tagGay MaleSilver Ch. 06

Silver Ch. 06


6: Mirrored Image

Pelaam(c): January 2008.

Aboard 'Silver Star' the three couples were making their farewells. Their new mission meant that the team had to separate; something they rarely did. As Theophilus, Sholto and Rayner were all now pregnant the air was highly emotionally charged.

Sholto was just over a couple of months into his pregnancy, but already he suffered easily from pregnancy sickness, at any time of day. As consequence of which Uist was highly protective of, and exceptionally careful with, his young mate. Anticipating the need for a prolonged farewell with his husband, Sholto had already taken an anti-emetic especially created for him by Xavier. It meant he was now able to remain on their bed on his hands and knees, legs spread wide as Uist's tongue bathed his body. He groaned softly as his auburn hair was wrapped around a strong hand to bare the nape of his neck. Sharp teeth bit gently before a rasping tongue licked over the exposed surface. It moved across his shoulders, swept across his back and laved creamy, fur-dusted globes. This time Sholto's moan was deeper, more wanton.

"More, please," he pleaded, pushing back to try and impale himself on the slick, agile muscle that teased so enticingly. He gave a soft cry as the circling tongue began to push inside his body. He groaned his frustration as the welcome invader was withdrawn.

"Gently, mine," Uist purred, rubbing circles over Sholto's back. He oiled two fingers and slid them into his mate's molten heat, relishing the moan and the pungent scent of musk and arousal. His own shaft was almost purple-headed with its need, liquid desire pooling on the bed as he carefully excited and prepared his lover. He knew he needed to take care of his husband in more ways than one. The hard, fast loving he would normally favour if parting from the young human was now not possible. Sholto was having a hard time carrying their child and the cat-man would do nothing to jeopardise either precious life.

"Want you so much," Sholto murmured, pushing back against the delving digits. "Love you so much."

"I love you, too, Sholto," Uist rasped, as he eased a third finger alongside the others still stretching and slicking the tight channel. Slowly, tenderly, the big male eased Sholto backward, sliding his hardness into the prepared sheath to soft whimpers of his name. He then manoeuvred Sholto astride his thighs where the smaller man was only able to accept being loved at Uist's pace.

Sholto groaned his appreciation as he finally sat flush on hard, furred thighs. He let his head fall back onto a broad shoulder, letting Uist control everything. He murmured wordless encouragements as Uist's body undulated gently, massaging his sweet spot. One of his husband's hands rolled one nipple then its twin whilst the other stroked him in concert with the rubbing against his prostate. Sholto's head rolled from side-to-side as he reached back to hold Uist's shoulders. He was hovering on the brink of orgasm and whimpered his need.

"Come for me," a dark, seductive, possessive voice husked into his ear and he was powerless to do anything but obey.

He cried Uist's name as his seed arced from his body. He felt his channel clamp on the hard flesh impaling him as Uist's roar heralded the rush of his mate's essence pulsing inside him. He felt his husband's teeth fasten on his shoulder accompanied by a hard sucking and knew he was being marked.

He was laid down carefully on the bed and Uist's gentle, thorough tongue rasped once more over his body. He was then cradled to the cat-man's powerful chest and nestled closely. He knew that during the mission Uist would be working with Xavier, whilst Tristam would be in more danger as he would be alone, but he still fretted about his mate's safety. His altering hormones made him emotionally vulnerable. He wrapped his arm across Uist. Lovemaking tired him as quickly as it did Theophilus and he felt himself losing the battle to keep his eyes open.

"Sleep a while, my love," he dimly heard Uist's soft purr.

Uist stroked his mate's auburn hair as Sholto slept. As a PrideHomer it went against all of his instincts to leave his pregnant mate, but this was a critical mission. Only a tiny number within the Elite even knew of its existence. He knew the younger men would all be taken care of by Jameson and Aurora; spoilt, in fact. However, he still disliked leaving any of them. He pressed a kiss to Sholto's temple. The sooner it began, the sooner it would be over.


Tristam was as equally caring of his newly pregnant young husband. They had only just been given permission by Xavier to make love and Tristam was taking no chances with Rayner's comfort. The younger man was on his side, Tristam spooned up tightly behind him. The bigger man's fingers tenderly prepared his lover as he sucked on Rayner's earlobe eliciting appreciative shivers of arousal from the lithe brunette.

