tagIncest/TabooSize 8 Panties: To Daddy

Size 8 Panties: To Daddy


Note: It has been more than a year since I wrote my last story in homage to Size 8 panties (not that I don't find other sizes of underwear attractive as well) and I hope you enjoy the incest and panty play in this one and let me know if you want the Briggs family story to continue.


Like most extremely nasty taboo events the circumstances surrounding this one started out innocently enough but, the results can only be described as hard core incestuous bliss. From all outward appearances the Briggs family lived a perfectly normal suburban life in the socially conservative Middle West town. Pam had known about her husband's fetishes ever since they started dating and found that his tastes only made for a better sex life.

Many couples shared similar offbeat tastes with Pam and Dale; after all, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Well, almost no one, as life can get interesting when there are children in the home. Brenda had always heard the strange noises coming from her parent's bedroom. By the time she reached puberty she knew what was going on and knew enough not to interrupt them.

By the time she was 18 she would hear the commotion and wish it was her that her handsome father was fucking leading her to play with herself dreaming of what she figured was his big cock inside of her cunt. Dale stood right at six feet tall and was in great shape for a 41 year old man with a buff 190 pound body.

He seemed to wander around the house with a constant hard-on as his wife and daughter were virtual sex goddesses and except for a couple of strands of gray hair on his wife's head they could have been mistaken for twins. Both ladies stood five and a half feet tall weighing about 140 pounds having nice big plump, but not fat, asses and firm D cup breasts. Their brown hair shimmered in the sunlight and their deep blue eyes seemed to call out for loving. Brenda looked at Pam and was happy to think that she would probably be as sexy as her mother was in 19 years.

Pam and Dale usually reserved their love making for bedtime but from time to time their lust would get the best of them. Such was the case that summer day just after Brenda's 20th birthday when life would change forever at the Brigg's home. Pam was working around the house dusting when Dale came in from straightening the garage; the first of several items on the list that Pam had given him.

He decided the list was too long and would do something to get out of it. Seeing her ass wiggling as she dusted some bookcases his prick grew hard and he knew just what to do. Wrapping one arm around her belly while caressing her ass through her sweat pants, he nibbled on her neck and asked, "What color?"

This question caused a slight tingle in the very soul of her pussy as she knew what was about to happen, and was glad their daughter was out. When Dale asked the "color" question there would be no telling him that it was a bad time as very quickly he would be all over her. For his part, Dale didn't know why he asked his wife the color of her panties before literally attacking her, but it was a habit he couldn't break. Softly Pam answered her horny husband's question, "Green."

Hearing this response Dale's pecker grew even harder as he yanked her sweats down to her knees exposing her lime green ass. What a sight it was; the cleaning rag still in her hand and her bikini clad ass sticking out proudly. This pair of undies fit Pam extremely tightly showing off her attributes nicely. The material cradled her ass cheeks fully emphasizing the depth of her beautiful crack. If she had turned around Dale would have been able to see the outline of her labia clearly.

Excitedly Dale fell to the floor and ripped off his lady's shoes and socks. As Pam dropped her dust rag onto the shelf she lifted her legs in turn helping him remove her pants. Dale grabbed her firmly around the wais and twirled her around and practically threw her to the floor. Pam gasped loudly catching herself using her hands to land safely not expecting quite this strong of an attack.

Yanking her legs apart like a wishbone Bale planted his face against the silky material as he grabbed her round cheeks. Her husband's touch seemed magical to Pam as soon she was grinding her ass into his face. His kisses and caresses grew deeper and more passionate as Pam moaned out loud. Her cunt juices were now flowing freely as she swung a leg over Dale's back and rolled over giving him her panty covered crotch to kiss.

Wrapping his hands around his wife's thighs Dale dove in nibbling and sucking on the material that covered her womanhood. He could feel the outer lips of her cunt wiggle underneath his furiously passionate assault. Pam loved the sensations traveling from her crotch to every part of her body and was excitedly soaking the material of her underwear. As she yanked off her shirt she called out, "Dale, get up here and suck my boobies they are on fire."

