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Sin City


After a long drive through the desert from Fresno to Las Vegas, both you and I were nearly exhausted but excited. We had both put in a full week of work, and we needed some time away from the more mundane details of our jobs. We planned the trip to Vegas a few weeks prior in honor of our second year together, and we were both ready to usher in another year in style. Our friend Michelle, along with her new boyfriend, was supposed to help us kick off our next year together, but, after a falling out two days prior, they decided not to make the trip. After very little deliberation, we decided that the two of us were more than able to entertain ourselves, and we went on without them.

The check-in process at the Venetian was fairly painless, and we headed up to our suite in a matter of minutes. The room was beautiful. The bed was enormous, the bathroom was spacious and ornate with a large hot tub, and the view of Caesar's Palace and the rest of the Strip through the floor to ceiling windows was spectacular. Between the tub, the windows, the bed, and the various couches and lounges, we both knew that the possibilities for sexual exploration were nearly endless. After setting our bags on the floor, we walked over to the windows to take in the view. I slipped my arm around your waist and gave you a little hug while you rested your head on my shoulder allowing me to take in the inviting smell of your long blonde hair. After a quiet minute or so of silent snuggling, I turned your face towards me with my free hand and gave you a long kiss that drained the tension out of both of us and gradually increased the sexual tension in the room. We opened our eyes in unison and gave each other the same look…the one that quite clearly states, "Honey, I hope you're ready, because it's been a long week, and I'm about to tear you up."

With a look of determination on my face, I pushed you up against the picture window, sunk down to my knees and, using both hands, pushed your skirt up above your waist. Somewhere near Mojave your panties had come off to allow me better access during the long drive and you hadn't bothered to put them back on. As always, before I tasted you, I took a long look at your beautiful pink pussy; recently shaved, slightly wet, and begging to be licked, kissed, fingered, touched, and fucked. After a long look and a smile, I held you firmly against the window and moved my moistened lips towards your expectant mound. But, just before my lips made contact, we were both startled by the staccato ringing of your phone, which you still held in one hand. Out of habit, you glanced at the caller ID window before discarding it on the bed and saw that it was Michelle calling. Knowing that your friend was probably having a terrible day, alone in Fresno when she would much rather be in Las Vegas with us, you patted me on the cheek and told me to hold that thought while you made sure Michelle was doing all right.

Muttering to myself, I shuffled off toward the bathroom while the two of you chatted. When I returned a few minutes later, I was surprised to learn that Michelle and her boyfriend had gotten into another fight, broken up, and that she was in the lobby of the Venetian trying to get a room. Apparently, she had been trying to call all afternoon, but your phone was either not working or we were otherwise engaged before and during the drive, so neither one of us had heard it ring. The end result was that Michelle drove herself to Vegas and she was now in town looking to have a good time and to move on. The only hitch in her plan was that every hotel on the strip was booked due to a high visibility boxing match, so she had no place to stay.

While we originally planned to spend the days and evenings with Michelle and her boyfriend, we hadn't planned on sharing a room…after all, the nights (and the mornings) were supposed to be just for us. Regardless, she was in a bind and needed a place to crash. Our room was huge, and we weren't about to leave her out in the cold, and following a brief discussion, you told her to come on up. After realizing that I wasn't going to be getting lucky in the short term, I made my way back into the bathroom and the shower to wash the week away and to get ready for a night out.

The shower was big. With white marble floors, glass walls, a huge shower head that made it feel like you were in a Southern thunderstorm, and brass rails all around it, the shower was a playground of sorts, and I wondered if I would get any playtime over the course of the weekend. Sometime between the time when I massaged the shampoo into my hair and the time I started to rinse it out, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a soft naked body press itself up against me. With a giggle, you reached around, gave my balls a gentle squeeze, and asked me if the ‘little sailor' had been lathered up yet. With my eyes still closed to keep out the shampoo that had yet to be rinsed from my hair, I shook my head "no."

"Have you done anything but your hair yet?" you asked.

"Not a thing…I just got in," I replied.

