tagIncest/TabooSister in Law Ch. 03

Sister in Law Ch. 03


I stood at the sink. The running water took me back to the last time we were together.

We had finally moved from flirting to satisfying our urges at her cottage during the late summer. I had heard the water running when I woke up following our intense session. With some trepidation I made my way to the bathroom door. I tried the handle and found it locked. Gently rapping and then harder, I waited for a response. Nothing. I pounded now calling out to her actually contemplating breaking the door down.

Finally she answered, "Please leave now."

"I just want to talk. I'll wait till you finish."

"I have nothing to say to you. Go."

I made my way back into the living room, found my clothes and hastily dressed. I heard the door to the bathroom open. Footsteps padded across the floor and another door closed. I walked to her bedroom and knocked. Finding it locked, I called out. Getting no response I made up my mind.

"When you realize that we deserve to have some happiness, talk to me."

I left.

Months had passed with no communication outside of the typical family gatherings. Christmas Eve had been interesting with a warming of sorts. I got a soft kiss on the lips from Adelaide as we arrived and several times she seemed to be standing closer than usual. At one point I put my arm around her waist as we talked - her standing and me sitting at the table. Her breasts pressed brushed against my arm. When Jill and I left a couple of hours later, I got a sideways hug from her with no eye contact and a "uh huh" when I thanked her for the evening.

Our annual post Christmas party with Jill's brothers and spouses took place at our lake again. Dan and Adelaide were staying with us while Ken and Dawn had their place a couple of miles up the road.

We enjoyed a drink and started to relax. Dan changed into his lounge pants and Adelaide emerged from their room notably braless wearing a burgundy camisole under a vee neck sweater. Her hair was pinned up and she looked happy for the first time in a long time.

I got Dan a second beer and mixed a rum smoothy for Adelaide and Jill.

"I hope there's no booze in there," Dan commented. "If that's for Adelaide she can't handle it."

"Just a touch," I replied.

Jill had a refused the drink so I clinked glasses with Adelaide. As usual Dan had taken my easy chair so I sat on the sofa. Jill sat beside her brother on the love seat in the living room. The television was on and with the angle it was hard to see the screen.

"Can you see okay?" I asked Adelaide.

She responded by moving close to me and leaning on my shoulder - "Now I can. Is this okay with you?"

"Glad somebody's getting some action!" Dan sneered.

With that I placed my arm around her shoulder feeling her weight against my side. Even through the sweater I could feel the heat from her breasts.

Dinner came and went without event except when Adelaide brought my wine glass from the living room she gave me a kiss on the lips.

Which brings me back to the sink. Adelaide came to one side and standing close tried to take the dish cloth from me and in the process ground her boobs into my side and arm.

"Let me!" she said pulling harder.

"Not yet. It's just too much fun," I replied as I pressed harder into her breasts moving her into a space beside the fridge. Everyone else had stayed seated at the table in the adjoining room enjoying a Grand Marnier.

As I moved to kiss her, she turned sideways and away from me. Rather than moving her to face me, I spun her with her back to me and whispered in her ear, "Happy New Year". My pelvis ground into her backside and my hands held her sides. She seemed to push back but said nothing. Seizing the moment I let my hands move up to cup her breasts over the clothing. She moaned.

One hand snaked down her side and up underneath. As I made contact with her breasts I felt her nipple engorge and was sure she felt the similar effect she had on me as I pressed into her.

"Come here you two. Leave those alone and relax," Jill called out.

Reluctantly we left the kitchen to rejoin the group.

The next day we were invited to Ken's to watch a hockey game and have an early supper. Adelaide complained of a backache from her sciatica while Dan and Jill made preparations gathering food and drink to take to their brother's.

Since Adelaide had just laid down complaining of her sciatica. I suggested that if they wanted, I could finish with the chopping the firewood and then drive over with her in a couple of hours. They agreed. Dan checked with her to see if the plan was okay with her. It was.

I made sure that I was outdoors when they left and worked furiously to have some wood stacked to show for the time spent at home. I came back inside and started a fire in the wood stove. Adelaide was still in her room with the door partially closed.

