tagGroup SexSisterly Love Ch. 10

Sisterly Love Ch. 10


"I'm gonna fuck you, Sydnie-Ann," I said spreading her legs apart and exposing her wet pussy.

"Ooooooo, I've been waitin' for you to say that."

Reggie recovered enough to giggle, "You're gonna like it, he's terrific, you'll see!"

"Put it in ... c'mon, put it ..."

The house phone rang. Sydnie-Ann tried to ignore it, but I told her to answer it.

She swiveled her ass off the couch and answered it, looking questioningly at Reggie and me.

It was her 'boyfriend' from the other day, the guy Regina and I had watched fuck her silly from Reggie's place while we were fucking too.

"What am I doing?" Sydnie-Ann said, obviously repeating his question, and looking in our direction with a smirk on her face.

"I'm doin' my toenails, right now."

She made a gesture for our benefit that he was being a pest and she couldn't wait to get rid of him.

"No—no you can't come over!" Sydnie-Ann showed the first signs of panic. I mimed the word 'mother' as in her mother was home. Her face lit up and she told him exactly that.

"You can't come over, my mom's home. You know she doesn't like you." There was a pause while she listened to his response, and then she answered, saying: "She's told me several times you're too old for me. I should find someone my age to date, or whatever."

Sydnie-Ann gave both Reggie and me a wickedly lewd grin and rubbed her pussy as she went about ending the call.

Hanging up the phone, Sydnie-Ann scampered over to me and asked me to put it back in her pussy.

Yeah, just like that. Some women know exactly what they want and have no compunctions about letting you know. Most prefer being abstract or even obtuse about it, but Sydnie-Ann was right to the fucking point.

I knew enough to make her wait a little longer and took hold of her pigtail, brought it to my nose and sniffed.

"What the fuck?" Sydnie-Ann blurted out, "I thought ..."

I leaned down and traced the line of her neck with my nose as well, taking in her fragrance, and then eased her down to the couch and draped her legs over my shoulders.

I couldn't see what Reggie was doing, but imagined her facial expression to be a mixture of avid excitement and puzzlement. I had never done this too her. In fact, I'd only seen something like this that afternoon when after fucking her behind the bleachers I was home watching porn on the internet.

I put my nose to Sydnie-Ann's cunt and inhaled a vast cloud of her scent.

"Mmmmm, I thought so," I murmured.

"What? What's wrong? Sydnie-Ann blurted.

"Nothing's wrong, bitch," I said, for that's what the guy in the porno flick had said. "You are a bitch; a bitch in heat."

Stunned, Sydnie-Ann could only manage, "Holy Mother of God!" as I rose up and sent my cock into her tight little furnace.

We both grunted.

Reggie gasped.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her, Reggie watched as Sydnie-Ann's body seemed to melt into the couch.

Reggie gasped again.

"I could smell you from the moment I walked in the door," I said reaching out to lightly caress her shoulders, hips, and stomach with the tips of my fingers.

Sydnie-Ann shuddered. I buried my face in her freshly shampooed hair, "And you smell like someone who needs to be fucked hard."

Both girls moaned at that.

I knew I couldn't ignore Regina much longer and threw an arm around her, pulling her close to Sydnie-Ann and me and sniffed her.

"Mmmm, you smell pretty horny yourself, Reggie."

"OH GOD!" She mewled when I took her palm and licked it, slowly drawing a line from the heel of her hand to about seven inches along her wrist before changing direction and sucking two of her fingers into my mouth. Reggie shuddered and sent a hand to her crotch.

And to think I'd garnered all this from watching one first rate porno film. What a bargain.

I lifted my head and found I was eyeball to nipple in her cleavage.

"Jesus Christ am I wet!" Sydnie-Ann crowed.

I took Reggie's face in my hands and kissed her tenderly and gently draped her legs over Sydnie-Ann's and knelt between them staring at the thin, razored patch of pubic hair they shared. I slid a palm up each girl's thigh. Reggie bit her lip, waiting for me to touch her there, wanting me to touch her.

Unable to refuse the tempting twats, I nestled a thumb in each girl's pubic stripe and told them to slide up and down on them.

They did just that, and Sydnie-Ann gasped, "We shaved each other for you."

"That's nice," was the best I could manage verbally, but my motor skills were in full working order and I moistened a thumb with Sydnie-Ann's juices and brought it to Reggie's lips.

"Um," she whispered accepting my offering and sucked hungrily. I let her lick and suck my thumb for a few seconds before withdrawing it, then tendered the other thumb to Sydnie-Ann, who grabbed my hand and thrust the thumb into her mouth. She tasted Reggie's pussy and had to fight the urge to bite, instead, kissing and licking the entirety of my hand.

