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Six Inches Under (Pilot)


My old friend David Fisher hired me as a caretaker and all purpose maintenance worker for the famed Fisher and Sons Funeral Home. David had saved me from a mundane job as a waiter. I often liked David in our high school days though he was a bit odd. The same could be said for his highly dysfunctional family. I had no clue what I was about to endure.

My first week at the house was unsettling. David arranged for me to stay in the guest bedroom upstairs. It was cozy and I had a welcome view into Claire's room. She was a strange one, usually glued to her computer with a steady thump of industrial rock coming from her room. Claire kept her bedroom door half open on purpose. At night, she paraded around the room in a tight silk t-shirt along with a black thong that left little to the imagination. She was often the main subject of my pre-slumber jack off fantasy.

On a frigid January night, I had dreamt of Claire dancing nude in the snowstorm outside. I was prepared to lick every speck of snow from her nubile body and roll her around in it again. I dreamt further of the wild things I could show her as she only dated those dumbass teen guys in her school. My visions were shattered by a frantic beating on the front door.

As detailed in my job description, I answered the door.

Nate Fisher stood caked in snow as the storm raged on. He stared right through me.

"Where's mom?" He asked.

"It's after midnight, Nate. She was in bed hours ago."

"Right." He made his way into the living room and walked down the hallway toward Ruth Fisher's room.

Brenda came staggering up the walkway as I held the door for her. She was cold and wet with matching streams of tears flowing from her eyes. I motioned for her to have a seat in the recliner.

"The house is burning!" She cried. "I've lost everything! Everything is burning!"

"Oh damned!" I put a friendly hand on her trembling arm.

"You've got to take me back there! I have to see it. I have too see it burn to continue with the next phase of life!"

If the Fisher family was strange, Nate's girlfriend was their prized trophy. She always spoke in eerie riddles and demanded curious tasks from those she challenged. Nate awoke David and Ruth. The three of them came back into the living room.

"Nate, you fucker!" Brenda yelled. "Take me back to the house! I have to see it!"

"I am not getting back out in this, Brenda. The house is gone." Nate told her calmly.

"You never realize what is important to me!" She screamed.

"Simon?" Nate turned to me. "Why don't you take the kooky bitch to see the rest of the house burn?"

I looked to David as he nodded his approval. Mother Ruth bundled an extra blanket around Brenda and instructed me to take her car. Brenda was in such a state, she could barely walk. The three of us helped her to the car and sat her in the passenger seat. David walked to the window and took my hand as he knelt.

"Simon, I hope it is worth the money. This shit you have to put up with." He said.

"It's really nothing, David."

I drove off into the black night, complimented with the sheets of heavy snow. The windshield wipers could not keep up as the car was coated with fluffy flakes between the relay. Brenda gnawed at her fingernails. She had removed her shoes, bent her knees and placed her perfectly symmetrical toes upon the dash.

"Brenda, I am so, so sorry." I told her.

She said nothing. My heart rate accelerated as we drove on. Even though Brenda was a certified lunatic who had slipped into a catatonic state, she was visually stunning. I glared at the icy road as my mind fixed on thoughts of Brenda. I never dreamt I would learn the old phrase; "Be Careful What You Wish For."

A few miles down the road was the pulsing orange aura of the house in flames. Her breathing was rapid and she began to sob loudly.

"Right here." She said. "Pull over."

I pulled the car off the road into a group of cedar trees. Brenda opened her door and began walking barefooted to the trees. I followed. We could see the structure of her house swallowed by the furious flames along with the firemen scattering and waving their hoses wildly against the relentless snow.

"Here is the new beginning." She said somberly. "As I child, I always told my parents I would burn our house down and I would celebrate, that I would dance nude in the ruins."

I remained silent. Brenda, and only Brenda could make any sense of her own riddles and dark suggestions. I watched helplessly as Brenda pulled her t-shirt up and over her shoulders. She then shot me a wicked wink as her hands went behind her back and snapped the bra strap. The black lace bra fell into the snow and I slowly moved toward her.

"Brenda-" I began.

She put her long index finger to my lips as I carefully observed her frigid, projected nipples. I moved my hands to the back of her jogging pants under the elastic. Her ass was hot as I gave it a lustful squeeze. She then stepped out of her pants.

I dropped to my knees in worship of her neatly trimmed cunt. She cupped the back of my head and forced my face into her. I inhaled the longest breath, taking in her sweet and forbidden scent as my nose parted her pussy lips. I ejected my tongue to harvest her wetness and continued to grip her ass. She stepped back as I stood. She wrapped her legs around my waist in one leap.

I carried her to the car and grabbed the blanket which Mother Ruth had so graciously provided. I placed her perfect ass gently on the car as my prick was pulsing and begging for release from it's stuffy prison.

Brenda parted her pink pussy as I teased her clit with my cock. Her intense moans were about to make me burst without even sticking anything in. I tested her slit with a finger. I had to fight to ease it into her tight hole. My cock throbbed with pre-orgasmic warning, so I realized I had to act quick.

I thrust into her and a deep, throaty moan escaped her pursed lips. My free hand pulled at her left nipple as I fucked her steadily. She moved her foot onto my face and my tongue devoured her cute toes hungrily. I was frozen in disbelief as I pulled my prick out just to get another glance of her delicious cunt.

Brenda flipped over onto her knees. I could not take much more. She was so perfect with her full ass raised to the heavens. I parted her cheeks and knew I was looking at the best moment of my life; both of her tiny pink holes ready and willing just for me. I wanted to bury my face into her ass, yet I had to hurry.

I pulled her hips toward me as my cock found it's way to her welcoming hole. Her cunt gripped me like a warm friendly hand and her moans were that of the angels of death. I thanked all of the stars and even the burdensome snowflakes as I thrust my cock once more. Her final orgasmic cry was not of this Earth, maybe that of a female dinosaur being slain.

I could not keep my hands off of her on the way home. I almost came again as I was lost in her pouty lips and sweet little toes.

"Is this the end of everything?" I asked.

"No, this is the beginning. Did you think you were through with me?"

"I hope not. I never had a chance to sink my teeth into your hot ass."

"You'll get your chance. Looks like we share the same home now, and Nate is a heavy sleeper." She grinned wickedly.

To Be Continued...

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