The truth was that she didn't want anymore of Dale's saliva on her panties as she wanted them to be full of her own sweet cunt juices instead of being diluted by the saliva of her lover. Collecting the flesh of her ripe melons in his hands as he swung his hips around for her to yank on his prick Dale blurted, "My fucking God your nipples are bigger and harder than I've seen them!"

Swallowing the orbs into his mouth he worked over her boobies with a fever pitch. Meanwhile, Pam worked on removing his clothing. Quickly she got his shirt off over his head and when she worked his shorts and underwear to his knees he helped by kicking it the rest of the way off. With the interfering garments out of the way she wrapped her hand around his manhood and began fisting his prick while she called out, "Oh shit, I am getting so fucking wet."

Brenda walked in just in time to hear her mother's observation. At first she couldn't decide whether to make noise to let them know she was there or quickly run into her room. But, then she saw what her mom had in her hand and couldn't take her eyes off her dad's throbbing member. Scurrying across the room to a spot out of their line of sight Brenda took a position where she could watch events unfold. As she watched she clutched her breasts in her hands and began stroking them softly.

Back on the floor Pam could feel wave after wave of her juice escape from her pussy. Dale's mouth traveled all over her chest as his wife's fingernails were being stabbed deeply into his back while her other hand twisted and tortured his cock and balls. The green panties were being soaked by a virtual flood of cunt honey; Pam knew it was time.

"Oh God, Mother Fucker, get those damn things off of me," she exhorted. Excitedly Dale moved beside her legs as she lifted her hips up from the carpet. Carefully he worked the undies down her legs and off of her toes. As they came free of the last toe Pam's legs folded gently apart revealing her hairy bush. Her husband climbed between her thighs and turned the panties inside out and rubbed them all over her wetness collecting all of the cunt juice he could.

"Oh sweet heavens you are soaked down here." He lifted the undies to his nose and inhaled deeply. By now, Brenda was fingering herself through her own panties not believing what she was seeing happening between her parents.

"Hey bastard share those with me; after all, who made the honey?" Giving the panties one quick lick Dale first rubbed them across Pam's tits and then placed them over her mouth and nose. Then leaning down he kissed her right through the silky panties. Pam was ready to be fucked now and gave Dale's hips a shove causing his cock to hit her clit.

Dale pulled back just a tiny bit and buried his cock deep into her cunt. His cock pounded in and out of Pam while she sucked on her own panties getting a taste of her own cream. After every few strokes she held the panties up to Dale's face so that he could lick and suck her sweet juices as he furiously fucked her.

Brenda's fingers glided under the silky pink material of her pink bikini panties over her own jungle of hair to her hard little nub of a clit. Her eyes were frozen on her dad and mom's bodies. Her dad's big hard rod was pistoning in out of her mother's cunt. His cock was shiny with her mom's juices and Brenda was now aching for the feeling of it inside of her. But, what she couldn't believe was the continuing kinky play with the nasty pair of panties. This action somehow turned her on more than the fucking her father was giving to her mom.

As her parent's breathing and moaning got louder Brenda's fingers worked faster on her clit as her own juices flowed out of her cunt into the crotch of her panties. As she watched Pam wrapped her legs around Dale's back as she stuffed the panties into his mouth. Then tightly holding onto his shoulders with both hands she screeched, "Oh fuck, Panty Man, I'm cumming, Oh shit yes!"

As Pam latched onto him he could feel a storm raging in his balls. Her tight cunt muscles were squeezing and caressing his pecker as he let go a gusher of his own cum deep into her pussy. Pam held him in place so he kept pounding in and out of her until he felt a second orgasm building. He thought that he might pass out as his nuts tightened and he deposited another load of jism inside of his wife. Totally exhausted the couple fell into each other's arms as Brenda ran to her room.

Falling onto her bed Brenda pushed her panties away from her twat and furiously frigged herself to completion imagining herself in the place of her mother in the living room. She wondered how to get her dad to be her "Panty Man." It didn't take long for Brenda to have the best self induced orgasm in her life. As she took off the panties and wiped herself off with her panties she got an idea.

After hearing her parents move to their bedroom Brenda put on a fresh pair of panties and straightened out her skirt. Then picking up her sopping wet pair of bikini panties that were thoroughly covered with her cunt juices she went to the bathroom. On her way to piss she carefully laid the soiled garment across the top of the hamper, hoping that her dad would take the bait.

