tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSilver Screen Express Ch. 09

Silver Screen Express Ch. 09


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

Friday morning came, the one work day usually known for cashing a pay check to most working people. 'The eagle flies on Friday and Saturday I go out to play' was a saying from an old Blues song that rang true in the back of David's mind. Today wasn't like any other day of the week, apart from knowing that he was going to get paid and spend the weekend relaxing. So far through the morning, David was rolling with his usual routine of picking up fares around town and dropping them off. Few had offered any conversation so far today, so he was feeling lonely as usual. Driving taxi cars or even private service vans like the Screen Express business offered may have been fun, but there were times when it was a lonely job.

Once the afternoon had properly set in, he found himself driving the van around Beverly Hills, listening to the dispatch call in for any customers that may be calling in from the area. Beverly Hills was usually a hot spot where he could find multiple fares during the day and earn a good bit of money. So far on this Friday, his toes were twitching between the flip flops while he drove the van around. David had picked out a simple black T-shirt for today while wearing a white pair of cargo shorts. The heat of the summer made him dress casually, especially for today. Comfort was always an important part of driving the Silver Screen van around. There was no uniform needed to be a driver, so David always made it a point to dress comfortably.

While the van rolled through the streets, the dispatch called in multiple fares that were close by. David had to make the choice between one call that spoke of a man nearby and a woman a few streets down. Since he had yet to pick up a female passenger, he went on and turned the van down a street and went the extra distance. It was only five minutes in true timing distance, but regardless, David wanted something interesting to come out of today. The dispatch had informed drivers that a woman in a denim jacket and short white skirt was calling him. While pulling up to a curb on the street, David instantly noticed his new fare when he looked out the passenger's window. The woman had brown hair, split down the middle and wearing a denim jacket over a white shirt. Rolling down the window, David watched her approach the passenger's side with a smile before she spoke.

"Hi! Can you take me out to Carthay?"

She spoke in a heavy British accent, instantly alerting David as he wasn't used to hearing a voice like hers. He nodded to her with a smile.

"Carthay? Sure, hop in. I'll take you there in no time, the initial charge will be five hundred dollars."

"Oh, hold on. I've got it right here!"

The woman shoved her hands down into the inside pockets of her denim jacket. David had rarely seen fares try to pay before stepping foot in the van, so this immediately caught his eye. He waved his hand at her, looking at the heavy cleavage of her white shirt before shaking his head.

"No, it's not a problem! You can pay after we get there, cause I've gotta add it all up."

"Here you go, just in case I were to forget."

"Alright, go on and get in. I'll take you down to Carthay, no problem."

She offered a small smile while handing him the money. Hundred dollar bills, five a piece. David couldn't refuse, as his impression was that she must be first time caller to pay the initial fee up front like this. Heels clacking over the pavement could be heard as she moved around to the left back side and slid the door open. Once the door was completely shut and she sat among the back seat, David began to slowly move the van off the side of the street and back into traffic. She didn't have a purse or anything with her, but David was mostly surprised by her accent. Before he had a chance to create a conversation, she spoke up once more in her sultry accent.

"It's so hot out there today, my god."

"Yeah, that's usual weather out here in L.A. The summer time is fucking brutal, I can tell you that. So, what's your name? You don't sound like you're from around here."

A giggle was heard from the back seat. David continued driving down the roads while she answered him back.

"I'm Lucy and you are?"

"You can call me David. Are you from England, Lucy?"

"Yes, you make a fine guess."

"Well, what are you doing out here in L.A.?"

"I've been living out here for a few years now since I retired in modelling."


"Yeah! I had a good run back home in England with lad's magazines. I'm a famous glamour model, or at least I used to be."

He couldn't help but to chuckle to himself while gripping the steering wheel. So far, Lucy was a talkative fare and a refreshment from the loneliness of the morning. After he made a left turn and headed back from traffic, he glanced into the rear view mirror and had a second look at her. Lucy sat in the middle of the seats with her legs crossed. Her long gorgeous legs were topped off in a pair of black high heels. From her chest, he could see quite a heavy cleavage under a low cut white shirt that remained under her denim jacket. From the distance, this woman was a clear beauty. 'Goddamn, I'd be a fool if I didn't take a chance to test my luck with this woman'. Thinking to himself, David already wanted to try and smooth talk her down the line, but it wasn't time for that yet. He spoke back offering a subtle question.

