tagSci-Fi & FantasySimone's Seduction

Simone's Seduction


Simone lounge across her favorite silken sheets. Her gaze rested upon her husband, who at the moment was making final adjustments on his armor before leaving for his the mission which had been assigned to him.

She reached out languidly with a delicate creamy fingers to rest them upon a cruel spike jutting off of the bracer of his armor. "Will you be back soon," she purred in her sultry voice, gazing up at him with eyes full of sensual promise.

Draken looked down at his wife, pausing as he tightened a strap. His cruel, azure eyes narrowed dangerously. "I will return when I finish," he rasped, annoyed with her pestering. She knew well enough his dark god called him to duty and he had no time for the pleasures of her body.

She withdrew her hand in a slow, insolent movement and gave him a sulky look. One of her hands trailed down breast to her lush belly in a suggestive motion. Draken paused to watch the gesture, contemplating the expression on his wife's delicate features.

"Simone I will return soon enough. Besides, my absence will just make our joining that much more fierce. Behave yourself woman," he reached down with a gauntleted hand and pulled her up to him.

Draken was fierce in his possession of Simone and left his mate no doubt about how he felt. She was his, and she was to wait for him to finish his dark mission as a well behaved wife should. When he released her from his ravenous kiss she trembled and lifted a hand to her head where he had grasped her.

"Of course husband," she whispered in contrite tones with her eyes cast down. Her lips still burned from the fire of his kiss, and her scalp tingled in little riots of pain. She licked a small drop of blood off her lips which had been pierced by his cruel fangs.

Draken's gazed at her, not quite believe her demure behavior. For a moment he almost lost himself in her eyes. How those eyes reminded him of the foam of an angry ocean at sunset, pale, green, and luminescent. Then, he turned to look towards the outer chambers. His Priest blood brother awaited him, as did their mission. The bastards that they where assigned to slay would die quickly, and Draken would be back soon enough to enjoy Simone's companionship.

Without another word Draken turned and strode out. Had he turned to look at his wife one last time, Draken would have seen the seething look she cast him and the fires burning in her pale eyes.

Simone waited till she felt the house grow still, then crept from the safety of her bed chamber. As she expected the killers had left to perform their dark deeds of murder. Without a care she jauntily strutted across the living chambers towards the kitchen, her full breast bouncing with each step she took, her sumptuous hips swaying.

Simone hated not feeling flesh on hers, and felt just a bit resentful at Draken. Had she not always been faithful to the Black Priest, despite her ancestor's Succubus blood that lurked in her veins? Well she had, until this evening. Simone decided after a quick morsel of food she would do a bit of hunting herself. Not for blood as her husband , but for carnal flesh.

With in the hour Simone prowled the dark streets of Delmyr. Her gaze occasionally flicked up to the imposing turrets of SoulBlood.

The Sapphire towers topped with blood red crenellations looked positively phallic in the silvery moon light to Simone.

"Mmmm, just what I need, " Simone whispered to herself, eying a tower in a thoughtful way,

Finally she arrived at her destination, The Naughty Nymph, a rather entertaining inn. She passed beneath the placard depicting a luscious voluptuary holding a frothing tankard of ale against the swell of her breast.

Personally Simone would have found it far more amusing if patrons would have passed through her legs, but alas the artist had not been that lecherous.

Once inside she took a deep breath, enjoying the mix of liquor, food, and lust that assailed her.

Her pale green eyes roved the room, taking in the sights.

The usual interaction between the lusty barmaids and patrons comforted her. The familiar surroundings where very welcome after Draken's brutal treatment.

Simone sauntered over to her favorite booth and slid onto the seat. Luckily she had the presence of mind to send a message much earlier to reserve her favorite spot. It was also lucky that Draken had not caught her in the act.

Normally Simone merely drank and watched the byplay, or foreplay as it was most of the time. Tonight, however, would be different.

Now who would make a wonderful playmate? She studied each prospective male quite carefully. To her disappointment not one measured up to her standards. Draken cut quite a figure, and was a very consummate lover when he had the mind to be.

