Sissy Auction


The girls take my hands and lead me from the kitchen to the parlour where a strange high backed seat has been placed. I am soon seated, restrained at the ankles, wrists and around my tummy. My head is held in a clamp attached to the high top of the chair.

Mistress enters carrying a big rubber peepee. It is skin coloured and very lifelike. She pinches me hard on my arm so that I cry out. As soon as my mouth opens the peepee is quickly jammed into my mouth so far that I gag. When mistress pulls it back I bight down onto the soft rubber to stop it going back in. Mistress tries to push it back in but can't. She smiles as I feel her reaching under my dress and grasping the little sack between my legs .Her fingers squeeze my sack, I scream and the peepee goes down my throat. As I feel the bile start to rise from my tummy, the tormenting rubber is pulled back. I barley manage to hold my lunch down. Mistress continues this game until I finally manage to get the thing down my throat without gagging. Pleased with this, mistress releases me and sends me to my horsy telling me to fix my make up on the way. I notice that a pair of video cameras have been set up at front and back of the pony when I return.

A slightly larger peepee has been fitted to the saddle and is already lubricated. Willingly I climb on and lower myself onto it. The slit panties come in handy for this. I find that I slip onto the thing quite easily and my little wormy responds by standing straight up. Mistress grabs my dress hem at the front and lifts it. She clips it to my collar. I hadn't noticed that a little bra loop is fitted to the hem and a bra hook is sewn to the collar. She repeats this at the back so exposing my panty clad and peepee invaded bottom for all to see. I start to rock. The feeling is bliss as the rubber peepee invades my bottom making me pant with pleasure. My own peepee is dribbling in response. The twins are giggling. One of them reaches out and gives my little thing a long hard squeeze so that I cry out. They both laugh as it goes flat. Slowly the poor little thing recovers and becomes stiff again. Mistress reaches out and gently strokes me until I squirt.

Unclipping the baby spoon from around my neck she hands it to me ordering me to scoop up my sissy juice. The twins pull faces as they watch me gobble down my gooey mess. Although I'm starting to get used to the taste, it still dries my throat. Once the goo is off the outside of my panties, mistress orders me to dismount. Back on the floor I am led to my desk chair. Mistress pulls my panties down to my thighs and then makes me sit my bare bottom onto the chair. She carefully slides the wet panties down my legs to my ankles making sure that the wet bits don't get near my stockings. One by one she carefully lifts each foot through the panty leg. The panties are now free of my legs. One of the girls is videoing me.

Mistress passes me the panties saying "use them to wipe yourself clean then lick it all off you dirty little faggot. Then you may put them back on. I hope you took note of how I removed them without dirtying your stockings as you will be expected to do this each time you spurt. If I see one drop on your stockings, shoes or floor you will be caned."

Complying with her wishes I am soon sitting at my desk in my now clean but damp panties. I am left alone to read my book in which I'm soon engrossed. Reading the book has given me a wonderful insight into how even a sissy like me can have sex and maybe even find love. The book is finished just in time for me to have my evening meal. After the meal, mistress allows me to watch some DVDs on my television. All of them are pornographic covering both straight sex and various forms of bdsm. There is even a story about a sissy maid and her master which I really love. Eventually mistress undresses me and sends me to bed wearing a new translucent nylon baby doll in pink with a matching thong. I think I look very grown up and sexy in it. Knowing that I can't touch my peepee I reach between my legs and tickle my bottom. I slide a finger inside and ease it back and forth. This feels really nice and I feel a little tingle in my peepee. My peepee slowly dribbles a little juice which feels lovely. I drift off to sleep dreaming of a handsome master pumping his big peepee into my tight bottom.

