tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilken Seduction

Silken Seduction


Out of a fog, your head pounding and eyes burning, you open your eyes and find you are looking up at a decorative ceiling. The ceiling is a muted warm beige adorned with cherubic figures at each corner. Unconsciously, you think out loud "where on earth am I?". Trying to rise from the satin covered bed, you suddenly remember the previous night.

It was a glorious wedding reception, but you quickly remember that the pounding in your head and the burning in your eyes is a direct result of too much champagne and too much dancing. Your niece Anna looked every bit the angel in her wedding gown.

The sweet memories of your smiling niece and her handsome groom soon give way to the fact that you still have another day alone in a strange city before heading back home from the wedding. Figuring that these precious moments alone come only once in a while, you decide to savor the time away from your family and sample the amenities that the luxury hotel has to offer. After a savory afternoon at the hotel spa and a long luxurious soak in the hotel whirlpool, you head back to your room, content.

Suddenly there is an urgent knocking at the door. You look through the peephole and see a young man, his face full of anguish.

"Please open the door, I need your help" he begs, his words spiked by a distinct southern accent.

You sense his urgency, take pity on him, and decide (against your better judgment) to take a chance and let him in.

The young man practically falls into your room, breathing heavy, as though he'd just run a marathon.

"Thanks" he manages to cough out. "I thought I'd never get away from them"....he adds.

"Who? Is someone trying to hurt you?" you question, still not quite processing the sight in front of you.

"I was being chased......" he started

Staring into his sparkling green eyes, you recognize him. He's a famous rock star named Jake, one whom women, young and old, lust over.

"By a group of your fans?" you ask.

"Yeah...yeah" he said nodding. "Thanks for letting me in. I could have been a deranged rapist for all you knew" he laughed.

"A rapist? You? I don't think so" you reply with a giggle. "I couldn't be that LUCKY" you think to yourself.

The young man asks you if he could hang out in your room for awhile in order to catch his breath and throw the "fans" off his trail. You agree and the two of you sit on the couch in your room and start to chat.

You order room service for the two of you, and then you begin to make your introductions as the two of you lead into small talk. As you chat, you can feel his warmth and genuinely sincerity in every question he asks, every answer he gives you. Before long, you both feel as though you've known each other for years.

"Do you mind if I take off my shoes?" Jake asks abruptly.

"No, that's fine" you respond, if not a little puzzled.

He slips his shoes off, then slides a little closer to you on the couch. He loosens buttons of the striped long sleeve shirt he is wearing and rolls up the sleeves. You are surprised that he isn't wearing his customary white t-shirt underneath the striped shirt, but are also amused at the sight of his red chest hair.

His smile is so infectious, his eyes so sparkling, you suddenly feel very lightheaded. His hand brushes against your knee. A chill runs up and down your spine.

He gently cups your face with both hands and kisses you squarely on the lips. Somewhat surprised, you pull away quickly, but he pulls you back toward him and repeats the kiss, this time more intensely. He runs his hands through your hair, then his fingers trace the edge of your ear, then your cheek traveling down your neck and circling towards your breasts.

You are so surprised by this turn of events, that now you are the one who can't catch her breath!

Your shock is curtailed momentarily by a knock on the door.

"The room service!" you suddenly remember.

Jake quickly gets up and blocks your way to the door. He answers the call and pays the delivery boy. He takes the tray and sets it aside on a nearby table. He proceeds to pour two glasses of wine from the room service tray. Confused, you accept his offer of the wine, but you are perplexed as to how the wine got there, since you had not ordered it!

"Must be a mix up in the room service order" you think to yourself naively.

After taking a few sips, you begin to feel warm.

Jake suggests that you both return to the couch. His eyes following your every move as you make your way to the couch and sit down. Jake sits next to you, your bodies touching. He leans in again. His kisses make you dizzy, his tongue darting in and out of your mouth, not even giving you time to breath.

"Help...me...help.........me......" you utter breathlessly.

"I'm helping you baby...." He moans in return.

Jake's hand now roams underneath your sheer black blouse, searching for it's intended target. He easily finds your now rock hard nipple from under the thin material of your bra and his fingers expertly circle it until it protrudes like a rocket.

