tagSci-Fi & FantasySisters of the Cohort Ch. 03

Sisters of the Cohort Ch. 03


The sheets rustled around him as Mikael stretched in the early morning light. He opened his eyes, glancing around, and his lips creased into a smile as he remembered the previous night's activities with Melissa. He had slept exceptionally well, the bed luxuriously soft and the ambient temperature perfect, and he was still in awe of the extravagantly decorated room.

With a contented moan he rolled over, hoping to begin the day as he had ended the last, and was disappointed to find the bed empty. Melissa had clearly got up, and whilst this saddened him somewhat he did appreciate that she had not felt the need to wake him.

It was then he noticed the parchment that rested on her pillow. Intrigued, he reached over, grasping the paper and sitting upright. Beautiful script flowed across it, and yet Mikael was not surprised by that. Considering all their other talents, why would these women not have wonderful handwriting, too?

Dearest Mikael, I do not wish to disturb you from your adorable slumber, but this is to let you know that I have gone. There are duties that I must attend to, and much as I might want to wake you before I go, your peaceful face was too appealing to disturb.

When you do wake, you must dress, and then come to our meeting place. It is the room in which you were first introduced to us, and you will find us there. We have important matters to discuss.

Turn left when you leave my room, and proceed through the archway. There you will find us, through the doorway on the right.


Mikael reread the letter, a nervous flutter in his stomach. Important matters? His initiation, he assumed. Suddenly, the morning's lustre seemed slightly less glorious.

"Ah well, I can't delay it forever," he muttered to himself as he threw the covers from his body. Stretching, he climbed from the bed, his bare feet appreciating the soft rugs that adorned the floor.

He stood slowly, in no particular hurry, and collected his belongings. Melissa had folded them, placing them on the chair in which he had sat when he first came to her room, and it did not take him long. He grinned as he remembered the expert attention that he had received from the medic, and hoped it was the first of many such occasions.

When he was done he walked to the door and turned the handle, stepping out into the cool, stone hallway. Remembering the instructions on the note, he soon found himself stood before an ornate wooden door. He waited there a moment, his heart racing, and sucked down a few deep breaths. He entered.


The door opened into a large, official-looking room. Well, official-looking by the standards of the Sisters, at least; it consisted of five large, comfy couches evenly spaced around the circular room, with the floor in the middle covered with layers of extremely plush sheets. A brazier stood unlit in the centre, although from the slightly-smoky atmosphere, Mikael assumed it had not been out for long.

What caught Mikael's eye the most, however, was that on each of the five sofas reclined one of the Sisters. Each was dressed in comfortable clothes, not the armour in which Mikael had seen them yesterday, and he appreciated that fact. He suspected this is what they normally wore around the Sanctuary, and that they had dressed only to meet him. He did not want them to feel obliged to every time he was around.

They looked at him welcomingly, and he waited in the doorway a few moments. At last, Lucinda stood and motioned for him to enter.

"Come in, Mikael," she smiled, her black hair shimmering down to her waist. "You are not here to block our doorway. Approach, stand next to me." Mikael obeyed, nervously moving to her side.

The rogue continued. "Normally I would use this opportunity to delight in small talk, but you must forgive me for not indulging in that today - there are more important matters at hand.

"The time has come for us to reveal to you your rites of initiation. You must complete six small but difficult tasks in order to earn your place at our side, here in the Cohort. One for each Aspect of the Pantheon."

Mikael swallowed hard. He had been expecting something along these lines, and at the same time dreading it. Despite Lucinda's reassurances, the whole thing seemed a bit too heroic for someone of his lowly stature.

"Each of us, in turn, will announce what it is the Gods have asked you to do. We have conversed with our Aspect, and each has given you a task. It is in doing these that you may prove yourself worthy of joining.

"All of these tasks will take place in one area, and each related to one of the Aspects. But be warned, Mikael: you may not have to travel far, but you will require all of your skills to succeed."

Mikael nodded, even more nervous now. Tasks set by the Gods themselves? The priests of the temples spent their whole lives in the Gods' service, and most of them had never communed with a deity. How was Mikael expected to cope?