"I guess I found myself a job then. I left the door cracked so Michelle can get in when she makes it upstairs. She's talking to the concierge right now trying to get some ideas for tonight…I told her that we'd already been to ‘Club 54' and that we wanted to try something new," you told me.

As I rinsed out the remainder of the shampoo, I felt you begin to soap up my shoulders and back, both washing me and massaging out the tension that had built up over the past week. After wiping the water from my eyes, I reached forward and gripped the brass railing with both hands and stood there, legs slightly spread, while the most beautiful girl I had ever met slowly and firmly rubbed me down with soap and a washcloth. After my back, you reached around and thoroughly lathered up my chest and arms, lightly brushing your hands teasingly against my now semi-hard cock as you worked your way from top to bottom. That done, you draped the washcloth over the railing and began to work your way down the small of my back towards my butt. After covering my cheeks and crack with a rich lather, I felt you spread me apart and wash my asshole, first on the outside, then, with a delicately inserted finger, ever so slightly on the inside.

I shuddered a little as you moved on down the backs of my legs to my feet, then up the fronts of my legs towards my engorged member that was now standing at complete attention and begging for you to touch it. With your firm breasts pressed up against my back and your shaved pussy rubbing against my ass, you slowly massaged my balls with one soapy hand, all the while keeping pressure on the tender piece of real estate between my asshole and my balls with the other. I growled with pleasure as you released my balls, filled your hand with shampoo and began to firmly stroke the length of my cock. As the pace and intensity slowly built, I felt a soapy finger enter my sensitive asshole until it was in all the way to your knuckle and I knew that it wouldn't take long for me to cum. Just before my release, you let go and, in an excited voice, said, "I just heard the door slam…rinse off and get out there so Michelle doesn't get weirded out. I promise I'll finish you off in a few minutes."

"You have GOT to be kidding me," I said in exasperation, "she'll never know!"

"Please honey? I just don't want her to be uncomfortable. She's already had a rough day."

"All right," I replied, "but I'm DYING here. You got off six times in the car while I was driving, and, while I loved the show, I need a little love myself!"

"Trust me," you said with an evil little smile, "you'll get yours in a few minutes."

With a shrug, I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower while you got to work on yourself. After toweling off, I grabbed a luxurious terry cloth bathrobe off of a hook on the door and wrapped up so as not to offend our guest. With a final lustful look at your naked body in the shower, I opened the door and walked out into the bedroom where Michelle was standing near the window admiring the view.

You are stunning. Your body is as perfect as any a man could wish for, and your face is simply beautiful. You're tall and slender with All-American good looks and sumptuous curves, and I love every inch of you to absolute distraction. Michelle, as you well know, is an exotic beauty. Her half Japanese, half Caucasian background turned out a rather interesting product. She's 5'10" tall with legs that go for miles, she has gorgeous long, dark hair, large, firm breasts, and, as you have often remarked, dark almond-shaped eyes that can melt a person. The two of you have a very similar build, and any man I know would give anything for the chance to be with either one of you.

The lights were off in the room, she had apparently turned them off to get a better view of the Strip, and the sun was setting behind the mountains in the distance. Michelle was wearing a dark blue sundress with some sort of floral pattern on it, and heels that were tied around her ankles in an intricate pattern that reached to her lower calves. As I closed the door to the steaming bathroom, I couldn't help but stare as her body was silhouetted by the setting sun making it look like she was standing there wearing nothing at all. As she turned towards me, I could clearly make out her nipples and the gentle curve of her breasts under the sheer fabric of her outfit and I couldn't help but think about the many conversations you and I shared in which we discussed our mutual desire to have our way with this woman.

With a nervous smile, I said hello, sat on the bed, and we chatted about the drive and the various club options open to us for the evening as I concentrated on making the bulge in my robe go away before she noticed it. After a few minutes of chit chat, I had my issue more or less under control, and I was feeling more comfortable. I was now able to stand up and walk around without embarrassing myself, so I made my way to the mini-bar and offered her a drink. Me, no armed with a gin and she with a rum and coke, we continued our conversation and waited for you to finish up in the shower. Michelle was clearly a little out of sorts that night, and quickly drained her first drink and looked towards the bar for more. I obliged, and she started into her second drink as began to tell me the story of her recent break up and the generally crappy situation that had preceeded it for weeks.

