byPandoras Desire©

It was late summer, and my sister flew clear across country to see me. I couldn't wait. I've talked with her on the phone and sent her mail through the Internet. But somehow it just wasn't the same. I'm two years younger than my sister. Actually, I'm the baby of the family. We have two older siblings. A Sister, Jenae and a brother, Steven. And of course, there's our parents, Jeannine and Michael. I've lived in Virginia for at least 21 years. Three kids, Ashley, Angel, and Robert, and a husband, James who has a wonderful job as a TV anchor man on the local news. I'm the leading prosecuting attorney, in the state of Virginia. My sister, well, she's had two failed marriages. With two kids. Katie still in college and Lynette, just out of college, now living on her own. Now my sister Jamie, was on a plane, coming to see me.

"I'm out of here Lauren, I said. My sister should have arrived from Tempe. I've got the rest of the week off, so I'll see you next Monday," I said.

"Have a good time Pam, hope your sister arrived safely," Said Lauren.

"Thanks," I said. And with that, I was out the door, and headed home.

As I arrived home, I see my sister get out of her cab. The house keeper, Tiara Sue answered the door. She motioned for Jamie to come in, then got her bags. "Shall I help you to your room?" Ms. Jamie.

"Yes Tiera," that would be fine.

I snuck in behind her before she could go upstairs. And yelled "Jamie." Jamie turned around and said "Pam."

"I'll leave you two alone," said Tiera Sue. "Pick any room you want, Ms. Jamie. I will call you when dinner is ready."

"Thank you, Tiera," we both said in unison.

"My pleasure, and anything you need Ms. Jamie, just ask, I will be happy to get it for you."

"As you wish Tiera," said my sis.

My house was so huge. Sixty-five thousand square feet. On 7 acres of land. Beautiful landscaping, with a tennis court and huge pool. After we hugged each other again, I helped Jamie carry her bags up to her room. She chose the room right next to mine and James's. She said, "she wanted to be close to me." She placed her things in the bureau draws and closet. Then excused herself a moment to use the bathroom. As she reentered the bedroom, she was greeted by a huge inviting bed. She was so exhausted from the plane ride, it just begged her name. So I let her catch a few winks before dinner. After hitting the bed, she soon fell fast asleep, cradling the pillow to her head, so before I went back down stairs, I placed a blanket over Jamie.

I went downstairs, to catch up with Tiera Sue. "Hi, Ms. Pamela".

"Hi Tiera, I forgot to mention something. No need to have a big dinner for all of us, Ashley, Angel, and Robert will be out with James this evening. So dinner for the three of us will be just fine."

"As you wish, Ms. Pam."

"I'll be in the living room if you need me. Okay?"

"All right. Where's Ms. Jamie?"

"She's sound asleep in one of the spare bedrooms. Long flight you know."

"Yes, I understand.. I'll get dinner started."

"Fine, Tiera," I said.

With that, Tiera was off to fix dinner for the three of us. So I went into the living room, and checked my messages. I logged on line for a few moments, but my thoughts always seemed to wander off about Jamie. Jamie was such and angel when she slept. She always said that about me. I would always catch her eyeing me, when she thought I was asleep. I don't think she realizes it, but I know that she has a crush on me. Sounds sinful I know. But Jamie is a beautiful woman. I can't help but think what would happen if her and I were to have an affair. Just the thought of it. I quickly put it out of my head. I mean we are sisters, that whole incestuous thing. I shook my head and then returned back to my E-mail. About an hour later, Jamie came downstairs and found me in the living room. Then said, "Oh there you are."

"Here I am I exclaimed."

"Boy that was a long flight," she said.

"Yes, I see that you were tired.. So I let you sleep some of it off."

"Thanks sis. But I was meaning to ask you.. Where's the shampoo? I forgot to bring mine," said Jamie.

"Lemmie go find you some. I know we have some spare bottles in the closet.. You know Tiera Sue.. Always stocking up." So with that, I logged off my laptop, and went upstairs with Jamie following me

I quickly looked in the closet, and immediately found some shampoo and handed it to her.. "Oh and here's some conditioner also."

"Thanks, sis."

"I'll be in mine and James's room, if you need anything else," I said.

"Great," said Jamie. And with that, she was off to the shower.

