tagIncest/TabooSisters and Brother

Sisters and Brother


Being the youngest of three children and the only boy to boot was not the best of all possible worlds, but on the night of my eighteenth birthday that all changed. Because of a sick relative my parents were both away on my birthday, I was left in the 'loving care' of my older sisters Marge and Lisa which pleased me no end, not! Don't get me wrong, I loved my sisters, I thought they were great to look at and sometimes fun to be with, but I also thought that Marge was a nineteen year old pain in the bum and Lisa was a twenty year old cow. They were not my idea of the best company for my birthday, especially as Lisa had put her foot down and quashed any idea I may have had about going out with my mates to celebrate.

"Come on Lisa," I tried one last time "it's Friday and my birthday, surely..."

"I said no and I mean no." Lisa interrupted "If you think you are going to go swanning off after all the work Marge and I have done you can just think again."

Wondering what work she was talking about I gave up, I had never won an argument with my sisters and I knew I would not change that now. Sulking I stomped up to my room, flung myself on the bed and swore for the next five minutes, it helped a little, but not much and I was still angry when Lisa called me down to dinner. Grumbling under my breath I made my way downstairs to the kitchen, but what I saw as I entered the room made me feel a little better disposed towards my sisters. The tea had been laid out on the table and in pride of place sat a birthday cake with eighteen flaming candles, Lisa and Marge must have spent hours making and icing the cake and I could now understand Lisa's earlier comment.

"Happy birthday Nick." Marge beamed.

"Many happy returns." Lisa laughed "Blow out the candles and let's get eating."

I blew out the candles and wished that I could lose my virginity, daft I know, but that was my wish. Sitting down I tucked into the food on my plate with my usual enthusiasm.

"So what did you wish for?" Lisa asked.

"If I tell it won't come true." I grinned.

"If you don't you might not live long enough to get it." Lisa grinned back.

"Aw come on," I sighed "can't I keep it secret."

"For now," Lisa grinned meaningfully "but I think I know what it was anyway."

Blushing I returned my attention to my plate, at the same time I wondered if she really did know what I had wished for, the ragging I would get if she did know didn't bear thinking about. Tea over my sisters did the washing up while I retreated to the living room, I was planning on watching a film on the telly, but it was not to be. I had just turned on the telly when the terrible duo entered the room.

"You can turn that thing off for a start." Lisa ordered as she went to the drinks cabinet.

Sighing I did as I was told and looked daggers at my sister's back, she didn't drop dead on the spot so I gave up and sat glumly in an armchair. A few minutes later Lisa handed me a drink, a much watered down scotch and ginger, she handed Marge a vodka and tonic and took her own drink over to the couch. We sipped our drinks in silence, it wasn't long before my glass was empty and I asked if I could have another.

"Just one more." Lisa agreed "You can top mine up while you are at it."

"And mine." Marge grinned.

With bad grace I took their glasses and went to the drinks cabinet, as I opened the scotch I had an idea, grinning to myself I filled my glass with scotch, picking up the ginger I pretended to pour it into my glass. Feeling pleased with myself I picked up the vodka and poured a huge amount into my sister's glasses, adding just a dash of tonic to cover the flavour I picked up the two glasses and handed them to my sisters before taking my own glass and slumping in my chair. I felt triumphant when my sisters took a healthy swig from their glasses and appeared not to notice what I had done, grinning to myself I took a swig at my drink and nearly choked as the neat scotch burned its way down my throat. Suppressing a cough I gritted my teeth and smiled at Lisa, she smiled back and raised her glass in my direction as though proposing a toast, gulping I raised my glass and took a sip, the effect wasn't quite so bad this time. I looked over at Marge and she raised her glass to me and I took another sip, this time the scotch seemed to slide smoothly down my throat, either I was getting used to it or my throat had gone numb, I wasn't sure which. Nursing my neat scotch I watched my sisters drain their glasses and volunteered to fill them. Once again I gave them almost neat vodka and once again they didn't seem to notice the trick I had pulled, gloating to myself I sat back in my chair and waited for them to get pissed. Fifteen minutes later Marge wiped her brow and commented on the heat in the room, I grinned, but the grin was wiped from my face when Lisa leant forward in her chair.