Rayner writhed as his manhood hardened at Tristam's slow, soft touches. Mental pleasure ebbed and flowed between them until Rayner was uncertain whether he felt his own happiness or Tristam's. He could feel his lover's flesh as a hard, hot brand against his nether cheeks as Tristam's fingers worked their magic to ready him to accept his husband's sex. One of his hands traced over Tristam's hip and thigh and he arched and cried out softly as Tristam's fingers caressed his jewel. The brunette then moaned as Tristam entered him with aching slowness, filling him as deeply as possible. Rayner sagged back against his bigger mate.

"That's it, angel," Tristam murmured. "Let me take care of you, love."

Tristam kept his movements slow and tender and at an unhurried pace that nudged his lover's hidden sweetness gently. He refused to give in to his baser desire to thrust harder or faster, keeping the pace steady, content to feel his lover's increasing arousal and know that they were spiralling towards a shared zenith.

"Love you, angel, love you so much. Want to come with you."

Rayner shivered at the deep guttural tone, the sound as arousing as the touches to his body. He was beyond words, beyond thinking, letting himself simply feel and trusting his mate to take care of all he needed. He came crying Tristam's name at three gentle pulls to his swollen flesh. As his own seed fountained over his husband's hand he felt wet heat fill him, Tristam moaning his name into his neck.

Rayner did not know whether it was minutes or hours later that Tristam slipped from his body and he felt his lover's sadness at the loss of their connection that echoed his own.

"I don't want to let you go. Come back safe to us, Tristam," he whispered as he turned to bury his face against his husband's broad chest. He bathed his husband's nipple with his tongue, sucking on the large nub.

"I have the greatest incentive any man could have; a beautiful husband and our unborn waiting for me. Relax, angel. Let me just hold you." Tristam's strong arms encircled Rayner. He smiled as he heard soft snuffles of sleep from his mate within minutes. However, he remained awake, holding to his precious bundle.


Theophilus lay languorously in the nest he shared with his husband. His hair fanned over the cushions like golden silk. His legs were spread wide and the reptilian's tail was deep inside him, caressing his sweet spot whilst a talented tongue was wrapped around his aching shaft. Theophilus arched and moaned as Xavier worked his body masterfully. The long, forked tongue moved both up and down as well as contracting and relaxing, but all movements were tender and unhurried. Theophilus shifted to be able to stroke the smooth head of his lizard mate and over the aural depressions, a sensation Xavier especially enjoyed. The blond knew he was fast approaching completion and he whimpered his mate's name over and over.

"Xavier!" Theophilus finally cried as his living essence pulsed free.

The reptilian was closely monitoring his lover and knew when his beautiful mate was reaching his climax. Mindful of his maw of sharp teeth, Xavier carefully closed his mouth over Theophilus' erection and drank down the sweet elixir. He used his tongue to milk his lover of every precious drop and then stretched alongside his husband.

Theophilus was now taking a supplement that helped to ensure he was not so easily fatigued and Xavier was hoping to bring his beloved to a second, shared climax. His tail stroked the satin skin of an inner thigh as his fingers toyed with nipples that adorned slightly swollen breasts.

"I will miss you so much, my husband," Theophilus mourned sadly, burrowing into his mate's strong arms.

"As I will miss you, my heart," Xavier replied honestly, stroking his love's tresses.

"I wish I could be with you," the blond said, his golden eyes sorrowful.

"I will have Uist, beautiful," Xavier smiled reassuringly. "You will need to take care of Rayner and Sholto. Rayner will especially worry being away from, and out of reach of, his husband. Your role here will be as every bit as important as ours, beloved."

Theophilus smiled and peppered the reptilian visage with kisses. As hard as being apart from his husband would be, he intended to take his responsibility for his more newly pregnant brothers very seriously.

"Please, my husband," he whispered, "be inside me."

"Are you able to pleasure yourself on my flesh, beloved?" Xavier asked.

Theophilus' smile became wider, a reflection of genuine happiness. He was proud of being less tired than in the first months of his pregnancy and knew how much Xavier enjoyed the sight of him astride the big reptilian. He arose gracefully, his golden hair rippling over his shoulders and down to the small of his back. He straddled his lover's large body, raising himself ready for Xavier to unsheathe his twin hemipenes. He could feel how slick and ready he was and the sensation of his mate's sexes at his entrance sent frissons of arousal throughout his lithe frame.

