tagHumor & SatireSilky Adventures #10

Silky Adventures #10


Chapter #10

Making Bones - Can Craig Handle the truth?



"Silky, where have you been? You haven't showed up for class all this week!" Craig's urgent concern was evident in his Georgia drawl.

"I couldn't be there. I just couldn't." I replied.

"I thought our evening together was wonderful. Did I do something to make you mad? Please, you've still got an A. Ignore me, if you have to, but don't just disappear." His distress melted my heart.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Craig. I did." I couldn't look in his eyes.

"It won't happen again, if that's how you want it. But you did nothing to be ashamed of."

"I've never done anything in my life I'm ashamed of, professor!" My sharp tone caught him by surprise. "I did something wrong, as in break a rule. I couldn't come to class because I couldn't sit."

"Couldn't sit?"

"No. My father whipped me."

"Whipped you?"

"Are you an echo, now?" I spat. Being a fireball redhead does lead me to hot comments at times.

"But why did your father whip you? You're 19, isn't that a little old for spanking? What rule did you break?"

"You ask a lot of questions. OK, you want to know, here's the story. I'm not allowed to fuck any one without a condom except my father."

"Wait, what?? You fuck you FATHER? How did he know about us?" He sounded more panicked than ever.

"He's not really my father, just like Jessica's not really my sister and I fuck her."

"But how did he know... wait, you fuck your SISTER?"

"That's more than one question. Here's the deal: I tell my dad everything, always. He says condoms. So he whipped me, to remind me."

"This is freaking me out Silky. I don't know if I can handle it. I just don't." He looked at the floor. "I'm sorry, but I going to have to ask you to leave."

I walked into the afternoon sun tilting my head back so my tears wouldn't ruin my makeup. This was awful! There had to be a way to make him understand. My head ached with the stain of worry.

I spun in place and marched back to his office. No one threw me out! As I got to his door, I paused. There was a thumping noise; maybe a broken fan, these old buildings had bad pipes and machinery. I opened his door, and almost fainted. There was Craig, stroking his Johnson. Masturbating, for God's sake!

I rushed in. "Craig, no! Please stop!"

He whirled to face me, and his dick shrank like lettuce on a hot sidewalk. "Silky! What the fuck are you doing here, you borderline bitch? What are you talking about?"

"Stop, please stop! I knew you meant 'walking your dog' when you said walking your dog! I can't let you do this! Jerking off will drive you crazy!"

"One of us is crazy, all right, but I don't think it's me."

"No, you just... wait, what?"

"I shouldn't have taken advantage of you, but fucking a student is nowhere as bad as fucking an insane chick."

"Insane? Me? I don't masturbate!"

"See, that's what I mean; you're fucking nuts!"

"Why do you say that? You're the one beating off!"

"Will you shut up! I can't take this conversation about your imaginary family and your weird ideas about sex."

"I am not crazy, you asshole! My family is as real as you are!" I was screaming.

"I'm sure they are to you, Silky, but you really need professional help."

"Ha! I need medications? You didn't think so when I was naked!"

"Really, Silky, I think you're very strange."

"What if I call Jess and you meet her? If you can see her will you admit she's not a hallucination, or whatever?"

"Ha! Sure, call your imaginary sister. Tell her to come here. Better yet, when she gets here, tell her to sit on this!" He gestured at his flaccid but still naked dick.

So I called Jess, and told her to come to Craig's office.

Jess is 5'6", and towers over me. She hides chocolate from me on the top shelves. She has long straight blond hair. It's natural, we don't do dyes. Her face is prettier than mine, I think; it's just the angles of her cheeks and the width of her mouth. I'm not bad, they tell me, but I see her as better.

Now tits, I've got her beat. She's a full B cup, but I'm a C. We both have 23' waists, and can wear the same clothes. My waist is lower, so my ass flares quickly out, emphasizing the variation. Hers is higher, giving her a more statuesque body. I'm a short hottie, she's like, a model.

While we waited, we glowered at each other. He put his hands over his crotch like a rag. I paced, I was so mad. NO I DO NOT MEAN INSANE, I MEAN ANGRY!

"You, like, beat off in your office?" I stared with narrowed eyes and took a deep breath.

"Look, your conversation turned me on. I haven't had sex except for you in four months."

Jess knocked on the door. She entered wearing her blue sundress with gold flowers on it. It is so perfect for her colors. Her long, long legs led to her white sandals, and her toes, painted blue to match her dress. Blue?

"Bitch, did you use my blue nail polish?"

"Silk, if you called me all the way over here just to complain about my nails, you're crazy."

"Ha!" Shouted Craig. "She thinks so too!"

"I...AM...NOT...CRAZY!" I screamed as loud as I could. "Jess, go sit on his cock, and if he can get woody, fuck him. If he can't get woody, fuck him!"

"I don't know what's happening here, but you're not being very clear, sis," said Jessica, shaking her head.

She sashayed across to him, and lifted one of those immensely long legs over his. Once she straddled him, she raised her hem like a theatre curtain, and Craig was face to face with a shaved, naked cunt. His member stood up so fast I'm surprised he didn't fall over backward.

"It's a 'no panty' day," I whispered.

Jessie calmly reached for his swollen head, and moved it to her vestibule.

"Wait!" I screamed.

"What?" They glared at me at the same time.

She slapped his potato away, and I capped a condom on his ass, er, dick. Anyway....

Once he was rubbered up, she lowered herself onto him, and he seemed mesmerized. The creaking of his chair and the heavy breathing were the only sounds, as I distractedly rubbed my groin.

My own pussy was dripping down my leg. I brushed my labia and a shiver shook me from my ass to my neck bones. I ran my fingers through my fiery crimson pubic hair, and then tugged on it. I was so wet! I crossed my legs, rubbing them together like a kid who needs to pee. I couldn't stop watching the show.

Jessie and Craig continued to hump faster and faster, and she held onto his shoulders. I slid two nails along my slit. I was dripping. One of my finger crept inside as they picked up momentum, and soon all three of us were racing for the checkered flag.

Jess started taking the Lord's name in vain, a sure sign she was cumming. Craig gritted his teeth, and his muffled groans told me he was filling the old latex. Then I came so hard my legs almost gave out from under me, and I gasped as hard as they did. My eyes went wide.

Oh, no! It's contagious! I caught it from Craig! Now I'm addicted to masturbation!

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