Eventually I recovered my hand and with a gentle shove put Sydnie-Ann on her back and lowered my face between her glistening thighs.

"Oh—Ohhhh, he's gonna eat meeee!"

Reggie watched Sydnie-Ann arch her back, her body tight as a longbow. And then the only sound in the room was the slurping of my mouth and tongue on her cunt.

Sydnie-Ann arched her back further and further, shoving her vulva into my juice slathered face.

"Ohhhh God!" Sydnie-Ann moaned, as she twisted her hips left then right, grinding herself against my chin and at the same time seeking out and clasping Reggie's hand for support.

"Ohhhh, Reggie ... he's ..."

And then both her hands were on my head forcing me ever closer to her cunt.

It was only later, after I'd satisfied the two of them that Reggie confessed she came while watching me do her girlfriend.

"Ohhhh, Yesssss!" Sydnie-Ann moaned and came, her entire body shaking from head to toe.

When her climax ended I rose up on my knees, and licking my lips, kissed Sydnie-Ann's stomach, and then slithered between Reggie's warm, soft thighs.

She was already trembling, the nipples on her gorgeous breasts already hard as stones. I started kissing the inside of her thighs, then the top of her sparse pubic tuft, and then went lower, licking, kissing and sucking, lower, lower, lower.

I sent my tongue over, around and over her clitoris swirling around the silky tip again and again. Reggie grunted and came again, and only then did I venture into her hot little cunt.

She cried out, louder than Sydnie-Ann had earlier. I returned to her clit tormenting it until the juices were flowing from her cunt and then I greedily slurped them up.

When she came the next time it left her speechless, she couldn't even cry out. She squeezed her eyes so tight tears spilled from the corners and she shook from head to toe. I had to clamp my hands on her thighs to keep her spasming hips from breaking my relentless grip on her hot spot.

When I finished with her I murmured shouldn't I get naked now?"

Sydnie-Ann said, "Hurry, please." Reggie just gave me a pleading look. Her hands were shaking.

As I stripped, Sydnie-Ann sat on the edge of the sofa, her thigh pressed against Reggie's, watching me. For the record, my chest was virtually hairless. No I hadn't shaved. There was nothing to shave. I did however, have a decent amount of pubic hair.

Sydnie-Ann stared in astonishment.

"What?" I said feeling uncomfortable under her gaze.

"You're not cut!"

"What?" I said again as I didn't understand what she meant.

"You haven't been circumcised."

"I'm not Jewish," I replied.

"You don't have to be Jewish to be circumcised," she countered.

"I know that. I didn't get to chose, although I'm quite satisfied with my penis the way it is. I'm not against those who are cut, but I don't think it matters one way or the other."

Sydnie-Ann reached out to take my stiffened cock in her hands. She made a ring with her thumb and index finger and gently pulled down the foreskin, exposing the bulbous, sticky head. She smeared the gluey precum over the tip then put her finger in her mouth.

Reggie finally found her voice, "Isn't he silky soft, and yet rock hard at the same time?"

"Mmmm," Sydnie-Ann replied just before she fell to her knees and started sucking on my silky soft hard thingy, bobbing her head up while jerking me off with her right hand.

I was surprised and grateful to learn that Sydnie-Ann was not a greedy bitch. In fact she handed me over to Reggie about two minutes in and they took turns sucking me off after that.

I came within five minutes, unable to hold off any longer after all that sweet pussy tasting. I gave no sign that I was cumming, just erupted filling Regina's mouth with a load of thick, creamy semen. She closed her eyes and swallowed once, twice, a third time. When Sydnie-Ann realized what was happening, she promptly pulled my cock out of Reggie's mouth and stuffed it between her own lips, drinking the remainder of my cum.

I apologized for coming so abruptly, but as I was still hard they shrugged it off. "There are other things we can do," Sydnie-Ann said hopefully.

"Let's try something I saw in a porno film recently," I said, and was greeting by two quick 'okay's! '

I led Reggie back to the couch then position Sydnie-Ann on her with their legs overlapping. I smiled confidently and knelt between Reggie's legs. The couch was just high enough, at just the right angle for me to insert my cock into Sydnie-Ann's cunt.

"Ohhh..." she groaned as I slowly moved my hips back and forth, totally in control, my hands on Sydnie-Ann's hips, fucking her. Reggie could see my cock glisten with Sydnie-Ann's juices.

"Can I ... can I suck you off again?" She asked hopefully, and then added, "I wanna taste Sydnie-Ann and you at the same time."

I pulled out of Sydnie-Ann, and drew an anguished "No!" from her as I moved between Reggie's splayed legs; my erection sticking up against my belly.

