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So here's my first submission and I'm hoping that it's enjoyable to most everyone. I would greatly appreciate any necessary constructive criticism or comments as I hope to submit other stories and want to improve as needed.

Blessed Be.


Kylie sat behind her desk looking out the mirrored window behind it, watching over the crowded main floor of Sin City, the nightclub she opened two years ago after her parents death. They were killed in a car accident that was a result of a design flaw in the new SUV they had bought a couple weeks prior. The manufacturer knew of the problem but didn't issue a recall until it was too late and the case garnered major news coverage due to Kylie's press conference about it when she found out.

They settled the wrongful death lawsuit less than a year after it was filed leaving Kylie, an only child with no other family, with a very healthy eight digit settlement. It took her a few months to decide what she wanted to do with her life while trying to cope with her grief and dealing with the upheaval of her life. She finally reconciled that since her parents had always encouraged her to follow her dreams, believe in herself and find happiness that she should look into the one dream she never told them about and moved to Arizona.

She felt the smile spread fully across her face and knew that her parents were smiling down on her, proud of the way she focused on living life on her terms and following her dream like they would've wanted her to. She decided that tonight she wanted to have fun and fully enjoy the club from the perspective of a regular patron instead of as the owner who stayed strictly behind the scenes. She liked her anonymity regarding the ownership status of the club, it was listed in records under the ownership of a corporation. She always wanted to know that when people talked to her or wanted to get to know her, it was because of her as a person and not because of her money or that she owned one the hottest clubs in town.

She picked up her cell and called Sam, her head of security and told him what she was going to do and for him to alert all of the staff that they weren't to acknowledge her, to treat her just like any other customer. Sam was caught off guard and silent for several seconds before he promised Kylie that he would take care of her request, but made her understand that they would be watching out for her safety no matter what. She told him she appreciated his concern and expected nothing less and told him she was going to be entering the club through the front door.

She hung up the phone and headed into the private bathroom and took a quick shower before drying off and putting on a light coat of eyeliner and lip gloss in the way of make up. Her short, pale, caramel colored hair was easy enough to style with a little bit of gel then running her fingers through it messily to get the desired effect. She slid on her red cotton bikini panties and black thigh high stockings before walking over to the small closet to pick out an outfit from the small amount of clothing she kept at the club.

She eyed the various items until she finally decided on a black skirt that came to just below her knee with a slit on each side that stopped just below the top of her stockings. She pulled out a thin black cherry colored silk camisole style top that accentuated her DD cup breasts but was loose enough to allow it to move across her body. Kylie was so thankful for her mom's genetics when it came to her breasts, she didn't need to wear a bra unless she wanted to. Her tits were large but despite her being 35, they were still just as firm and perky as they were 15 years ago.

She stood looking at herself in the full length mirror hanging on the wall taking in her appearance and smiling in satisfaction at what she saw. Her lush and tall body with natural lightly cinnamon kissed skin looked good, turning sideways she grinned at the sight of her rounded and bubble shaped ass straining against her skirt. She appreciated the slight pudginess of her tummy and her voluptuous hips, showing she was not a little woman and that she was proud of that fact. Being just over 6'1 barefoot, she had a large frame and was happy with how she looked despite what society thought now a days.

She had lost quite a bit of weight and even though she was told that her 165 lb weight was still heavy for her, she disagreed. She had womanly curves and didn't want to be any thinner, didn't want to look or feel frail. Her workouts had toned and built her leg muscles, especially her calves which were rock hard and large but shapely. She walked back to the closet and pulled out her favorite 2 inch dark red suede peep toe heels and slipped them on before putting her phone, keys and other necessities into a clutch purse and heading out of the office.

