tagIncest/TabooSister Gives Brother A Present

Sister Gives Brother A Present


Dad had gotten mom pregnant and he had my sister and myself one year apart. After my birth, dad divorced and that was the last our family ever saw or heard of him again.

Mom was thirty-six and had a fantastic slender and trim figure. Her height was 5'11", she had size 34" tits. This I had seen from her drawer, as I used to often jerk myself off, by thinking of mom's beauty.

My sister Carol, was the same figure but only more pert and she could be best described as an exact duplicate of mom. Her height and her tits were exactly the same. Carol was nineteen, and was in college, but according to mom, and was studying medicines. Carol always dressed in the most modern clothes and most of the times, this would include only an almost clear halter neck, and jeans which she had cutaway. Therefore Carol could only wear a light bra, on the odd occasion when she actually wore one, and always wore only g-string panties.

Mom insisted that she must not listen to any false promises made to her by boys, as they always seemed to renege, on them.

I on the other hand was still in high school doing my grade 12.

I would still jerked off regularly but would always try and be discreet, about this. My sister Carol very seldom, came into the equation, as she was my sister, and what can one say about a sister one year your senior. Obviously after her reaching the age of eighteen I then started to become attracted to her, and would jerk off, with either mom or Carol my being my fantasized objects. At school there were other girls, but they never attracted me as much as mom, or Carol.

One afternoon, after I had returned from school, Carol greeted me at the door, and told me about her oncoming exam, and she had specifically missed her lecture, so as to learn for her biology exam.

I was feeling exceptionally horny and so left Carol to her studies and went to my bedroom, and went ahead and had my usual fantasy, of mom, and how I would see her naked, and her beckoning me to come forth, and she would teach me the finer art of sex. With this in mind I immediately came, on the wall, and thus began my cleanup operation, to eliminate all telltale signs that may emanate from the smudges on the wall. Just as I was getting my pants on, Carol stepped into the room, she may have been knocking on the door, but I was too absorbed in my actions. She looked at the wall, and all around the room, and finally her eyes began to rest on my flatulent cock, which had just been giving me my pleasure. I never compared my cock to that of my other classmates, and so I imagined that I had the normal sized, member for my age.

Carol started to close the door, but first she whistled at me, and I do not what impulse got to me but I asked her in, and enquired what the whistle was all about. All the while I was dressing, as if nothing had happened. Carol said that my cock was bigger than most of her boyfriends, and that I should be able to get any girl in the schoolyard to get the pleasures, which I may seek. This comment left me in a state of euphoria. Tomorrow I would roam the schoolyard seeking for a potential victim.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had never had sex before, therefore I was a virgin, and I needed a guided tour. The girls at school would make a laughing stock out of me, if I could not fulfil their dreams by not being in a position to please both of us. I explained my predicament to Carol. I was now fully clothed, and went to the bathroom to fetch a towel to cleanup after me.

Carol immediately ran down stairs and fetched one of her biology books, in which the human bodies were discussed at length, giving pictures, and differentiating between the male and female organs. I told Carol that this would help me identify, the various body parts, but not how to give pleasure to the partner. At this stage I was feigning absolute stupidity, as my school friends had told all this to me already a few years prior. They also told me of their various exploits, but all that was extremely debatable, whether they had even been near a girl.

To my surprise Carol undid her halter neck, which immediately fell to the floor, and her exposed tits, just stood there waiting to be touched. They were extraordinarily beautiful. Carol then went onto remove my shirt, and pants. I was now standing naked, whilst Carol was guiding my hands over her tits and naturally her nipples.

She French kissed me, and my hands took on a motion of their own beginning to touch and feel everywhere, and at some stage I felt Carols stomach begin to get stiff, and she let out a low moan.

In the meantime my cock had regained its original size, and I was ready to cum again. Just then Carol bent down, and started to suck on my cock, which was standing at attention. I could feel that I was very close to cumming but Carol at this stage was stroking my balls very gently, and I could at the same time feel them begin to stiffen and just then I came in Carol's mouth. I had heard of a blowjob, and it was a fantastic feeling.

Carol at this point told me to remove her pants and panties. I immediately obeyed, and she instructed me to find her labia, which as I had just read her notes I should find it with relative ease. Naturally it had to be where her shaven mound should be. I sucked on the opening, and eventually, my tongue slipped inside her wet hot pussy. Here I found the clitoris, and began to tongue fuck her. At this point Carol started fidgeting, and letting out louder moans until such time as she let out almost a scream, and she writhed about as if she were constrained to the bedpost.

Carol, then started to suck my cock again and jerking me off, as she proceeded to get me hard again, this took about half an hour.

I turned over and then entered Carol who was by now wet, warm and wonderful. I was having a marvellous time, when Carol's pussy muscles started to contract and once again Carol let out a high pitched moan, and I came just at that time as well.

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