Then, she saw him. Simone watched her future luscious play toy make his entrance into the Naughty Nymph. He was a delectable chocolate in a sea of boring vanilla. Simone licked her lips lustily, then moved to invite her prospective playmate to her private booth. Simone slid up next to him while he scanned the inn much in the same manner as she had previously.

She placed her finger tips on the bronze flesh of his thick, muscular arm and tip toed to whisper in his ear. The gestured brought the tips of her jutting breast to against his sword arm, bringing Simone his full attention.

"Would you mind keeping the company of a lonely lady this evening," Simone purred her hot breath caressing his neck and ear.

He regarded her with eyes blue as any spring sky for a moment before gifting her with a devil-may-care smile.

"I would love to," he murmured, then gestured for her to show the way.

By the gods he was incredible. She watched the play of his muscle under his black clothing. Simone found herself having to concentrate on maneuvering through the crowded inn. She could hardly wait to rip those clothes from his body to see what lay underneath. He was several inches taller then Draken and broader in the shoulders. The icing on the cake for Simone was his mane of platinum curls. Simone quivered at the thought of tangling her fingers in those curls.

"I am Christian. What may I call you," he asked, sitting so his thigh rubbed hers once the had arrived at her little booth.

"Simone," she managed to get out, her mind wrapped around her erotic fantasy of naked flesh.

"I like the name. Sounds delightfully naughty, especially the way you say it," he replied, a deep erotic growl entering his voice.

She nodded, then offered him a drink just to watch his lips against the glass and the movement of his throat as he swallowed.

Simone suddenly felt she could wait no longer. "Let us abandon pretense. Please, may we just get a room? I feel as if I am about to explode."

Christian smiled knowingly and nodded. "Oh you will my sensual one, you will," he spoke softly in her ear. The evening was going exactly as planned.

Within minutes they where in a well appointed private room designed especially for assignations such as theirs.

Simone gave the feather bed an appraising glance, then Christian fell upon her making Simone lose all coherent thought.

His lips traced a blistering trail from her curved neck down to the fabric of her bodice. "What have we here hidden away from my sight," his fingers deftly unlaced the cloth that imprisoned her succulent bosom as he spoke.

Her pert breast tingled as the cold air of the room enveloped them. Christian's fingers gracefully slid across the sensitive underside causing Simone to tremble and gasp.

"Do not worry my sweet one, I will warm you," he purred, then dropped to his knees and looked up into her eyes.

Simone felt utterly captivated. Never had Draken been tender, and this Christian was so very tender. If Simone had known what truly lurked in Christian's thoughts she would have struck him across his angelic face.

His hot tongue gently touched her ribs, then slid down to her stomach, eliciting more gasping and trembling from Simone. Her fingers tangled in his curls; just as she imagined, pure silk.

Time seem to shift for Simone. She felt suspended in the moment, her body throbbing with sensations as Christian worked his magic with his mouth. Her eyes flickered open when she realized he had lifted her, placed her onto the wide bed, and removed the remains of her clothing.

Her now naked body sank into the embrace of the feather mattress, giving her a feeling of soft protection. Though Simone doubted she needed any protection. Her gaze traveled up his powerful body to his eyes. Those eyes glowed softly in the dark room, casting a pale luminescent blue glow upon her creamy flesh. Simone closed her eyes leaning her head back to expose her fragile throat. She missed Christian's look of triumph.

He let one hand follow the contours and shadows of her body, just barely touching her flesh. She wriggled under his touch and whimpered. "You are torturing me," she moaned in a husky voice.

"No sensual one I am merely deciding how to best enjoy you. Such a treasure trove one does not know where to start. Perhaps your fingers," Christian reached down, captured her hand and lifted it to his lips.

He brought a delicate finger into his mouth and sucked delicately . Christian kept his gaze locked onto her to watch every singe subtle twitch Simone made.

"Please," she managed to force out and reached for him. Christian stepped just out of her reached. He smiled silkily at her then began to strip off his own clothes.