"I will go first," Lucinda said at last, and Mikael could see she was concerned for him. This did not help his apprehension. "The Gods of Stealth have tasked you with destroying the Baron's taxation treaty in the nearby town of Firewatch. A foul season has left many of the poor near-destitute, and yet the Baron has decided to tax them nonetheless. The Gods want you to destroy the document that gives him this power, and in so doing leave the money in the hands of those who need it."

"Destroy the treaty... right," Mikael stuttered.

"Do not worry overmuch," the beautiful rogue smiled. "I have seen the Baron's abode. It is merely a large house; you should have no problems. That is your first task."

With him informed, Lucinda sat back down. Mikael remained where he was as Kristine stood, and the blonde smiled at him.

"Greetings, Mikael," she said politely. He nodded back curtly, though not out of annoyance -- he was simply terrified.

"I see you are nervous. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because what you are about to embark upon is something that it is right to be nervous of -- you are about to carry out the Gods' wishes and prove yourself worthy of joining us. Bad, because fear can lead you to irrationality, and you will need to be at your best. You cannot allow your instincts to become compromised by nervousness.

"But I digress. The Gods of Strength are in need of a warrior, and you are to be him. In the town of Firewatch there is a tavern, and in that tavern there resides a barbarian brute. He has terrorised the inhabitants of the Poor Quarter since his arrival from the northern wastelands a few months ago. The Gods want him dealt with, by any means necessary."

One by one the Sisters informed him of what he was required to do. Soon each had done so, and Mikael was aware of the numerous tasks set before him. He repeated them in his mind in order to solidify the information. Before long, Lucinda stood again.

"Those are your tasks from each of the individual Aspects that we represent," she smiled. "The sixth task, for the sixth Aspect, is a simple one. You are to give someone an orgasm. Anyone whom you find in the town will do; the Gods care not who it is, just that you make them come. For someone of your talents that should not be difficult to accomplish."

Mikael nodded to himself. Easiest of the lot, he thought with a nervous laugh.

"Now that you know all of the tasks, it is time for you to leave. Kristine will show you to our armoury, where your equipment has been stored, and when you are dressed you must go. The exit is the same way you entered; the waterfall will not touch you this time. The town of Firewatch is due west; continue in that direction until you come across a path, then follow it to its conclusion. You will have arrived.

"Speed of the Gods be with you, Mikael."

Mikael stood, as did Kristine, and made for the door. The other girls looked after him.

"Oh, one more thing," Lucinda added. Mikael turned to face her. "All of us will be present in the town, too. Do not be alarmed if you see us; we are there to watch over you, and make sure you complete the tasks. Good luck."

Mikael bowed low and exited the room.


It was a moment before Kristine emerged, and she smiled at him when she did so. Mikael attempted to return the expression shakily.

"This way." She motioned down the corridor, setting off quickly. Her head cocked as she walked, and he could tell she was listening to his nervous, rapid breaths. A wave of nausea rode through him as she paused ahead, followed by cold fear as she turned to face him.

"You will be fine," she soothed, and Mikael was relieved. He had worried she would judge him for his nervousness. "The Gods have already decided that you are worthy by bringing you to us. This is a formality you will easily complete; the start of your long training. Do not worry overmuch."

With that, she turned once more and set off down the corridor. He followed her, and took the time to study her in detail. Her blonde hair was loose, cascading down her back, and like Lucinda's it ceased just above her shapely ass. As she walked it swayed, and she wore -- again like Lucinda -- a linen shirt and a skirt. Her skirt, however, fell only to her knees rather than all the way down to her ankles.

Presently they came upon the door to the armoury, and Mikael entered. Kristine entered after him, shutting the door and nodding to his equipment, which was neatly stacked in the corner. He stepped up to it and began stripping, not caring what Kristine saw. His mind gleefully revelled in the thought that, were this initiation rite successful, she would hopefully be seeing a lot more of his naked body anyway.

She was, after all, stunning. Her golden blonde hair fell beyond her shoulders, and her gorgeous face held the most piercing blue eyes that Mikael had ever seen. Her large breasts did not appear to sag in the slightest behind her linen shirt, and like her Sisters she was slender without being too slim. He found her beautiful, but then he found all of the girls here beautiful.