"MMmm...." You hear him moan as he continues to play with your breast, still kissing you with hungry passion, his tongue exploring yours.

His hand begins gently kneading the soft tissue of your breast. His lips then began a descent away from your hungry lips, alternately kissing and licking his way down your neck and onto your chest. Slowly he unbuttons your shirt and it smoothes it past your shoulders.

He reaches down and caresses both of your breasts through your bra. He touches your nipples causing them to grow hard and push against the soft material of the bra. His hand slides under your skirt, over her your stomach and comes to rest on your garden. His hand cupping your mound, fingers seeking out the dampness coming through your panties.

Your breathing becomes more rapid.

"Jake....please...." you weakly cry.

"Oh my, sweetie...say please again...." he breathes into your ear. "Beg me to stop....It turns me on..." he continues.

"No...no....what....are.... you....doing..." you gasp.

"I'm undressing you darlin'.." he replies, as he deftly removes your bra.

Although you know you should try to make him stop, you can't. Your head feels like lead, your legs limp beneath you.

You watch as he lowers his hungry mouth first to one nipple and then to the other. You feel his tongue toying with each nipple, causing them to harden once again. Your chest heaving, you run your fingers through his hair as he pleasures you with his lips and tongue. Little beads of sweat begin to build on your brow, and your secret garden is beginning to warm intensely.

His hands slowly work their way down past your stomach, caressing the inside of your thighs and reaching down to softly rest on your mound once again.

His fingers gently slip under your panties, toying with the outer reaches of your love canal. You squirm as the moisture between your legs begins to trickle.

Just as you start to feel a powerful sensation building in your depths, Jake suddenly stops his maneuvers and stands before you.

Your eyes now follow his every move, as he walks toward the table to refill his wine glass.

Your breasts and mound practically cry out for his attentions once it has ceased.

"Close your eyes" he orders.

"What"? you blurt out, dizzy from the heat of the moment, dismayed at the request. "Why?" you question.

"Just close your eyes" he says.

You giggle lightly, then close your eyes in compliance with his request.

Jake gently puts his hand in yours, and pulls you up to face him standing.

"Keep your eyes closed" he continues.

You do as he says, somewhat bewildered and a little afraid. The fear and bewilderment only lead to more sexual electricity.

"Do you trust me?" he whispers into your ear, his lips so close that the heat of his breath is felt on your neck, his mouth now nibbling your ear lobes.

"I.....I....don't know....I really don't know you all that well......." you foolishly reply.

"Why not?" he breathes into your ear, kissing your cheek, and making a trial down your neck, then back up to your check and finally to your lips.

"Why not what?".....you ask with uneven breaths.

"Why don't you trust me?" he hisses into your ear.

You start to open your eyes, unable to take it any longer.

"I didn't say you could open your eyes" he snaps.

His tone of voice alarms you for an instant. You close your eyes again.

"I..I'm sorry," you blurt out feeling a bit embarrassed.

"You need to trust me right now" he chides. "Keep your eyes closed, and don't open 'em until I tell you" he finishes.

He kisses your lips and swirls his tongue in your mouth. The dizzy feeling returns and you swoon as you stand, eyes closed in front of him, your body aching for his attention, fearful of what may be required to ease that ache.

Jake turns you around so that your back is facing him. He then pulls your hands behind you and ties a silk tie around your wrists. He gently turns you back around to face him. He is so close you can feel his breath on your face, the heat of his body radiating out toward yours.

Touching you only with his lips, he kisses your neck and your lips.

You stand before him, eyes closed as he kisses the nipples on your breasts.

He wraps his arms around you and pulls you into an embrace. He moves his hips toward you, pressing into your body, letting you feel his firmness -- teasing, tempting you with the growing manhood under his slacks. His kisses return to your mouth and all you can feel is the pleasures his mouth and tongue offer you.

Letting you go from his arms, Jake steps back slightly.

Your senses reeling, Jake carefully unzips your skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He slides his hands down your backside as he peels the panties from your bottom. Your immediate reaction is to try to grab his hands to stop him. This is going too far, the violation too distressing. Your motions are futile as your hands are tied and all you can manage to do is writhe uncomfortably.