"Is this your first time calling for a Silver Screen van, Lucy?"

Looking up, she smiled and nodded while sitting in the back seats.

"Yes, indeed. This is my first time, a friend told me about the business."

David changed the subject again, curious to know of her time as a model.

"You said you were a glamour model, right?"


"What are lad magazines? Please explain this to me, I don't think I've ever heard that term before."

Lucy laughed at him. She moved over to the right side of the seats, still in clear sight of David's large rear view mirror. He watched her movements for a bit before shifting his focus back to the highway and the traffic in front of them. While he drove, he listened to her lovely English voice reply back.

"They're magazines back home where models get nude in glamour shots. Most of the focus is on big boobs. I guess if you were familiar with them, you would recognize me. I'm Lucy Pinder, I was in those magazines and Page 3 for years."

"Lucy Pinder?"

"Yep, that's me!"

For some odd reason, her name sounded familiar to him as if David should've been aware of her. Maybe he had come across Lucy Pinder in the past browsing photo sites for big tit models years ago. Either way, he didn't care. She was absolutely stunning from the back seat of his van and soon enough he would be testing his luck with her.

"Well Lucy, I have to say. You're pretty gorgeous, easily the most sexy person I've picked up all day, probably even all week."

She blushed, trying not to smile while her left hand roamed her leg.

"Thank you."

While driving, David was already trying to think of ways he could seductively talk this woman into taking off her clothes. He got the impression from how talkative Lucy had been thus far, perhaps she could be an easy one for him. Some women required a heavy amount of seductive talking, but he had a better feeling about her. His thoughts changed at an instance as he had to slam on breaks to let a pedestrian walk by.

"Oh, shit! Sorry! I just have to let this idiot walk on by!"

Lucy giggled at him. When he was a younger man, David occasionally would smash the horn at a pedestrian walking by who had forced him to stop. He was older now and had lost a bit of his angry edge as age began to catch up with him. He turned the van slowly, moving towards Carthay's. He wasn't sure exactly why she wanted to go there, but his mind had moved to other things besides asking. Carthay was a wealthy neighborhood among L.A., his best guess was Lucy probably had a friend she was visiting there. Changing the subject again as he drove, David spoke back up to her.

"So, this is your first time riding in a Silver Screen van, right?"

"Yep! Like I told you, I heard about it from a friend."

"Did your friend tell you about any special deals with your first ride?"

"No, I don't think so."

An intrigued look came over her face as she remained seated in the back. David noticed her facial expression upon another glance into the rear view mirror. He grinned smugly to himself as he began to take his chances with seducing this beautiful British lady.

"The deal is, I'll give you a discount fee knocking off a hundred dollars if you flash me your tits. Only on the first ride, it's a special discount for the ladies only!"

Raising an eyebrow, Lucy bust out laughing at him. Over the years, she had many men that were brave to ask her for a little flash. She knew her status as a busty glamour model after all, but this was a line she had heard before. Shaking her head, she finally replied back to him.

"I've heard that line before! You can't be serious!"

"Oh no, I am for real! I'll knock off a bit of the fee if you flash me your tits!"

A sigh was heard from the backseat. When Lucy didn't immediately reply back to his words, David wasn't sure if she would comply with his request or not. He glanced back through the rear view mirror to see her leaning forward and pulling her shirt down to reveal her heavy cleavage. Within her shirt, he could see a black strap that indicated she had a bra on underneath. It took her a few tries, but she eventually was able to pull her shirt down enough to give him a flash of those huge breasts.

"Good fucking god! Look at those!!"

Lucy leaned back, smiling as her tits bounced under her shirt while she resumed her position sitting down. David was amazed at the gigantic size of her boobs.

"Thank you!"

"They are so fucking huge!"

"Yeah I know, they are."

"That's some of the best tits I've ever seen, fucking wow."

By now, she had cracked up laughing at his words. Even though he was a stranger, Lucy was not new to hearing praise of her large breasts.

