tagIncest/TabooSisters' Gift Pt. 02

Sisters' Gift Pt. 02


After witnessing such an erotic display, and cumming for what felt like the 15th time of the day, I needed some sleep. Abby and Gabby decided to join me, but only after they licked my cum of the other's body. Both mentioned that it was their favorite after-sex dessert. With all three of us beaming, we quickly fell into a peaceful and deep sleep with my girls on either side of me.

After such a peaceful sleep, I awoke refreshed, and ready to attack the day. Or my two sisters, which ever presented itself first. I opened my eyes, but for some reason, I still couldn't see the morning sunrise. Lifting my hand to my face, I realized I had been blindfolded. I attempted to remove it, but a small feminine hand stopped mine. Clearly I would be attacking my sisters (or rather, them attacking me) first. I attempted to sit up, but again, the same hand pushed me back onto the bed. Not that I fought it that hard.

I felt another hand on my chest, running the length of my stomach and chest, only grazing my skin with a single fingernail. Suddenly, the sensation of hot breath became apparent on my left ear. The single fingernail slowly circling my body. It moved further and further south, until it was tracing the outline of my rapidly hardening cock. The mouth near my ear began to speak.

"Ty. We decided to play a game with you." I immediately recognized the voice as Gabby's.

"You got it, love."

"I see you recognize the difference in our voices. But can you tell other differences in us? You will be kissed, sucked, and fucked by both of us. You will also lick our pussies. You will not be allowed to cum unless you can tell the differences between us. Guessing will not be tolerated. If you fail to learn the differences, you will lay in the bed all day, only listening to the sounds of your two sisters making love to each other. We will now bond you with the handcuffs you purchased."

I couldn't help but smile as the rules were explained to me. This game sounded quite appealing to me. I repeated my earlier phrase, "You got it, love." And the game began.

I felt a body climb onto my chest. The owner of the pussy clearly excited at the prospect of playing this game if the wetness secreting onto my body was any indication. I began to feel the pecks of my sister's kisses on my neck and up to my face. She drew close to my mouth and began a soft sensuous kiss.

Her hands grabbed my arms, and moved them behind my head, so I could not feel around, trying to distinguish the two twins. Soon enough, I felt her tongue start to lick my lips, gently probing my mouth open. We started to make out. Slowly at first, but gaining passion as we went on. Her cunt was slipping up and down on my chest, allowing me to feel her excitement. My cock rapidly grew to full hardness.

After a minute or two of kissing, I felt the tongue leave my mouth with a final lick of my lips and a small appreciative groan. My sister hopped off of my body, only to be replaced by her twin. An equally excited cunt began to grind on my stomach and chest. Again, my hands were grabbed and held behind my head as the twin number two began to plant sweet kisses up my neck an onto my face, following the same pattern of her sister. Finally, I felt the kisses reach my mouth, and a tongue start to probe at my lips, gently prying them open.

Graciously, I opened my mouth, allowing the mystery tongue inside. As soon as I did, twin number two began to kiss me with an unbridled ferocity. My cock was begging for release after this kiss, as drops of precum started to form and flow out of the tip. Finally the kiss released, and the girl jumped off of my body, much to my disappointment. Again, a fingernail started to caress my chest and stomach as hot breath appeared next my ear again.

"Alright, lover boy. Which was which?" Abby decided to be the mystery voice this time.

"Well, Abby. I'm not sure I fully understand the rules. Is the same twin allowed to go twice on me, or are you guys alternating?"

"Impressive. Very impressive," came the obviously surprised response from Gabby's mouth. "But who was it?"

"Like you even have to ask. Gabby, I would recognize your soul-stirring kisses anywhere. Without a doubt, it was Gabby."

"Well done. Glad to know you can recognize your girlfriend's mouth," Abby's voice purred into my ears. "But can you recognize her cunt on your mouth? This time, there will be both of us climbing aboard, so no tricks."

"Alright, but do I get something to cleanse my pallet in between pussy lickings? I wouldn't want tastes to mingle."

I could hear Gabby snicker at that.

Before an answer was provided, cunt number one was lowered onto my waiting mouth. Each twin was shaved bare, so hair was not going to be a factor in my decision. Again, I noticed that the girl's orientation on me allowed for her to keep my hands back, so I was not allowed to explore.

