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Hi Folks, I'm glad you liked last week's Halloween story. That one was meant to be scary but funny. This time alround it's more myeterious and actiony (is that a word?) Anyway as usual it's only meant in fun so don't take it too seriously. Thanks as usual to the incredible mikothebaby for her great skill in editing, Happy Halloween! SS06.

* * * * * *

I sat down at the kitchen table, barely awake as she set the plate down in front of me. She leaned over and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth energetically. "Ugh, Honey, you really need to brush your teeth before you eat...morning breath," she said. Her smile still lit up the room.

"Someone drained all of my bodily fluids AND all of my energy last night," I said.

She stood back and put one long fingered hand on one of her hips. She tilted her head to the side and set off a waterfall of tawny colored curls tumbling over one shoulder and down her back. Her succulent lips stuck out another millimeter and her expression changed.

"You really should have become accustomed to it by now," she said. "But we could stop doing that and watch television or something. After all, we have been doing it for a year now."

Her entire expression told me that was the thing she wanted least. I quickly stood up and took her in my arms. The pout receded and became a smile. I dipped her backwards as if we were dancing the way they did in all of those musicals from the forties. I lowered my face to hers and she automatically closed her eyes and puckered those cherry red lips my way. I lowered my face and then stopped.

When the kiss she'd been expecting never happened, she popped one eye open with her lips still puckered and looked at me smiling at her, while I had her bent backwards and dangling in mid-air.

"I shouldn't kiss you," I said.

"Why not?" she whined.

"Morning breath, remember?" I smirked.

"Shut up and kiss me," she said. "I like your morning breath." Our lips met and it became a crescendo of emotions and sensations. My dick hardened immediately and her nipples sprang to life as if they had a mind of their own.

"Let's take the day off," she said. "You're sick."

"Wouldn't that be a lie?" I asked.

"It's really just a question of interpretation," she smirked, using one of my favorite lines against me."

"How so?" I asked, waiting to hear this one.

"Well," she said innocently. And that was one of the things I loved the most about her. She's twenty six years old. She has an incredible slim but curvy body, but she still manages to look and seem so innocent. Perhaps it has more to do with the way she was brought up and the fact that all of this is still so new to her.

"You're actually depraved," she continued. "So in a way that means you're sick," she smirked.

"How am I sick?" I asked exasperatedly.

"You know," she hinted. "All of those things you make me do in bed. Most of that stuff is NOT in the bible."

"I MAKE YOU, do those things?" I asked sarcastically. I just looked at her crazily as she nodded her head very quickly.

"So who was the one screaming, "Do it again, and this time, stick it in my..." I began before she silenced me by pinching my lips together.

"I have to experience depravity, in order to fully understand it so I can fight against it," she said quickly. "It's research."

"Well, when you were screaming that with my sperm all over your face, it really looked like you'd thrown yourself into your research," I laughed. "But I think you've forgotten that fighting against depravity and sin is no longer your job."

"What is my job now then?" she asked.

"Your job now," I smirked. "...Is to be my woman." Her face got red and she tried to hide her smile. She liked it when I claimed her.

She wrapped her arms around me as I straightened up. That pulled us into a hug. My arms were around her thin waist and I dropped my hands onto the full globes of her ass. I couldn't resist it, I squeezed it a little and she moaned. She pressed her pelvis into mine and my dick moved from hard to near diamond level.

"We have to go to work," I said.

"We have more than enough money," she said insistently. "We both have cars, we have this nice house and we have plenty of food. Let's take the day off."

"If we take too many days off, we won't have jobs, or cars or food or the house," I said.

"Okay, Jason, but right after work, we're getting really depraved," she said.

"Honey, have you forgotten what day it is?" I asked. "We have to go to church after work."

Her eyes opened wider and she looked at the calendar. "I'd almost forgotten," she said. "You're making me as sick as you are. We're going to need to go out and check after church you know."

She never unwrapped her arms from me but she looked away. "I know it's not my job anymore, but I need to check," she said. "Just in case." I smiled at her and nodded.