After walking down the stairwell and out the private entrance leading to the alley on the side of the building, she walked casually to the sidewalk out front and up to the entrance, smiling at the black & red neon sign over the door. She entered the club and headed over to the bar, sitting on an overstuffed bar stool that was really comfortable for tall people, unlike most other clubs had. The bartender Derek smiled at her and asked what she wanted instead of automatically making one of her usual mixed drinks. She surprised him by ordering a beer with a shot of tequila, telling him to hold the lime and salt, that only pussies didn't shoot tequila straight, the way it was meant to be enjoyed. He barked out a long laugh as he got her order then winked when she gave him a twenty and told him to keep the change before taking a sip of beer and turned to look at the room.

She was scanning over the various tables and dance floor, taking in the sight of all the different looking people in the place, she was pleasantly surprised at the volume of business for a Thursday night. Her eyes began drifting around the room when they stopped suddenly on what could only be described as the sexiest fucking man she'd ever seen in her life. He was very tall, long bright red hair in a ponytail and flowing to the middle of his back, his chest wide and rippled with muscles. His entire body was nothing but solid muscles, he looked like he was weightlifter or pro athlete but not obscenely muscular, sex on a stick she thought.

He was wearing a dark green polo that hugged his body like a second skin with the bands at the end of the short sleeves straining against his massive arms. His biceps were so big Kylie didn't know if she would be able to wrap one of her large hands around them and his forearms weren't much smaller. His legs were long and literally looked like tree trunks from top to bottom, his pale blue baggy cut jeans were tight against them they were so thick. He was too far away for Kylie to get a satisfactory enough look at his face, all she could tell was that he had a very defined and strong jaw. He turned to speak to the man standing next to him and that's when Kylie finally saw what she'd been carefully craning her head to see and let out a loud groan of desire. His rock hard ass was even sexier than she imagined and was definitely the best "Charmin" ass she'd ever seen, the kind that you can't help but grab and squeeze over and over.

She felt her body getting flush and tingly, her nipples hardening instantly, her overheated blood and desire running straight to her core, her panties becoming instantly soaked. She was openly ogling this walking, living, breathing piece of heaven on earth, unconsciously licking her lips as her chest heaved with heavy breaths. He turned his head unexpectedly and looked directly at Kylie causing her to blush hard and turn immediately back to the bar. Embarrassed, she grabbed and swallowed the shot of tequila quickly, feeling the burning liquid running down her throat then followed it with a large swig of beer.

After a few moments she looked back over to where he had been standing and was immediately saddened that he wasn't there, grunting at herself for getting caught staring. She probably made him uncomfortable staring like a mental patient or stalker, so she finished her beer and decided she would go dance her sexual frustration off. She made her way casually along the edge of the dance floor to the DJ booth and told him what 2 songs she really wanted to hear, promising it would be the only time she pulled her boss card with him tonight.

She walked back over and had Derek put her purse back behind the bar then headed towards the dance floor waiting for her songs to play as she stood off to the side. She immediately walked on the floor when the next song started and cut loose, her body swaying and gyrating to the hard thumping bass as she lost herself in the music and closed her eyes. Her eyes were started open when she felt a pair of large hands gently grab her hips and a solid male body press against her back and start moving in time with her rhythmic movements. She turned her head and smiled at the devilish grin plastered on her friend Joel's face as he leaned and kissed her cheek then turned her so she was facing him.

Joel and Kylie dated for a short time but parted as good friends so she didn't mind that he was getting up close and personal with her on the dance floor. Joel like the one other guy she'd dated over the last couple years had no idea that this was her club, since neither relationship lasted past a couple weeks, the chemistry just wasn't there. They continued dancing seductively with each other, unintentionally making a spectacle of themselves, surrounded by cheering people. When they realized that they were attracting a small audience, they laughed and put some space between themselves to dissuade the unwanted attention. The people that had stopped to watch them quickly began dancing again now that the show had ended and they weren't interesting anymore.

"Excuse me, but I'm cutting in."