Jake slowly makes a trail of kisses down your belly towards heavens gate. His hands massage the soft mounds of your bottom, then slip into the gates of your womanhood. He vigorously circles your sweet spot with his fingers, then returns to the insides of your thighs in small circles.

His fingers take to roaming again and delicately explore your wetness. They find your love button and massage it in slow steady rhythm.

You begin to loose balance, so intense are the sensations that he is creating in you. Jake wraps one arm around your back to hold you steady, while passionately kissing your mouth, tasting you with the hungry passion of a starved man. The hand on your love mound never leaving its post, you wriggle under his touch and you let out a soft moan.

As you moan and gyrate your hips to meet the thrusts and swirls of his fingers, you squeal with pleasure.

"Oh god...oh god..oh god" you moan, ashamed of the words leaving your lips.

You hear him utter a small muffled laugh, imagining that he must have a devilish grin on his face watching you moan in pleasure, content in the knowledge that you are completely under his control.

"You're all mine now...." he whispers into your ear......"You're almost there....." he adds.

At that command, you loose all control as well as the count of the number of times that he expertly brings you to climax. Slowly he removes his fingers and stand behinds you, ready to replace them with his now raging hard manhood.

With Jake standing behind you, his ever present hardness demanding your immediate attention as it grinds into the soft skin of you bare bottom, you feel as though you are floating in a cloud.

His face is close to yours, his lips planting small soft kisses on your shoulder, the back of your neck and then back up to the side of your face.

While he runs his hands gently up and down your sides, from the top of your shoulders, slowly down to touch the smooth curves of your waist and hips and back upwards again, you can feel his soft hair tickling the side of your neck and face as he leans in toward you to continue his assault on your senses as he places his lips on the crook of your neck.

You feel his face stubble ever so slightly as he lifts his head slowly from your neck, brushing the side of your face.

His breath releasing small enticing puffs against your now sensitive skin, his scent is intoxicating to you, the feeling of his body molded against yours is glorious.

You can barely stand, your legs ready to collapse from under you.

Jakes arms move to embrace you, his hands traveling to your front, cupping your breasts firmly.

"You are soooo.....mine......" he whispers breathlessly into your ear, his face nearly buried in your neck.

He voice reflects a tone of impish delight, making it evident that he is enjoying having you planted firmly in his grasp, while he is in total control of your bodily responses and resulting desires.

Ooohh....my....g....g...g.." is all you can manage to whimper.

"Does this make you feel good darlin.....?" he asks furtively, licking your ear lobe, and pressing his body into yours more vigorously.

"I...I....I...." you try to respond to his inquiry, but the words escape you, you cannot respond in kind.

"Shhh.....don't try to talk.." he whispers, his voice almost a faint echo. His fingers trace the outline of your lips, then press flatly on them in a gesture intended instruct you to stay silent.

"The only sound I want to hear from you is the sound of your pleasure" he says evenly.

Jake moves to place himself in front of you, facing you. The tip of his nose barely touching yours, his lips, ever so lightly skimming yours.

"Open your eyes" he orders.

You comply with his request, to be greeted and totally consumed by his smoldering eyes. Lost as you are in moment, he places the palms of his hands on your shoulders.

"Follow me" he beckons and you move in small unsteady steps as he motions you toward the bed.

His hands still on your shoulders, he pushes you down onto the bed. You fall backwards onto the bed, hands still tied behind you.

"Please untie my hands" you plead weakly.

"It's uncomfortable like this" you beg.

"Not yet" comes Jake's reply.

Before you can move, Jake is on top of you. You struggle against the silk tie binding your hands. It feels silky, slippery...you almost think you could slip out of it, but he has tied it so tight, that you can't.

Jake then looks at you and smiles a wicked grin.

Your heart begins racing. Although you have admired him from afar, this man is essentially a stranger to you! You have NO idea what he is going to do, and you are NAKED for goodness' sake! You try to buck him off with your hips, but feel like you are nailed to the bed.

You realize you are totally helpless.

Jake caresses your cheeks gently with the fingers of his other hand, saying "shhhhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhh....it gonna be ok"...and then...removes his hand.

