming more and more sensuous. He felt her shudder. Then she wept. Great, heaving sobs that left her weak and trembling. Jonah held her close, rocking her as the water poured over them. And he wept with her. Eventually, their emotions eased. Jonah carried her back to the bed, her arms around his neck. He felt her reluctance to let him go when he laid her down. Her arms slid so slowly from him. He brushed her hair and set her tray across her knees. Then he left her to eat.

Jonah went to his mother. He took a pad and wrote, ‘I have made a terrible mistake.'

Kathleen looked up at her massive son. "You love her," she said.

Jonah nodded. ‘I don't know how to go back to her,' he wrote.

Kathleen sighed. "If you were dominant, it would be easier."

Jonah's sudden smile surprised her, although it quickly faded. ‘She gave me that gift one night,' he wrote. ‘I have been a master. I would rather be her slave.'

"Not just her submissive?" asked Kathleen.

‘However she would have me,' he wrote, ‘as long as she would take me back.' He sighed.

"Let me think on this," said Kathleen.

Later that day, Eileen ventured out of her room to the garden.

"May we join you?" Joseph and Kathleen stood near.

"Of course," said Eileen.

"I'm glad to see you up," said Joseph. "Those stripes were nasty. Why didn't you say anything?"

A faint blush and a gesture were the only answer Eileen could give.

"Will you take another submissive?" asked Kathleen.

"Jonah asked me that," said Eileen. "Right now, I doubt I will ever have another."

"Would you take Jonah back?" asked Joseph.

"Yes," replied Eileen without hesitation, "but he asked to be released. He doesn't want this life anymore."

"Hmm," was all Kathleen said.

Eileen began seeing less and less of Jonah as the next few days passed. It hurt, but she understood. Finally, she was able to go home. She insisted on taking a cab. She did not see Jonah when she left. She was not sure if that was best or not. She missed him.

About two weeks after she got home, Kathleen called. "I have found a slave you might like," she told Eileen.

"A slave!" Eileen was surprised. "How could I handle a slave!"

"Just come over tomorrow night and check him out," said Kathleen. Eileen sighed. Kathleen and Joseph had done so much for her that she could not refuse.

"Very well, Kathleen," she said, "I will come."

The next evening, Eileen drove to the Sheridan's. The same butler met her at the door. He bowed slightly. "Master Joseph and Mistress Kathleen are in the salon." He led her to what was obviously a private room. A robed and hooded figure knelt in the center of the room.

Kathleen and Joseph greeted her. Kathleen smiled slightly. "I know you said you wouldn't want another submissive," Kathleen said, "however, this one has good slave potential."

"Kathleen, Joseph," protested Eileen, "I appreciate the thought, but…"

Joseph raised his hand to interrupt her. "Just look him over," he said. Eileen sighed and agreed.

"We will leave you alone for awhile," said Kathleen as she and Joseph left the room.

Eileen stood looking at the silent, kneeling figure. "You are a submissive?" she asked suddenly. The covered head bowed, yes. "And you wish to be a slave?" Again the head bowed, yes. A funny feeling began in Eileen's stomach. "Stand," she said.

The figure rose gracefully. Tall. Very tall. Easily as tall as Jonah. The robe and hood obscured his face and form. Eileen pulled off the hooded robe. Soft gray eyes met hers and then lowered. For a long moment, she could not speak. Then, "Why?"

He sighed softly. He touched his chest with both hands and them held them out to her. As clearly as if he had spoken, he told her, ‘You have my heart.'

"But," she said slowly, "as a slave?"

He nodded and slowly knelt in a slave's position, displaying himself for her, his knees wide, his penis and testicles exposed for her. Eileen dropped into a chair, her mind in turmoil. There was an envelope on the table by her chair. His glance flicked to it, to her, then lowered.

She picked up the envelope. ‘Mistress,' began the note, ‘this one has erred greatly. this one had forgotten how You cared for him and cherished him. this one is so very sorry to have cause You such pain. this one begs forgiveness. Please take this one as Your slave, to keep as You will.' Eileen swallowed suddenly and blinked to keep the tears from falling.