Then walking to the living room Brenda grabbed the television's remote control and began watching old reruns. Hearing the television her parents quickly got dressed and went out and greeted their daughter. Brenda noticed that they both looked exhausted but wondered to herself how long it would be until her dad saw her panties on the hamper.

Just then her mother picked up the car keys and announced that she had some errands to run and scurried out the door saying that she should be back in a couple of hours. Brenda didn't have to wait long for her dad to take the bait telling her that he was going to change a light bulb in the bathroom. After he grabbed the fresh bulb she waited a minute then followed him down the hall.

She looked in, and sure enough, there he was the light bulb in one hand and her still damp panties in the other. She watched as he brought the crotch of her undies to his nose. She could hear him inhale as he sniffed in the glory of her scent. She almost creamed her new panties when she saw him flick his tongue and give them a long healthy lick. Pretending to innocently walk in she purred, "Oops, daddy, just came in to get something for my headache. Do you like the smell of your little girl's panties?"

"I was', I was just, umm, going to put them in the hamper where they belong," he stammered with his face turning a very bright shade of red.

"Its ok daddy, don't stop playing with them on my account, I think it is kind of sexy that you like my panties. It'll be our little secret," she reassured her dad in her sweetest baby doll voice. As she walked back out with her pills she gave his ass a small squeeze. Dale didn't know what to do and just stood there until she was gone. But, finding the garment still in his hand he couldn't help himself and started licking and sniffing it again.

Dale couldn't help himself and ran to his room with his daughter's panties and yanking out his cock and in a matter of moments was spraying his cream all over the bed. Hurriedly, he cleaned up the mess with a t-shirt and then returned the undies to their rightful spot on the hamper. Brenda was enjoying this. It was thrilling to be turning on her own father but what was even better was that she appeared to have complete control over the situation.

Brenda wanted to tease her dad without mercy for a couple of days before feeling his sexy cock inside of every orifice of her horny body. Every time her mother stepped out or was busy in another part of the house Brenda found some way of teasing her daddy. So, later that night she heard her father in the bathroom again. It wasn't really late enough to put on her nightshirt but she decided to make a little game of it.

This time Dale had the door closed and had his prick out of his britches flogging it as he enjoyed the wonders of Brenda's cum. Not bothering to knock Brenda burst in and gasped upon seeing his rock hard member again. Carrying her nightshirt closer to him she said, "Don't stop daddy, I just came into change into my pajamas."

Dale was so turned on by what he was doing he couldn't stop if he wanted to. The words his daughter uttered meant nothing to him. He just saw the sexy girl standing there holding her cotton nightshirt which turned him on even more as he choked out a feeble, "ok."

Standing directly in front of him Brenda pulled her shirt off revealing her white cotton bra. After throwing her top in the hamper she slowly and seductively pulled the straps of her bra from her shoulders and laid it on top of the lid of the hamper. Then grasping a tit in each hand began gently playing with them.

Wrapping a hand around the base of each boob she lifted them up towards his face before sliding her fingers to her nipples and tweaking them between her thumb and forefingers. Then raising her nipples to her mouth and licking them in turn she spoke out of breath, Oh daddy your cock is so sexy. I hope you like what you are seeing and smelling. Would you like me to give you another pair of stinky undies in the morning?"

Not believing what he was seeing Dale jacked his cock harder as Brenda continued to suck and lick on her own boobs as he replied, "of course, fuck yes."

"Well then, daddy cum for me daddy, cum for your little girl Let me see your cum sweet daddy." As much as she wanted to play with herself right there or even fuck him she resisted as she continued to fondle and kiss her boobs as the panties she was wearing were being soaked by what seemed like a never ending supply of twat honey. Dale was pumping his cock so hard that his hand was a blur. Then all at once his jism shot out all over the hamper lib and Brenda's bra.

Hornier than ever the sexy girl pulled her nightshirt over her head and scampered to her room as her daddy wiped up his cum with the bra.

Laying the panties back on the lid of the hamper and shoving the sticky bra inside of it Dale straightened him up and joined his wife in the family room. His daughter, meanwhile, had kicked off her pants and had her fingers inside of her panties frigging herself to one climax after another.

