tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilky Adventures #05

Silky Adventures #05


Adventures of Silky #5 -The Big Game

Jessica & I were both cheerleaders back in high school, so we of course signed up for the college team as well. Since we just go to the local campus, it was easy to get on the squad. Our guys had done well, but were up against our greatest adversaries, The Bulldogs, for the division title. George, our 'Uncle,' was a big football fan, so we loved it as well.

George, or 'father' or 'uncle' or 'lover' or whatever, likes and supports the Bears, and he wants us to win, too. He was perplexed to hear of the problems our coach expressed at a quarterback club meeting.

He had said "I'm afraid that wide receiver they've got, Bobby Glass, is too good. He's practically the whole team, and I don't think we can stop him."

The next day he came in our room (It's really only where we store our clothes, since we sleep with George and study bent over the dining room table).

Anyway, he looked, like, really serious. "I've got a possible solution, but ya'll aren't gonna like it, he told us.

Well, as loyal cheerleaders, we had to do our part.

"Go-o-o-o-o-o Bears!!!!" I leapt into the air, doing a standard touch-my-ankles split, but I knocked a book off the table, and nearly hit George in the face with my pubic bifurcation. He didn't mind, he likes enthusiasm. "So what do we have to do? We'll do anything for the team!'

"Silky, you know the expression 'take one for the team?'" he asked

"Take 1, Take 2, I'll Take You! Uh, what does it mean, exactly?

"I've worked a deal with the assistant coach of the 'Dogs. He's a traitor, and he's willing to give me their playbook, but at a price."

"Pay him, pay him, g-o-o-o-o Bears!!" Jessica and I high-fived. We were excited to be in on a secret.

"It's not that simple. You know I've told both of you that you are not for sale. No one can fuck you unless you agree, right?"

"Well, I didn't agree when ya'll tied me up and took turns licking my... oh, wait, I did agree. But I didn't know about the dildo part." I pouted. I didn't think I had given full informed consent. But I did ask for more... Anyway.

"Ya'll will never be whores. Never. But it is convenient to be able to negotiate for services." He said, still very serious. Talk about a buzz kill!

"OK. So what services, exactly?" Jess and I glanced at each other nervously.

"He wants to have the two of you suck his cock, and then cum on your faces and tits."

"Whew! You had me nervous for a sec," said Jess.

"Yeah, that's no biggie." I agreed. We smiled at each other. I love my 'sis.' I rubbed her arm and smiled, while I twisted my foot around.

"That's not all; he wants to shave your pussies before the blow job."

"No problem," said Jess

"No Way!" I exclaimed at the same time.

We have one major difference, besides she's blond and I'm red, and she likes giving head more than... that's a different adventure. Anyway, she is bald below. Totally naked beneath her clothes. Shaved, daily, like some damn obsession, like one pubic hair would; sorry, got to focus.

I DO NOT shave my pussy. Never. It's beautiful (George says so), and it is as red as my hair, and I like my fire crotch, thank you very much. I let Jess trim it around the edges, I mean, but I will never shave. Ever. For anybody!

"Look, girls, this is up to ya'll. I will never force you. If you don't want to, we'll work something else out. But it's only 2 weeks away." He was so damn serious.

"Silky, take one for the team." Jess begged.

"Easy for you to say, bitch!" I hate her so much!

"No, baby, it will grow back. Heck, it'll probably be full grown by the game." Jess was pulling on my hands, and staring in my eyes.

"But, but, but..." was all I got out.

"You sound like a billy goat," that evil blonde said. "If you'll do it, I'll kiss it to make it feel better every night until the game? How 'bout that?"

"Ha! You do that every night anyway! In fact, you like to do that, you like it a lot!! So how is that any favor?" I was on a roll.

"Don't you like it? You don't know how it feels all slick and smooth and slippery. Here's a chance to find out." Her logic was impeccable. "And it will grow back."

"I concede. One question, though. Is he planning to save my hair as a trophy?'

"Yes, why?"

"I get to pick the bag he saves it in, that's why. Non-negotiable!" I'm not sure what a flounce looks like, but I definitely flounced.

My favorite sister-lover in the whole world and I hugged and smiled. We would get those evil 'Dogs!

In three days we were at the traitor's evil house, all freshly cleaned (and douched with strawberry flavor as George insists) in mufti, 'cause we were in evil territory, Bulldog land.

He let us in, and then gave us some privacy so we could get in our little tight cheerleader get-ups. I love the Green, it goes so well with my hair, and it looks good on all the girls. We have green, like, ecosystem stuff, and we're the Bears, like out in the woods. I bet he peeked while we changed.

So we stood in his dirty little bedroom looking like fresh flowers at a funeral, and did a few half-hearted Bears cheers. Then he made us strip each other while he ogled and drooled, and then he brought in the shaving lather. Jess had gone 2 whole days without shaving, so she was rarin' to go, and I pretty much just watched in awful anticipation as he stroked her clean. Clearly I was to be the main course.

When he handed her the not-so-clean washrag, it was my turn. I lay on his not-so-clean evil little bed, and started to spread my legs.

"Wait!" I said. "Jessica has to help you, so you won't accidentally on purpose hurt me."

He agreed, so that Jess held my soft little innocent (sorta) lips while he lathered me up. That man damn near rubbed me bald with his evil fingers poking in and out everywhere. Then curl by curl, my sweet red baby was rendered pink and shiny. It felt like the North Pole or something down there. I cried a little when I wiped off the lather. Then came the easy part.

We knelt (of course, do evil men ever want a blow job without us kneeling?) and sucked his little pencil. It was, to be totally honest, maybe a thick carpenter's pencil, but it was still evil. It had a really prominent vein on top, and he was circumcised. His dick was as clean as everything else, which isn't saying much. So Jess sucked the head, while I licked his balls, and then I licked right under the bulge while she caressed his shaft with her wet little probe. He was staring to thrust when he called time, so we could sit back and catch his load.

He fisted himself for a second, and we did our duty. I took the first 2 squirts, one in my mouth, one on my tits, and Jess played follow-up/clean-up position. I handed him a little baggie and said it was for his 'trophy.' He smiled like a shit-snake, but we got the book.

George said the coach was too honest to just give him the book, so he read it all. It seems that they had a shift play to offset a left-loaded blitz defense (Do I LOOK like I would understand that, seriously?) but the thing was, when we did something they would throw a long pass to Bobby Glass.

Flash Forward. We're at the Championship Game, tied 7-7, with one minute to go. (And thank you it did NOT grow back that fast.) George talked to the coach, and got him to do the blitz what-ever. I grabbed Rolando, the captain of the defense, and told him we were going to shoot off some fireworks on the final play, and to MAKE SURE his guys FOCUSED on the BALL.

So there's the snap, the blitz, the long pass, and Bobby is running along the sidelines looking over his shoulder.

But what happened was there were 5 cheerleaders along that line, one every 3 feet, and we screamed "Hey Glass, check this ass!"

Over and over, and all five of us mooned him with our little naked butts. Five moons, ten little pussy lips, ten beautiful legs going up to five bare asses. What 19 year old could concentrate?

He slowed, stared, dropped his arms, and Rolando hit him so hard it busted him into next Thursday. Javie intercepted, and ran right past 10 other guys who were staring at five naked asses along the field.

The Bears won, natch, 14-7! Or should I say snatch? Anyway, since our stadium only has bleachers on one side, no parents or professors saw anything, and neither did our coach. He thinks the Bulldogs coach is just a sore loser, and the evil assistant coach -- well, he has a baggie that had acid in it, and now has a sludge that he says used to be my pussy.

I NEVER shave my pussy. All the girls know that.

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