"Your turn," I said and steered the fat knob of my dick into her slick opening.

Her breathing became quick and shallow. "Shhh, Reggie, we've fucked before, I won't hurt you, "I said softly.

"You--You look so much bigger today ..."

I kept the penetration going but at a slower pace that our previous couplings. Reggie realized she was widening and would be capable of accommodating me, and began to relax.

I fucked her slowly, every thrust sending molten waves of pleasure to the base of her spine. She was so wet my cock made loud squishing noises as I pumped. Then, just as the heat grew deliciously unbearable for me, I pulled out of her.

"No ... please," she begged, but I was out of her and zeroing in on Sydnie-Ann again.

We went back and forth like that for some time. Of course I had one of those long lasting erections and apparently I wasn't giving either one of them enough to get off, just bringing them to the edge and leaving off and coupling with the other one, and feeling more powerful with each and every thrust into their cunts.

After a few minutes we were all covered with sweat and I had them both kneel on the sofa's cushions while leaning over the top of the sofa itself. I positioned each of them alongside the other with their asses jutting up.

"Three strokes each then I change pussies. Understand?"

"Yes, Howie," Reggie replied immediately.


"What ... oh, yeah, yeah I understand," she said.

I slipped into Sydnie-Ann's sodden sheath first. One-two-three and out.

"Ugh," she moaned at the loss of my cock. But I was already fucking Regina. One-two-three and out.

Several minutes into this sequence, Sydnie-Ann (who I had just reentered) bit her lip while reaching over to put her arm around Reggie's pale shoulders. "I never dreamed of anything this good," she whispered.

I moved behind Reggie. She felt my presence behind her when the wet tip of my dick scraped against her buttocks. I put my hands on her hips and slowly penetrated her from the rear. One-two-three. Reggie's thighs trembled as my thick cock moved deep, deeper, deeper inside her. Only this time I didn't pull out on the third stroke.

"Change of plan," I grunted and, fucked her faster and faster; Reggie backed her ass into every thrust, and just before the biggest climax of her young life exploded inside her I pulled out and sent my prick into the sloppy morass that was Sydnie-Ann's cunt.

"OH-MY GOD!" Reggie squealed. "It can't be this gooood!"

I fucked Sydnie-Ann with strokes so powerful her hair splashed in her face. She came quickly, partly from my fucking, partly from Reggie's incredible climactic screams. And to top it off I jumped back into Reggie and fucked her until I spewed the rest of my cream into her vaginal cavity, bringing her to another climax in the process and then I fell to the floor temporarily exhausted.

"I have to rest. You two ..." I paused, thinking of what I might ask them to do while I recovered. They told me afterward that a satyr-like grin was on my face when I asked them to go down on each other.

Neither one protested. Sydnie-Ann did pull Reggie close and whisper something to her that I couldn't hear.

"Do they?" Reggie said.

"So I hear," Sydnie-Ann giggled in answering.

"Um, you're not gonna spread rumors about us doing it around school if we do ... you know ... go down on each other?" Sydnie-Ann inquired, for Reggie's benefit more than her own. She might have been younger than Reggie, but she was worlds ahead of her sexually. I really think she had plans to persuade Reggie to the Sapphic way before it occurred to me.

"I think I'll do better with women in general if I manage to keep my mouth shut about what happens between them and me."

Sydnie-Ann nodded her head in agreement at that and pulled Reggie into her arms and kissed her.

Reggie tried to break her hold, but the kiss continued and slowly I saw Reggie melt into the kiss. Actually, it was a series of kisses involving teeth seeming to gnaw at lips, lots of tongue action in and out of mouths and plenty of face sucking in general.

Then Reggie moaned. It wasn't loud, but I heard it and Sydnie-Ann certainly heard it and reacted by driving Reggie onto her back then swiveling her own body into a reverse-type position, i.e., facing her feet and there you have it—ready or not time to play 69. Sydnie-Ann was on top, lips inches from Reggie's mons veneris and vice versa.

"Tell me you want this, Reggie!"

"I guess ... but what do I do?"

"You know what to do. He just did it to both of us."

"Why don't you start, she'll follow," I said helpfully and rubbed my hand over Sydnie-Ann's lovely ass.

And that was all it took. Reggie shivered at the first touch of Sydnie-Ann's tongue on her cunt. A moment later I watched as her tongue delivered a similar lick to Sydnie-Ann's pussy.

Reggie later confided that Sydnie-Ann wasn't nearly as proficient at cunnilingus as I had been. Whether this was true or not I never knew, but I was only too happy to go down on her again and again in the future.

