tagIncest/TabooSisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves


I'll get straight to the point; I have always had a crush on my younger sister. We've always been close but as sisters went our relationship always seemed a little different. I don't know why, maybe because she is only 18 months younger than me or maybe because our parents were very affectionate with each other in front of us. It's not like they had full on sex or anything but they were forever kissing and hugging, sometimes even openly caressing each other, but it never got lewd and for some reason we never became embarrassed by their affection. So it came as no surprise to our parents and us that my sister Ruby and I were very close, even overly affectionate towards one another. In one way I was quite protective of her, and she always came to me for advice or with any questions she had about boys and relationships.

When I was seventeen I came out as a lesbian and I wasn't surprised that my parents and sister were completely fine about it, especially Ruby who seemed to delight in asking me endless questions about my experiences. But then one day two and a half years later I got a phone call from a long-term friend of mine, asking me to go on a trip with her to Spain for six months. It came totally out of the blue but it was such a once in a lifetime chance that I couldn't miss out. I approached my parents and they agreed at once, they knew I was responsible and maybe the thought of me being a lesbian put them at ease that I wouldn't come back pregnant by some Spanish waiter. I had earned some money from my waitress job; all I had to do was tell Ruby. She was devastated.

'But Paige, You'll miss my eighteenth!' She cried, hugging me

'I'll send a card' I joked feebly, her tears having an emotional effect on me.

'But what am I gonna do without you?' She looked at me, her huge chocolate brown eyes watery, her plump pink lips pouted.

'Don't be silly! I'm only going for six months!' I stroked her face, which was intended to comfort but she closed her eyes and almost moaned aloud. I snapped my hand back to my side and she opened her eyes, gave me one final awkward hug then left me to pack.

The morning of my trip came and I woke extra early to get some breakfast. My parents came down for ten minutes, hugged me tightly and wished my luck, to send them a postcard every now and again and to phone as soon as I got there. I shed a few tears then proceeded to eat my toast. About half an hour before I was due to leave Ruby came down and we chatted for a while. I noticed how beautiful she looked. She was tall and had long and graceful limbs; they always seemed to tan golden brown in the summer, even if she drowned herself in lotion. Her thick, straight and dark brown hair framed her face in a flowing mass and her eyes looked especially sparkly. I couldn't stop gazing at her in her short nightdress.

As the clock struck seven o'clock I got up and walked to the door, before I opened it Ruby spun me towards her and kissed me full on the lips. There were no tongues involved just a long, hard kiss. At first I was so shocked I kept my eyes open for a second but then closed them. I enjoyed it so much I became instantly wet. The feeling was unlike I had ever experienced. I had obviously kissed and even made love with other girls, but I had never felt so loved as I did at that moment. Suddenly I felt a tentative touch on my breast. Ruby's hand was cupped over my breast, her fingers caressing my nipple, which was fully erect. I gasped against her mouth as her other arm drew me nearer. We pressed so tightly together I almost couldn't breathe.

I felt her pert and firm breasts pushed against mine, her smooth leg was wrapped around me as she pushed me into the door. Before I knew what was happening she ran her hand down my trembling body and stroked my warm and damp pussy. I was breathing so deeply I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to enter my mouth. It was hot and wet, it curled around my own and she gently sucked on it. I reached out and fondled her heavy breasts. The nightdress was so flimsy I could see the small hard nipples clearly, and at that moment I knew I had to have her. In every way. Just as I started to kiss my way down her neck a loud car horn beeped and we were both brought back to reality.

'What the hell was that?' I asked, running my shaking fingers through my dark hair.

Ruby grinned at me, 'A going away present'

Whilst in Spain all I could do was think about Ruby. Every dream I had was about her, our kiss and us growing up together. I often thought about the times I would try to catch a glimpse of her coming out of the shower or getting changed. Almost every night I masturbated thinking about her firm and juicy breasts, chewable nipples and toned body. I wished away the six months and couldn't wait to go home.