I kissed her one more time and our tongues circle and fought. "We're going to have to check really quickly, though so we can come home and..." she began. I shook my head and laughed.

"Well, you know we won't be able to do anything tomorrow. It's a holy day," she said.

"Doesn't the bible say that the Lord said something about being fruitful and multiplying?" I asked.

"But we're not being fruitful or multiplying," she said. "We're just fucking."

I was so shocked at hearing her use the word that I didn't say anything. I just got the most shocked look on my face. It was like hearing a four year old girl say it. She never used profanity so it had so much more impact.

"Honey, you got that totally wrong," I said. "Maybe we're not trying to get you pregnant yet, but we're doing a lot more than just fucking. We're making love. We are physically expressing our deep emotional and spiritual commitment to each other. When people love each other, it makes a lot of difference."

She smiled as she thought about my words. "You love me that much?" she asked. Her smile got wider and more intense as she thought about what I'd said. I nodded.

"I liked it when you expressed your deep emotional and spiritual commitment to me last night," she smirked. "I especially liked it when your emotional and spiritual commitment was so deep in mine that I could feel you all the way into my stomach. I came so hard that I almost blacked out."

I swatted her on her ass and told her to go to work. She kissed me again and then headed for the door. On her way, she ran her fingers lovingly over one of the swords mounted on the wall. As she grabbed the keys to her 2012 Mustang convertible off of the counter, she smiled at me again. Then she daintily donned her Dunkin Donuts cap and opened the door.

"And don't spend the day bending over in front of guys," I ordered. "Just give them their fucking donuts and coffee. I don't want anyone except me looking at my ass." She smiled again and then wiggled her ass at me.

"Maybe you should come over here and kiss YOUR ass to remind me," she said. I walked over to her and buried my face in her pants covered rear end. "Ohh," she moaned. "Never stop doing that."

I slapped her sharply on her upturned rump and she jumped and screamed. She rubbed her ass and looked at me seriously. "You know I'd never do that, right?" she asked. "You know I'd never do anything with anyone else, don't you?" I nodded and she smiled and headed out the door. The next thing I heard was the sound of her rear tires screaming in protest as she backed out of the driveway. That woman went through more tires in a year...

I headed up the stairs and into the bathroom. I needed a shower before I went to work. I still smelled like sex and bacon. But I had to admit that I loved her. I loved her far more than any person I'd ever known. I sensed on some level that we would always be together. I'd never felt that way about any person before.

An hour later, I was sitting at my desk waiting for the latest of my designs to render. My company insisted on using an older version of NX. And to top it off, our computers were so slow that even for tasks as mundane as getting email; they lagged far behind both my iPhone 5 and my original iPad. It was really silly. At any given point in time, I might hear a chirp that announced that I'd received an email on my iPhone. Two to three seconds later, I'd get an answering chirp on my iPad. The iPhone got the mail quicker because it was on a 4G LTE network. My iPad was only 3G. The scary thing was that my office PC, which should have been far faster than any of the mobile networks was far slower than either. It sometimes took more than two minutes for the same email to show up on the PC.

At lunchtime she called me. "Can you get out for a quickie?" she asked.

"I love you, but you're going to have to call one of your other men," I said. "I'm kind of tied up. I want to get this part done, so I can stay home and not have sex with my woman tomorrow. There will probably be a lot of praying and no sex."

"Okay," she said. "I'll call one of the others." She hung up. And I was pissed. Less than a second later my phone rang again.

"Jason, can you get out of work long enough for us to have a quickie?" she asked laughing. "My regular man is unavailable.

"Oh so you're trying to make me jealous, huh?" I asked. Laughter was her only answer.

"I'm only working until two today," she said. "Can I come over and watch you work?"

"I don't know..." I began. "Last time I let you WATCH me work, you sat there and teased me and we ended up almost getting caught in the supply closet."

"I'll be very good this time," she promised.

"Shit, you were REALLY good last time," I said. "That's why we almost got caught."

"I'll see you in a couple of hours," she said. I could have sworn I heard the sound of someone kissing the phone as she hung up. As if I wasn't distracted enough. I'd had a rough life over the past year. It isn't easy having the most gorgeous woman you know in love with you, but I guess someone had to do it. So it might as well be me. My life wasn't always like that.