"So little brother," she grinned "tell us what you wished for."

"I won't." I said stiffly.

"You will." She grinned "Marge."

Knowing what was coming I tried to do a runner, but Marge had been getting up before Lisa had called to her, I collided with Marge and before I could organise myself Lisa had grabbed my arm. Naturally I tried to struggle though I knew that I couldn't win against the pair of them and it wasn't long before I found myself flat on the floor with Lisa astride my waist and Marge pressing my shoulders to the floor. Looking up I saw the swell of Marge's boobs looming over me, looking towards Lisa I saw her blouse had come unbuttoned in the struggle and I was staring at the swell of her boobs as they bulged over her bra. Raising my eyes I looked at my sister's flushed face, Lisa's eyes were filled with triumph as she looked down at me, but there was something else in her eyes that looked like excitement. I tried to wriggle free and only succeeded in moving Lisa a little further down my body, she bounced down on me and I gave a gasp as her groin crushed onto mine.

"Now then," she grinned down at me "what did you wish for little brother."

I tried to get my shoulders free and for one brief moment thought I had succeeded as my hand shot up, but I got tangled up in Marge's blouse and was caught even more effectively with her boob pressing against the back of my hand. Nevertheless I was damned if I was going to tell them of my wish, I'd have to think of a plausible alternative for them to force out of me. Lisa pushed down hard on me, her groin squashing mine beneath her, with a shock I felt my cock twitch in the confines of my imprisonment, looking up I gulped at the sight of my hand being pressed tightly to Marge's boob. Closing my eyes I tried to fight the feelings that were rising in me, to no avail, I was getting turned on by my sisters and they were totally unaware of it, but I knew that Lisa would soon know about it. Lisa wriggled on me, I looked at her face as she frowned, then her eyes went wide as she realised just what it was that was poking at her.

Suddenly the room became still and silent, trepidation and excitement filled me with equal measure as I waited for the outburst from Lisa. She looked down at me with surprise in her eyes, for almost a minute she stared at me in disbelief, in that time my cock slowly swelled towards full erection, a fact of which my sister was very well aware. On the back of my hand I could feel Marge's breathing speeding up, something hard began to push at my hand and I thrilled at the sudden knowledge that it was my sister's nipple swelling. The air became charged with an electric tension that grew with every passing second, at any moment I expected Lisa to jump up and start yelling at me, but she didn't move and when she did at last move it was to make a small grinding motion on my cock that sent it to full erection in an instant. Above me Marge was turning my hand and pressing it to her boob, daringly I squeezed her boob and heard her give a little gasp before pulling my hand even tighter to her. It seemed that I was not the only one getting turned on by the situation, but it didn't help me any for I was still trapped and still going to be forced to tell them of my wish. Lisa was grinding herself on my cock which attracted my attention back to her, her face had really got flushed in the few seconds that I had been looking at Marge and a guilty look came into her eyes as I looked up at her.

"What was your wish?" Lisa asked huskily.

Under this kind of 'torture' I could hold out indefinitely, even if she made me cum in my pants I'd have no trouble holding out, but the pleasure couldn't last much longer, sooner or later my sisters would come to their senses. Lisa stopped moving a few minutes later, she looked at Marge and something seemed to pass between them, then, to my amazement, Lisa took off her blouse. I became even more amazed when I felt my hand released then grabbed a few moments later to be pressed against the material of Marge's bra. With a gulp of excitement I looked up to see that Marge had also taken off her blouse and even as I watched she seemed to be struggling one handed with the claps of her skirt. I felt Lisa start to rise and prepared to make a break for it, but her actions froze me before I could move, I watched her stand up, open her skirt, step out of it then flop back down onto me. Marge began wriggling and I looked at her in time to see her forcing her skirt off, as she tossed it aside I felt fingers tugging at the buttons of my shirt, agog I stared at the fingers then followed the arm up to the owner of them, Lisa smiled and continued opening my buttons. When the last button fell open she looked at Marge, I felt Marge force me into a sitting position and hold me there while Lisa pushed my shirt off, naked from the waist up I was pushed back onto the floor.