About an hour later Brenda went to the bathroom to piss and noticed the panties were missing. Quickly, she checked inside the hamper finding only the bra with her daddy's dried up cum on it. Taking advantage of the opportunity she licked the salty seed from her bra cups as she tinkled into the toilet.

To her, her father's cum tasted great even though it was dried up. She was lusting for it now more than ever. As she walked out of the bathroom she stopped at her parent's bedroom door, as she had been doing for several months now to see if she could hear the sounds of love making. She was about to get the shock of her life this time as she ease dropped on them as sure enough they were really into it.

"Sniff these you mother fucker; come on and sniff these nasty sexy panties," Pam was exhorting her husband. Brenda could hear the sounds of the sheets rustling and assumed that her mom was rubbing a pair of her panties in her dad's face.

"Pam, those aren't your panties! Aren't they Brenda's?" Brenda almost fell against the door. Could her mom really be having her dad sniff her own daughter's panties to help get him off? Brenda's fingers soon were covering her mound of Venus.

"Yes, they are your daughter's undies and they taste and smell super. Come on and take a sniff and lick; oh shit, Brenda is sure sweet tasting. Oh God, fuck me Dale."

"Fuck Pam you're right she has fantastic panties."

"Harder Dale harder fuck me; Oh my God I'd love to eat her honey right from her pot; oh shit, I am fucking cumming." In disbelief Brenda brought herself to her own orgasm. What the fuck was going on? Could it be that both of her parents wanted her pussy?

Brenda didn't know whether her mother knew that she was bisexual or not. She might suspect it though as instead of studying her and Leslie, her best friend, had sixty nine several times right in Brenda's bed while her mother was cooking dinner. Now, the idea of doing the same with her mom turned her on almost as much as fucking her father.

The next day Brenda flirted shamelessly with both of her parents. Getting up before them she placed her soiled underwear on top of the hamper. She reversed the scene from the night before as she walked in on her dad carrying a blouse with her. As her father jacked off Brenda reached into the hamper retrieving the bra coated with Dale's cum.

While not taking her eyes off of her daddy she pulled the nightshirt over her head and furiously began torturing her own boobs. She could hear her dad's breathing getting heavier and heavier. Knowing he was about to shoot his load she held her bra under the tip of his prick and watched him empty his sperm into both cups of the bra.

Without saying a word she lifted the bra to her chest and secured it into place smashing his sticky solution into her tits and bra. Nonchalantly she pulled her blouse on and walked away leaving her parent with his cock still in his hand. Rushing back to the bedroom Brenda found her shortest skirt and slid it on barely covering her hot pink bikini panties. Every chance she got she flashed her parents a glimpse of her underwear. She paid particular attention to her mother to see if the view made Pam drool. She was pretty certain that it did and if she played her cards right not only would her panty gifts to her daddy result in a good hard fuck from him but her mother also would spread her legs for her daughter. After lunch Brenda sat beside her mom on the couch and said, "We need to talk, mom."

Her daughter's tone sounded very serious so Brenda put down her Romance novel and asked, "What do you need, honey?"

Brenda placed her hand on her mother's knee replying, "Leslie says that I should tell you something because you have the right to know."

"So, what is it; is something wrong?" Pam was suddenly very concerned about what grave secret her daughter was about to reveal to her. Her fantasies about Brenda's pussy flew right out of her head.

"Mom, I am bisexual."

"Are you sure; how do you know?" It was a stupid question but Pam couldn't think of anything else to say. Now thoughts of tasting her own daughter's cum came back hotter than ever.

"Well mom, because Leslie and I have been making love for a couple of years. I love it when she eats my pussy. But I love it even more when I lick up all of her juices FROM HER HAIRY CUNT, it was wonderful." Brenda intentionally was trying to turn on her mother and slid her hand half way up her thigh.

"Well, then I guess it runs in the family honey and is nothing to worry about. Loving a sexy person is perfectly natural." Pam was getting nervous. She was tempted to kiss her daughter but knew it was wrong. She was aware that her daughter was trying to seduce her as Brenda's hand was now under her skirt.

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