I left them alone for twenty minutes or so, during which they each climaxed one or more times, and then I was hard again and I knelt down on the couch, knees behind Reggie's head. I lifted Sydnie-Ann's hips away from Reggie's lips and slid my cock into her pussy.

"Oh, God!" Sydnie-Ann cried, and I went at her, pumping rhythmically, faster than before, as Sydnie-Ann panted from the exertion.

Reggie had a close-up view of Sydnie-Ann getting pounded. She reached up and caressed my testicles with her fingertips.

"Ah, yes ..." I remember groaning as Reggie followed that by licking and sucking my balls.

Sydnie-Ann began a litany of "Oh, Fuck's" and I kept at her.

Reggie attempted to join with me by abandoning my balls and maneuvered her body so that she could suck on Sydnie-Ann's clit and managed it for a short time, and Sydnie-Ann came from our conjoined effort shortly thereafter.

Then I switched pussies, moving onto and into Reggie with what proved to be effortless ease.

What surprised me was that the two girls started kissing each other as I slammed my cock into Reggie. They were still kissing when Reggie's orgasm smashed into her and only then did she tear her mouth away to scream "Fuck—Fuck—Fuckkk!" As my balls clenched and my cock spasmed and rocketed a load deep inside her.

I rolled away from her for a moment to gather myself. Sydnie-Ann quickly replaced me, bringing her mouth and fingers to the cunt I had just departed. I watched smiling as cum started dribbling out of Reggie's love punished cunt; and unable to contain herself, Sydnie-Ann devoured every frothy drop.

I sat down in the armchair just across from the sofa and slowly stroked my cock, hoping it would rise to the occasion as I watched Reggie's magnificent tits rising and falling as she recovered her breath. Then I focused on Sydnie-Ann's breasts, smaller, of course, but perky and succulently tempting even now after all that fucking and sucking.

I motioned them over and they came quickly falling to their knees before me. "Ready for one last time?" I asked them.

"Yes—Yes," they answered.

I turned Reggie around and leaned back in the chair then helped her settle into my lap. My boner stuck out from between her legs. Neither of us had ever used this position to fuck before and it was exciting. Sydnie-Ann sat up and said, "May I have the honor of marrying the two of you?"

Reggie and I laughed and told her to "Please do so."

She took hold of my penis and put it into Reggie's cunt just like that. Reggie did a little shimmy as she settled down on my shaft and I was in all the way.

"Let's see if I can ..." Reggie said and put her feet on the arms of the chair and raised herself up off my shaft before giggling and dropping down again with a delighted whoop.

She repeated the action again, this time both girls whooped, and Sydnie-Ann laughingly protested, "You got to let me try that!"

We did. The girls traded places, during which Reggie whispered continuously to Sydnie-Ann. Unfortunately the second time wasn't the charm it was supposed to be. Something went wrong and Sydnie-Ann hurt herself and me to a lesser extent and we stopped.

She was fine after a brief recovery and placed me back inside her love hole again, but we were careful and I did all the moving necessary to derive pleasure from the seated position.

"Sydnie-Ann?" I said halting all movement.

"Mmmm," she replied dreamily.

I have one last fuck left tonight, do you want it, or will I hurt you by pounding into you? I don't want to hurt you, so be truthful."

"You can fuck me into heaven, Howie. But let's ask Millie, after all, she's your girl."

We turned to Millicent, whose hands now covered her amazing breasts.

"Take her to the stars, Howie. We can use your bedroom tomorrow night."

I wasn't sure about that since the situation with my mother had changed dramatically, but I nodded and remounted Sydnie-Ann on the sofa.

The juices were running down her thighs as I slid inside her cunt for the last time. The rutting began anew.

"Oh, God Fuck MEEEEE!" Sydnie-Ann howled as I rammed in and out of her.

My cock was covered with her cream.

A glance over at Reggie caught her masturbating and gave me an idea.

"Reggie, get over here!" I yelled and she scampered to my side.

"Yes, Howie?"

"We'll take turns—you and me -- I'll pull out and you go down on her then you move away and I'll fuck her and so on. How's that sound?"

"It sounds great to me," Sydnie-Ann gasped, "so let's do it!

I pulled away and Kissed Sydnie-Ann.

Reggie began by kissing her cleavage, tummy, thighs, and then her pussy. Sydnie-Ann was drowning in lust; her heart was beating so fast she later told us she thought she would die.

Her first orgasm passed and we hardly noticed, knowing that the big one lay ahead. Only they came quickly, one after another. Bam, Bam, BAM! One minute my cock had her screaming the next it was Reggie's tongue. It went on and on and on like that. Sweat dripped down her face, pooling in the valley between her breasts.

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