The deep sexy voice came from behind her causing Kylie to turn too sharply and stumble forward hard as she felt herself going down. A very strong arm wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling on her face and pulled against his large chest to steady her. Kylie took a relieved breath and instead of the cologne she expected, she inhaled the strong smell of salty ocean air as if she was at the beach and closed her eyes then took another deep breath. When she opened her eyes and looked up, her breath caught in her throat and came out in a lusty sigh. She stared into the most incredible hazel eyes that were filled with lust and passion and staring right back into her pale blue-gray eyes. It took her a moment before rational thought finally filtered back into her head and she blushed lightly at the gorgeous man she'd been lusting over earlier.

"I'm so sorry, I'm usually not such a klutz. Thank you for saving my dignity by saving my ass" she said with a light laugh trying to cover her embarrassment.

"You're very welcome, glad I could be of service. Don't worry about your dignity, it's still firmly in tact. And as for your ass, well I'll save that anytime, in fact I'd like to cover it right now if you'll dance with me" he said with lustful grin.

The large man started grinding his hips against Kylie's, his hand tightened on her waist as a subtle hint for her to start moving, so she threw her left arm over his shoulder. She began grinding back against him in rhythm, winked, then threw her head back and lifted her right leg up and hooked it against his thigh. He hissed as the split in her skirt revealed the top of her stocking and he moved his hand to hold onto her leg, pressing it against his body and steadying her now somewhat off balance stance. He leaned his head forward to the side of her damp neck and scented her deeply, feeling intoxicated as the sweet smell of hazelnut filled his body and he playfully nipped her neck.

His body tightened and his cock, which was already hard, twitched and suddenly became painfully engorged in his jeans causing him to press it against the soft inner thigh of her other leg. Kylie moaned as she felt his arousal pressed so close to her weeping slit, her juices coating the thin layer of hair on her swollen outer lips and pooling in her panties. She wanted to wrap her long legs around his hips and grind her wetness against the large bulge in his jeans and beg him to fuck her right there on the dance floor. She tensed slightly when she felt his hand move to her lower back then pull her chest firmly against him causing her hard nipples to rub against him and sending even more sparks pulsing through her body. Kylie realized that she needed to pull herself off his body and collect herself before she did something that she's never done before, beg a stranger to take her back to his place and fuck her brains out.

"I think I need a drink before I overheat, care to join me?"

"Smart and sexy, I think I've hit the jackpot" he chuckled before kissing her quickly on the lips, "after you sweetness."

After they finished their shots, he escorted her to a secluded bench seating area along the back wall away from the commotion of the dance floor and main area and sat right next to her, their thighs touching slightly.

"So since we've gone way past subtle flirting here, can I ask your name handsome" she said with playful lust in her voice.

"It's Shawn. Shawn McCarthy to be exact" he said with an exaggerated Irish accent. "And you are?"

"Kylie Morgan. Pleasure to meet you Shawn McCarthy" she said holding out her hand.

Shawn shook Kylie's hand in a polite shake then gently grasped it and used it to pull her onto his lap. Kylie let out a surprised cry before wrapping an arm around his neck to steady herself as Shawn quickly nuzzled her neck, his lips gently grazing her sweaty skin. He started sniffing her scent then gently kissed her throat and moved his way up to her chin before stopping with his lips just grazing hers. Kylie closed her eyes and crushed her lips against his, feeling his thick soft lips urgently begin kissing her, his tongue snaking out and trying to press into her hot mouth, aching to taste her.

Kylie moaned allowing her lips to part and Shawn's eager tongue to push inside, it swirled and danced against hers as he tasted every inch of her mouth, his cock straining even more and pressing into her ass. Shawn felt his eyes roll back into his head beneath the closed lids as he groaned into Kylie's mouth. "Shit, she tastes even better than I thought" he said to himself as his right hand pressed on the nape of her neck, holding her mouth firmly to his. He felt her crush her breasts into his chest, the hard peaks teasing him through the flimsy material of her top and he instantly pulled her even firmer against his lap with his left hand. He stroked her hip lightly before running it down to her thigh, searching for the slit of her skirt. He slid his hand inside, pushing her thighs apart so he could touch the source of her overwhelming arousal. The scent of it was so strong that he was compelled to touch her pussy, needing to bury his fingers deep inside of her wetness and stroke her until she soared just from his touch.