My days develop into a pattern of training. After my enema, mistress dresses me in a fresh sissy maid's uniform. Gradually I get used to successively taller heels until I am comfortable in seven inch stilettos. As my ankles are hobbled together and I wear ribbons which must not touch the floor attaching my ankles to my wrists I am soon mincing well enough to satisfy mistress with short steps and my limp wrists held at shoulder height. I practice serving drinks on a tray and take over all washing duties for the household. I learn to curtsey whenever I provide a service or meet someone. Of course my sex practice continues. I spend lots of time practicing my oral skills on the dildo and stretching my bottom on horsy. My peepee spurts at least once a day and I am soon very good at removing my panties without soiling my stockings and cleaning them with my tongue. The taste of the spurts no longer worries me and I almost look forward to cleaning myself up. I am becoming obsessed with my bottom. The enema and time on horsey aren't enough for me and I fall asleep each night with my finger in my bottom. Mistress tells me that soon I will be interviewed by some possible employers.

2. Before my spurts started.

I have no memory of life before aunty. Life has been mostly happy here with aunty and the two girls. Every day is like the one before but I don't mind. My life has a great certainty to it.

Every morning I happily hop out of bed and go do toilet. I play with my baby dollies until aunty calls me to breakfast. I have to eat my special tablets with this meal. There are two big tablets and one small one. I asked aunty about them once and she explained.

"The two big pills are sissy pills to make your body soft and girl like. They will help you to have a nice rounded bottom, no body hair, cute little boobies and a layer of padding over your bones and muscles. The little pill is to stop you getting anxious. Sissies often get worried because they are not real boys any more but can't quite be the girls that they want to be. The little pill will make you happy to be who you are and not what you might have been."

After breakfast aunty bathes me and dresses me in a satin little girl dress a with high waist and puff sleeves, panties, matching ribbons in my hair, frilly ankle socks and white Mary Janes. It is then time for lessons until lunch time. Aunty has taught me to read and write and how to add up numbers. I practice reading my books aloud to her. If I make mistakes she puts me over her knee and spanks me until I cry. Once I have finished lunch I am sent to bed for a rest for an hour. The afternoon is spent riding my horsey, playing with my dolls or reading. Often I just gaze out of the window as the twins play in the yard where I am never allowed.

"Why can't I play outside?" I ask Aunty.

"Sissies must not get sun on their skin. It will be very important for you in the future to have soft, creamy, unblemished skin. This is why you must never go outside." She answers.

I feel happy with this explanation. All aunties' lady friends comment on how pretty I look. I've been told that I'm short for my age and very lightly built. I have strawberry blond hair and creamy skin. The tablets must work as my body is just like aunty says it should be. I'm soft and rounded and very girl like with a lovely rounded bottom. If I had a cunny I would be perfect. I often wonder what it would be like to have friends to play with. The twins like to play with me but I never feel that I'm playing with them. I'm just a toy to fit into their games.

When we were all younger the girls used to dress me as a baby and pretend I was theirs. They would feed me bottles and soft food from a spoon. Sometimes I had to suckle on their little nipples for ages. They seemed to like that a lot. Tormenting my little peepee was a favourite game. Rubbing to make it stiff and then squeezing it until I cried was popular. Playing schools was also fun. One of them would be teacher while I and the other twin would be students. I was always the naughty one who had to be punished with a spanking. Aunty just used to laugh when I came crying to her. Sometimes I would get so upset that aunty would double my dose of happy pills for a few days.

As they got older the uses they found for me changed. Their developing boobies needed much more suckling than before and the girls didn't bother with pretending I was a baby. Aunty had deemed that I was as well educated as I needed to be so the girls had all day between meals to use me for their pleasure. When I complained to aunty she just spanked me and explained that a young sissy's roll in life was to serve girls and ladies in any way they pleased. Soon they had me cleaning their cunnies with my tongue for ages until they panted that they were happy. At least they had smooth hairless cunnies because one if my jobs was to shave them. I hated having to attend to aunts' friends when she had a few over for afternoon tea. Occasionally aunty would have a lady stay the night with her. There were never any men in the house except tradesmen. On those occasions I was locked in my room.

Aunty was to have some friends to afternoon tea soon so the twins decided that they should have a beauty pageant to entertain them. They decided that I could be a contestant too. Aunty thought this was a great idea and took the girls out shopping for costumes. They promised to get me some outfits. Whenever they went out I was locked in my room, as aunty didn't trust me to behave. I didn't mind as I could read my books or play with my dollies.