Sighing Lisa ground her groin on my cock sending a shiver of delight through me, suppressing a grin I decided to lay back and enjoy the 'torture' they were putting me through. Even after making my decision I was surprised to feel Lisa tugging at my trousers, in short order she opened the clasp and flies then began pushing at the material. Gradually she worked the material down my legs, whether intentional or not she had caught up my pants as well and they were sliding down my legs with my trousers. It took a few minutes, but eventually Lisa got my trousers and pants off, all without moving from my groin, I sighed quietly as my cock came in contact with the silkiness of her panties. Then Marge was squirming again, before I could look up her bra fell onto my face, shaking my head I cleared my vision and stared up as she pulled my hand to her bare boob. Reaching down she grabbed my other hand and pulled it to her other boob and although the position was uncomfortable I made no protest as I savoured the feel of my sisters bare boobs and the hardness of her aroused nipples. Lisa reached down, picked up Marge's bra and tossed it out of the way, I looked back to her in time to see her boobs exposed as she took off her bra and tossed it aside, I felt as though I was dreaming as I drank in the sight of Lisa's boobs and nipples. Then Marge was no longer holding my hands in place, not that I moved them, with almost urgent movements she pulled off her panties and I gasped as I saw her pussy for the first time, I hadn't recovered from that shock when I felt Lisa rise, disbelievingly I watched her take off her panties before resuming her position.

The feel of Lisa's pussy rubbing on my cock sent a thrill washing over me and as she began to squirm on me again I wondered what would happen next. Then it dawned on me that I could force the next action, all it would take would be a wriggle at the right time and my cock would surge into Lisa's pussy, but did I want to fuck my sister? Forgetting the legality and morality of the situation, did I fancy my sisters as sex objects, then again who was I to complain? Timing my moment carefully I gave a wriggle just as my sister rose up a little, it was enough, my cock slid out of the trap and stood to attention and as she dropped back down onto me my cock surged into her pussy.

"Christ!" Lisa exclaimed as she was impaled on my cock.

Her eyes suddenly closed and her body began to shudder, but she did not rise off me and I savoured the feel of her pussy clenching around my cock. Marge breathed out sharply then shuffled forward, I looked up in time to see her pussy coming down towards my face, I had only a brief moment in which to memorise the sight of her pussy before it landed on my face. Shuffling my head I eagerly began to lap at her flesh, her response told me that this was exactly what she had wanted and I grinned happily as I licked at her hole, savouring her juices for a few minutes before moving my tongue to her clit. It wasn't long before Marge gave a shudder, this time I knew what was happening, I was giving my sister a climax and her juices were flowing onto my tongue and chin as she came. I felt Lisa start to rise and thought that the fun would now end, but instead of getting off me she thrust back down on me, again she rose and fell before it dawned on me that Lisa was fucking me and it felt as though she was going to go all the way. Gradually Lisa's movements became faster, from time to time she would thrust down on me and shudder as she had another climax, all the while I kept licking at Marge's pussy driving her through climax after climax as well. Though I was a virgin I was not totally ignorant, in the solitude of my own room I had wanked for hours and knew that it would be some time before I came and even then my cock would stay hard. Triumphantly I lay back and enjoyed the taste of Marge's juices and the feel of Lisa's pussy around my cock, this was what I had wished for and my wish was coming true in a most unexpected manner. Slowly I felt my excitement rise to a crescendo, above me my sisters were shuddering almost all the time and this knowledge added a new thrill to those already running through me. At last I felt the surge of heat that signalled my own climax and I thrust up into Lisa's pussy as my seed exploded into her. I heard Lisa cry out as my juices surged into her, her pussy clenched around my cock, milking it with powerful ripples of her over-excited muscles, Marge echoed Lisa's cry and thrust her pussy down on my mouth so tightly that I couldn't breath.