Almost on cue, the phone on my desk rang. It was the building's security desk. "Jason, I hate to be the bearer of bad news," said a voice on the other end. "But you have a visitor. It's her and she has a guy with her. He's an older guy."

"I'll meet them in the cafeteria," I said.

"Good luck," he said hanging up.

I saved my drawing just in case we got a power outage or something stupid happened while I was away from my desk. I walked down the stairs and then across the building to get to the cafeteria.

"Hey Jason, there's some lady in the cafeteria waiting for you," said George Steele. George was a QC engineer and he had a terminally cheerful disposition. He also talked to everyone he met and smiled way too fucking much.

"She's not a lady, George," I deadpanned. "She's my wife." He erupted with laughter and then looked at me strangely.

"But I thought that hot woman who you're always..." he blurted out.

"Exactly," I said, walking away with him standing there unsure of whether or not I was joking. I loved leaving people confused. When they say something nosy or just stupid, if you say "exactly," it makes them think that they were right about something and they also feel stupid if they still don't get it since you've implied that they have. Most of them, even the nosiest, will just walk away at that point.

I walked into the cafeteria and waved at a couple of my co-workers. I walked over and sat down at an occupied table in the far corner of the room.

"Hi Jason," said the woman seated there. I'd hoped that the man with her would turn out to be a lawyer, but it was her dad.

"Hi Pete," I said, extending my hand to the older man. He shook my hand warmly and the festivities began.

"Jason, I know you heard your wife speaking to you," he said. "It hurts her feelings when you ignore her."

"Pete, I heard your daughter speaking to me," I said. "I no longer acknowledge her as my wife. She refuses to acknowledge my wishes and hides behind archaic rules that have no bearing in modern times."

"That's because you and I don't have the same wishes," spat Terri. "In fact, our wishes are complete opposites. You want us to get a divorce. I want us to stay married."

"We haven't been married in almost a year," I said. "Get it through your thick head. We are over. In fact there is no WE to even end. I'm happy with my life the way it is now. I didn't ask for things to be the way they are. I don't think I could possibly have even dreamed of things being the way they are, but I'll take it."

"Jason, you know that we're Catholics," said Pete. "We don't really do divorces. We believe that when two people make a commitment to be together forever it is binding."

"It is bullshit, Pete," I snapped. "The Catholic Church has some pretty archaic rules. They won't give us a divorce, but if we get a civil divorce, they will allow an annulment. The annulment has already been pushed through. Since ours is a very special case, a Cardinal came over from Rome and rubber stamped the annulment. All we have to do is get the civil divorce. Normally, the civil divorce has to be done first, but as I said, ours is a special case."

Pete looked at me and then back at his daughter. Terri looked away from her father. "Is that true, Honey?" he asked.

"Daddy, I love him," she said, ignoring his question. "We just need to talk. We can work this out. We can still be happy."

"Terri, Honey, you haven't been telling me the truth," said Pete. "What is going on here?"

"Daddy, I just want him back," whined Terri. Her father realized for the first time that things were not the way they seemed.

"I guess I've known for a while that things were kind of weird here," said Pete. "The damned Bishop is always asking me about Jason and Jason isn't even Catholic. Neither he, nor the priest, ever ask me anything about you any more Terri. They don't even ask why you don't attend mass anymore. Just what did happen last year?"

"I'll tell you later Daddy," she said.

"I'll tell you now," I said. "She'll probably continue to lie to you."

"Jason don't," she said.

"Are you going to give me the divorce?" I asked.

"Never," she said.

"Pete, roughly a year ago, just a few weeks before Halloween, I was really happy. I was married to a woman that I loved and I really thought that she felt the same," I began.

"I did feel the same," snapped Terri. "I still do. You just won't give me a chance."

"Like a lot of young couples, we worked too hard, but I had nothing but love and trust for Terri," I said. "I just feel so stupid now, because I pretty much built my whole world around her. The sun rose and set over my wife. I had no idea. Anyway, we were living in a nice condo but saving for a house. We didn't really want to have any kids until we owned the place we lived in. We also wanted to have plenty of room for kids to grow up in."