I began to lick up and down the slit, trying to place the taste of this fantastic cunt to one of my sisters. I probed my tongue inside her cunt, fucking her with my tongue. Small whimpers came from above me, but unfortunately, there were two voices creating them. These crazy sex-starved sluts had thought of everything. I began searching for the clit of this mystery girl, and finally found it. Sucking it into my mouth and gently nibbling on it, I was rewarded with more moans and whimpers. Soon enough I felt a gush of pussy juice assault my tongue as the girl above me obviously came at my efforts.

I had a fair idea of who was above me, but wanted a chance to sample both cunts, so I kept my mouth shut, until the next pussy was lowered over it of course. Already this pussy was wet. I again did my preliminary up and down licking to try to get a solid sample of the taste. I flicked and licked all over that fantastic cunt, attempting to hold the flavor inside my mouth, and match it to one of the twins.

Obviously horny from witnessing me munch on her sister, the twin above me started to buck on my face without my even touching her clit. I decided to push her over the edge and taste her cum as I lashed out at her clit. Flicking it over and over with my tongue, I was rewarded with a gush of squirting juice. In my experience, only one of my twins had ever squirted on me before, and the tastes matched. After she dismounted my face, I grinned widely.

"Alright," came Gabby's voice. "Time for your guesses."

"Baby, clearly you do not know me that well if you think I have to guess. Gabby was first, Abby second."

"You know your sluts, came the response, eliciting a giggle from Abby and a smile from me."

Next up was deciding who was sucking my dick. I figured it wouldn't be all that difficult, considering the girls each had completely different styles. Slut number one wasted no time in engulfing my entire cock into her mouth. Relaxing her gag reflex, I was inserted deep into her throat. Fast and furious, she began to bob up and down on my cock.

Her soft hair was moving with her as she moved up and down my shaft at an alarmingly fast rate. Her hair softly stroking my stomach and inner thighs. I assumed that slut number one's time was almost up as I felt her rise up and almost off my cock, only to slam her head right back down, taking me deep into her throat again.

All of a sudden, I felt a tongue licking my balls. Both of them were down there, licking and sucking away. Not fair for the game, but pretty damn pleasurable. Slut one took her head off of my cock, and slut two began to drag her tongue all the way up to the head, slowly swirling around it, making love to the head, rather than sucking on it. Instantly I knew which blow job belonged to whom.

Asking them to stop (no I'm not crazy, I was about to cum, and still needed to fuck them both), I quickly said, "Gabby went first, Abby second. Not gonna fool me on the role reversal. I know my baby's mouth and cunt anywhere."

Surprised at my correct answer again, I was treated to both girls climbing up my body and taking turns kissing me. One of them reached up and grabbed the blindfold off. Finally, I could see. After getting used to the morning light fading in through the window, I saw my two beautiful twin sisters lying on either side of me staring up at me with lust and fire in their eyes. "You know us, we get it. Now fuck us hard. We need to cum." Leave it to Abby to cut the game short for some cock.

Not about to refuse her request, I plowed into my sister, letting Gabby watch from the side as I mercilessly plowed into Abby. So caught up in her feelings of pleasure, she began to moan, scream, writhe, buck, and thrash under me all at once. She came fast and hard, again squirting all over my groin as she flopped back on the bed, completely wiped out.

That left just me and my love. I grabbed her hand away from her pussy as she masturbated herself towards orgasm. I was determined to be the one to get her off. I kissed her hard, allowing our tongues to dance, knowing I would always be able to recognize that soul-stirring kiss. I began to enter her pussy slowly, preparing for a marathon session of making love rather than fucking. As I entered her, she came at the slow, but deep thrust I made with my cock. Not an overpowering orgasm, Gabby was more than happy to continue.

I broke our kiss, and moved my head down to take a nipple in my mouth. I sucked and licked and playfully bit the tiny little nub as I continued my slow gentle fucking of her. Gabby's legs locked behind my back, pulling me in deep to her. Forcing me to stay buried deep inside her, she lifted her head to me, and whispered confessions of her love into my ear. "Ty, I love you. I always will. But right now, just fuck me. We can be gentle later, but now I need your huge cock insi—OOOOHHHH!"

