tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSister & Her Friends Ch. 1

Sister & Her Friends Ch. 1


When I was a senior in high school I used to watch my older sister Nicole and her friends when they slept over. This used to be the best time of my teenage life; Nicole was by most guys' standards an attractive girl. Which meant she had hot friends, There was Jennie, Tina, and Desiree. Each of them was on the swimming team together. They would spend the weekend at each other's houses to get psyched for the meet that week. This is my story of one of those weekends.

It started really on a Thursday when I decided that it was time to initiate what I called "operation bald beaver."

I snuck into my sister's room and installed a few of our family's recording equipment. I put the small hand held recorder in the plant in the corner of the room and ran a video cord under the carpet to the closet where I had drilled a small hole into the wall and ran the video into my room. I also just to make sure I didn't miss any of the conversation I put a tape recorder my dad had used for work under the bed. It had a remote control with it that allowed me to start the recording process while I pretending I needed something in her room the night of the "action." Now I also needed a way to spy on the girls while they were in the shower.

This I couldn't do myself I had to call my friend and have him install a microscopic camera in the wall behind the shower curtain and we knew just how to do it. Use the exhaust fan as a fake. He charged me 200 dollars but I paid it. It was my lawn mowing money. I figured it would be worth it. Now my plan was set I just had to wait for Friday night.

The next day went as planned and around 8:00 p.m. the girls started coming over. My sister had said what she always did and warned me not to interfere with the girls. I told her I would try to stay out of the way.

Around nine, I went in to start the recorder. I asked the girls if they wanted any pizza and chicken wings. Mom was going to order it. They said sure. I noticed that my sister's breath smelled a little like alcohol.

Well anyway I went into my room and flipped on the TV. Like clockwork the picture was perfect. They were all there laughing and drinking my dad's scotch whiskey. They were talking about boys and stuff like that and then they decided to play truth or dare. I'm sure everyone's familiar with that game?

My cock started to grow just thinking about it. It started out with a lot of truth questions, then Desiree (who I thought was the hottest of them all) did a dare. It was Tina that said I dare you to kiss Jennie with your tongue. She didn't refuse because if she did they were forced to do a penalty action.

So Desiree went up to Jennie and started to kiss her lips and Jennie followed suit and then they each opened their mouth and started to tongue kiss. I think they liked it cause they did it for a few seconds. By this time I was ready to blow my fucking load.

Then it was Desiree's turn because Tina chose her. She asked Nicole, my sister and she replied DARE... Desiree thought a moment and said I want you to do a strip tease for us all the way naked. She said no way and they said do you want the penalty that will be worse? Nicole said okay I'll do it she took another shot of whiskey and then stood up with the music on she started dancing around the room and started by removing her pants. And tossed them on the bed, then she started to get into it a little more and shook her crotch in Tina's face. Then she bent over and removed her underwear she was bald as a baby down there it was a swimming thing. She had her ass inches from Desiree's face it was definitely a sight to see. Now it was her turn to choose somebody and she looked right at Tina, her best friend and said truth or dare? Dare, was the reply.

"Tina I want you to take off your clothes and ask my brother if he has a toothbrush?" What the fuck... I thought that if she says yes then I would shut the TV off. She said, okay but I'm going to get you back Nikki. She took off her shirt and bra and panties. I shut off the TV so I didn't look like I knew was going on. I heard a knock at my door and I said it's open. She opened the door and stood there completely nude. My mouth dropped open. I had never seen an Asian naked they had slightly darker skin and this girl had a slamming body, small perky tits, and great legs.

"Do you have a tooth brush I could borrow?"

I said, uh you could use mine if you need too. Then I heard the girls laugh in the other room. That's when she walked up and said like what you see? I shook my head yes and she said play your cards right and you may get to see more tonight?

She left and I turned back on the TV. That's when the Pizza arrived. The Girls invited me to eat it with them. I said okay and headed upstairs. They were sitting there some in long t-shirts and Tina and Desiree in shorts. I saw up Jenny's shirt and could see her underwear the whole time it was a black thong like thing. I was beginning to get an erection when I think Desiree noticed first cause she giggled. That's when Tina said you happy to see us or is that a banana in your pocket? Everybody laughed, and Jennie asked if I could play too. My sister took some convincing and finally said yes. I then excused my self and made sure that the camera was still running.

