tagRomanceSix Hours

Six Hours


I wore that black shirt I knew she liked. I'm glad I did.

I stood at the bar, sipping a drink to kill time, waiting for trouble. I knew it would either come in the form of an arrogant male or a woman in a skin-tight dress. Either way it was going to be a good night.

The beat dropped in the music and trouble walked down the stairs. Her legs appeared first, but I'd recognize those anywhere. My eyes travelled up my favorite pair of thighs, hungrily taking in her hips, stomach, those beautiful...arms...her neck, and finally, the best part. I saw that little smile turn up the left corner of her red lips as her eternal eyes saw me standing there. I watched her acknowledge all her favorite things- the shirt, my arms, my chest, my eyes, and suddenly she was in front of me. She gently took the glass out of my hand and set it behind me on the bar. Without taking her eyes of mine, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt, slid her hands since the collar and closed around the back of my neck. She pulled my ear to her mouth, and in a conversational tone, I heard just two words.

"I'm wet."

Without waiting for a response, she took my hand and pulled me behind her to the middle of the dance floor.

God, what a view.

I couldn't get those two words out of my head as I wrapped my arms around the small of her back and pulled her close.

"How did that happen?" I murmured in her ear.

She just smiled and winked at me, as she began to move her hips slowly from side to side, making sure I could feel her heat. She turned around and I found myself with full access to her beautiful front. I could feel myself starting to sweat from the combination of proximity and desire. She pushed herself into me and I naturally bent slightly forward over her back. I hooked my left arm around her middle to stabilize us, and let my right hand trace the muscles in her thigh as she moved. The smell of her skin, her hair, that vanilla perfume, the friction, the thought of what had made her wet...I had to have her.

I slowly ran my hand up the length of her thigh and didn't stop when I felt her dress. I slid my finger under the material and pulled it up, slowly but without hesitation. It was getting warmer.

I felt rather than heard a low sound from her. She pushed back a little harder and I knew I had her.

My hand kept moving up, and I switched to one finger when I got to the place where her leg met her body. I stopped for a moment, just to make her a little crazy. The floor was crowded, but I don think either of us really cared if anyone was watching. I moved my finger over and found the one place where there was absolutely no friction. Just pure, slick heat.

She moaned audibly and I could feel her dripping onto my other fingers. I had never been so hard in my life.

I spun her around and pulled her into me. I could never get her close enough. The intensity of her eyes in the moment told me everything I needed to know. I picked her up with one arm around her waist and headed for the door.

Somehow we made it to my hotel room. I wanted to kiss her, hold her, stare into her eyes for the rest of the night, but those all came second to my need to taste her.

I closed the door behind us and threw her against the door. She laughed as her eyes burned into me, and I dropped to my knees as if she commanded it. I pushed her dress up around her hips and took her in with all my senses. I ran my tongue along the full length of her outer lips, from back to front. With my hands wrapped around the backs of her legs, just under her cheeks, I carefully pulled her lips apart with my fingers. She tasted so amazing. My tongue was deep inside her, feeling her pulsate.

Keeping one hand holding firm to that gorgeous ass, and sliding the finger of my other hand inside the wet heat, I focused the attention of my mouth on the place that made her squirm the most. I moved my tongue slowly in circles, back and forth, up and down. She tensed around my finger and her hips started to move involuntarily. I tightened my grip to hold her in place and sucked on her until I felt her breathing change. She was getting close. I wanted more time. It would never be enough.

I stood up, hooking my arms under her thighs and scooping her up in a single motion. She wrapped her legs around me and pressed her lips against mine, her hands gripped on my upper arms. Her tongue tasted her own sweetness and a little sound of surprise escaped her, letting me know that she had no idea how delicious she was.

Still kissing me, she slid her hands across my chest and unbuttoned my shirt as far as she could until she reached her own wetness. Remembering how good the contact felt, her fingers began to move between herself and my waist, and she moaned into my mouth. As hot as that was, I debated letting her continue, but decided I wanted all her pleasure to come from me.

Dropping her onto the bed on her back, I stood in front of her and pulled my shirt over my head. She bit her lip as her beautiful eyes took me all in. I pushed her legs up in front of me. I stroked the entire length of all her most sensitive parts until she was squirming so much that she was trying to pull her legs out of my one-handed grip on her ankles. She didn't stand a chance. I kept hold of her legs but took one hand away to unbuckle my belt. Her eyes widened slightly and that smile returned. I took my time to allow her breathing to slow a bit.

When I finally stood naked before her, I spread her legs just enough for them to sit on each of my shoulders. I leaned forward just enough to feel her heat, brushing myself lightly against it, more and more until I was pressed right up against her, the length of me nestled inside her lips. Her back arched and her hips moved up, but I wouldn't let her take me inside her just yet, no matter how badly I wanted to be there.

I let her legs slide down to my waist so my arms were free, and I ran my hands up her sides to cup her breasts. My thumbs slid over her nipples and her back arched again, trying to get closer. I pinched them lightly at first, then harder as she breathed more rapidly. She was getting close again, just from what I was doing to her nipples. I was getting close, just from what I was doing to her nipples.

I let go and before I could make my next move, she sat up abruptly. She got off the bed and pushed me down onto it. She nudged my legs apart and moved into the space it made. The hardest part of me slid naturally between her thighs and she gripped me between them. I took one nipple into my mouth and she let me enjoy that for a minute before she gently pulled away. She planted her hands on my chest and pushed me down onto my back. She trailed her hands down my stomach and thighs as she straightened into a standing position.

At that point, I couldn't do anything else but stare. I propped myself up onto my elbows and took in the goddess standing there at the foot of the bed. She was still, knowing I needed a moment. Her fiery hair in a long cloud down her back, long bangs framing the depth of her eyes. Her stunning lips, slightly swollen and pink from kissing me, forming a tiny smile as she looked back at me. My eyes traveled down her body from there, memorizing each curve, each picture on her skin, the sweat glistening on her stomach, the moisture on her long, soft thighs. Our eyes met once again and with an unspoken understanding, I pushed myself back up the bed, and she crawled on her hands and knees between my legs.

I felt soft warmth from her mouth on my inner thighs, all around the sensitive parts, making me insane with desire. She finally took hold of me lightly with her hand, and continued to kiss and lick and gently suck on my balls until they were wet and aching with the need of her. She felt me throb in her hand, and she ran her tongue from underneath my balls all the way up the length of me and took me completely into her mouth.

Apparently she wanted more time as well, because she pulled away smiling, knowing how close I was.

In a split second I knew that I wasn't going to be finished with her even once I was done. Wanting her eyes right in front of mine, I sat up, grabbing her around her waist and flipping her onto her back. I slid on top of her, our full lengths of warm, naked skin together at last. I took a moment to let her eyes focus on me. When I knew we were completely connected at the deepest level, I slid into her and savored the moan that came from her throat. Her legs wrapped around my back and I was pulled deeper inside her, right where I belonged.

I don't know how long we moved together like that. Nothing else existed, nothing else mattered. I wanted all of her, body and soul. I wanted her from every angle. There would never be enough time.

To Be Continued

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