I interrupted her with a fast, hard, deep thrust penetrating her as far as I could go. I began to saw in and out of her hot steaming cunt, propelling us both towards orgasm. Faster and faster I thrusted. The squishing noise of my cock pounding into her cunt as her juice began to flow even more was music to my ears. We both began sweating, as she finally let go, and came hard. Triggering my own orgasm, I exploded deep into her cunt.

I simply held the girl I loved tightly in my arms as we both came down from orgasmic bliss. Exchanging whispers of love and soft, sweet kisses, we never felt closer. We continued to cuddle, yet something was missing. We were not supposed to be alone. Once I started fucking Gabby, we lost track of her twin sister. She was supposed to be here, cuddling and kissing with us. Quickly we got out of bed, out legs a little wobbly from the intense orgasms we just experienced.

We looked through my apartment, trying to find our sister. There she was in the living room. Sitting on the couch, her head bent down in her hands. Quickly, we flanked her trying to see why she was crying. Her beautiful form should never feel pain, and the sight of my sister crying sent daggers through my heart. I can only imagine that Gabby felt the same way.

Giving her kisses, she looked up at us, her eyes blood-shot from crying. We wrapped her in an embrace, trying to console her, make her feel better. I asked what was wrong but she wouldn't answer, she just scooted closer to her sister, wrapping herself up in Gabby's loving arms. I felt terrible. I didn't know why she shied away from me, but it ripped my heart open. I could not stand to have my sister angry at me.

Gabby leaned down to her, and kissed her tears away. Always able to comfort us, she gently stroked Abby's hair until she stopped crying. Softly, Gabby asked her why she was crying. "I just can't do this anymore. I can't do it."

"What honey? What can't you do?"

"I... I just can't."

"Tell me. I love you no matter what."

Her entire demeanor changed as soon as Gabby mentioned the word love. "Really?"

"Of course baby. You know that."

Suddenly it clicked. I understood her crying now. She didn't just love Gabby, she was in love with her. The same way I was. "You're in love with her, aren't you?"

All Abby could do was nod. I had never seen her this vulnerable before. She looked expectantly at Gabby, hoping for the love to be mutual.

Gabby quickly wrapped her in an embrace. "Of course I love you, honey. From the moment you first kissed me I knew it. I just never thought you would feel it too. But this is great. Why are you crying?

Again, I knew the answer. "Because she doesn't love me. Not like we both love you anyway."

Abby simply nodded again.

"I don't see the problem though. We can just stay a threesome, why not?"

Abby finally spoke. "I can't stand the thought of losing you. And as long as you are with Ty, there is that chance. I see how your eyes light up when you see him. I can't shake the feeling that you two will desert me."

"I would never do that to either of you. I can't imagine life without either of you."

Hearing this, I thought it would all be over, that we would be fine, but Abby was not satisfied.

"Gabby, the only way I know that you will stay with me is if it is only me. I hate to do this, and I thought I wouldn't have to, but I do. The only way I can know that we will always be together is if it is only us. Not Ty."

My heart dropped at this news. Gabby had to choose between me and Abby. I couldn't imagine life without either of them, but I might be losing one or both. I couldn't bear this.

Chapter VII:

Several hours had elapsed, and I sat in my empty apartment. The twins had gone. I was in shock at what had happened. Abby, the sister I thought would never fall in love, especially with a girl, had confessed her love to my Gabby. She wouldn't accept the three of us as one couple, and offered Gabby and ultimatum. Me or her. Gabby was stunned. She left, and walked aimlessly around the town, trying to clear her head. Abby had gone back to her dorm, obviously not in the best of moods. I was so distracted that noting held the joy that it normally did. I couldn't eat. Food just didn't have the same taste, and I really didn't care for any right now. TV couldn't hold my attention, everything reminding me of Gabby. I couldn't bear to lose her. I had to try to fix this. I went to my bed early that night, trying to relax and clear my head. Hopefully the answer would come to me in my sleep.

Meanwhile, Abby was in a similar situation in her dorm room. She now understood how her twin sister had felt in the time before Ty had shown up. And could she really blame Ty? She had no right to. After all, she was the one who approved his idea to come out here, the one who told him Gabby needed him here. She just couldn't live with the possibility of Gabby leaving her. She had loved her parents dearly, and, through no fault of their own, had left her. She tried not to love again, but Gabby was just too perfect. She had to make sure she would never feel that kind of emotional pain again. But could she cause that kind of pain on Ty?