Mikael had relaxed as his mind wandered, but as he reached for his armour it was brought back to the present. Almost instantly he was nervous again, and he attempted to grasp the weapons with shaking hands. How was he going to cope?

"Mikael, stop," Kristine stated, her voice a calming influence. He straightened and turned to face her. Her sapphire eyes regarded his coolly, though without scorn.

"You are too nervous, and it will do you no good if you go out shaking like a newborn rabbit."

Mikael cringed at her words.

She smiled gently. "Do not worry. I understand your nervousness. It is proper to regard your tasks with apprehension, and it's something you will have to grow used to. We hold a great responsibility in the Cohort, and whilst it weighs less upon your shoulders as you become accustomed to that burden, you can never forget your role."

"How do you cope, feeling like this?" Mikael said back quietly.

"The nervousness fades quickly. You will never forget the importance of your tasks, but you will begin to approach them with pride and not fear."

"I'm not sure I'll ever be prepared."

"You will, do not worry. Our role takes some getting used to, but that is not an impossible task. Besides, the Gods actively encourage us to... relieve our tensions in other ways."

She stepped closer to him, and Mikael's cock twitched instinctively.

"There is a sure-fire way to relieve nerves, Mikael," she whispered, placing one finger on his chest, where she twirled it in place. "And I do not doubt it is one you will enjoy."

"What do you have in mind?" he laughed weakly, as the blonde slowly pressed herself against him.

"You'll see."

She leant in sharply and crushed her lips against his, her mouth parted as she kissed him deeply, her tongue entering his mouth. Mikael's apprehension was instantly swept away. He returned the action, wrapping his arms around her back, as passion overwhelmed his fears.

He groaned as he slid his hands down the paladin's spine, grasping her shirt and tugging it over her head. Her large breasts pressed against his bare chest as the garment came away, and her blonde hair tumbled messily over her shoulders. He grinned at the sight, before reinitiating the kiss, and Kristine moaned into his mouth. With a flick of his wrist the shirt was tossed to a far corner of the armoury, and Mikael's fingers were instantly on her waist, feeling the soft skin beneath their tips.

Kristine's own arms wrapped around the back of his neck, holding him tightly to her as their mouths mashed together, and her body pressed against Mikael's rapidly growing cock. With another wave of lust Mikael's hands dropped lower, sliding his fingers beneath the hem of her skirt, and he applied gentle downward pressure.

"No," Kristine said sternly as she broke the kiss. He stared into her sapphire eyes, and she looked back seriously.

"There is no time for that; you must be on your way soon enough. Do not worry about me -- I can enlist the help of one of my Sisters later. Your pleasure is what matters here, and besides, you need to conserve your skills for the sixth task."

Mikael grinned, and Kristine kissed him again, her arms unhooking from his neck and slowly tracing down his chest. Mikael breathed in sharply as her fingers wrapped around his cock, and the paladin giggled as she toyed with his shaft. He reached up and firmly grasped her large breasts, enjoying the feeling of the wonderful mounds in his hands, and squeezed. Kristine broke the kiss and grinned at him.

With a sudden shove, she pushed him backwards against the wall with one hand. He laughed at the surprise movement, and the blonde smiled wickedly, her other hand still on his member even as she slowly sank to her knees.

Mikael groaned as Kristine leant forwards, her right hand now cupping his balls whilst her left gently pumped his shaft. She opened her mouth and leaned forwards, her piercing blue eyes staring into Mikael's as a rope of saliva dropped onto his cock. Slowly she spread it across his length with her fist, and soon his member was slick with her spit. It was then that she truly started to pump her hand, and Mikael threw his head back with a groan as pleasure washed through him.

He looked back down, his hands flat on the wall behind him, and Kristine grinned once again. She leant forwards suddenly, wrapping her lips around his head and beginning to slowly devour his cock. Mikael stood there in ecstasy, one hand moving to rest on the paladin's head, and he enjoyed the way her golden blonde hair bunched at his touch. Her skirt had ridden up, too, revealing nearly all of her thighs as her kneeling position creased the material.

