tagIncest/TabooSister Is Fucked By Drunk Bro Ch. 02

Sister Is Fucked By Drunk Bro Ch. 02


*** This is the second part to "Sister Is Fucked By Drunk Bro Ch. 01 - First it was beer, then it was sex." I suggest reading the first part first and then this one, but this story can hold by itself as well. Look out for the third story, I promise it will be a great one if you liked the first two. ***

My sister and I sat talked as we ate breakfast and she suddenly became quiet. She told me she wanted to talk about what happened last night. She told me she has woken up when I started fingering her pussy and that she did not say anything at first because she was in shock. The alcohol and hormones took over her senses and she allowed me to fuck her and she just pretended to be asleep. She said she enjoyed it but that it was bugging her because we were brother and sister after all. She said it was wrong and she would like it to be left in the past and hopefully it would not hurt our relationship. I told her that I loved her and that I was not me last night and that it was the alcohol that drove me. She believed me.

After talking to her I felt like shit because I had effectively raped my sister last night and I would not doubt it if she was only telling me that she let me fuck her so that I wouldn't really feel like shit. After I ate I started having a hard headache and asked her if she had any pain killers. She said she had some strong stuff and I told her I would take that because my head was killing me. The pills made me really tire decided to take a nap. I crawled onto the couch. I had put on a t-shirt but I was still only wearing my boxers. As I got comfortable in the couch I realized that I was only wearing boxers and that my sister was in the room. I decided to test her and see if she really didn't want to keep up our incestuous relationship so I hiked the left boxer sleeve, the one closest to the edge of the couch, really high up to that my dick was visible. I arranged my dick so that it was hanging out my left side and on my thigh. I pretended to fall asleep quick, but I never lost consciousness. At this time my sister was in the kitchen table where we ate breakfast, reading the paper.

It must have been about 30-50 minutes when I finally heard my sister get up and I saw as she walked into her bedroom. She had not seen me yet. As she came back out of her bedroom the first thing she saw was me lying on the couch with my legs spread and my cock hanging out. She didn't make a sound but she froze in place and was definitely staring at my cock. I was able to see her because I had my eyes slightly open enough for me to see but not for her to see that I was watching. After about 5 seconds she walked past me and into the kitchen. I didn't know if she was upset or in awe, but I felt that the fact that she was staring was a sign, at least a sign that she was curious.

About 2 minutes later she came out again and this time she called my name in a quite voice which I pretended not to hear. She called my name about 5 times. Reassured that I was asleep she ran into her room and quickly came back out. She came close to me and put her nose close to my dick and took a deep breath. She than sat back on the coffee table that was directly in front of the sofa and undid her robe and began to play with herself. She brought out a black dildo and soon began pushing its full length inside her cunt. She started to cautiously caress my dick with her fingers, being cautious so to not wake me.

My dick started to react but I pretended to be asleep. Soon my dick was super hard and I felt that she surely knew I was awake. I wanted to keep pretending I was asleep, under the effects of the pills she gave me, so I began pretending I was having a dream and begun talking about my ex-girlfriend. I made my sister think that I was having a dream about fucking my ex. She must have fallen for it or did not care because she started giving herself more liberty and soon put her lips on my dick. I could see that she was still pumping her dildo into her cunt. Her lips were only placed on my dick; she must not have wanted to wake me up by giving me a blowjob or by fucking me. Just watching her fuck her self and feeling her lips on my dick were sending a sensation through my body that I did not know was possible.

I began to move around a bit anxious to have her give me a blowjob but she only kept her lips on my dick and occasionally licked the head a bit. She must have thought that I was fucking in my dreams from the way I was moving my hips. I reached a point that I could not hold it any longer. I exploded and watched as the first half of my cum sprayed my sister's unsuspecting face and how she quickly adjusted to take the second half into her mount. At the same time I saw her hips buckle and she let out a soft moan and I knew she had also cum. She quickly got up and ran into her room. All the feelings of guilt for raping my sister the night before quickly banished and a new plan crept into my head…

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