Gabby continued to walk aimlessly. Strolling down random streets, not really paying attention to where she went. She knew that she should be in the library or at home doing work, but doubted something as mundane as homework could keep her attention. She was utterly torn. She had resigned to burry her feelings for her sister, believing that they would remain unrequited. She had thrown all of her love at Ty, and he graciously gave all of his back. There was no way she could leave that. But could she leave her sister? Her first real sexual experience, and far and away her best friend. Not to mention the love she felt for her every time Abby's name was even mentioned. She had to find a way to get the three of them together.

I continued to sit on my bed in the empty apartment. Sleep would not come to me, forcing me to stay awake with only my thoughts to keep me company. Naturally, they incessantly brought up my love triangle. How could this be fixed? Run away with Gabby? No, I can't hurt Abby like that. It would rip her heart out. Run away myself? No, I couldn't live with the pain, and I don't think Gabby could either. I sighed in frustration. My arms unfolded from my chest, stretching to the ends of the bed. I felt something plastic hit my finger. I looked over and saw the double dildo sitting on the bed, used only once by my twin sisters. Closing my eyes, I remembered the heat of that passionate sex. My mind drifted, especially to the time we shared at the beach.

We had left early, the twins not letting me see their bathing suits before we got to the beach. On the drive, they both sat in the back, mercilessly attacking each other. My eyes quickly darted between the road and the rearview mirror, seeing what action I could. By the time we had gotten to the beach, Abby's fingers were buried in Gabby's cunt. She left Gabby hanging as they both got out of the car, Gabby desperately needed to cum. My bathing suit was tented in front of me after witnessing the lesbian show in my back seat. We walked to a spot in the sand, and lay out our towels. Finally, the twins took off their beach shirts and revealed the skimpiest bikinis I have ever seen. The biggest piece of cloth on it was the tag saying "Machine wash only." Brilliantly outlining their asses and cunts, I could almost see the arousal they both had. In order to tease me, they both laid out and asked me to rub them down with lotion. Gladly, I took the bottle and began to massage the white goo into their backs. Hopefully I would be shooting some different white goo onto them later in the day. By the time I had them sufficiently covered, I was hard enough to cut a diamond. Gabby stood up and led me to the ocean. We entered until the water was about up to just under Gabby's breasts. They appeared to be floating, like the most enticing buoys I had ever seen. Without even a look around, Gabby wrapped her legs around me, and surreptitiously moved her bikini bottoms aside. Inside the water, she impaled her self on my cock, allowing me to sink into her steaming cunt. The temperature difference between the cool ocean and the boiling hot cunt was just amazing. The water allowed for such a smooth fucking, I was just gliding in and out of her, feeling nothing but absolute pleasure. I could see Gabby felt the same based solely on her face. Her mouth in the classic "o" shape, her eyes rolled back into her head, and soft whimpers barely audible over the sloshing water. Finally, we came simultaneously, my cum creating a white stream in the ocean as it oozed out of Gabby's cunt. Looking around, we got away with out anyone noticing us, except of course our nymph of a sister.

That was a long time ago. I began to cry at the lack of progress and the thought of losing my sisters and lovers. My pain was unbearable. Slowly, I cried myself to sleep. Before sleep graciously took me into its clutches, a brief thought of courting Abby came into play. If we all loved each other... The thought remained unfinished as sleep finally came.

Abby was busy doing the same thing in her empty dorm room. Crying at the potential loss of her brother and sister. Gabby still had not returned from her walk, and Abby was starting to get worried. She tried calling, but Gabby wouldn't answer. She sat and thought of what she had said to Gabby and her brother. She realized how selfish she was being, but could not shake the feeling. The thought of losing Gabby was just too much to bear. She would love if Ty was still a part of their life, just not in their bedroom. He could just return to being their brother and protector. Yea! That had to be it! It was the only way to keep all of them together without causing pain. Abby had stopped crying, and fell asleep, thinking she had solved the problem. During the night however, dreams of that life came.

Gabby finally returned to the dorm, but could not see her sister right now. She crashed in her RA's room, taking advantage of the extra space and the air mattress that was available. She debated talking to her RA about her problems, but did not want to bring up incest and bisexuality, so she kept it to herself. She knew that she was the only one who could salvage the relationship. Treat it like a custody case? Weekdays with Abby, weekends with Ty? Was that possible? Was it fair? Was there a way out.

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