The blood was pounding in my ears when my sisters suddenly moved away from me, I barely had time to breath before a pussy landed over my mouth, eagerly I speared it with my tongue and tasted the sweet nectar of her juices mixed with the salty stickiness of my own juices, it was Lisa. A moment later I felt my cock glide into a pussy, Marge had taken Lisa's place and was riding my cock with fast demanding motions, gleefully I probed Lisa's pussy while thrusting up to meet Marge's movements, glorying in the knowledge that by the end of the day I would have fucked both my sisters. Then a wicked thought came to me, it was the type of trick my sisters would pull on me and it seemed fitting that I turned the tables on them at long last, fitting and just. Putting my thoughts aside for the moment I let myself revel in the sensations of fucking and sucking my sisters. Once again I thrust up as I felt my seed flow, Marge and Lisa cried out then fell away from me to lie in dishevelled, breathless heaps beside me.

For me it was a moment of fulfilment and triumph, tears of sheer joy filled my eyes at the thought of what was to come, those tears would be put to good use in a very few minutes. Setting my face in a picture of misery while gloating inside I waited for my sisters to recover and take note of me. It was Lisa that first sat up and looked at me, she saw exactly what I had wanted her to see, tears streaming down my unhappy face.

"God Nick what have we done." She cried.

"You raped me." I said with a tremor in my voice "That's what you've done."

Marge sat bolt upright with a cry at my words, technically what I had said was true, but I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was eager to repeat it, if I was successful in my ploy that repeat would come soon.

"Nick I'm sorry," Marge cried "I don't know what came over me."

I did, two full glass of almost pure vodka. Curling up with my back to them I presented the image of abject misery at their assault. They came over to me and I drank in the sight of their bodies as they drew me to my feet and sat me on the couch between them.

"Nick we didn't mean for this to happen," Lisa pleaded with me "please, don't tell mum and dad."

"You took it away from me," I wailed "I wished to lose my virginity, but not like that, not to have it taken from me by force."

I could have won an Oscar for the performance I was giving, every word I uttered, every motion I made added to their guilt and by rights so it should, what they had done was wrong and the fact that I had enjoyed it was neither here nor there, for once I was going to watch them squirm and, hopefully, end up with something more than a pleasant memory of being raped.

"Jesus Nick," Lisa gasped as tears began to roll down her cheeks "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too." Marge, equally tearfully, added "How can we make it up to you."

Now was the time for the sting, now I would find out just how guilty my sisters felt. Giving a small sob I wiped my eyes and looked at them.

"How can you make up for taking away the one thing I wanted." I moaned.

"What was it you really wanted?" Lisa asked "Perhaps we can still help you get it."

"I'm not a virgin any more," I snapped "how can you help me get what I wanted?"

"Tell us and we'll see." Marge encouraged.

Oh, I had them all right, all I had wished for was a lay, but now I was going to make them think that I had wanted a gentle teacher to guide me through my introduction to sex, a magical experience to start my life of sexual adventures.

"I wished" I said reluctantly "for a woman to teach me everything about sex, to guide me gently and to let me experiment with her in my own way. Now you've taken that dream away from me, you stole my virginity you've made sex seem so dirty to me!"

Like hell did I think it dirty, but I was not about to let my sisters know that. The next few seconds would tell me whether I had manoeuvred them into the position I wanted them in or not. They went into a huddle, I heard Marge say 'it only seems fair' then Lisa responding 'but he could want us for months' and Marge replied 'would that be so bad, he more than satisfied me' to which Lisa replied 'yeah and me and that takes some doing'. Finally they turned to me, smiling they sat on either side of me again and took my hands in theirs eagerly I awaited their decision.

"Nick," Lisa said softly "how would it be if you had two women to teach you all about sex. You could take them whenever you wanted and in whatever way you wanted, they would be willing to do anything for you."

"And they wouldn't mind that your virginity had been, uh, taken from you." Marge added.

"Sounds great," I responded grumpily "but where would I find two women like that?"

Inside I was jumping up and down with victorious joy, but I made sure that this did not show as my sisters answered my questions.

"Right here." Lisa whispered "Marge and myself. The only thing is that it must be a secret between you and us, no-one else can know about it."

"You serious?" I asked with mock surprise.

In answer Lisa guided one of my hands to her pussy and helped me to spear it with two fingers, Marge did the same with my other hand and I felt my cock twitch.

"We are serious," Lisa replied as I gleefully started to move my fingers in her pussy "we will teach you everything we know and can find out about sex. You can have us singly or together or you can choose one of us to teach you, whatever you want for as long as you want it. Promise."

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