Sinning with Sister Ch. 05


I looked away, and she let go entirely. I choked back a howl of disappointment, torn between needing her to continue and wanting to conceal the depths of my transgression. Finally, I nodded almost imperceptibly, so ashamed at myself and yet so exhilarated to be admitting my fantasies to Chloe.

"I thought so." She said happily, recommencing with long, full strokes up and down my shaft.

"Want me to do it now?"

"God yes." That was exactly what I needed.

She clambered eagerly between my legs and knelt down, licking her lips lewdly.

"Just shut your eyes and pretend I'm Libby."

I did as she asked, turned my head, and buried my nose in my sister's panties.

Chloe teased me for what felt like over an hour. Warmth enveloped my cockhead again and again while she used her hands on the shaft. I imagined not a redhead, but a brunette servicing me. Servicing her own brother. Silky soft hair fell gently onto my balls with every bobbing of her head. Her sucking and humming sent me into another realm of existence where every part of me swam in ecstasy. But she knew my body and made it last. I was begging for release at the end, desperate to cum.

She stopped right at the peak. I opened my eyes again and saw her holding my cock gently to observe precum weeping out the end. Her tongue flicked out to catch it, almost sending me over.

Then her impish expression was back. "Say her name and I'll deep-throat you."

I was in no position to argue, even if I had wanted to.

"Libby." I said. She went as deep as she could. Fucking hell.

"Libby." Down. "Libby!" Again. "Libby, Libby, LIBBY!" I chanted hysterically. Swallow, swallow, swallow. So goddamn close now.

Chloe came up for air, panting. Then I heard footsteps on the carpet followed by a gasp.


Libby blushed brightly and her mouth opened wide in surprise, but she didn't back away. Her eyes landed straight on my very erect organ, smack bang in the middle of her bed and covered in drool. I didn't think she'd ever seen a penis in the flesh before, and she stared at it for a good thirty seconds, stunned and apparently unable to look away.

I was horrified, yet my erection didn't flag one bit at her discovery. If anything, it grew somewhat harder and larger with my sister watching it, something I'd thought impossible after all of Chloe's ministrations. I was so hard it was actually starting to mix pain with the pleasure.

She was back early from her date; presumably it hadn't worked out. She was still all dolled-up and looked sensational. Libby usually came home quietly because she knew that we would be together and didn't want to disturb us. However, she obviously hadn't expected us to be using her room instead of mine. I looked at Chloe, who shook her head indicating that no, she didn't plan this. Nonetheless, she was clearly delighted at being caught.

Chloe broke the silence and said "It's bigger than you thought, isn't it?"

Libby tore her eyes away from my cock to look at Chloe. She then registered that her best friend was completely naked and that her chin was dripping. A hand came up to cover her mouth. Chloe didn't shy away at all from Libby's gaze. Instead, she got up and pulled her towards the bed.

I watched as she guided Libby closer towards me. To my surprise, Libby seemed just as transfixed by Chloe's breasts as she had been with my cock just moments ago.

Chloe, thinking that Libby was finally averting her eyes from me, was having none of it. "Look at him." When Libby didn't respond, she gently grasped her by the chin and turned her head directly towards my manhood.

"He's hard for you, Libby. You must have heard him saying your name."

Libby swallowed visibly. Suddenly she seemed to register that her panties were tying me down and that another pair was on the pillow. She began to shake her head in a childish gesture of denial.

Chloe took her chin again and stopped her. Then she tugged down until my sister had no choice but to kneel at the end of the bed. I strained my head up to see that they were both now at eye level with my cock.

"I've never seen him this hard before." Chloe spoke slowly, as though explaining something to a small child.

"That means he really, really, wants to fuck you."

Libby gasped sharply at this, but still said nothing. She just kept watching as another droplet leaked out of me.

"That's precum Libby. His cock is ready to fuck."

Libby shook her head yet again, indicating no, but still watching me.

"You think it's too naughty." Although she had been delighted by my sister's presence so far, Chloe now sounded disappointed.

Then Chloe said the words that sent a shiver down my spine. "You should at least touch him though. Be a good girl and finish what you've started."

I couldn't believe it, but as though in a dream I beheld Libby reaching out with a quivering hand. I bit my lip and braced for impact.

Libby touched me and I was immediately right back at the brink of cumming. Her fingertips, ending in perfectly manicured French-cut fingernails, brushed timidly over my engorged organ, swirling the saliva. I was aware of every point of contact, revelling in the delicious friction.

"That's it." Chloe cooed softly, encouraging her. "Now stroke."

Libby clearly had little idea of what to do, but it was still amazing.

"Hold it firmer." My girlfriend angled my cock down towards them and guided the other girl's hands to wrap properly around it. She didn't let go until she was sure that Libby would stay.

I was certain that one pump would do it, but I survived, valiantly trying to think of anything that would prevent me cumming under my sister's inexperienced touch. While one part of me wanted this more than anything in the world, the other part was screaming out against the incest taboo coming to life before my very eyes. My baby sister is rubbing my cock to pleasure me. Libby is masturbating me to make me cum.

She leant over in fascination and I had no time to warn her. The first shot hit her right in the face. She jumped back in surprise, letting go of my cock as it continued to spray my bliss out into the open. A supernova burned its way through me, big enough to envelop the galaxy. I threw my head back into the pillows mindlessly and emptied everything my balls had been saving. I blearily saw that the thick white fluid was strewn across Libby's top lip and left cheek and was beginning to run. She was clearly not expecting it, and looked bewildered. Her eyes were wide as she inspected the evidence of my pleasure running between her fingertip and face. She spoke for the first time since coming in. Her tone was one of reverence and awe, as though she couldn't believe it was true.

"You actually want me."


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