"I guess in a way that's what started this. I mean with both of us working long hours and us both being on slightly different schedules, we were under a lot of stress. So, when Terri started going out with the girls on her job a couple of nights a week, I thought it was a great idea. After the first few times that she did it, things were really better between us. And shit, we'd only been married for three years. I never suspected anything."

"One of the benefits of her girl's nights out was that we seemed to be having a lot more sex, so it was fine with me. One Saturday, I was doing some light cleaning around the house and I accidentally knocked Terri's purse off of the table. All of her crap spilled out and as I put the stuff back into the purse, I found a half empty pack of condoms."

"Terri being a good Catholic girl wasn't supposed to be on the pill, and we really didn't use condoms, so I got really pissed. I started to watch her more. I didn't say anything because...well, like I said, I loved her so much I thought I would die without her. I really didn't want to start anything or accuse her of anything without proof."

"Remember back when I took that bag of marijuana from my younger brother, and Terri found it in my jacket? She thought I was some kind of drug addict and wouldn't believe me when I told her I was only trying to prevent my brother from becoming one."

"I hoped that the condoms in Terri's purse were something like that. So for my own piece of mind, I followed her on her girl's night out. The first time I followed her was pretty uneventful. She and a few of her friends from work went to a bar and spent a lot of time drinking and acting silly."

"I did notice that she looked at her watch a lot, as if there was somewhere else she wanted to be. After a couple of hours, she got up and hugged all of her friends and left the bar. I quickly ran through the alleys to get to my car so I could beat her home. Luckily, she walked pretty slowly. She'd parked right across the street from the bar and I'd parked a block away. "

"But there was really no contest, I took the back streets and got to the freeway before she did. Her Impala is a nice car, but it was no match for my Boss 302. Despite the fact that it costs less than a Shelby GT 500, I truly believe that the race inspired Boss is the best Mustang made."

"As soon as I hit the freeway, I was doing over a hundred in a heartbeat and pulling far away from Terri with every passing second. There was an overpass about two miles from our house, where the local PD loved to post a traffic control car. I slowed down to 65 mph there until I saw that no one was there. I did 140 for the last mile and a half. I could have cooked a hotdog in the heat coming off of my ceramic brake pads when I pulled into my driveway."

"I quickly ran into the house, took off my shirt and pants and changed into a pair of sweats. I snatched a sword off the wall and went out onto my deck. Just as I started doing drills, I heard the sound of Terri's car in the driveway. A few minutes later I heard her clunking through the house looking for me."

"Finally, she came out onto the deck. My sword was a blur as I pretended to be so into what I was doing that I hadn't heard her."

"I just don't understand why you do this," she said smiling. "But I have to admit that I love the results."

"She ran her hands over my chest and though I'd only been at it for a few minutes, I'd already worked up a light sweat."

"It's too cold for you to be out here without a shirt on Honey," she said. "Come on in the house and let me show you how much I missed you."

"Ordinarily, I'd have dragged her into the house and let her show me, but that night I begged off. There were things still bothering me. While it was true, that I hadn't caught her doing anything, something told me that there was something going on. Terri had been having weird assed mood swings lately and she went from dying to fuck me to not wanting to touch me. Then of course, there were still the condoms to explain. I decided to let her go without while I figured out what was going on."

"For about a week, things seemed to be normal. Terri was every bit the woman I married. Her mood swings seemed to have gone away and she was actually bugging me about sex. She certainly wasn't acting like a woman who was getting it somewhere else. But that persistent little itch in the back of my mind was wary."

"For about a week, I watched her during her lunchtimes. Terri and a couple of her coworkers, who were both female went to a different place for lunch every day. They went to the most boring places. It was like following a group of teens. One day they went to McDonald's, the next it was Wendy's, then Burger King, followed by Taco Hell and they finished up the week with KFC. No wonder Terri's ass was starting to spread. If she kept eating like that, she'd weigh three hundred pounds by the time we were thirty."

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