"I…" she swallowed again, "I need some time to consider this." He lowered his head to the floor. "I will come back at the end of the week with my decision," she said softly. Jonah sighed and prostrated himself before her. Eileen's breath caught. The last time he had done that was when she collared him.

Jonah heard her soft sound of distress as she left him. He trembled slightly, fearing that she would not take him back.

Eileen literally fled. In her home, she huddled in a corner of her sofa, her mind in turmoil. She was unaware of how long she huddled there. The room darkened and she did not move. The phone rang. She did not answer it.

Sometime later, a light snapped on. Eileen blinked in surprise. "Kathleen?"

"I'm sorry, Eileen," said the other woman, gently, "we didn't mean to alarm you."

"Oh, Kathleen! What am I to do with a slave! I barely know what to do with a submissive!"

"You did very well with Jonah," reminded Kathleen.

"But a slave!" Eileen trembled. "Michelle…"

"Hush, Eileen," said Kathleen, "you are not Michelle and could never be like her."


"Jonah was effectively your slave before you amended his contract," interrupted Kathleen. Eileen looked lost. Kathleen took her hands. "Follow your heart, Eileen," she said softly. Then she left.

The next few days were long and anxious for Jonah and equally long and nerve wracking for Eileen. But she had made a decision. At her request, only Jonah was present, kneeling in a slave's position, when she returned. Eileen walked around him.

"So you want to be my slave," she said, her voice cool. His head bowed. Kathleen had given him precise instructions, not telling him that they came from Eileen.

"There will be no contract," Eileen said from behind him. She saw the tremor that rippled through his body.

"There will be no safe words for you," she continued, "IF I take you as my slave." She knew her words hurt him, yet she had to say them.

"Stand." He rose gracefully. "Come with me." She turned and left the salon. She walked along the hallway to the living room. Kathleen and Joseph were waiting for her along with all of their submissives. Jonah was the only one nude. The urge to hesitate, to not enter his parents' presence like this, briefly flashed through him. He ignored the feeling, knowing if he hesitated, she would leave him. He focused only on Eileen.

"Mistress Kathleen, Master Joseph," she said, "Jonah has expressed a desire to be my slave." Both nodded. "I have made my decision."

Jonah focused more closely on her.

"Kneel slave," said Eileen. Jonah immediately sank to his knees, head lowered. "Head up, slave." Jonah's chin came up, his spine straightened.

"As a slave," continued Eileen, "you will have nothing unless I give it to you." Jonah's gray eyes began to gleam. Eileen took a box that had been on a table and took out a collar. It was an inch wide, thick band of silver. There was engraving on the inside.

"This collar has no lock and does not fasten," she said. "If you truly wish to be my slave and wear this collar, you must wear it as I instruct you. And you must be willing." She held it on her palms. "Choose."

With no hesitation, Jonah took the silver band and placed it around his neck, the flat designs on each end resting against his throat. Eileen indicated a small bag.

"The clothing I wish you to wear is in that bag. Dress."

Jonah still heard only coolness in her voice as he did as she commanded. He was deeply afraid that he had destroyed any affection she once felt for him. Yet she was becoming his mistress again. Whatever she offered, he would take. And he would hope. The small bag contained boots and leather pants. And his wrist restraints. He dressed quickly, and, again on his knees, he offered the restraints to her. Did her fingers tremble as she fastened them? He could not be sure.

"Stand." He flowed to he feet, looming over her. She gazed at his body. One finger traced a new scar. He trembled, then stilled.

"Kathleen, Joseph," said Eileen softly, "I thank you for your help." Both again nodded. The butler reappeared. Eileen turned and left, Jonah silent behind her. She gestured to her car. He opened her door and waited until she settled. Then he got in. Eileen said nothing as she drove home. Jonah followed her silently inside. He made a move toward the room that had been his.

"No slave," she said quietly, "you have no private room." He bowed slightly. "Come with me." He followed her to her room.

"The bottom drawer of the dresser is for whatever I give you to wear," she said. "You may put your clothes in there. The boots go next to the dresser."

Immediately, he stripped off the boots and set them neatly beside the dresser. The leather pants were removed and carefully folded before he knelt to put them in the drawer. His ankle restraints were in the drawer. He touched them gently.

"Leave them."

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