The big day finally arrived. I kept the arrival date a secret to surprise everyone, although they knew I would be home late in September. As I got out of the taxi I looked up at my home. I was now twenty and had a lot more experience under my belt. A little shiver ran up my back as I realised I would be seeing Ruby in a matter of minutes. I dashed up the path but quietly unlocked the door, so I could surprise everyone. I was a little shocked when everything was silent. I didn't call out, but instead looked all around the ground floor, leaving my luggage in the front room. I was dressed in only a white crop top and cut off denim jeans. I was deeply tanned and had, had my think hair braided. I kicked off my trainers and socks and displayed my manicured toes, my last expense during my trip to Milan. I searched all over before finally creeping up the stairs. I checked the bathroom, my room and my parent's room before finally coming to Ruby's. The door was ever so slightly ajar. I could clearly see her bed and my breath caught in my throat. She was masturbating.

She looked like a Goddess. Her slim and golden brown body was bathed in sunlight. Her hair had been cropped into a short and punky style and it framed her elfin face. She was writhing up and down, her bedcovers twisted and half hanging off the double bed. Her knees were up and I could clearly see her shaved pink pussy, glistening with juice. One hand was caressing her small breasts while the other was roaming her body, occasionally she would dip her finger into her hole, then bring it over her clit. She began to rub harder and I heard her breathing increase. I was transfixed, my heart began to race and I was blown away by how intensely wet I was. My eyes flicked to the floor and I shuddered in absolute delight. The pictures of me that I had sent her were strewn around her, on the bed and on the floor. She was thinking of me. Suddenly her body tensed and she cried out. Her breathing became shallow and she opened her eyes. They locked onto me and gasped. I bit my lip and grinned. She sat up open mouthed.

'Hey Ruby' I smiled, my voice soft and husky.

'You – You're back!' She exclaimed. Her body was draped in a light sweat but she didn't think to cover herself. My baby sister had finally grown into a woman.

I walked to the bed and sat beside her. Though she was naked we hugged. Once we drew apart we looked at each other. She stroked my face as I did to her. We kissed and it was as good as the first time. This time we held nothing back. Our tongues twirled around her other. I greedily sucked on her tongue, and she soon reciprocated. My hands trailed over her warm body, to her breasts. I let my fingers trace patterns over her nipples. She moaned as I carried on towards her pussy.

She lay back down as I straddled her. I sat just above her pussy, raised by my knees. I took my top off and watched as her eyes widened, as she took in my full breasts topped by large, almost brown nipples. I caressed my breasts and teased my nipples in front of her, it drove her wild. She reached out but I swatted her hand away and carried on with my strip. I slowly unzipped my shorts and little by little revealed my skimpy pink thong. Her hands ran up and down my legs, causing me to shiver and moan. Soon I was astride her in nothing. I trailed my thong over her face, down her body and away. I made her lie down again and I covered her body with kisses, pausing to kiss and lick her nipples. She ran her fingers through my hair as I carried on licking my way down her body. She shuddered as I reached her wet centre.

First I breathed on her inner thighs and watched her tremble. I slowly made my way to the bottom of her slit. I dipped my tongue into her and she jerked. Out of nowhere I darted my tongue deeper into her and she yelled out. I started to tongue fuck her. Using my hot wet tongue to probe her till she was almost at an orgasm. Then just as she couldn't take anymore I sucked on her clit until she came, her juices flooding my face. I looked up and saw she was smiling at me. I kissed my way up her stomach and rested my face in her neck. But she was far from done.

She rolled me over onto my front. Spreading my legs she exposed my almost dripping pussy, neatly trimmed. She kissed me in deft bursts from her neck to my backside. Once there she licked my cheeks with wet trails making me gasp and squirm. Then she parted my cheeks, exposing my other tight hole, she proceeded to probe it with her tongue, whilst her finger found my pussy hole. I was gasping with passion as she followed her finger with her tongue. There she licked and sucked me from behind until I came. I turned myself onto my back and looked at her. She was grinning, her lips shiny.

'What was that?' I asked, stretching.

'Your coming home present' and with that, she kissed me and settled into my arms.

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