About the time she finished her second drink and I finished my first, I heard the water turn off and you came out of the bathroom wrapped in an oversized white towel and a smile. Your hair was still dripping wet, and your cheeks were red and flushed from the heat of the hot shower, and you smelled of vanilla. With a knowing look on your face, you walked across the room and gave Michelle, who was looking sad after talking about her troubles, a big hug. As I sat on the bed and watched the two of you embrace, I felt a familiar stirring in my loins. You gave her a peck on the cheek and suggested that she take her turn in the shower so we could all get ready for our night out in Sin City. Michelle agreed with a wan smile and, after collecting some things from her bag, went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

As soon as the sound of running water made its way into the bedroom, you walked over to the bed where I was sitting and let the towel fall from around you exposing your naked body. Your nipples were erect and your pussy and beautiful long legs were freshly shaved. With a hungry look in your eyes, you knelt down in front of me, pulled open my robe, and took now limp cock in her your hand. "See baby," you purred, "I told you that you wouldn't have to wait long."

With that, you took my soft cock completely into your mouth and began to suck. I could only sit and marvel at my good fortune as I watched your golden blonde head bobbing up and down and listened to your moans of pleasure as you tasted me for the first time that day. Already aroused from earlier advents, I was rock hard in seconds, and you proceeded to give me the hummer of a lifetime. You was so engrossed in your mission to make me cum, and I was so distracted by your skill, that neither one of us noticed that the noise from the shower had ceased. As I sat on the edge of the bed with one hand resting lightly on the back of your head holding your hair out of the way so that I could watch, the door to the bathroom swung open and there stood Michelle, wrapped in a towel of her own, staring open-mouthed at the spectacle before her.

The bed was arranged so that she was looking at us from the side. Your eyes were closed as you concentrated on your task, and you didn't see her, but I reacted to the motion of the door opening and looked in her direction, only to see the door swing quickly closed…but not all the way. As Michelle peeked discreetly through the crack, I could see that her eyes were fixed intently on your mouth as your head bobbed up and down on my cock. Occasionally, she would look lower and watch your other hand as you thrust two fingers in and out of your dripping wet cunt and played with your hard little clit. As seems to be the norm, it always takes me a long time to cum. That can be a negative sometimes, but not that night…it just made the show last longer for everyone.

As you continued to go down on me, I peeked through the crack in the door out of the corner of my eye and watched Michelle as she watched us. She obviously thought that neither one of us noticed her presence, and she continued to watch the performance with rapt fascination. After a few minutes the door opened a bit more, and I could see that her towel had dropped to the floor, and that she was rubbing her pussy in a slow, circular motion as she became more and more engrossed in the display. With that additional visual stimulus, I was pushed almost immediately over the edge. I grabbed a handful of your hair and pushed my cock deep into your mouth and shot wave after wave of hot cum into the back of you throat. You almost screamed with pleasure as you swallowed my load and simultaneously brought yourself to orgasm with your fingers that were buried in your cunt.

When I looked back up towards the door, I saw that it was now closed completely and I collapsed on the bed, spent and fulfilled. Smiling a lusty smile, you picked up your towel from the floor and wrapped it back around yourself. Dressed again, you kissed the end of my slackened member and tied my robe back around my waist. For a minute or so, all I could do was lie there and catch my breath as you sat next to me on the bed. Once I managed to get myself back under control I pulled you close and gave you a deep kiss. "Baby, don't be mad but the strangest thing just happened."

"What do you mean? You came in my mouth…what's strange about that?" you replied.

"No, no…not that. While you were down there…you know, blowing me, the door opened and Michelle saw everything!"

"Holy shit! Why didn't you stop me?!" you gasped in horror.

"Well," I said, "she didn't seem to be phased by it. She shut the door most of the way, then she stood there watching us through the crack. I'm pretty sure that she was masturbating the whole time. I'm positive she doesn't know I saw her…she was way too busy watching you and playing with herself to notice anything else."

"Watching me?" you asked with a puzzled look, "Wow…that's really hot."

