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You and I both know you need to suck cock. Let's see what else you need.

60, 6'1", 210. 7 inch cut.


I read the ad and was surprised how it made me feel. I had wondered for a couple years, when alone, horny and watching porn on the computer, what it would be like to suck a cock. I had even masturbated a few times watching a woman sucking a cock until it exploded on her face or in her mouth and picturing myself in her position. I didn't have feelings about men, but there was something about cocks that attracted me. And of course, like many I am sure, I would feel disgusted after I had cum and swear to never do it again.

But eventually I would find myself doing the same thing again and the pattern would repeat itself every few weeks. I had a girlfriend and we had great sex, and often, but you know how it is. Sometimes you just need the raw experience of doing things you would not necessarily want anyone else to know about. That is what I would do when I watched the porn and put myself in the place of the woman enjoying whatever cock or cocks it was she was pleasuring.

In my surfing I had run across a few sites that had personals where people would advertise for whatever sex it might be they were looking for. I figured out pretty early on that most of the ones from women were just disguised ads for hookers. And most of the others were from men that were either looking, without much hope of success, for women to fuck, or more often, men who wanted to be sucked off. Most of them were silly, but you could find enough, that if you suspended belief, described fantasies that were good for a masturbation session.

Then I came upon the above ad and it made me feel something I had never experienced before reading the ads. I found myself catching my breath and instantly hard. I felt like it was talking directly to me. I had thought about what a cock would feel like in my mouth, what cum blasting into my mouth or covering my face would do to me and here was this man who seemed to know exactly what my fantasy was. I didn't know what he meant by what else I might need, but I focused on his saying we both knew I needed to suck cock and what it would be like to service him. I masturbated fast and furious and had an immense orgasm and then, the guilt flooded in and I quickly shut down the site, cleaned myself up and went about my day.

Over the next few days I could not get that ad out of my mind. I wondered about the fact that he was 60 years old, and would that make it better or worse to do what I imagined doing to please him. But then I would think that an older man was probably perfect for my secret fantasy as they would be more patient and into more than just cumming as fast as possible. I could not get the thought out of my mind and eventually I returned to the site and was surprised to find his ad still up. As I read and reread it I slowly stroked my own small cock and the idea came to answer the ad and see what his response was. I knew I could stay anonymous and would not have to follow through but that it might give me more fodder for my masturbation fantasies.

Before I could change my mind I sent off the following response...


I do not know how you know about my need to suck cock but it is true. I have never done anything like this before but the idea has been in my head for a long time and I find myself more and more drawn to the thought of providing oral service to a man.

28, 5'10", 145, 5 ½" cut.


Did I just sign that boy? Did I want this man to treat me like a boy? I found I did, that the idea I would be submitting to a man who knew what I needed added to the idea of just sucking someone off. I quickly hit send, before I could change my mind, and then again, quickly masturbated to a strong orgasm. And as usual, I felt dirty after cumming and shut down the system.

The next day I opened my email and found this.


I am glad you realize that you need to suck cock. I understand that you fear this feeling but that it is something you can't get out of your mind. There are men and there are boys. Men need to be serviced; boys need to provide that service. There is nothing wrong with being a boy, we can't all be men, but it is a shame to have this need and desire and not act on it. I live alone and can host you if you are ready to discover how you will feel when you finally allow yourself to serve a man and be his cocksucker. I do not want to waste time sending endless emails back and forth. Respond only if you are ready to kneel and suck my cock. Prove this by providing your phone number in your response, otherwise do not both to respond.


Needless to say I was rock hard reading this response. I knew I could not answer him because I could not give out my phone number. That would make it too real and all I thought I was asking for was a fantasy to masturbate while imagining what it would be like. Over the next several days I kept returning to that email and each time I enjoyed an orgasm that exceeded any my girlfriend gave me or I gave myself thinking about anything else.

As you might guess, the desire and yes, the need grew and the day came, about a week later when I quickly responded with my phone number and a confirmed desire to please him. It was a few days later when a call came just as I was getting home and from a number I did not recognize. I answered, not really thinking about who it might be from.


"Is this Boy?" came the reply.

I couldn't breathe. I froze and said nothing for a few seconds and then he said again, "I said is this boy? Answer now or I hang up and find someone else to help understand who they are."

"This is boy," I stammered, "Yes sir."

He said an address and said in a way that did not allow discussion "Be here in one hour!" And then he hung up.

I stared at the phone, my heart beating a million beats a minute and wondered what I should do. Here was my chance to experience what I had been fantasizing about, but here was something I could not come back from. Sucking cock was something I wanted, or perhaps needed to try, but if I did I could never again pretend I had not done so. I would indeed be a cocksucker and there was a part of me that was scared to death at that thought. But there was the other part of me that knew it was now or never. That I needed to try this. After all I would never have to do it again, but I might never have a chance to do it again either. Without even really being aware of it, I found myself in my car heading over to the address he had given which was only a couple miles away.

I pulled up in front of a nice house, in a pretty average looking neighborhood and parked. I sat there with the motor running and staring at the house, hardly able to breathe. Was I really going to do this? Could I really do this? Should I really do this? I could not get my brain to settle down. I kept running over the pros and cons of going in. If I went in would I really have to follow through, or could I change my mind if it didn't feel right and leave and forget this had ever happened. My cock was hard, but my nerves were on edge. Then the phone rang.