I made my way back to the room and the girls had already started. Tina asked me and I said Dare. She said, " I dare you to sit naked the rest of the game." I didn't disagree me naked in front of these girls was a dream come true. I started to get undressed and that's when I pulled out my snake, and sat back down and Tina said "damn Nikki you weren't lying he is hung like a horse." Nikki blushed. My turn and I needed to see Desiree naked so I chose her.

She replied Dare. Desiree, I dare you to strip naked and play with your pussy in front of us for a total of 5 minuets. It was a rough one and I thought she would definitely go for the penalty play but she said okay. She took off her top and her huge tits fell out swinging in the wind and she stared at the clock five minuets till 10:30 p.m. She then licked her finger and started to rub her pussy while staring at my cock. She was going faster and faster rubbing her clit and then she started to stick her fingers in her pussy in and out they went faster and faster she came at 10:29 p.m. she bucked her hips and fucked her hand for the last minuet.

I thought for sure that she would pick me, but she picked Nikki. Nikki took another shot of whiskey, and said dare. Jennie had gotten off easy so far so I figured she would have to do something with Jennie. Who had gotten up to go get something in her bag? She lit some incense and placed a towel in the bottom of the door. I had no idea what she was doing. But, then she pulled a water bong out of her bag and asked if anyone wanted some. My sister half drunk said yes and all the girls started to smoke weed. Desiree said to Nikki that I dare you to get naked and then give your brother a lap dance. She said, "he's naked though!" So, was the reply and Nikki said no way I'll take the penalty.

Penalty question now you must eat out Jenny's pussy till she comes in your face. Shit this was gonna be good. I saw her get down on the floor while Jennie spread her legs and allowed her to eat her pussy. Jennie took her top of and rubbed her tits and clit while my sister started to munch on her box.

Without even thinking about it, I started to rub my cock jerking off to them going at it. Nikki ate Jenny's pussy for at least ten minuets while Desiree and Tina looked on smoking pot and watching me play with my 7incher. Jennie came all over my sister's face and then Desiree licked it off. I shot my load into the air and Tina smiled at me and crawled over to me and started to lick my cock it was the best feeling in the world. She started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. This girl gave great head. She sucked my cock clean and then sat up and looked around at the girls and said "What, with a cock like that I couldn't help myself."

Anyway the game continued and the next turn was Nikki and she told Tina to let her fuck her with this and pulled out a double-headed dildo from under her mattress. Tina looked at it and said hell yeah. So the two girls got on the floor across from one another and had me help them put it in them. Then they started to fuck each other, That's when the game went away and an all out orgy started. Desiree took off her clothes and Jennie did too. Desiree went to work on my cock while Jennie ate Desiree's pussy. Desiree knew how to suck cock too but not as good as Tina. Then Jennie moved around pushed me down to the floor and said that she wanted that bad boy inside her. I couldn't complain. Jennie slid it in her pussy man was she tight. She bounced up and down on my cock while I played with her tits Desiree had moved so she could have me lick her pussy.

My sister and Tina were still fucking each other when they stopped and looked at me fucking her friends they wanted a chance to so the two girls took turns riding my cock. My sister was great fuck; she had a lot of fun on my cock. Then I decided to see if one of these girls would let me fuck them in the ass. Tina said I could fuck her in the ass she loved anal. She lay on her back and I teased her pussy a little then lubed up my cock with some pussy juice and slowly entered her anus. It was such a tight fit I thought my cock would break off. But it didn't I fucked her for about ten minuets then I shot my load again. I was getting tired of all this fucking but it was so much fun. We continued on till about 2 am sucking and fucking when they had to call it quits because they had to get up early in the morning. I left the room with a huge smile on my face and a very limp sore cock.

I went into my room and watched the girls get ready for bed and then I too went to bed.

Saturday is yet to come...

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