"I know. That's why I didn't say anything. I kind of figured you'd like that. I know you've always thought Michelle was hot, so I figured you'd love the fact that she obviously feels the same way about you," I smiled. "In fact, now that we know she's into you, maybe we can actually make some of those fantasies come true…you know the ones. You, me, Michelle…together."

"Are you sure you can handle that baby? Watching two beautiful women kissing and going down on each other might be too much for you," you said with a sly twinkle in your eyes. "Besides, how will you decide which pussy you want to stick your cock in? I suppose you could do both of us…"

"Honey, I've thought about it, and, yes, I can handle it. I think. I'm still pretty nervous about the whole thing, but just the thought of watching you make love to another woman sends me over the top. I don't care if I have sex with her or not. You know I'm more than content with you. It's just that I've been thinking about it for months now and I'm definitely interested in watching. Besides, I know how much you've been craving pussy lately, so this way we both win, right?"

"I can't believe we're actually going to try this!" you gushed. "This is going to be an interesting weekend."


I had no idea how you planned to attack the situation, but I figured that you had it well in hand. After waiting a few more minutes, you gave me one more long kiss, and you walked over to the bathroom door. After a quick knock, you disappeared inside and the two of you started the primping process. I have no idea what went on behind that door, but approximately six years later, after seemingly endless drying, and dressing, and makeuping and whatever else you guys do, the two of you walked out and made it more than worth the wait. You were dressed in a pink lingerie top that you may as well have left in your suitcase for all the coverage it offered, a tiny white skirt that barely reached below the curve of your ass and some extremely sexy pink pumps. As you bent over to get something out of your suitcase on the bed, I was rewarded with a quick flash of my favorite pussy…no panties. After glancing back at Michelle, I noticed that she was also gazing intently as you bent over, and she unconsciously licked her lips as she stared at your little pink box.

Michelle was wearing a dress instead of a top and skirt. It was about the same length as the sundress she had on when she arrived, reaching to her mid-thigh, only it was form fitting and all black. The fabric was sheer and very thin; thin enough that I could make out the areolas around her prominent nipples. As the air conditioner blew a gentle breeze through the room, I could also clearly make out the outline of her mound as her dress was pressed against it…also no panties.

As I walked out of the hotel with a gorgeous blonde on one arm and an Oriental beauty on the other, I figured that people were thinking one of a few things. I was either a) crazy rich, b) gay, or c) rich and gay. Not so much, but what the hell? It's not every day that you get to be your own hero. As we ambled down the Strip, we passed by casino after casino, and we saw what looked to be a good party at the Luxor. After having the cover charge waved (entirely due to your mostly see-through top), we got inside and made our way to one of the many bars. It was early still for Las Vegas, around eleven o'clock, but people were arriving in a steady stream, and the club was filling up rapidly.

As is the standard procedure with a male bartender, I gave you the money so we would get our drinks in a reasonable amount of time, and you didn't disappoint. Swaying to the throb of the music, we huddled together, laughing and drinking, and we let the alcohol slowly take effect. Two drinks and thirty minutes later, we were in the middle of the dance floor, the center of attention. You and Michelle were causing quite a stir first just dancing, then, after getting comfortable with each other and a little more liquored up, all out grinding. Both of you were totally engrossed in what you were doing and had little or no idea of anything else that was going on around you.

Although I was enjoying the show, what I really wanted was to get into the action, so I came up behind you, grabbed you by the waist and pressed my groin up against your ass. You let go of her and reached behind your back to pull me closer as we danced. I watched as Michelle, who had really loosened up by this point, put one of her legs between yours then reach around the both of us to form a loose embrace that had us all moving together, me with my hardening cock between the cheeks of your ass, and you with your bare pussy rubbing up and down her luscious leg. We stayed like that for two complete songs. You never mentioned it later, but I'm positive that you came at least once as you ground your cunt against her smooth thigh. I felt you quiver noticeably, and, when I looked down, one of your nipples had poked its way completely out of your top. After a quick brush across your breasts with my hand it was back underneath the loose weave, but there was no doubt that you were enjoying yourself thoroughly.

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