I went into mine and James's room, to put on something more comfortable than these work cloths. A T-shirt and a pair of jogging shorts. Then I laid down on the bed and waited for Jamie to reappear after her shower. I, myself, must have fallen asleep, because I didn't hear Jamie enter the room. But I sure felt the weight of the bed shift when Jamie sat down on it. I quickly opened my eyes to see Jamie staring wantonly into my eyes. Then she just hugged me.. Then placed a luscious tongue filled kiss on my mouth. I was taken by surprise, but at the same time, never protesting. Then she just laid into me like an over anxious teenager. She literally pounced on me. I quickly said, "Jamie, what are you doing?" "Something that I have wanted to do ever since I was old enough to realize that I have a crush on you." She said.

With those words, for me, the whole world began to fade. Jamie kissed me again, then started by trying to get my cloths off of me. She desperately tried to get my shirt off, when she kissed me again. I broke our kiss, and said to her, "Jamie, we're sisters.. We shouldn't do this. I'm not sure I want this. Please, stop."

"Not until I get what I want, she said. Your sex melded with mine, there's nothing so purer than two bodies and souls melding together as one. Now stop protesting."

As she worked my shirt off, my thoughts about us being sisters just disappeared. I passed out as my shirt was taken off of me and from what I could even think in my blackened atmosphere, was about sweet release. I then felt kisses upon my lips again, then Jamie whispered some words into my ear.

"I have never told you this before, but ever since you started growing up, I used to watch you all the time. Getting dressed and undressed. And I've been waiting for this moment since then.. We're going to fuck each other like rabbits."

Quick short breaths issued from within the rising and falling of my chest. I just couldn't say anything. Didn't know what to say, really. I just laid there, in a state of awe, that my sister would do this to me. Would want me so badly. Yet I had these feelings of hunger for her from the depths of my heart, soul, and nether region. Jamie kissed me once again, and this time.. our tongues danced together for what seemed like hours. Then she sucked, tasted and teased my soft flesh. Taking my bra off of me, as she was kissing me. Then taking her hands and cupping the sides of my heaving breast, before laving them with her tongue. I lay there watching her, as she laves one, then the other. Before beginning to suckle me there. I was in complete ecstasy.. For the next two hours, I forgot all about us being sisters. And just concentrated on us fucking like rabbits. Or rather Jamie, fucking me like a rabbit.

Me, I just kind of laid there, almost like the first time anyone has sex with another. But as you know I have three kids. So that obviously isn't the case. It was just a lot to take in. I've never thought about my sister this way. But it sure feels good. To have her mouth sucking on me, and her tongue laving me. Every inch of my body. I think I kind of blacked out again, because I don't remember a lot of what went on. The last thing I remember was Jamie plunging her strap-on dildo inside of me. Then she kissed me, and just laid there on top of me, with her arms around me in a hug. And kept kissing me. I rolled over, trying to get Jamie off of me. Just then I just started sobbing. She just looked at me, and cradled me in her arms. Then whispered to me "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

I just continued sobbing. It felt good having that strap-on dildo inside of me. But we are sisters. I know in my heart that this was wrong. But now, I don't know what to think.

"Honey," Jamie said, "I know I should not have done this to you. But it's too late for that now. I should have went about this all differently. I understand if you hate me for this."

I rolled over, Jamie wiped my tears away with her fingers, I just stared at my sister for a few minutes. Then said " this is a lot to think about Jamie. I think we need to cool it for a while."

With that.. Tiera Sue, knocked on my door, told us dinner was ready for us in the dining room. Jamie, realizing I was in no condition to speak, quickly said "we'll be there in a few minutes."

"As you wish Ms. Jamie," Called Tiera Sue through the door. I asked Jamie to hold me again, before we got up and made ourselves presentable for dinner. And she did.

All through dinner I kept playing the recent events through my mind. That my sister would rape me like that. If you want to call it rape. Well, she did have sex with me without my consent.. Or did she? I was so confused and tormented. It felt good to have my sister that close to me. Inside of me. But I had to stop this right now. Because it was starting to make me crazy. All through the rest of our dinner, not a word was spoken, or a sound uttered.

During dinner, I had made up my mind that Jamie did in fact rape me. After dinner, I quickly found Jamie sitting on the couch in the living room. I approached her and said, "Jamie.. We need to talk."

She sat there and just stared at me. I shoved her feet to the floor, and sat down beside her. And asked her point blank; "Why did you rape me like that?"

Jamie just broke down and cried. Through her tears she said, "for the longest time, I have had the most tremendous crush on you. I am for certain, have had no other feelings for another woman like this. I planned on going about us in a romance sort of way. But at that pivotal moment, I just acted on my emotions. The emotions of seeing you for the first time in a long time. And seeing you at that moment, only heightened my desire for you."