As Theophilus settled his body to take Xavier inside him, the lizard gave a low trill of pleasure and joy. He relished every time he was able to make love with his beautiful mate and it was especially arousing for the reptilian knowing Theophilus bore their child. His tail wrapped securely around the blond's waist as Xavier's long, sensitive fingers traced over the gentle swell of his husband's abdomen. Theophilus was already undulating and squeezing his internal muscles, driving the bigger male towards completion. Xavier cupped his mate's sac, rolling the precious orbs before stroking the slender rod that was slowly refilling to bob elegantly in time with Theophilus' movements.

Xavier's hands began to trace warm, soft skin from Theophilus' throat, across his shoulders and over his nipples, tweaking them with meticulous precision as his tail spiralled around his lover's shaft contracting and relaxing in harmony with the blond's motions. His mate's face seemed lit by a beatific glow as he worked both of them to a shared release. He gave his own smile as golden eyes ablaze with love and desire opened to look down on him.

"I love you so much, my husband."

"And I you, Theophilus," the reptilian replied.

The blond moaned, dropping his head back and pushing his chest into Xavier's touches as he felt his mate form his knot and the tail around his own erection changed movements to a ripple effect from root to tip and back again. He began to pant softly as he undulated on the hard flesh impaling him, the ripples around his aching shaft increasing incrementally with his movements. Heat suffused his body and a tingling seemed to permeate every cell before his seed flowed up in a pearlescent arc to spill over Xavier's pale-green skin.

Xavier watched as his husband reached his zenith and he was rewarded with his precious silver. With a groan of Theophilus' name, the reptilian's own elixir filled his mate's spasming sheath. Even before Xavier's orgasm had ended, Theophilus slumped and the lizard held him safely as the last of his seed filled the beautiful blond mammal. He cradled the slighter body close, smiling as Theophilus sagged completely, letting Xavier take care of both of them.

"Be safe, my husband. Come home safely with our brother," Theophilus whispered. He nestled across the broad chest of his mate, held tightly by arms and tail.

"I will return, my heart. We will all come home safe to our loved ones. But you know how important it is for Tristam to try and rescue someone who seems to have been genetically altered in the same way as he has. It has become a very personal mission to him."

"I will take care of the young ones," Theophilus vowed, as he stroked his mate's frill, earning a low purring trill of pleasure from his mate.

"I know you will, beloved," Xavier said. He was so proud of his husband. He gave silent thanks for the brave and compassionate younger male he had been so blessed with. "Sleep safe, my heart. Let me take care of you whilst I may." Xavier began a low musical trilling as he rocked his lover, feeling the caresses to his frill slowly falter and stop. He was quite certain he would not be the only one keeping a voluntary vigil over a beloved mate that night.


Rayner, Sholto and Theophilus paced or sat, their faces reflecting their worry. They barely registered the luxury of the apartment in which they were housed or its view of the immaculately tended parkland. They were currently willing themselves not to constantly ring their Papa. They knew Jameson was the central hub of information for all that was happening, but realised equally that he needed to be free to receive calls from their husbands rather than themselves.

Theophilus moved to stand behind Rayner and gently massage the shoulders he could see were tense with anxiety.

"Tristam will take no chances, my brother," he said in reassuring tones. "You are his world. As you are Uist's," he smiled, as Sholto ambled over to lean against him. He draped an arm around the smaller man trying to infuse both younger males with confidence.

That the sharing of comfort and support had come full circle came as no surprise to any in the room. They were all part of a diverse and extended family. When one was in need, they knew they could rely on succour from the others. Rayner stood to bury his face in a slender shoulder and a deceptively strong arm encircled him protectively.

"They will *all* come home safe," Theophilus said emphatically.

The buzz from the videophone had the three men hurrying to take the call and they held their breath anxiously at the sight of a grim-faced Jameson.

"There has been some unexpected activity at the space station that Uist and Xavier were investigating," the older human said, his eyes flicking from Sholto to Theophilus. "Communications are down and I've sent in another ship. It could be a day or so before I can communicate properly with them. As far as I have been able to establish they are unhurt, but stranded and no longer able to transmit to me."

