tagFetishSister-In-Law's Creamy Delivery

Sister-In-Law's Creamy Delivery


I hadn't been getting along with my wife now for some time, in fact thinking about it, it had probably been a few years. Yet after twelve years of marriage we were comfortable with each other and any change would rock the boat and cause too much hassle, especially for the children. We just seemed to put up with each other and get on with our lives. We lived separate lives really yet still had some love for each other.

Sex was O.K, even if Sally my wife is a bit of a prude and very hesitant to try out new things. We would make love every couple of weeks or so in a fairly straightforward manner. Every now and again she would trim her pussy and let me go down on her and as a special treat she would sometimes suck me off, but would always spit out the sperm afterwards. So really in many ways I couldn't complain, as I was probably better off than many other blokes. But still it wasn't enough, I had sexual fantasies like every other red-blooded bloke and it looked as if I was never going to be able to talk about them let alone try them out with my wife.

However over the last few weeks' things have finally changed for the better, and this is what I want to tell you about.

It started about three months ago when Pam, my Sister–in–law had a housewarming party. Pam and her husband Steve had recently moved into the area as Steve had been promoted to a new job. They now lived only about a two-minute drive away from our home. To celebrate their new house they threw a small party for a few of their friends and us. Sally and I went and we were having a great time. We had eaten a wonderful meal and were now chilling out with a few glasses of wine. It was then that our babysitter phoned to say that one of our kids had been sick everywhere and Sally decided to go back home and be with the children instead of leaving them with the sitter. We decided that I should stay and enjoy the rest of the party.

As the night wore on and we all had a few more glasses of wine Pam ended up on the sofa talking to me. Steve and the others had gravitated to the kitchen and were chatting in there (why does that always happen at parties?). Pam was a couple of years younger than my wife and although similar in looks was more petite. I think it was the wine but Pam was being a bit flirtatious with me and I was enjoying the female attention. We spent ages drinking together and talking about all manner of things when eventually the subject got around to sex. It must have been the wine because Pam was telling me how good her sex life was with Steve was and how lucky she was. In the end I confessed to her that her sister and I did not enjoy a fabulous sex life and that it was in fact boring and monotonous. We carried on talking quite openly as she described all the things that she and Steve liked to do in bed and eventually after more wine we got talking about fantasies. I think by this time I must have been a bit drunk as eventually she managed to coax out from me my private unfulfilled fantasy, and how this was never likely to be fulfilled with her sister. Eventually I described to her how I would like to suck on, and lick out the sperm from a juicy freshly fucked pussy.

Eventually Steve and the others made their way back out from the kitchen and it had got very late. The housewarming party just seemed to fizzle out then, and as I had been drinking I walked back home to my wife to see how the poorly children were.

I did not think much more about the party during the next few weeks and life settled back down to its boring monotony. Pam came round a few times, but she never mentioned the party or our cozy little chat about our sex lives and my fantasy, and I had almost forgotten about it until two weeks ago.

I work nights and the routine was that I came home from work, did a few chores then helped Sally get the kids ready for school. Sally then dropped the kids to school on the way to her work and I went to bed to get my sleep. This is exactly what happened two weeks ago. I came in from work, helped sort the kids out, said goodbye to Sally then went to bed. I had only been in bed for a little while and was just starting to doze off to sleep when the bedroom door opened. Standing in the doorway was Pam.

‘I hope you don't mind but I used the spare key Sally gave me to let myself in' she said.

I was a bit shocked by this as I certainly wasn't expecting Pam in our bedroom and I was embarrassed that I was naked in bed. I looked at Pam noticing that her hair appeared tousled and she looked a bit flushed as if she had been running.

‘Is everything Ok' I asked, ‘is there a problem.'

‘No there's no problem' Pam said a little breathless, ‘but I was thinking about the little chat that we had at our party. I think that it is a shame that my sister won't give you what you want, so I've brought round a little present for you.'

‘I don't understand' I said, ‘what do you mean a present.' I still had no idea what she was on about and was still coming to terms with my Sister-in-law inviting herself unannounced into our bedroom first thing in the morning.