After a few hours they returned with bags filled with clothes. The three had decided that we would each wear three costumes. There would be a competition where we would wear pretty party dresses, one for swimsuits and one for pretty night wear. My dress was really pretty in pink of course. The girls had one in silver and the other in white. We each had pretty sandals with one inch heels. My swimsuit and night dress were to be a secret while I got to see the pretty bikinis and night gowns that the girls got. I hoped mine would be just like theirs.

The following morning was spent with aunty as she did our hair and makeup. I even got to paint my finger and toe nails bright pink. My hair was curled into ringlets while my makeup was really more suitable for someone older. After lunch we put on our party dresses. Mine was so pretty and fitted perfectly. I thought I looked like a princess. The girls looked lovely too. We stayed in our rooms until the guests arrived.

Aunty called us and had us wait in the hall near the parlour. The twins were sent in one at a time to show off their dresses. When it was my turn I walked into the room to find that a space had been left between two rows of guests for us contestants to walk through. There were four women on either side. I sauntered along until I reached the end of the makeshift runway, turned and walked as daintily as possible back and out to the hall. There was polite clapping from the audience.

We were called back in together and informed that I had won the first part of the contest. I was surprised when the girls congratulated me as I expected them to hate me. Once I saw my swim suit I understood why they smirked with the congratulations. We changed to our swim suits in the hallway. They each had a very pretty bikini which fitted them perfectly. I, on the other hand had a nylon one piece at least one size too small. When I managed, with aunties help, to slide into it I discovered that my peepee was clearly outlined in the front. When aunty saw this she reached through the leg opening, grabbed my peepee and forced it between my legs. I looked ridiculous but at least my peepee wasn't visible although walking was uncomfortable. I was sent in first and all the women pointed and laughed at me until I ran crying from the room. The girls each followed and were applauded. They were deemed to have tied for first in the swim suit competition.

For the sleep wear competition the girls had beautiful long satin night dresses. One was black while the other was white. They looked very grown up. I was given a pink baby doll that was very pretty but completely transparent. There were no panties so there was nowhere to tuck myself away. I burst into tears and refused to enter the parlour. Aunty slapped me and threatened a severe caning. I was scared enough to walk, crying into the room where the women called me horrible names and said they should punish me for being such a nasty little sissy who showed it's peepee in front of ladies. Trying to run I was grabbed by a woman who threw me over her lap and proceeded to spank me while the two girls had their turn to show off.

That was the worst ordeal that the girls inflicted upon me. All in all I couldn't complain too much with my upbringing. I was well fed, clothed and had plenty of toys. Mostly I enjoyed the girl's games and was happy with my pampered life.

Interview time

My training continued. I could now mince easily in seven inch heels if they had a platform sole. Each day I spent half an hour trying to walk in eight inch ballet heels. After a week I am able to hobble around in these torture devices. My calves are left burning after each session. Mistress tells me that it is important to learn to walk in them as I will be more employable if I can. My makeup skills were adequate and I only needed help to do up my corset. Aunty deemed that my bottom was stretched enough for most men to find me a nice tight fit without doing too much damage. I had learned how to carry drinks on a tray without spillage and how to iron a man's pants and shirt just in case I really was going to be a maid.

My first interview was scheduled for two o'clock so I had the morning to prepare. By the time he arrived I was clean inside and out, with my bottom plugged for safety and wearing my French maid outfit over my corset and white seamed stockings. Seven inch white heels completed the outfit. My makeup was modest as would befit an innocent young woman and my hair was tied in pig tails.

As ordered I waited in the hall near the front door so that when the bell rang I was able to immediately answer it. Before me stood a very fat and sweaty old man wearing baggy shorts, sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. I truly hoped that he was not going to employ me. Curtseying I stepped back to allow him in and closed the door behind him.

"Please follow me sir" I said and minced along the hall into the parlour. I could hear him puffing as he followed me. After he was seated on a two seat lounge I ask "may I get you a drink sir?"

"Yes please. A beer will be nice. Call me Daddy" he leered at me as he says this.