Unconsciously, Sholto and Theophilus' hands reached to each other and their fingers entwined, each man conveying solidarity with the other.

"Do you need us to take 'Silver' out?" Rayner asked, trying to think of action they could take to help their family.

"No, Rayner," Jameson replied. "You are needed here. Tristam is already returning with his ... cargo. He has very short range communications, but I can confirm he is on his way home and all is well. He will soon rendezvous with Darius and can speak more openly then. Just a few more days, boys and this will all be successfully concluded."

"Thank you, Papa," Rayner smiled.

"I'll be in touch as soon as I hear more from your husbands, boys," Jameson said, looking at Sholto and Theophilus.

As the older human's visage faded, the three males hugged tightly. Whilst there were still some concerns over Uist and Xavier, they all believed Jameson when he said it was nearly over.


Sholto had opted to remain at the apartment whilst Theophilus and Rayner drove out to meet Tristam and his rescued prisoner. The entire building was monitored and protected by Elite-trained security and Jameson had felt that the freed prisoner would be more relaxed if they remained with Tristam for a day or so until less overwhelmed by their new-found liberty. Then they could all meet when Uist and Xavier returned. It was important to the older human that there was no suggestion that there had simply been an exchange from one set of jailers to another. All the two men knew of their guest was that they shared enhanced senses like Tristam and were struggling to manage control.

The dark and light men scanned the crowds looking for the man that was husband, Protector and leader. Both gasped in unison.

The couple walking towards them could have been brother and sister. Despite Tristam being over six feet in height, the blond woman at his side was only an inch or so shorter. Height, build, hair colour, the similarities were almost uncanny. Their heads were angled towards each other as though no one else existed and they held each other's hand.

Rayner fought down a sharp, shard of jealousy at the way his husband seemed engrossed with the eerily alike woman. His mate's blue eyes then looked up and saw him and the mental caress he had sorely missed drove all unkind thoughts from his mind. He gave an incandescent smile and enthusiastic wave and he led the way towards the couple.

Tristam released his hold on the woman's hand as Rayner moulded tightly to his broad body, sighing his happiness.

"Tristam, I don't like it here." The woman's voice was husky and low, but the tone was that of a petulant child.

"I am Theophilus," the slender blond said, catching hold of the woman and pulling her towards the car. He knew Rayner needed a moment alone with his much missed mate. "I will take you to our car. It is quieter there."

He was surprised at the lack of enthusiasm from the blond woman, her attention rapt on Tristam and Rayner. He managed to get her inside the vehicle and got in beside her. The look of pure venom she gave him almost took the Dregan's breath away.

"You're not human and I don't like you," she hissed malevolently.

"No. I am not," Theophilus agreed. Then gave his own voice a brittle tone. "And I care not whether you like me."

The bald statement seemed to deflate the woman and she sat silently and sullenly. Theophilus felt guilty at his lack of empathy for the woman. She had been a prisoner, genetically altered ... and he inexplicably disliked her. He would do all he could to make her feel safe and secure, but his main priority was looking after his brothers. She would have many people to ensure she was well cared for soon enough. He glanced out at Tristam and Rayner as they ambled up to the vehicle, Tristam's arm possessively around Rayner's waist and each gazing lovingly at the other.

"Regina," Tristam said. "I want you to meet my husband Rayner and this is Theophilus who is as a brother to me."

Rayner smiled at the blond woman, but got a cold stare in response.

"I want to sit with you," she whined.

"You'll be fine with Theophilus," Tristam said.

"I don't like him. I don't like it here. I want to go home."

"You're coming to our home for a couple of days whilst you get used to being out in the world. We also want to make sure no one is going to come after you. Soon you'll have your choice of wherever you want to go," Tristam replied, his voice soft and soothing.

The atmosphere in the vehicle was so thick with tension it could have been cut with a knife. Regina insisted on petting Tristam constantly and smirked triumphantly at Rayner when the brunette turned hurt eyes at his mate who seemed oblivious to the touches. Theophilus simply wanted to slap her for the spoilt brat she seemed to be despite her apparent adulthood. He was also angry that Tristam seemed not to notice Rayner's growing discomfiture as his husband failed to stop Regina's touches.

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