I knocked softly asking if she was all right. As there was no answer I opened the door a crack and saw her laying on her side facing away from the door. Her teddy was hiked mid way up her back and I noticed that the sweater lay on the floor by the bed beside what appeared to be the flannel pants she had worn earlier. A blanket covered her lower body with the top of a sheer red panty.

I had just stepped back to the doorway to let her sleep, when she turned with a start.

"I thought I heard somebody." She grimaced turning back away from me as she stretched in discomfort.

"Go ahead a rest if you can. We don't have to leave for a couple of hours. Can I get you anything? I can heat up a bean bag for your back if it would help."

"Sure. Thanks."

In a few minutes I returned with the heated bag. I knelt beside her and draping the bag over her shoulder.

"Too hot?"

"It feels good thanks," she answered rubbing her neck without turning.

"Let me." I started to massage her neck with one hand as I leaned over the bed. Getting no resistance I sat on the edge and continued to rub her neck now with two hands. Sensing the awkwardness of my position, she turned so that she was laying on her stomach diagonally on the bed.

"Where is it hurting?"

"It starts lower down and travels down my leg up to my butt. I think the tension is in my neck and back though."

I moved my hands to her shoulders and then across her shoulder blades and up again to her neck. She sighed and seemed to relax. She tensed somewhat when I placed my hands under her teddy to continue the massage more directly on her skin. She said nothing and murmured thanks as I continued.

"That feels so good. Sorry my skin is so rough I didn't get a chance to put on lotion yet today."

Taking that as my cue I glanced at the dresser top and spotted the bottle.

"Let me."

I reached for the lotion and noticed her half turn to see what I was doing. As I sat again, she rolled back on her stomach without comment.

"This works better," I said as I moved her so that she lay across the bed with her feet extending over the side. I made sure the blanket covered her lower body, though in the move it was obvious that she wore only sheer panties and the camisole.

I half straddled her without putting my weight on her. I coated my hands with her lotion and rubbed it in starting with her neck, then shoulders and lower back.

I pushed the teddy up to her shoulders - so it wouldn't get stained. She protested by stiffening but soon relaxed when I resumed the massage.

I applied more lotion to my hands and moved to the floor, being careful to keep her butt covered by the blanket which had dropped just above her butt crack. I took each foot and firmly rubbed in the lotion giving each a brief massage. When I rubbed between her toes, pulling them one by one she started to move her buttocks down into the mattress. As I bent her foot up, the gap between her body and the cover gave me an excellent view of her bum. By moving her feet to my side I had a clear view of her nylon covered crotch that alternately relaxed and clenched down as I continued the massage.

I pulled her toward me slightly so that her knees rested on the bed with her legs supported by me. I spread the lotion over her ankles and calves. I spread lotion up to her knee and above working on the outside of her thighs.

"Careful, that's the sore one," she said into the mattress as I rubbed her right leg.

Expecting to be stopped, I was relieved. I used both hands on her upper leg moving from her knee to her swelling buttocks, I asked, "How's that?"

"Wonderful. Maybe too good." She sighed.

The blanket had moved up to the small of her back exposing her from the waist down. I moved back to admire her ass, realizing that the last time we had been together I did not have the luxury of this slow exploration of her body. She had that broad ass that looked so sexy and slightly out of place with the rest of her smallish body.

My hands were now concentrating on her ass cheek on the right side. I rubbed first over and then insinuated a hand under the panty. I pulled them taut so that the gusset cupped her vagina and exposed the globes of her butt. I generously applied more lotion to each and rubbed slowly but firmly letting my thumbs dig in to her inner thighs.

Her pelvis movement seemed to intensify. I moved both hands pulling her underwear higher turning them into a tight fitting thong that barely held her lips and all but disappeared into the crevice of her buttocks. My face was now inches from her, taking in the unmistakable aroma of sex. Rising, I stood over her prostrate form. One hand continued to rub her beautiful backside while the other coaxed her legs apart allowing me to stand between them.

My hands pushed her ass cheeks down and then circled to the outside of her ass easing it up. Her back was flush and her breathing like mine was shallow and quickened. With the next upward movement, I kept one hand on the top of her buttocks and slipped the other reached under her crotch keeping the palm up but unmoving. She sighed and ground down on my hand without any encouragement from my upper hand.