Mikael simply watched her, his mind aflame with rapture. He watched her blue eyes as they stared into his. He watched the way her breasts bounced as she bobbed her head more rapidly. He watched her fist sliding over the places her mouth could not reach, and her tongue as it periodically danced along his length. He was in heaven.

Kristine was clearly no stranger to this pastime, and he delighted in it as her mouth and hands did expert things to his cock. She would take him into her mouth halfway, her hands caressing his balls and stroking his shaft, before she would pull off with a grin. Her tongue would trace its way leisurely down the sides of his member, causing it to twitch in time with her masterful ministrations, and Mikael groaned aloud. Never before had he received a blowjob quite so fantastic. Melissa's had been superb, but merely foreplay in the build up to their sex. This was better.

Kristine's tongue flicked out gently, and Mikael gasped at the sensation. He could feel it as it roved over every part of his cock, leaving a trail of wetness as it passed. The paladin sucked his head into her mouth once more, running her tongue on the underside before swirling it fully around, and Mikael knew he was close.

He threw his head back and moaned happily, his other hand moving to join the first on Kristine's head. He did not hold it, only rested them there, and allowed himself to be lost completely in the pleasure he was being offered. He did not think of it until much later, but Kristine was successful in her aims -- all thoughts of his impending trials were totally forgotten as the blonde's mouth worked so expertly on his cock.

He voiced a warning to Kristine, informing her of his imminent climax, and the paladin sucked harder. Her fist sped up on his shaft, and her mouth devoured him yet more voraciously. His cum was boiling in his balls, and she took him as far into her mouth as he could go.

"Nnnngggghhh..." Mikael groaned, the moment close. "Fuck..."

He was seconds away, and Kristine withdrew her head slightly, instead wrapping her lips around the base of his head and furiously pumping his shaft with her fist. Her blue eyes stared intently into his, and he could tell from the amusement and lust that played over her features that she, too, was enjoying this.

"Ahhh!" he cried as his cock twitched, his groans of pleasure rising into an animalistic howl of delight. His cum sprayed into Kristine's eager mouth, and her fist continued to milk his shaft even as he came. His eyes were half-closed as hers stared into them, and she sucked yet harder as his seed splashed liberally against her tongue, hungrily swallowing down his milky cum.

Mikael was soon spent, and he leaned back breathlessly against the wall. Kristine made sure every last drop had been squeezed from his shaft before licking his member clean with her tongue; that every inch of his deflating cock had been properly seen to. At length she stood, her skirt falling back to her knees, and grinned at Mikael.

"I hope you feel better," she said, a glint in her eyes.

"I certainly do," he replied with a laugh. And he truly did -- the nervousness had evaporated.

"Good, and next time, if you feel nervous, do not hesitate to ask for a repeat. I would gladly do the same."

Mikael raised an eyebrow. "Do I have to be feeling nervous?"

"Not at all. In fact, I would be offended if you only approached me when you did."

Mikael stepped forwards, kissing the paladin gently on the lips. She moaned.

"You must go, Mikael," she said, slowly pulling away. "Much as I regret that. You must complete your mission, free of fear. You will have plenty of opportunities to make this up to me later, and I hope you will do so many, many times."

She walked over to the corner and picked up her shirt, though she did not put it on. From her demeanour, she was clearly worked up and desired a release of her own.

"I feel guilty I cannot address your own passion," Mikael said as Kristine walked towards the door. She turned back to him.

"You will get your chance, but not today. Perhaps it will please you, however, to know that I go now to one of my Sisters in order to satisfy that urge."

The image played wonderfully through his mind. "I'm going to love it here, aren't I?"

"And we're going to love having you."

The blonde winked as she slipped through the door, closing it behind her.

He was alone in the armoury, and he shut his eyes momentarily to shiver at the memory of her touch. With a long, contented sigh he reached forwards, quickly donning his weapons and armour and making his way towards the door.

It was time to be initiated.


Firewatch was no great distance away, and it did not take long for Mikael to reach it. By early evening he was stepping through its large gateway and pausing to survey his surroundings. It looked a normal town for these parts, with high roofs and narrow houses, and Mikael got the impression it had been here for a long time.

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