tagIncest/TabooSister, Brother, Secret Lovers

Sister, Brother, Secret Lovers


The characters in this story are both at least 18.


My name is Bobby, and I'm 18. I'd been looking at different colleges, when I got a call from my sister, Suzanne. She's four years older than me, and we haven't seen each other in about that long, since she went away to college herself. In her call, she invited me to spend February vacation with her, and check out some of the schools around where she lives. I accepted, but not without a bit of apprehension.

You see, when I was younger, before she left, I had gotten into the habit of peeping on her. I've heard a lot of boys going through puberty do it, mostly out of curiosity. The problem is, they usually get caught at some point, and get the standard caught-ogling-your-naked-sister lecture. I, though, never got caught, and was still looking at her when she moved out. Also, as far as I know, those boys never had any "response". In my case, though, well, I...got my first hard-on looking at Suzanne, and it happened pretty much every time after.

But, I figured, it's been four years. Maybe I'm over all that. I arrived at the bus station, to find Suzanne waiting to pick me up, and immediately I felt the first twinge of doubt, as my heart started pounding the moment I saw her. She looked more or less the same as I remembered her, albeit now with a punk tattoo down her right arm, and a stud in her nose, plus her hair was now dyed black, with red streaks. My sister's always been a fan of punk rock, and many an argument erupted in our house over the way she dressed. If mom and dad saw her now, they'd both have a heart attack.

"So, Bobby, how was your trip?" Suzanne asked, once we were in her car.

"Oh, you know, pretty dull."

"Yeah," my sister joked, "travel by bus just isn't as interesting since they got rid of all the bums and junkies." We both had a good laugh at this. "So, lunch, you got anything in mind?"

"Uh, whatever's good."

We had lunch at this diner she frequented, then went on a tour of her school. Afterward, she took me back to her apartment. "Well, the TV's right there, now, if you'll excuse me I gotta change outta these sweaty clothes." This part of the country is further south, and therefore warmer, than home. She went in to her bedroom, and shut the door.

As I sat there, flipping around, this devil in my head started to speak. "Dude, she's changing in the next room. Don't you wanna have a look?" I tried fighting it, but was finally compelled to look. Needless to say, I'm very good at spying on someone undetected. I crept over to the door, and silently opened it just a crack. She was already down to her underwear, and I looked in just in time to see her reach behind her back and undo her bra, before taking it off, and there they were, just as I remembered them. Those gorgeous, large, squishy breasts of hers, with their pink nipples. My cock started to swell up immediately, as I watched them sway and bounce as she walked around. When she put a new t-shirt on, I silently shut the door, and sat back down. As my sense returned, it dawned on me what just happened. I had just slipped up. I was starting to realize acting normal around my sister was going to be harder than I thought. About this time, Suzanne returned.

"So, dinner?"

That night, I lay on her couch. I must have tossed and turned for a couple of hours. By now, the fact I was still attracted to my sister was inescapable, and the devil in me now returned, urging me to get up and go into Suzanne's room. I didn't know what he would compel me to do once I was in there, just he wanted me to go. Once again, the impulse became too strong to fight, and I got up, and went to her door.

Once inside, I stood by the side of her bed, and just stared. Every instinct in me told me to get out of there, but I couldn't move. Finally, I leaned over, and shook her. "Suzanne," I whispered. She awoke, sat up in bed, and turned on the light.

"Bobby? What is it? What's wrong?"

I sat on the bed next to her. "I...well...there's something I have to tell you...but I feel like I can't tell you. Does that make sense?"


"I mean, I thought I'd be able to handle this week, but..."

"Bobby, come closer."


"Just come closer to me." I leaned in closer. Suzanne put her hand on the side of my face, and said, "I already know. I've known all along. Bobby, if you want to make love to me, that's okay. I'll gladly be your lover."

"But, I'm your brother. That doesn't bother you?"

"It's definitely weird, I'll grant you that, but...I don't care. As far as you and me right here are concerned, we can be lovers, and also brother and sister. The world doesn't need to know, and it's nobody's business but ours." She then leaned in and kissed me, inserting her tongue into my mouth. I was getting hard again. Suzanne was rubbing my leg, and noticed. "Hello there. Does someone want his cock sucked?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought. Lie down." I lay down on the bed. "Take your shirt off." I took my t-shirt off, and threw it in the corner. Suzanne then straddled me, and took of her shirt, and her tits bounced out rather appealingly. She then leaned down and kissed me again, and then started kissing her way down my chest, then stomach. Finally, she got to my shorts, and pulled them down. I then felt her lips wrap around my shaft, as she began to suck me off slowly, all the while licking the head. This was my first blowjob, but I suspect my sister was giving me extra special attention. It felt amazing. I got up on my elbows to watch; Suzanne looked so sexy. She never sped up, but did increase the suction, and lick around my head a little more vigorously. Almost a minute before it actually happened, I felt my cock start to slowly contract, until finally I came in her mouth. I could hear my sister swallowing rapidly to get it all before the next spurt came. Suzanne smiled at me, and said, "You like that, Bobby?"

"Fuck, yes." I said, catching my breath.

She then kissed her way back up my chest, before giving me another tongue kiss. "Hmm, my turn." She rolled off of me, and I in turn rolled onto her, and we continued kissing, before I started kissing down her neck, then her chest. My sister was breathing heavily when I started squeezing and fondling her shapely breasts, and licking and sucking her pink nipples. "Yeah, that's good. Just like that." I squeezed her tits together, and kissed between them, causing her to sigh deeply. I moved down to her stomach. I'm glad my sister hadn't lost any weight, because I was always in love with her pudgy little belly, and lingered on it awhile, especially her belly button. I again continued moving downward, pulling down her panties, kissing down her hip, arriving at her pussy. I first spread her legs, kissed her inner thighs, and ran my fingers gently along the backs of them. My sister breathed in sharply. "Ooh, yeah, give me more of that, baby." Her pussy was already soaking wet by the time I got to it, and her pussy hairs tickled my nose as I licked up my sister's juices. Suzanne's breathing was getting choppy, punctuated by the occasional "Unh." I inserted my index and middle finger in her, and she got more vocal, letting out a high-pitched squeaking noise. I started concentrating on licking around her clit, licking up one side of it, and down the other, in rhythm. Suzanne started shaking and hyperventilating as the orgasm approached. While she was mostly silent when it came, I could tell she was coming when she stopped shaking, her back arched, and her pussy tightened around my fingers. Once she relaxed, I pulled them out, and sucked her juices from them. My sister was smiling and sighing happily when I came back up. We practically sucked the breath out of each other, before she said, quietly. "Fuck me, Bobby. I need your cock."

I worked my once again hard cock into her, and she grunted and furrowed her brow, before smiling again as I began to thrust into her. We continued to kiss lustily as we grinded our hips together. As we sped up, Suzanne pulled her head out from under mine, and started moaning and squealing. I could feel her digging her nails into my back, as we fucked faster and faster. In between screams which must have woken her neighbors, she whispered in my ear, "Cum in me. Please cum in me." We eventually both climaxed simultaneously, and once again sucked each other's faces, keeping our lips together as I rolled off her. Suzanne flashed me a devilish smile.

"Feel better, loverboy?"

"Mmm, yeah."

"You wanna stay with me when you go to college?"


Suzanne turned off the light, we kissed one more time, and fell asleep happily in each other's arms.

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