I said "here" and handed Jamie a Kleenex. While wiping her eyes, and nose, I told Jamie, "I love you. But I'm not sure I love you in the context of a couple. Or even an occasional sexual romp in the hay." I also told Jamie, that "I think we need to cool it for a while. Let's see where things lead us. We'll pretend that it never happened." With some pleading, Jamie finally agreed. So we decided that we would get some sleep, and tomorrow would be a new day. We'd go from there. I eventually retired to my room, as Jamie did to hers.

Hours later, James arrived home, with the kids. They were so quiet, I almost didn't hear the door open to our room. I was trying to concentrate on a new book. But wasn't getting much of it read.. Still thinking about Jamie and our earlier events. "Oh, there you are , Did you have a nice time?" I asked James.

"Yeah it was good. Robert told me he made the Baseball team."


"Yes he did."

"I'm so proud of him, I said."

"And Ashley made the tennis Team."

"That's great, I said."

"Well, God knows, she has a big court to practice on, said James."

"True," I retorted. "Any ways," I said, "How was your day?"

"Oh, it was fine. The usual, said James."

"Good, I said."

"Did Jamie get here safely?" asked my husband.

"Yes, her flight was good, we had a long talk. A long serious talk."

"Anything in particular?" Asked James.

"No, just girl talk. You know the usual, Sister to sister kind of stuff." I lied. But what was I supposed to do? I'd humiliated myself for one. It's best if it's just forgotten.

"Good" retorted James. Then went into the bathroom, and brushed his teeth and washed his face. Used the facilities, put on his pajamas, then came to bed. I had pulled the covers down on his side of the bed. He then hopped in, leaned over to me and laid a kiss on me. A kiss so inviting, so warm. From the depth of his toes I thought. He then pulled away, and pulled the covers over himself.

I said "James, I love you." Poor guy, he was so tired, I could barely make out his "I love you too, Honey." I finished the chapter I was on in my book, and placed it on the night stand, and turned out the light. Leaned back and was soon asleep.

I awoke the next morning, there were people stirring down he hall. But I didn't get out of bed yet. I just wasn't ready to get up. So I laid in bed for about forty-five extra minutes. Then got up and got myself in my bikini, and some shorts. "Today was my day!" I exclaimed. I had taken the rest of the week off, on the count of my sister being here. I was going to go swimming in the pool, catch up on some lost time with my sister. And try to forget about yesterday's events. But as I walked downstairs, I had no idea as to what was about to happen. I stared through the screen door to the patio, before venturing out. And there was Jamie in a bikini on a lounge chair. I could smell the heat of the sun, mixed with her sex. I know in my heart that the thoughts I was thinking, about my sister were thoughts I shouldn't be having. But the sweet smell of her sex and the heat of the sun, and oh God; seeing her in that bikini. She didn't even know I was even watching her. But I couldn't help it.. I was turned on by my sister. I know what we discussed last night. We, or rather I, came to a conclusion that we should cool it for a while. But now I'm not so sure. Was the heat of the sun playing with my mind, or was it that I also had a crush on my sister? And did I just figure this out, at this very moment? Or was it buried deep inside me? Something that I had thought about previously, and put it out of my mind? And now seeing Jamie those thoughts have resurfaced?

Jamie turned around, and said "Well, are you going to come outside or not, sis?" I decided that it was time to go out. As I sat in the lounge chair beside her, she broke the silence. "About last night.." "Jamie, please.. No need to say anything, just leave it."

"Pam, I can't, just leave it.. I want you.. I need you, I need you in my life."

My thoughts were swirling around in my head. Was Jamie for once, right? Did I need her love inside me? But my previous thoughts crept back into my mind. "This is wrong," I said. But I was so confused, at this situation.

"Jamie, I just don't know what to think about all of this. We shouldn't be doing this.. It's not right," I said.

"Who says anything about it being right?" "The song says.. If Loving You Is Wrong.. I Don't Wanna Be Right," Jamie said. "And I don't wanna be right. I need you. And you need me. Trust me on this Pam. I felt it when we made love last night, she said."

"Jamie, that was not love.. That was rape. You raped me."

"I know.. And I'm sorry about that.. So truly sorry," said Jamie.

But with those words, the heat of the sun, and her sex. Playing games with my mind or not. I needed Jamie as much as she needed me. I knew it, and Jamie knew it. I put all those "this isn't right" thoughts out of my mind. And leaned over towards Jamie, and kissed her. And at that moment, Jamie and I made love again. This time I was truly honest about my feelings, as she was about hers. And to tell you the truth, it was the right thing to do. We made love on and off again, all week long.

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good read, but

You really need an editor to correct the numerous punctuation issues[

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