Mincing across to the bar I took a bottle from the refrigerator opened it and poured the contents into a tall chilled glass. Tottering on my heels I carried the glass on a tray to Daddy and placed it on a side table next to him. After curtseying I returned the tray and stood with bowed head waiting for instruction.

"Come here and stand in front of me" he ordered "and clip your skirt up at front and back.

Quickly I complied.


I did and soon felt his hands massaging my bottom before he slipped a couple of fingers through the hole in the back of my panties and ran them up and down through my crease. I gasped initially with shock which turned to pleasure as he pushed against my plugged bottom. I could feel my peepee stiffen. He soon tired of this, removed his fingers and ordered me to turn and kneel in front of him. After dipping a finger into his beer he offered it to my mouth. Being a well-trained sissy, I sucked the drink from his finger and continued sucking vigorously until he pulled his finger away.

"Sit on my knee" he ordered. So I stood and gently eased my bottom onto his lap. Wrapping one arm around me he used his other to pull my face to his and then passionately kissed me. Yuk. I hated it but my training was such that I kissed him back and pretended to enjoy. While he held me in his embrace he slipped his other hand down my front and massaged my peepee through my sheer panties. Soon I was panting while the pressure built inside me. With a gasp I exploded.

Daddy took my spoon from my neck chain, scooped up my escaping sissy juice and fed me every drop that went through the fine material.

Pushing me away he said "clean yourself."

Standing, I eased my panties down my legs squatting to get them past my shoes. I used the skimpy garment to wipe my peepee and tummy clean and then my tongue to clean the panties which I then slipped back on. The panties, although sheer were very tight and hugged my bottom tightly pushing my cheeks hard together.

Daddy said nothing as he lifted his bottom to allow him to slide his shorts down his legs. I could see his big peepee outlined in his underpants. Pulling me down onto the seat next to him, he took my hand and placed it upon his rapidly stiffening peepee which was now sticking out of his pants. My duty as a well-trained sissy was clear so I started to stroke it. This evoked a groan from Daddy. Soon he was panting and his peepee was rock hard.

Daddy pushed me to the floor making me think he would force me to suck him. Instead he climbed off the lounge, positioned me kneeling over one of the cushions and knelt behind me. I felt his peepee pushing through the split in my panties and being forced into the crack between my rounded cheeks. Daddy would dearly have loved to push into my bottom but had to make do with rubbing back and forth, trapped between my buttocks and the tight panties. His breathing rasped with excitement as he pumped back and forth enjoying what I would later discover was called a cheeky slide. His thrusting soon sped up and he started to moan. I wasn't sure if I liked this although my peepee did as it hardened up again and started to dribble. Suddenly he stopped and held me tight. He groaned and I felt wetness between the round globes of my bottom. Once his breathing slowed he slid out of my panties, wiped his peepee on my bottom, pulled on his shorts and just walked off and left the house. I felt disappointed that I hadn't even received a thank you. Was this how a sissy is treated? Aunty walked in and told me to go my bathroom and clean myself.

Each afternoon that week a different man interviewed me. Most were old and ugly and used me in much the same way as the first. There was one who was younger and quite handsome. He was very nice to me. I enjoyed kissing him and thought he would make a lovely employer especially after he sucked my peepee until I spurted.

The following day Aunty took me aside and explained that several men were interested in employing me. She had decided that the fair way to choose would be to auction me to the highest bidder. That way she would recoup some of her expenses incurred while training me to be a good little maid.

"Would the men pay me for my work?" I asked.

Mistress laughed "That would be highly unlikely. They will be purchasing you from me and will use you as they please. You may be put to work as a maid or just used as a sex slave. Most of the men will value you so that you will only be punished if you are naughty. They are all rich and have a reputation of looking after their slaves keeping them in luxurious quarters and providing them with lavish gifts and clothes. Today and tomorrow we will prepare for the auction which will take place in two days' time. "

I burst into tears. I was to become a slave. Maybe even a sex slave. Although I looked forward to having a man inside me I was hoping for more than just sex. My dreams were falling apart. Mistress slapped me and sent me to my room.

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