You feel like you need to take a breath to yell out when he puts a finger on your lips once again.

Jake stirs his body to move it down onto your legs, and brings his head down close to your upper body. Suddenly you become aware of a tingling sensation on your breasts and realize he is sucking your nipples!

You lie there, feeling very confused, apprehensive, not understanding what is happening to you.

He suckles both breasts till your nipples become hard as pistons again.

You are growing aware of your womanhood becoming very wet, despite yourself, despite your fear, despite your embarrassment and helpless state.

Jake caresses your body, relishing every curve, murmuring words to you so low that you faintly hear his voice.

Kissing and licking, tasting the salt from the perspiration formed of your fear, smelling the musk formulated of your lust, he makes his way down to your love canal.

Jake removes his pants, as you glance at the long lean lines beneath you (you thought it was strange when he asked to remove his shoes....now it seems to make sense).

In order to continue what he is doing, he has to lift and sort of bend your legs (giving him access to your now wet and dripping garden). He places his hands inside the perimeter of your outer reaches.

You try to thrust and wiggle to make him stop, but he is relentless.

Yet another plan of attack backfires!

All you can do is lie there, although this man seems very adept at pleasuring you.

Despite yourself, you moan for the job he is doing on you.

Jake kisses you like a hungry man who cannot be satisfied with ordinary food.

You feel him stroking your rosebud so hard, his fingers pumping into you, and you grow so hot...not understanding why he would do this to you, bind you, but then not hurt you.

You am so turned on though, your brain is mush and you cannot analyze it too closely. You are zoned on the hot, sweet, wet part of your body, being ravaged so well and coming closer and closer to climax.

After what seems like long time of bringing you to the brink, over and over again, Jake pulls his hand from between your legs. Gently kissing your face, lips, forehead and tip of your nose, he runs his hands through your hair, smoothing back the strands that have fallen onto your face.

"I bet you feel soooo good baby....I wanna feel you devour me with your warm wet love canal....." he coos into your ear, his breathing rapid , and hot against your skin.

Your helpless eyes meet his. His smoldering eyes now even more hypnotic than before.

"No, I'm.... not.... ready... can't ......." you stammer, each breath shorter than the next.

"Oh, I think you're ready.....you can handle it....you NEED me to take care of your itch" he smoothly shoots back. "you're so wet and hot for me, your body betrays you..." he says as he kisses your lips, following the edges of them with his tongue, then thrusting it deeply into your mouth.

Your moans embarrass you more, each time he kisses you, his passion so strong that you feel as though nothing else exists but you, Jake and this moment.

"What are you thinking?" he murmurs into your ear.

"I....I...." is all you can manage. "You know there are some things you just can't hide....." he presses.

"What an epiphany!!!!" you think to yourself!!!

Jake reaches underneath you, flipping you to the side in order to untie your hands.

Your arms swing up to his neck to embrace him firmly, hands roving up and down his back, in a mad maze of patterns. Your legs shift upwards to grasp his hips and pull his body completely into you.

He grinds his hips and crotch into yours.

"Oh god, no...Oh Jake....oh Jake." you whimper oblivious to anything other than his touch, lips and the heat radiating from his now throbbing manhood.

You try stop yourself from enjoying the intense feelings of pleasure he is bringing you. You cease your moans by burying your face in the side of his neck, so fearful are you of what may transpire if you continue.

"Don't stop now" he mumbles. "It was starting to get interesting" he continues. "Your will is not your own....you're in too deep....another kiss and you're all mine......" he hisses into your ear.

Your heart pounds as you realize he is right.

"No...no...no.." you pant as your voice becomes weaker and weaker. You devour his lips, mouth and tongue, then pull back once again. "I can't......do...this ...it's......"

Jake smirks as he runs his hand down the inside of your soft thigh, your skin so responsive to his touch. His fingers continue their descent toward your now throbbing love button. Taking your rosebud between his thumb and forefinger he gently brings you up and over the mountain once again.

You continue your frail protests, between bursts of pleasure as you come off of the edge. You are so overwhelmed, you feel on the verge of tears.

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