Simone watched devouring every detail of his perfect form. Her desire to touch him her fingers became so strong she twitched at the thought of it. Simone could lose herself for hours touching and learning its every part of Christian's body.

Once undressed he stood before her, contemplating his prize. Simone closed her eyes and clutched the comforter beneath her. A scream began building in her. She knew the moment Christian touched her she would lose control of all thought.

Christian knelt down upon the bed at her feet. She raised her head and looked into his eyes which now burned with hot desire. "I can not wait any longer just take me or I swear I shall leave," she hissed between clenched teeth.

He chuckled at her empty threat, and crawled across her shaking form. "My beauty I know empty threats when I hear them. I however shall satisfy your lust before I entertain myself."

He nudged her thighs apart with a knee, pausing only to enjoy the sight of her body open and waiting for him.

Christian paused and looked down thoughtfully at his prize. Simone's arms snaked around his shoulders trying to pull him down onto her, he resisted and her eyes flew open.

"I think lovely one I shall make you wait. First you must convince me to fuck you," he drawled sitting back onto his heals. His lips curled into a pleased smile at the look she gave him.

Her eyes burned as if the fires of hell themselves danced with in, and as a it just happened to be so.

"If that is what you want," she hissed moving to her knees as well.

Next she wrapped her arms around his neck, then buried her face into the crook of his neck. Simone paused as she drank in the smell of his warm flesh, then she nipped with her sharp little white teeth. She felt his skin break and tasted the drops of blood that welled to the surface. Her tongue slid across the wound, drawing a moan from him.

The sound thrilled Simone, deep and lustful, drawn from the depths of Christian's being. She pulled closer to him, melding her flesh against his flesh. Breast to chest, stomach to stomach. His shaft quivered between their bodies, as eager as she was.

Simone moved her lips to his ear taking delicate nibbles her hot breath bringing shivers to his body. Christian let out a long low growl of carnal pleasure, his steel-like muscles twitching against her soft body.

His strong hands glided along her back touching each pressure point in a delightful erotic manner. They slide down to cup her bottom, curling around so they just barely touch her most secret treasure.

Simone's hungry mouth sought out his mouth. Sensual lips met, their tongues enter twined in an erotic dance. They devoured one another till their sensitive lips throbbed and bolts of liquid fire shot through their bodies.

Christian pushed her back into the feather mattress, moving with her body. Simone snaked her legs around his waist inviting him into paradise. This time he obliged, his flesh sliding into her silken wanting body.

The primal scream that had building in Simone tore from her, throat. Her fingernails dug into his massive shoulders, biting so deeply blood oozed from beneath them and ran down her hands, arms, the curve of her breast to finally spill onto the pristine white mattress.

Christian snarled allowing the beast with in to claw its way to the surface. His head snapped back. His lips back to reveal cruel fangs. Then he lunged forward and buried his fangs in the curve of her neck. She screamed again, pleasure and pain roiling through her body in powerful waves.

Christian began to move his body in the primitive rhythm that now consumed him. Both lost themselves to their feral nature of the moment, no longer capable of coherent thought.

Simone felt herself building like a raging lightning storm. Torrents of electric sensation tore through her body, building to a breaking point. The tension snapped and her body filled with the most incredible euphoria. Simone's screams where drowned up by Christian's roar.

She lay beneath him drawing ragged breaths recovering from what just occurred. Christian smiled down at her and rolled off. He lay next to her running his fingers along her arm. "And to think we still have plenty of darkness tonight. Just the beginning." He leaned forward to taste her lips once more. Tonight victory was his. Yet victory could be very ethereal and Christian would savor ever moment for he knew retribution would come on dark wings.

Simone returned the kiss, though a thought had begun to grow at the back of her mind. Would Draken ever find out, and if so what would become of her?

Christian smiled beguilingly at the luscious woman before him, hiding his true feelings. Secretly he savored when that bastard Black Priest would find out Christian had just been romping in Draken's garden.

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