"Thanks, I get told that a lot."

"I bet you do, those are gorgeous fucking big titties."

Step one had been accomplished so far in his seduction. A little flash would only be the beginning, as David was becoming more confident about smooth talking her into some quick sex. By now, he had made the drive to Carthay a bit longer by taking a detour route through a business section of town with large buildings. Lucy didn't seem to pay any attention to his driving, even as she glanced out the windows from the back seat. The van continued to roll among the streets for several minutes in silence. Lucy leaned over in her seat, sitting back there comfortably over the black leather seats. David simply wanted to stall a bit of time before he asked her again.

"Would you mind giving me another flash, Lucy?"

"Another one?"

"Yeah but this time, I want you to get those big titties out of the bra. Can you do that for me?"


Lucy replied with her eyebrow raised. David nodded, gripping the steering wheel after he had glanced up into the rear view mirror.

"Yeah, go ahead! Come on, I'll dare you to do it! I fucking dare you to flash me with those big tits, babe."

She didn't respond back after he spoke. Lucy simply leaned forward again, this time bringing her hands down over the front of her shirt. A sigh was heard, forcing David to glance back up into the rear view mirror. To his surprise, she was fulfilling his request. Lucy took off her jacket, revealing her busty chest in the low cut white shirt. She didn't remove her shirt however, she simply leaned forward and pushed her large tits out of the bra to flash David yet again. Her bare nipples were exposed as she held them together and did a small shake to bounce them around. When he glanced back up into the rear view mirror apart from driving, he nearly fainted.

"Jesus fucking Christ! Look at those big tits!!"

Sitting back, Lucy popped her tits back into the bra and under her shirt. As she leaned back in her seat, she offered a smile while he went on bragging about what he had just witnessed.

"Holy shit, that's gotta be some of the best tits I've ever seen in my whole life."

"Thank you!"

Remaining seated, Lucy glanced out of the windows and ran her hand through her hair. She looked back into the seat, knowing that things were beginning to become more heated with David. The sound of rustling could be heard in the back as she slipped her denim jacket back on. His confidence had been boosted since she had flashed her breasts at him rather easily a second time. David felt that Lucy was indeed an easy one to seduce now. Taking a heavy breath, he gripped the steering while still driving. He had to come up with a way to make his offer to her, but didn't want to reprise the same lines he had given other lovely ladies before her. Even though he wasn't familiar with the name of Lucy Pinder, he still found her to be a quite classy lady apart from being a busty beauty.

"You know, I've been thinking..."

Scenery passed by the windows, but Lucy didn't pay at any attention. She looked up at the back of his seat while he paused. After a moment, David continued.

"This is gonna sound pretty dirty, but I can't help myself. Have you ever fucked a cab driver before?"

Lucy couldn't help but to laugh hard at him. She reached her left hand up and grabbed at the safety bar near the door momentarily. After a moment, she moved her hand back away and then shook her head once more before answering him back.

"Seriously? You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not kidding!"

"What is it with these odd ball questions?"

"Would you fuck me? That's literally what I'm asking you."

This time, Lucy laughed hard as he didn't try to disguise his language with any seductive smooth talking. David was very blunt about it, forcing her to laugh. She shook her head, smiling as she replied. Though it was rude of him to talk dirty like this, Lucy found herself flattered when a man was honest about taking a chance with her.

"Oh no, I don't think so."

David sighed before replying.

"Oh, come on babe. I'll make a deal with you. I'll give you your money back and make this a free ride if you fuck me. How about that?"

While he spoke, she couldn't help but to shake her head and giggle again. Lucy could not believe how serious he was in his words. Though it may have seemed like a joke, she knew the sincerity in his words as he was now going the length to make an offer.

"You're not kidding about this?"

"Fuck no! Look, I've always wanted to a fuck an English woman from over the pond. I could listen to a woman like you talk for hours, your voice is lovely."

Lucy licked her lips, teasing him as she assumed his eyes were glancing upward into his rear view mirror. David carried on.

