tagIncest/TabooSisters Love

Sisters Love


"What do you think you are doing?"

Startled by my sister's question, I moved to cover up.

"Stop! No point hiding anything now."


Still trying to cover myself up I moved towards my clothes on the floor.

"Don't move."


"After catching you with my panties wrapped around your dick you are going to do what you are told."

Resigning myself to some severe scolding and punishments I lowered my head.

At 19 now it had just me and my sister for five years , our parents having died when i was 14 their car hitting a patch of ice on the road had careered into another killing them instantly.

My sister being 18 at the time had taken charge and became a second mom to me in a way, treating me and expecting me to follow her wishes as if she was our mom. It had been long time since I had been caught by her and in a position to be punished.

"Why Tim?"

Keeping my head down I said nothing.

"You can't avoid this Tim, Why?"

Muttering I replied, "Because of how they feel."

"How they feel?" Laura said with a quizzical look on her face

"What do you mean?"

Still muttering, "Just because of how they feel."


I looked at my sister it was clear she was considering my answer, at this point I just wanted to run and hide in my room but knew saying or doing anything could provoke her to punish me more severely.

A few minutes later my sister spoke again

"For now go put some clothes on."

Moving to pick up the clothes I had left on her bedroom floor my sister simply said "Leave them, I'll put them in the wash."

Nodding to her and without saying anything, I left her room covering myself with my hands even though she had already seen everything. Heading to my room I grabbed a pair of boxers, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and put them on, before lying down on my bed and staring at the ceiling.

I was a little worried; it was unusual for my sister not to state my punishment straight away, this could mean I was in for something more punishing than the usual.

An hour later at about twenty past five, my sister called me down for food, it was unusual for us to eat together on a weekday as she was usually working. Even with everything that had happened I was not going to miss a meal made by my sister.

My sister was an amazing cook it was how she had got such a good position in a local restaurant at her age.

Sitting down I the chair opposite hers I asked "how come your are home sis?"

"The restaurant was flooded after all this heavy rain we have had, it ruined all the food and some of the cookers are broken as well."

"Oh, ok."

"Don't worry, they are still going to pay me, but it will be take a couple of weeks to dry the place out and replace the broken cookers."


Not much was said while we ate, but I noticed my sister was looking at me with a calm expression on her face. I didn't know how to deal with it, as normally she would still be upset with me. When we finished our food she asked me "Will you do the dishes and then wait in the living room for me?"

I expected she wanted to change before she told me the consequences of my earlier actions.

Unexpectedly she came back down without having changed and pointed for me to sit down by her on the sofa.

"I am going to ask a few questions and I want you to answer them all truthfully okay?"

Concerned with were she was going with that question, but accepting that was how things were going to go I nodded and said "okay."

"How long?"

"3 months."

"What started it?"

" I handled your panties after you asked me sort out the clothes one day and it kind of spilled out from there."

"How come I don't see you with many friends?"

Wondering at the question, I asked, "What does that...." Before she interrupted and said, "just answer."

"Because I don't have many close friends, just a few people I get along with in school, those I was friends with and then brought home just wanted to talk about you."


"Yes, they were asking all kinds of questions like if you were dating, what your sizes were and if I had seen without any clothes on."

"Oh" Laura said looking surprised.

"Why would they ask stuff like that?"

Looking at my sister thinking, is she serious I replied, "Because you are beautiful."

Blushing at my answer and turning away she said quietly "but I am not."

"Yes you are Laura."

"But then why didn't they come around again."

"Because I realized they were only using me to get closer to you and I didn't want them near you or to be their friend if all they could think about was how you looked."

"My looks but...."

Interrupting my sister I said "you are one of the most beautiful people I know sis, but you are more than that. You are caring, kind, smart and fun."

"But Tim you really think that?"


"Oh, Thank you" my sister said with a huge smile on her face, suddenly leaning forward on the chair and hugging me tightly.

"Thank you, Tim."

"I am really sorry sis, I know I shouldn't have done it but I couldn't help myself. It won't happen again."

Pulling back slightly but with her arms still around me she said, "I believe you Tim, but you are still to be punished" she then moved to get up. I could see the smile on her face and a strange look in her eye.

"Come with me" she said taking my hand in hers and dragging me up the stairs she then turned into her room, were I could see on her bed two sets of matching clothes. There was two pairs of jeans, two t- shirts and on top of one pile was a pair of my sister panties, pointing to that pile my sister said "they are yours, put them on."

Realizing I was in no position to argue I moved to pick them up and carry them to my room to change, she stopped me and said "No need, no secrets between us girls."

I stripped down to my boxers as quickly as I could hoping to avoid been seen by her again and reduce my embarrassment, but when I looked at her to see if she was looking, I caught sight of her picking up the jeans from her pile while standing there in just a pink bra and panty set and it stopped me in my tracks.

I had never seen my sister like this, she had curves in all the right places, her bra was overflowing and looked to tight, while her panties fitted her hips and butt snugly before I realized what I was doing and how it looked I said "Wow sis, you look really beautiful."

Turning to me she was blushing and with a huge smile on her face, "thanks" she then moved back and put on the jeans and t-shirt.

"Boys are usually quicker than girls, do you need help?"

"No" Moving so she couldn't see I quickly took my boxers off and pulled on the panties, jeans and put the t-shirt on. Once I was dressed I came to realise they all fit me quite well not to tight and not to loose, just comfortable.

"How do they fit Tim?"


"I thought so we have a very similar build and shape."

With a knowing grin Laura looked to me grabbed my hand again and said "come on lets go watch some Tv."

Considering this was supposed to be a punishment I was surprisingly relaxed, I felt calm and comfortable.

Sitting down on the sofa together again my sister sat as close to me as she could with her head on my shoulder and I accepted her wishes it wasn't like I hated it, she was my sister and we had always been close.

We had often cuddled up on the sofa when we were younger and our parents were still alive, whenever they noticed they would look to each other and share a smile. We carried on for a while after the accident, comforting each other, but after she got her first restaurant job it stopped and she took on more of a motherly disposition to me.

About 11 o'clock my sister started to nod off to sleep and I suggested we both go to bed, nodding her agreement we turned everything off and cleaned up, taking my hand again she brought me up the stairs to her room again. She then went to her drawers and picked out two pyjama sets handing the light blue set to me, while she put on the pink set I put on the blue set, she didn't need to say anything.

As I was moving to head to my room she said, "No, I want you to stay here."

"Are you sure, Sis?"

"Yes, now get in beside me."

We had never slept together in the same bed before, and only once in the same room when we spent a holiday at a lake and there were only two rooms, and ours had two single beds.

I knew I was in no position to argue with what she wanted so I got in beside her on her queen-sized bed; there was plenty of space for both of us. As soon I got in she cuddled up to me again and with a big yawn sleepily said "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Sis."

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