Kylie let out a loud moan and tilted her head back and spread her thighs wide as Shawn slid his fingers up to her wet and aching womanhood. An unspoken plea for his thick fingers to touch her intimately and brazenly in public, not caring if anyone was looking. When his fingers grazed her wet mound through her panties, Kylie thrust her hips towards his hand instinctively, smiling at Shawn's growl of approval.

"Oh fuck sweetness, you're already so wet & I've barely touched you yet. Let's see what I can do to you once I get under those wet little panties" he hissed, his voice deep and husky with desire.

His fingers ran up and down her slit on the outside of panties, teasing her by pressing the material inside her folds as his mouth latched onto her neck, suckling and nibbling gently across her throat as his other hand found a breast.

"Shawn, god please, I need to feel your touch on my skin. Finger my cunt, please baby, I need to cum so badly" she begged him, not letting herself feel ashamed.

Shawn couldn't deny her, she was obviously long over due for sexual attention which she'd most likely been denying herself, so he pulled the material aside. He groaned loudly at how hot and wet she was on the outside, he hurriedly shoved two of his wide fingers inside her opening and cursed out loud at how tight she was as he started pumping them in and out of her wetness. Kylie arched her back hard and started pushing herself against his hand, trying to force his fingers deeper inside her.

His mouth quickly latched onto a nipple and began sucking the puckered tip hard through the material, grateful she wasn't wearing a bra, his saliva making her shirt as wet as her panties. She moaned as he suckled her sensitive peak and lowered her mouth to his ear, kissing and nibbling his salty skin as her hand pressed on the back of his head. Kylie hissed then gasped as she felt the need rise in her core as her body began to tense, her breathing getting shallower from her impending orgasm. Shawn could feel her muscles tightening around his fingers and her hand on the back of his head begin to tremble and moved his mouth to hers.

"That's it baby, let yourself go, cum on my hand. Imagine it's that big cock pressing against your ass fucking your tight little cunt. Do it now sweetness, cum for me" he whispered his command against her sweet lips before running his tongue over them.

"Oh fuck, Shawn" she growled through clenched teeth as she shattered and her entire body tensed then began shuddering with such an intense orgasm she couldn't stop moaning his name and bucking against his magical fingers.

Shawn's thumb began rubbing her clit, making her orgasm last longer as his fingers were plowing in and out of her tight honey hole as fast they could. Her verbal & physical display was killing him with need, his cock like steel as her ass continued writhing against his powerful erection. She pushed herself against him violently & bit his shoulder roughly as she hit her peak and that was all it took, his iron self control shattered along with Kylie's body and he grunted as his cock began erupting. He cried her name and tensed as his thick load of cum shot inside his jeans, creating a huge wet spot since he doesn't wear underwear, another reason she was able to send him over the edge.

They both collapsed against each other, their bodies trembling as the last of their orgasms shuddered through them and they continued panting with their foreheads pressed together. Kylie lifted her head to look into Shawn's eyes and saw the same surprised & lusty look in his eyes that she knew was in hers and just gave him a satisfied smile before burying her face against his neck.

"I..I, Holy Shit! I can't believe I just did that. I have never acted so whore like in a public place with a man I've never met before. I am so embarrassed" she panted against his neck, her lips brushing lightly against the spot she had bitten him.

He gently grabbed her head and pulled her face so that she was looking at him. "You have nothing to apologize for and don't ever call yourself a whore Kylie! You are a beautiful and sensual woman who was reacting to her body's needs. There's nothing wrong with asking for what you want, especially from a man who wants to pleasure you over and over." He pressed a finger against her lips when she started to disagree.

"Besides, you're not the one who embarrassed themself tonight. In case you haven't noticed, you're sitting in a wet spot that wasn't from you." He took one of her hands in his and slid it down to his wet jeans. "I believe I'm the one who took that honor and believe me, I'm even more surprised than you are, judging by the look on your face."

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