"Look at this way, I'm just a regular guy. I get paid driving rich people around but I'm never going to have the money to go visit Britain, that's for sure. You're so fucking beautiful, I'm lucky enough that I'm driving you around today. Those tits are some of the best I've ever seen in my life, so yeah! I really wanna fuck you good and show you a great time."

She didn't reply back to him at the moment. Shaking her left leg, Lucy ran her hand back over the seal of the window. She had the impression that this man probably wasn't going to give up. He probably could show her a good time, but Lucy wanted to see how far he would really go if she denied him.

"Do we have a deal, babe?"

Shaking her head, she replied swiftly.

"No thanks. No deal whatsoever."

He sighed, shaking his head. He expected her to be an easy one to seduce but so far, Lucy was proving beyond his bad assumption. Figuring now he had to step up his game with an offer, David thought for a moment While still driving through the streets, David replied with his frustrations.

"Not a deal? Damn, you're a tough one."

She busted out giggling at him, almost as if it were a game to her. Lucy sat back and listened to him speak again.

"Alright, what if I give you five hundred dollars back? I'll make this a free ride and I'll fucking pay you five hundred dollars extra, how is that?"

This man was persistent, Lucy thought to herself. Just the thought of him offering cash back, made her feel almost like a hooker going by the way she was dressed in the short white shirt and high heels. Surely, she could request him for money and truly break the bank on this man, but she found him to be interesting that he would even go this far to offer her money. Thinking for a moment, she didn't get a chance to reply as he spoke back up. David was becoming impatient to hear her answer.

"Come on, is that a deal or what?"

"You are one funny man, I have to give you that!"

"What's so funny about this, babe? I'm serious! I really wanna fuck you!"

After thinking for a moment, Lucy felt that he must have done this before in the past. She replied back, invoking the topic of the past.

"I feel like you've...I don't know how to say this...You talk like you've done this with other women before me. Am I right?"

"Oh yeah, you are babe. Who am I to lie? This is your first time riding in a Silver Screen van, I like it to get it on at times when I have a beautiful woman in the back. That's if the woman wants to have some fun with me."

She raised her eyebrows and smiled. At least the man was honest yet a complete surprise for her day, Lucy thought to herself.

"Wow, you really are telling the truth then. I've never known of cab drivers to shag anyone from back home in my country."

David chuckled at Lucy's response. Her British accent came out strong in her choice of words.

"So, do we have a deal yet or not? I'm gonna add in the five hundred dollars and give you you're money back. Come on, I'll take you out to one of my favorite spots around here, no one will catch us. I'll fuck you better than any other driver with this business, I promise."

Finally after much disagreement, Lucy couldn't help herself. She needed to have some fun since she had been lonely lately, but this man seemed like he would never stop until he got the answer he wanted. She looked back at the seat and nodded.

"Yeah, sure. Why not? You're a funny guy, I think this could be fun."

David smiled, gripping the steering wheel tighter after listening to her words. At last, he thought to himself. She wasn't an easy woman to seduce, but he knew it was going to be worth it. He put his foot down, picking up a little speed in the van.

"Oh my god, you just made my fucking day. You are so fucking gorgeous. This is one hell of a way to start the weekend!"

No longer did he care about the pay check he would be cashing in later this evening. All David cared about was his chance to bang this beautiful British woman. He was true to his word about taking her to a special spot. Since he had driven through a business part of town, he was able to find a parking garage that served it's purpose in the past with another beautiful woman. While he drove into the multi-story parking garage, Lucy remained quiet sitting in the back seat. Though David usually would request a woman to tease him with taking her clothes off and giving him a bit of a strip tease, he didn't bother her with such a question. He figured if she didn't take her clothes off now, she was probably waiting for later.

Lucy's eyes scanned over the scenery outside the van. David drove up the first floor of the car park and continued. She quickly realized that the vehicle would be on a higher floor of the multi-story car park. Lucy was a bit worried about someone spotting them, it was her initial first thought. Figuring that David must have had experience doing such sleazy events with other women, she would ask him about it within a minute. She glanced out both windows, studying the number of cars that were parked few and far between on the floors. He went up another turn to go to a high floor and then Lucy noticed there was a handful of vehicles parked around on this new floor.

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