"Boy, I see you sitting out there, either get out of your car and come in and discover how you were made to suck cock or leave now and always wonder. This is your only chance." And then he hung up. He said this without malice or anger, just stating a fact. I hesitated. Without really understanding why, but knowing that I was feeling things I had never felt before, things that felt right and true, I got out of the car and walked up nervously to the front door. Before I knocked he opened the door and beckoned me in.

He was old enough to be my father, but he had a presence that compelled me to ignore my doubts and walk into his house. He was wearing slippers and a robe that did little to hide the fact that he was in shape and he had an air that made clear he was and expected to be in charge. He pointed into the living room and told me to take a seat. Again, almost in a trance and unable to do anything other than as directed I walked to the chair and sat down. He took a seat on the couch opposite me and just looked at me. The silence dragged on for what seemed hours but was really only a few moments then looked at me and said, "Boys who are ready to serve men do not wear clothes."

I still do not fully understand what came over me, but without hesitation I stood and disrobed. I had never been naked in front of an older man before, let alone with an erection like I now had. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there, arms at my side and watched him watching me. Finally he said, "What are you here for boy?"

I didn't know what to say so I just stared at him like a fool until he stood up and said in a firmer voice, "Boy, we both know why you are here, but until you say it, it won't happen. Your hard little cock tells me that you know you want and need this, so stop the bullshit and say it."

"I am here to suck your cock," I said, not quite believing I had said it outloud, and he just kept staring at me until I added, "Sir."

"Then get on your knees boy." He said and I did without thinking, without any thought in my head. I was blank. This was really happening and here I was on my knees and he was walking toward me undoing the knot on his robe. As it fell open I got a glimpse of his cock and it made my own hard cock even more erect. It was fully hard and beautiful. Did I just think a cock was beautiful? I did, and it was. It was about 7 inches as he had said and it was perfectly shaped. His balls were large and hung down and hairless. He stood in front of me and said with a smile "Go on, take it in your hands and caress and explore it,"

Again, without any conscious thought I reached up with my right hand and began gently running my fingers along its hard shape. It felt right. I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. I ran my fingers up and down the shaft, lightly touching what I now knew I wanted more than anything to explore. "Don't forget my balls boy." He said.

My left hand came up of its own accord and cupped his balls. They felt heavy but amazing and I found myself lost in the moment with no other thought than to please this magnificent cock. He watched me with an amused look on his face and asked, "Are you ready boy? Are you ready to discover what you were put here on earth to do? Are you ready to finally understand that you belong on your knees pleasing a real man? Are you ready to become the cocksucker we both know you were born to be?"

I could only say, while lost in the amazing sensation of feeling the heat of his cock in my hands, "Yes Sir."

"Then kiss the head of my cock, look in my eyes and ask to be my cocksucker." He said.

I hesitated, the words caught in my throat, but my hands never leaving the shaft and balls being offered me. "Say it boy, say it now or leave." He said.

I bent forward without thinking and kissed the head of his cock. "Can I be your cocksucker Sir?" I said, adding I know not why, "Please."

"Do it boy." He said.

I took the head of his cock into my mouth and was transformed when I felt its hard, yet soft, skin running against my lips. I know I was where I belonged. I knew this would not be the last cock I sucked. I knew that from now on, as much as I enjoyed sex with women I would always need to please men. I knew that I was a boy, not a man. I knew that my purpose was to bring this man pleasure. To suck him until he told me I was done by cumming in my mouth. I knew that I wanted his cum, that I wanted him to think of me as his toy, to use however he wanted. I knew I would never say no to him if he wanted me to please him.

I worked my mouth up and down his cock, taking a bit more of him each time into my throat. I gagged a couple of times, but like I was born to this I was able to give myself more and more to his pleasure. I felt him growing harder and his balls pull up in my hand and knew my reward was about to happen. He started thrusting harder into my mouth, fucking my mouth, fucking his boy. I gave myself totally to the sensation of his cock, my mouth and the cum that would soon be flooding it.

He let out a loud moan and my mouth was flooded with cum, delicious cum, amazing cum. I was now his cocksucker. I was his boy. I was his toy. I was his to use anytime he wanted and we both knew it. As his cock began to soften in my mouth I came myself, almost as an afterthought. Not touching myself, just cumming with the knowledge I had made this Man cum. I knew my life would never be the same.

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by Anonymous

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by Gloryholejoy02/25/15

LOVE "Kiss the head and tell me"!

This is such an excellent and hot story...and so real! Like the author, I have had the PRIVILEGE of being mentored and trained - commanded! - by dominant older men in situations very like this! Its reallymore...

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by Anonymous02/14/15


I too have this very fantasy, I can see myself doing exactly this, I can't wait until I find my perfect cock to suck and become the cocksucker I want to be,

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by Anonymous02/11/15

I share his fantasy

I am 62, in very good shape and happily married. But I have this never ending fantasy about getting on my knees and sucking a cock until I get a load of hot cum down my throat. I am not attracted to menmore...

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by JamesTasman02/10/15


Amazing story. I envy all you guys that have participated in this. Still a fantasy for me.... For now.

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by Anonymous02/09/15

What a great story!

I've only sucked a couple of cocks but loved it. I think that I'm truly bi. I love eating pussy and love to suck dick. This story was so hot I've had a hard-on almost from the beginning while reading it.more...

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