tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSissyhood of Travelling Panties Ch. 02

Sissyhood of Travelling Panties Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Blake

Blake hurried back to his bedroom and closed the door behind him. In his hand he held a very sexy pair of red satin boyshort panties with lacy details, the panties he had just taken from the laundry basket. At 19, Blake still lived with his parents and there was very little he enjoyed more than the sight or fantasy of his mother's still hot body dressed in sensual lingerie.

He knew it was wrong to imagine his mother this way, but Blake couldn't help himself. She was undeniably still gorgeous and all his friends knew it and teased him about it. He found himself checking out her curvy, long legged body whenever she wasn't looking, sneaking a peak through the door of her bedroom at her in her always sexy lingerie.

Before too long, he found himself fantasising about his mother as he masturbated, stroking his cock as the image of her tall, shapely figure played before his eyes, slipping her sexy panties off to reveal her wet pussy.

In a way, it was almost inevitable that the next step from fantasising about his mother, or spying on her in her sexy lingerie, was Blake taking some of that lingerie for himself, adding a physical element to his fantasies.

He had spent some time steeling himself for this desire until tonight he had finally taken his opportunity. He had found a moment when nobody was around and went sneaking to the laundry basket for a pair of his mother's used panties.

Instantly, on opening the basket, he had known that these were the panties he wanted. They called out to him, they were so sensual, so feminine. They were just the kind of thing he could imagine, the scarlet satin across the curve of his mom's ass, the lace above her pussy.

The only trouble was that this particular pair of panties had not been worn by Blake's mom at all. Blake had never spied on his mom enough to see his dad get involved. Perhaps if he had, then he would have known that it was his father and not his mother who had worn the red satin panties during his parents' earlier kinky sex session. Blake, however, remained blissfully unaware of his dad's girly crossdresser side. As far as he was concerned, the soft material of the panties as he rubbed them between his fingers had recently rubbed against his mother's smooth naked skin.

He held the panties to his nose and inhaled imagining the scent of his mom's aroused wetness as she wore the panties, never noticing that the aroma of the underwear came rather from his father's dried in spunk. Thinking about his mom's pussy in these red panties made Blake feel his dick begin to stiffen.

Still holding the soft, smooth panties to his face with one hand, Blake reached down to his crotch with the other. Rubbing his hand over his pants, Blake could feel his stiffness growing just at the closeness and image of the sexy panties in his face.

Blake began to imagine he was not just sniffing panties, but that his face was buried in his mother's crotch, her long smooth legs spread around his head, her red panties in his face, waiting to be slid aside to give access to her pussy. He longed to bury himself in his mom's pussy more than he ever wanted any girl his own age. The dirtyness of wanting his face in the same hole that gave birth to him, the same place his dad liked to fuck, just made it more exciting for him.

Still inhaling the scent of the panties, still rubbing them against his face, he lay back on his bed and unzipped his pants. Just from touching the sexy panties and imagining his tall, curvy mother wearing them, Blake had already got quite hard and he soon became even more so as he took his semi hardon in his hand and began to stroke it.

He imagined it was his mother's long, slender fingers grasped around his cock, tugging it harder. He imagined his mom overcome with lust for her naughty son, desperate to get her hands on his quivering teenage member. The feel of the panties in his hand just spurred him on further.

Withdrawing the panties from his face, he pictured his mom almost naked, sliding down his body from where he had imagined her sitting on his face until she was straddling his cock, her long legs wrapped around him, her beautiful breasts, the ones that he had suckled on as a child, waving enticingly in his face, her long chestnut hair tossed back as she laughed with pleasure, wanting him as badly as he wanted her.

The red satin panties were now held in his hand over his crotch, his dick reached up to touch them, rubbing against the soft, feminine fabric. It felt good against his skin, that womanly softness, he could see why his mother would feel sexy in it. He didn't know it, but his father had felt just the same thing when he slipped those same panties on just a little earlier that day.

Blake imagined his mom sliding her panties aside and slipping his hardness into her moist waiting cunt. He closed his eyes and the image of his gorgeous mother played before him almost as if she was really there, beginning to ride him. His hand gripped his shaft and wrapped the panties around it.

He had never masturbated like this, but the feel of the smooth fabric of the red panties on his dick was amazing as he jerked off back and forth, the satin making his hardness even stiffer.

"Oh Momma!" he moaned to himself, "That's good. I love your soft satin panties!"

Pretty soon he was furiously rubbing himself, his hand feverishly jerking his shaft as hard and fast as possible, running the red panties all over his dick, just imagining his mother was wearing them and spreading her legs for him.

His other hand began to toy with his balls, squeezing and rubbing them as he stroked his dick, as if urging his cum to explode out of him and cover him and his parent's panties with his sticky jizz.

"Oh boy, such sexy panties," he moaned, "They feel so good. My dick's going to spunk all over Momma's hot panties!"

The orgasm was building up inside him now, the fantasies of his hot mom, the feel of the satin lingerie, the hard stroking of his masturbation, all came together to create incredible waves of release as his climax flooded over him.

He had never cum that hard just from touching himself, it must had been something to do with the panties. His dick just spurted stream after stream of wet, sticky spunk, shooting right up out of him and onto his chest, making him sticky with his own excitement.

As he came, Blake held the satin panties to his quivering cock and, as his cum leaked out of his dick, it covered the soft red fabric, making the panties wet and slimy in his grasp. He didn't know it, but Blake was adding his dirty spunk to a load his father had already added to this pair of panties. Neither of them realised how alike they were, in thrall to Blake's mother's hotness, dumping their salty sperm in this pair of sexy panties.

Finally, Blake relaxed, knowing that he was addicted, that now he had masturbated once with what he thought were his mother's panties, he would continue down this path of kinky incest fantasies. Not really aware that he was doing it, he raised the panties to his face once more and inhaled again. Now the smell was entirely of his own sexual deviancy. He couldn't help licking a bit of his own spunk back from the red satin. He was a little surprised that the taste was excitingly naughty as well. He could definitely get used to this.

His reveries were eventually interrupted by the sound of the same woman who had been such a part of all his fantasies, his mother.

"Blake!" she called, making him blush that he still held the sticky panties, "Your friend Carl's here. Come down."

Hurriedly Blake cleaned himself off and got dressed properly before going downstairs to see his friend. Before leaving the room, he tucked the panties away behind his bed with images of his mom wearing them and nothing else still filling his head.

To be continued...

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