As her pelvis rose I felt her moisture and heat on my hand. When she clenched down, I pressed down rotating her ass as her sex ground into my palm. We repeated our slow motion dance. She took charge of the amount of pressure and time her crotch ground into my waiting palm. The pace quickened to a bucking motion as she pressed down mightily moaning into the mattress. I my hand resting on her buttocks to reach under her tracing her lips protruding from the sodden panties. Shifting my palm open I extended a finger to penetrate her opening through the nylon.

She was still moving up and down. Her raspy breathing broke the silence.

Straightening up, I used one hand on the gusset and the other gripped the waistband from above and started to ease them down. Her hips rose to accommodate their removal. I gasped at the sight of her bare ass. Shifting to one side pulled them over her hips and down her thighs and down her legs. As they dropped to the floor, I noted that her thighs spread apart slightly.

I moved her by the hips so that her feet supported her as she knelt forward. Grasping her breasts from under the camisole, I coaxed her to a standing position with her back leaning into me. Neither of us had spoken a word.

Both hands continued to cup and tease her nipples as I kissed her neck, breathing heavily into her ear. With a sigh she covered my hands with hers and applied more pressure to her breasts. I rolled each nipple and pulled them out from her body in a slow deliberate motion. Grasping her camisole from the bottom, I pulled it up and over her head. Stepping back I quickly tugged off my sweat pants and underwear.

As I stepped forward one hand snaked under her spread legs and cupped her vagina, eliciting another moan from Adelaide. My other hand cup a breast. Precum pooled at the tip of my penis, while two fingers were bathed in her fluids.

Straightening I guided her shoulders down as I ground my erection into her as she bent forward over the bed. Leaning forward my prick made contact with her raised ass. I watched as she adjusted herself so that the angle was perfect for penetration. Reaching under her she grasped my erection and placed it at her opening. Slowly she pushed back and just as slowly I pushed forward. The head slipped into her lubricated vagina.

"Easy. You're bigger than Dan." I pushed in another two inches. She tensed. "Much bigger."

Each movement caused another inch to enter her. When my pubic hair and balls touched her ass, we both pushed for all we were worth to penetrate as deep as possible. We started to rotate together grinding our bodies together without withdrawing.

When I felt her start to contract as a prelude to her orgasm, I pulled out and brought her upright again. As I spun her around she looked confused and frustrated. "Please."

She nearly ripped my tee shirt from my body. We took in one another's body before mashing our lips together in a soulful kiss. Our hips started to grind together hungry for our climax. Tongues explored one another's mouth with increasing urgency as our hands busily explored.

Her legs started to tremble and then buckled causing her to sit down heavily on the edge of the bed. I reached over taking a pillow and placing it under her head as she lay back. Reaching again I took the other pillow and folding it in two wedged it under her hips. She shuddered.

"I need you now," she said as I knelt in front of her.

"Soon," I said moving my lips to up thrust vagina. The wetness from her slit glistened from her folds. I used my tongue to taste her from anus to clit, which I took into my mouth and released. I was rewarded with a release of liquid. I was past waiting.

"Now", I said standing. I used my hand to mix her juices with my own to lubricate my penis. Unlike our first time together, her eyes were open. She watched expectantly reaching out to tweak my nipples as I moved over her. With a smile she spread her legs and elevated her hips off the pillow. My cock head nudged her lips and then entered her opening. She had adjusted to my size and I was soon buried to the hilt.

As I moved inside her, she moaned and cried out. "I love it. I needed this."

Her legs rested on my shoulders. I withdrew until we were almost separated then slowly re-entered. Again and again, faster and faster the urgency propelling us almost out of control. I reached under her as the strokes shortened and her climax started to overtake her and grasped her ass cheeks in each hand forcing myself deeper as we both gyrated into one another.

"Holy fuck!" I shouted as I started to spew into her.

"My god, I can feel you cumming!" she screamed. Spurt after spurt gushed as her vaginal muscles continued to contract pulling every last drop into her.

Totally spent, I sank beside her on the bed. I slipped the pillow out from under her hips and was moving to spoon her when the phone rang. I sprang from the bed and out the door answer it followed by gales of laughter. As I hung up the phone and headed back, we were both laughing. Collapsing beside her we continued hysterically. Tears ran down our cheeks. I knew better than analyze the feeling.

I think it's called joy.

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