tagIncest/TabooSister's Wedding Day Ch. 2

Sister's Wedding Day Ch. 2


The second part of this story was inspired by 2 emails I received by anonymous senders.

* * * * *

It had been about 5 months since the day in the spare bedroom with my sister. She caught me hiding behind a wardrobe as I watched her trying on her Wedding night underwear.

Her new husband called me unexpectedly one Saturday afternoon and invited me down to their house for the weekend. Neil, her husband was going to be away that weekend working and they wanted me to come down for a visit and keep Angela, my sister company. He seemed highly excited as we talked then he broke the news. I was to be an uncle. Angela was pregnant.

The weekend had arrived so I got into my car to drive the 100 miles or so to my sisters house. As I drove I remembered the day with my sister. Tasting her, kissing her, shooting my cum into her... Could it be mine, the baby?

The journey too around 90 minuets, no real busy traffic, no hold ups. Neil saw me pull up outside the house, he shouted Angela and they both came out to greet me.

Angela was glowing as all women do when they are pregnant. She was wearing a long blue maternity dress. Her breasts had swollen, making them bigger than they already were. Her hair was a little longer also, gently cascading over her shoulders. She ran up and hugged me tight.

"I've missed you" she whispered to me. "I've missed you both too mommy" I laughed.

I brought my weekend back into the house and made myself comfortable.

"Well I can make a move," said Neil "If I set off now I can miss the traffic." Neil grabbed his bag, kissed his wife and left, leaving me alone to look after my older sister for the weekend.

We sat and talked as we ate the dinner she had prepared for us.

"Mark, there is something I need to talk to you about" she said nervously " Remember that day in the bedroom?"

"How could I forget" I replied. "It was awesome. I feel a lot closer to you now"

"Mark, I think the baby is yours and I don't want Neil to ever find out," she said.

"But I want to do it again. It was the best sexual experience I have ever had. You have no idea how many times I have lay in bed jerking off to the though of you and I making love" I answered.

"NO!" she shouted at me "We cannot do it again. It was wrong"

"One more time, please" I begged "One more time or I will tell Neil the baby is mine."

Her face turned from anger to horror within a second.

"I mean it Angela. I want you. I want you now" I demanded,

"Please Mark no. We can't" she whispered.

I got up from my chair walked over, and knelt down in front of her. My hand slid up and down her thigh. A tear formed in her eyes as my hand slipped under the dress and caressed her thigh.

"We can't" she whispered.

"But we will" I replied.

I reached up to unbutton the dress. Button after button I unfastened. When the last button was undone, I slipped the dress off her shoulders. Her breasts had got bigger. I reached round and unfastened her bra. Gently I pulled it from her. Her breasts, large but firm were heaving back and forth and Angela's breathing became heavier.

I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth. My tongue circled it as I felt hit harden in my mouth. I heard Angela gasp for breath and my teeth gently dug into her hard nipple. Her breathing became faster and my mouth moved from one nipple to the other. My mouth caressing each nipples into hardness. I felt her hands touch the back of my head as she gently forced my head into her breast.

I rose up and kissed her neck and shoulders. Hear breathing getting faster and faster. My lips kissing her chest, shoulder and neck.

I looked into her eyes and moved closer. My lips reached hers. My tongue slid into her mouth. I could feel her respond. Her tongue entered my mouth. She started kissing my neck and face then pushed me down onto the floor. Her hands grabbed my jeans and she started to unbutton them. She reached into my pants and pulled out my already hard cock. I closed my eyes and gasped as she enveloped my cock with her lips. Up and down, her head bobbed. Sucking and licking my hard cock. I sat up so I could watch her sucking my cock. It wasn't long before I was about to cum for the first time.

"I'm going to cum Angela" I gasped.

She sucked harder and faster and I started to gasp. My cock erupted into her mouth. She sucked hard taking every drop of cum from my cock. She stood up; the dress fell to the floor. She pulled her panties down and stood there naked in front of me. She took my hand and I followed her into the bedroom.

She lay on the bed with her legs wide open. I didn't need an invitation. I positioned myself between her thighs. My lips kissed her legs as my mouth made its was to her pussy. I could smell how much she was turned on. My tongue rolled up and down her pussy lips. I felt her hands cradle my head.

"Make me cum with your mouth brother" she gasped.

My tongue slid up and down her pussy lips, inside her pussy and along her clit. Her clit was getting harder and harder. I decided to play with that more. Each time my tongue hit her clit she gasped and pushed my head closer to her. I sat up a little and slid a finger into her pussy. I watched her as my finger slid faster and faster in and out of her pussy. Her tits rocking back and forth and the bump and her stomach rocking slowly. Her breathing became gasps and I could feel her about to cum. I replaced my finger with my tongue. Licking and sucking her clit. Sucking and tasting her. I felt her nails digging into my shoulders as she gave out a sucking gasp. Juices filled my mouth as she came. Her gasps became short, fast intakes of breath.

She took hold of my arms and pulled me onto her. Kissing me passionately. Her tongue invading my mouth.

"Fuck me Mark, please. I mean it. I haven't stopped thinking about us either since that day. Fuck me please" she gasped.

I parted her legs a little wider and slowly slipped my cock into hr wet pussy. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock deeper into her.

"Oh Fuck me" she gasped.

My hips slapping into her ass as my cock side in and out of her wet pussy. Watching hr tits rocking faster, her eyes closed and her mouth gasping for breath turned me on more. I rolled forward so her pussy was in the air and I was pushing down onto her.

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck...yes. YES." She screamed.

I climbed off of her as our sexy frenzy continued. I turned her round. She was kneeling on the bed, her hands holding tight onto the headboard.

I took hold of her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her ass.

"Oh fuck yes," she yelled as my cock slid slowly into her ass. I pulled her onto me as my cock slid deeper into her ass. Back and forth, faster and faster my cock fucked her ass. She reached one hand underneath herself and slipped her own finger into her pussy.

"Cum inside me...Please" she begged.

I took hold of her hips and fucked her harder I was about to cum for the second time. I pulled her hips onto my cock as I emptied myself into her ass. Angela gasped as she herself had orgasm.

She turned round and sucked the last remaining drops of cum from my cock.

We had a great weekend together. Lots of sex...

We never did stop having sex with each other.

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