‘Steve has just fucked me before he left for work' she said bluntly. ‘We haven't fucked for over a week, so he's emptied a huge sticky load deep in me, I've come straight round here to give you what you want.'

I realized then what she meant and my mouth immediately went dry, my cock started rising and my stomach started turning butterflies. ‘Are you sure you want to do this for me' I said.

‘Oh yes' Pam said. ‘Since you shared your fantasy with me I've been thinking about it all the time and its made me get really wet. No one has ever licked a cream pie out of my pussy before and the thought of it has really turned me on.' ‘When Steve fucked me just now I put on a big pair of knickers straight afterwards, under my tracksuit bottoms, to keep all his sperm safe inside me.'

Pam then quickly slipped off her tracksuit bottoms and stood next to the bed where I was laying on my back. ‘Ok cum eater' she said ‘come and get what you want.' Then inches away from my face she slowly slipped down the large knickers she was wearing. As they came down they revealed a very hairy bush, which was matted and glazed shiny with Steve's sperm.

Pam quickly moved over and climbed on to the bed and straddled me. I looked up to see her knickerless hairy pussy directly above me. The sight was awesome. Her pussy lips were parted slightly and were hanging down shiny and moist. Her pubic hair above her wet slit was matted with globules of sperm and the smell was incredible. She smelled of sex, love juice, sweat and sperm. Slowly she lowered herself down towards my face and mouth. She stopped about and inch away from my mouth and steadied herself on the headboard. With her fingers she slowly spread her pussy lips and pushed out a globule of sperm from deep inside her hot wet pussy towards my mouth. I opened wide to catch the strands of white sperm leaking out from her and for the first time tasted a fresh cream pie. The bitter, salty, metallic taste of Steve's sperm coated the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed down the globules of warm thick sperm as it oozed out of her sopping pussy.

Sitting down on my face and mouth Pam said ‘eat me out you cum slut, clean my pussy for me.' I ran my tongue up and in to her hairy slit as she forced herself down on to my mouth and chin. I licked and sucked at the mixture of her wet love juice and Steve's sperm as she ground her pussy down on to my face and mouth. The more she ground her pussy on my face the more I had to lick as sperm oozed out from deep within her. I swallowed the thick globules of the salty mixture and felt it coating my mouth and the back of my throat. As I licked her pussy Pam's breathing gradually increased and she moved with some urgency grinding her glazed pussy over my mouth and tongue. When I circled her clit with my tongue she moaned and after a few minutes she shuddered as an orgasm ripped through her.

‘Wow' she said ‘my sister doesn't know what she is missing, that was fantastic you cum eating whore.'

Pam then turned round and pulled down the bedcovers to expose my rock hard cock. She leant forward and quickly engulfed the tip of my cock in her warm mouth and started wanking me with her other hand. My cock was throbbing as she skillfully sucked me off using her mouth to slide down my shaft and her tongue to swirl round the tip. It did not take long for me to get to the point where I could hold back no longer and with a grunt I shot at least four powerful spurts of sperm into her greedy mouth completely filling her up. Pam then quickly turned back round to me and staring in to my eyes leant forward and kissed me. As she opened her mouth I received a mouthful of my own fresh warm sperm. We seemed to kiss for ages, with our tongues swirling my sperm between our mouths until eventually I managed to swallow it all. I even used my tongue to lick the dribbles up where they had escaped from the corners of Pam's mouth and run down her chin.

‘I never knew my brother–in–law was such a cum loving slut' Pam said as she pulled her knickers back on over her hairy bush. ‘My sister doesn't know what she is missing.'

Pam left then and I got some sleep after my night duty. She has been round since then with another fresh load of Steve's sperm inside her for me to lick out. Next time she said she is going to let me fuck her after Steve has already shot his load inside her, and then afterwards I can suck two loads of sperm out from her…I can't wait.

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by Anonymous09/24/17

Cream pies are the best!

For me, in my youth it was "too gay" to consider eating cum even though the idea was very erotic. After I got over that idea the problem with eating a cream pie was two-fold. My horniness after cummingmore...

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